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Tineco Floor ONE S7 PRO Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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Tineco Floor ONE S7 PRO Smart Cordless Floor Cleaner
Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner & Mop for Hard Floors, LCD Display, Long Run Time, Great for Sticky Messes and Pet Hair, Centrifugal Drying Process, Black


The tineco wet dry vacuum cleaner provides effortless power, deep hygiene, in an easy pass.

Product information

Technical Details

Brand ‎Tineco

Color ‎Black / Whiet

Product Dimensions ‎26.49 x 26.01 x 111 cm; 5.13 kg

Capacity ‎0.85 Liters

Power / Wattage ‎1400 watts

Voltage ‎120 Volts

Noise Level ‎78 dB

Special Features ‎Cordless, Dual-Sided Edge Cleaning, LCD Display, Balanced-Pressure Water Flow, SmoothPower Self-Propulsion System, 40 Minute RuntimeDual-Sided Edge Cleaning, LCD Display, Balanced-Pressure Water Flow, SmoothPower Self-Propulsion System, 40 Minute Runtime

Item Weight ‎5.13 Kilograms


Date First Available 24 July 2023

MHCBS Technology: A completely clean floor with continuous fresh water washing and efficient dirty water recycling, at a constant 450 times/min.

EFFORTLESS USE: Whether pushing forward or pulling back, FLOOR ONE S7 PRO floor cleaner assists you by detecting the movement of the rear wheels and assisting you with the SmoothPower bi-directional self-propulsion system.

UP TO 40 MINUTES OF RUNTIME: Both clean & dirty water and battery power are constantly adjusted by Tineco iLoop, meaning FLOOR ONE S7 PRO wet dry vacuum allows you to clean 40 minutes with less refilling, less emptying, and less recharging.

DUAL-SIDED EDGE CLEANING: Clean along baseboards and into hard-to-reach corners, to within 0.4 inch on both sides. No more places missed when cleaning around the home. 3.6” LCD FULL SCREEN: Full-size LCD screen with helpful Tineco Assistant guides you through the cleaning process; from quick start-ups to real-time working status.

Tineco Floor ONE S7 PRO Smart Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop for Hard Floors, LCD Digital Display, Long Run Time, Great for Sticky Messes and Pet Hair, Electrolyzed Water and Centrifugal Drying Process, Self-Cleaning, Space-Saving Design













‎Black / Whiet

Product Dimensions

‎26.49 x 26.01 x 111 cm; 5.13 kg


‎0.85 Liters

Power / Wattage

‎1400 watts


‎120 Volts

Noise Level

‎78 dB

Special Features

‎Cordless, Dual-Sided Edge Cleaning, LCD Display, Balanced-Pressure Water Flow, SmoothPower Self-Propulsion System, 40 Minute RuntimeDual-Sided Edge Cleaning, LCD Display, Balanced-Pressure Water Flow, SmoothPower Self-Propulsion System, 40 Minute Runtime

Item Weight

‎5.13 Kilograms



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4.5 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#17,532 in Kitchen (See Top 100 in Kitchen) #247 in Handheld Vacuums

Date First Available

24 July 2023

60 reviews for Tineco Floor ONE S7 PRO Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Tiffany Baker

    Nice but expensive

    I ripped up the carpet in my living room and hallway and extended the bamboo from the kitchen. I had a Tineco for the kitchen but it was just a the basic one. I needed to empty the dirty water several times for just the kitchen so I wanted to get something that was bigger, self cleaning and cordless. I did a lot of research and decided to try this one because it was on sale for $639 instead of the original $800. It does do a good job cleaning the bamboo and I don’t have to empty the dirty water container at all (I do have a smaller house only 1100 sq feet), I LOVE the self cleaning feature (the main reason I bought it) but do I think it’s worth the original price tag or even the sale price I got it for? No, but I’m keeping it because it does work well.

    19 people found this helpful

  2. Kaylee Topalovic

    Worth every penny

    This mop is worth every penny! It basically runs itself, and my floors have never been cleaner, even the hard to reach spots! 10/10

  3. jon

    Very expensive but …

    I’d say it is very expensive for what it is. Most definitely over priced. When the roller goes flat that’s about it. And I’ve only owned it like 2 months or so. And it needs a new roller.It is somewhat self propelled so it is very easy to use.Just costly for what it is.

    One person found this helpful

  4. DSh

    Fantastic experience!

