XIAOMI Smart4u SH50 Cycling Helmet


Xiaomi in conjunction with brand Smart4U introduced an improved bicycle helmet Xiaomi Smart4U Upgraded SH50. The primary function of such a helmet is, of course, to protect our head from impact, but this helmet can do much more.

Great price in the United Arab Emirates

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Improved model with smart features

Xiaomi in cooperation with Smart4U has already offered the SH50 helmet model, but this time it is an improved model Upgraded SH50.

Compared to the classic model, the improved model can warn of deceleration and switch off automatically when driving.

The Xiaomi Smart4U Upgraded SH50 protective cycling helmet has an outer casing made of high-quality polycarbonate with high density, thus achieving high impact resistance.

Xiaomi Smart4U Upgraded SH50

The inside is filled with expanded polystyrene and a strong strap is used for fastening, which absorbs sweat well.

There are up in the helmet 12 vents which will ensure the supply of fresh air. Still, it’s helmet water-resistant and is waterproof.

Low weight and universal dimensions

Thanks to the materials used, the helmet is light and, even with rich equipment, weighs only 370 g. It comes in white and black.

Upgraded SH50 is suitable for head width up to 16,6 cm a head circumference in the range from 57 to 61 cm.

It is located in the back wide spectrum LED light red color. It is controlled by a single multifunction button. The LEDs used are strong enough but not dazzling.

The integrated outdoor light sensor automatically turns on when visibility is reduced.

Next one an intelligent sensor monitors braking and during it the same activates the rear LED light. This will alert you to your slowdown.

Built-in battery with good endurance

It is kept alive by a built-in 3,7 V battery with a capacity of 455 mAh. Its parameters are sufficient for 180 days of standby time a 26 to 36 hours with the light on permanently. The charging time is approximately 3 hours.

It also helps to save energy automatic light-off function, if the Xiaomi Smart4U Upgraded SH50 helmet is in the room for more than 20 minutes.

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