    If you think your floor is clean… it’s not! Try this tool and see how clean it makes your floor, while returning a dirty black water while cleaning. We got 3 dogs, from small to huge, and to keep our floor clean with German Shepherd is a big challenge if you know what I’m talking about. The hairs are everywhere, the paws leave dirty random spots after he drinks water and then spreads the drops across the entire floor, etc. This cleaner really helps us keep the entire tile floor in the kitchen, corridor and another room in a good shape. Huge change after we got it. The price is really high, but it works!

  5. Richard Nichols

    Cleans well, but. . .

    First, what I like: LED head lights, LCD display and the voice prompts. This Tineco Floor S7 Pro Cordless Floor Clearer does an excellent job of cleaning my tile floors. What I don’t like, the price, $450 to $500 would be more in line with competitors’ products. It doesn’t warm dry the roller. They call it centrifugal drying, which leaves the roller slightly damp and it is noisy, but doesn’t last long, thank goodness. I live in the high desert in CA which is very dry, so it’s probably not going to be a problem. If you live in a humid area it could be. Tineco seems like a company that maximizes profit over value to the customer. Their products are usually double the price of competing brands. This is their top-of-the-line Pro model. The battery doesn’t last much if any longer, nothing really sets it apart (aside from the pretty display and the self-propelled wheels, which can fight you on occasion). So, save yourself some money and consider a lower-cost wet/dry vacuum. If you are a Tineco fan, go for it.EDIT: Just want to add another observation after using this several times. It has a beautiful LCD display. It has a battery animation that shows the percent of battery life left. It has an animation of the clean water tank, as well. Only one big problem, it does not give any warning that your clean water tank is nearing empty. You will get the voice prompt before it displays red. When you get the voice prompt to fill the clean water tank, it is totally empty and I mean empty. I was always instructed not to let the gas tank run dry or you could cause damage, i.e., fuel injectors. Not sure this running on empty will cause damage, but it seems like the warning system should warn you before it’s entirely empty. Since I had no idea how long I was on empty, I had to redo some areas to make sure they were clean. Everything in the original review still applies.

    41 people found this helpful

  6. EmotionalAlpaca

    Leaves Streaks on my Floor

    I really wanted to love this vacuum. I was looking for an all-in-one solution for vacuuming and mopping which could also tackle wet messes and spills (have a cat who vomits occasionally). I had been researching robot vacuum/mop combos, but unfortunately they are not fit for cleaning any kind of spill larger than a few square inches, and certainly nothing chunky and wet. Also, their mopping power, while great for maintenance cleaning, is not really suitable for a deep clean. Thus, the Tineco seemed like the perfect solution.So I get it assembled, mix the water and cleaning solution as directed and give it a trial run in my kitchen and bathroom. Even though it is self-propelling, you can still feel the weight after using it for a while. The dirty water tank is filling up with black, gunky water so it is definitely doing its job!The issue I had is that it constantly leaves streaks on my polished concrete floors, making it look like I didn’t mop properly. I was very careful to get the ratio of cleaning solution to water right. This may be less of an issue for you depending on your floor material, but it was a no-go for me. Bummer. For now, I’ll probably just get a robot vacuum/mop and deep clean manually as needed.

  7. Sherri H.

    Purchased new, got used

    I purchased a new machine. I double checked my order and it clearly says new. But when it was opened it was obviously used. A filter is missing, the filter there is obviously dirty, filter housing is dirty, roller is dirty, the roller housing is dirty, tank has water in it and there is a big scuff on the machine. Beware of the bait and switch.I want to update this review. To say I contacted Tineco and they PROMPTLY replaced the used machine with a new one. Their customer service should be given 10 stars!

    6 people found this helpful

  8. Cristy Rojas

    The floors have never been so clean.

    Just when you think your home is impeccably clean, think again. I bought mine to keep up with the kitchen hardwood floors, as a chef I deal with a lot of mess on my floors. I have maids that come in twice a week, don’t use shoes in the house, and I gave my Tineco a spin… the water was gray, it cleans up every bit of residual dirt, rendering spotless floors. The performance justifies the price. Now I look at my Dyson vacs and roll my eyes at them. Hahahha. A must have for chefs, mothers with babies and toddlers, and those of us who want floors so clean you could eat off them. 10 stars.

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  9. Amy

    Cleans really well and easy to use

    This machine works well to clean floors and is easy to use. It will remove most debris and spills, but if something has dried or is harder to get up, you will have to go over it multiple times and it eventually works. The battery does run down but the machine works so fast you don’t need hours of battery life and a larger battery would make it heavier anyway. I am very pleased with this machine. Of course, I wish it had been cheaper but on the other hand my floors are very clean and staying that way because it’s so easy and quick to use. As other reviewers have noted, it’s important to clean and rinse the dirty water tank often so it does not smell bad. I also air dry the parts before putting it back together. Overall, if you can afford it and are trying to find the right machine for your floors, I would recommend it. I also use it on low pile carpets with no issue.Note that the self-cleaning cycle is not comprehensive so you will periodically need to get out any pet hair or debris that is trapped behind the brush.

    6 people found this helpful

  10. Retired Reading Specialist

    Amazing appliance!

    So far I am very happy! I have a friend that had a less expensive similar appliance. One thing she dislikes about her floor cleaner is cleaning her rollers. I used my floor cleaner for the first time yesterday and cleaning the rollers were a breeze. I loved the voice directions and how easy it was to use . Great for my bad back that always made me dread washing my floors. I’ve already been telling friends about it. They were concerned about the high price but I was able to get mine on a Black Friday sale.

  11. Amazon Customer

    Must-have if you have babies

    Babies are just so messy animals, and I’m so glad for this purchase. It cleans up spills (large volume spills), food debris, and everything you can imagine. And the cleaning power is great that my toddler is moving around on her feet/knees/hands and I hardly see gray dirt on her.The real pros:- the smoothpower is great. I initially purchased a cheaper version of tineco which only mechanically pushes forward, making it extremely hard to use. I mean, who doesn’t need to pull it back occasionally when you deal with messy floors or hard-to-reach corners under the couch? The switching of the wheels sometimes lag a bit, but overall once I get used to its behavior, it is quite smooth.- battery power and water tank volumes are great. No matter it’s a quick clean around the baby’s eating area or a thorough whole-room cleaning. 40 min run time seems quite sufficient for my needs in a 2-bedroom townhouse.- And it actually cleans well!Cons:- don’t expect it to pick up large food debris. It is not really a vacuum. The limit size is around a blueberry. So yeah, I still need to manually pick up large pieces of bread, chunks of banana and everything else my toddler drops disapprovingly. But it does work with peas, rice, etc.- you do need to empty the dirty water tank manually (and ideally after each use). It gets annoying… I place it in my kitchen so at least it is close to the sink, and everything could go down the garage disposal without the need to separate “dry” stuff- hair gets tangled in the dirty water tank and you need to manually pull them out (ugh I do miss my dyson vacuum for that reason)- the price… it is quite high and they seem to not have many discounts. Also, their cleaning solution goes through quite quickly given my usage. I run through about one bottle (32 oz) of the cleaning solution every month. That is $20 or more per month, not counting that you need to change the brush head, filters etc every year. So factor these in as well if you are evaluating the total cost.

    25 people found this helpful

  12. Canchani

    I wish I got this sooner

    I love this thing. It picks up all the gunk. We moved into an apartment recently and the floors were so bad this was the first major purchase I made (before I even got a couch). I’ve had it for about a month now and I still love it. It’s super easy to use. There is a tutorial to teach you how to use it when you first turn it on but you can access that at anytime also. The voice is very loud but it’s perfect if someone is hard of hearing. You can always opt to shut the voice off if you don’t like it. It’s super smooth when vacuuming and the auto sensor changes the suction depending on how much dirt is detected. You never know how dirty a floor is until this thing pulls up so much gunk the water is dark grey almost black. It was gross but it was great because my floors are now clean. Overall great investment.Side note: remember to empty the dirty water out after it self cleans. I’m forgetful and I learned the hard way it can smell pretty bad if you don’t remember to clean it out after. Self clean is super fast (2min or 6min) I just start doing other things and forget to come back. Be better than me.

    6 people found this helpful

  13. J. Castellana


    I know what you are thinking . The price is too high ! You are right . It is . But it’s worth it! Let me start off by saying that there are other wet vacuum floor, cleaners that are half the price , but not good . Those other machines simply do a poor job in doing what they are supposed to do , which is clean your hard floors perfectly . That is what the Tineco S7 Pro does .Ok , so when you turn it on , the gorgeous screen tells you everything you need to do with visuals and voice . You then mix the cleaning solution that they give you in with water . You engage the machine , which is set to auto clean by default and watch your hard floors get cleaner than you have ever seen before . Basically ,the machine will automatically assess how dirty the floor is and perfectly clean it by removing anything off the floor and then washing them In 10 to 30 minutes depending on the size of your floor or floors. The results are perfectly clean streak free floors .They include a lithium ion rechargeable battery that will give you 40 minutes of run time , which means , yup should have enough time cleaning all your hard surfaces. Considering that the machine is smart , it knows how much water to put down allowing you to not have to fill up the clean water tank again and again .When you are done , the machine will clean itself perfectly . In fact , the machine is so smart that during cleaning of the floors , the roller cleaning pad never got dirty , which means you are always using a clean pad at all times . When the auto cleaning cycle is done, everything is perfectly clean ! All you have to do is pour out and rinse the dirty water tank and take out the wet roller pad and let dry . How easy is that ?The solution that they give you is really the best . It is powerful in its cleaning , safe to use and your floors are streak free and very shiny. What more could you ask for ? It’s perfect and yes, it’s worth the money because it is the new and upgraded model . It’s worth the money . Get it and you will see why .

    61 people found this helpful

  14. YourAmazonBestie

    Meet your cleaning BFF 🙌

    Hey there! So, let me tell you about the Tineco S7 Floor Pro – it’s basically my cleaning BFF now. With three kids and a three furballs running around, this thing has been a game-changer.First off, that balanced-pressure water flow? It’s like a spa day for your floors. The continuous fresh water washing and efficient dirty water recycling happen at a mind-boggling 450 times per minute. Say goodbye to stubborn stains and hello to spotless floors!Now, the effortless use part? Seriously, it’s like magic. Whether you’re pushing or pulling, the FLOOR ONE S7 PRO has your back. The SmoothPower bi-directional self-propulsion system detects your movement and lends a helping hand. It’s like having a personal cleaning assistant.And can we talk about the runtime? Up to 40 minutes of cleaning without the hassle of constant refilling, emptying, and recharging. Thank you, Tineco iLoop, for keeping things efficient.Oh, and dual-sided edge cleaning? A lifesaver! No more missed spots around baseboards or in those pesky corners – it gets as close as 0.4 inches on both sides. It’s like it’s on a mission to leave no dirt behind.And let’s not forget The 3.6” LCD full screen. The Tineco Assistant guides you through the cleaning process, from quick start-ups to Ultra mode. It’s basically foolproof.The self-cleaning feature for easy maintenance is like the cherry on top. I mean, could it get any better? The Tineco S7 Floor Pro has made my cleaning routine a breeze, and I never thought I’d say this, but I actually enjoy it now, and even has my husband cleaning too! 👏🌟

    7 people found this helpful

  15. James Francis

    Tineco…the floor cleaner you never knew you needed but trust me you do.

    For her birthday, my wife asked for a Tineco. I know, it took me by surprise as well. I mean it is usually jewelry or perfumes but not this year. She really wanted a Tineco. We share household duties so I figured if it makes our life easier, why not? I bought it and couldn’t wait to try it out. Assembly and setup was simple. I charged it and off I went. Yes, I was the first to use and I have never had so much fun. The hype is real and this was the most fun machine I have ever used to clean our laminate flooring. It vacuums and mops. It lays down the perfect amount of water using a dirt sensor this model has and vacuums it up. When the cleaning is complete, you empty the dirty water and let the machine run through a self-cleaning cycle on its own and it is ready to go for next time. If the Brady Bunch had this machine, they would never have needed Alice. I am naming my Tineco Alice. Yes, it is my Tineco. I took my wife out to dinner instead.

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  16. K.

    Toxic cleaning solution, not “eco friendly”!!!

    I love this machine! It’s quiet, easy to use, and effective. However, I only use it with water. If you use any cleaning solutions other than theirs, the warranty is null and void. However, if you Google the ingredients in the solution made by the company (and included with the machine), you will see that after water comes a chemical that Wikipedia says is “acutely toxic and carcinogenic.” Yet the company advertises it as “Eco-friendly”!!! I’m still glad I bought the machine, but I wonder how many trusting people are being poisoned by trusting the “eco friendly” lie.


    Size is the only negative

    I love this vacuum. The only downside is the size of the head. It’s so small it takes forever to cover a large sized floor. I literally use it for spot cleaning messes and would never dream of trying my whole house with it. It was pretty pricey to be so tiny. It does clean well. The battery last about 30 minutes when I run it non-stop. It’s awesome for winters in Michigan when the boys are tracking in snow puddles and mud. Just wish it was bigger.

    One person found this helpful

  18. X. N

    On of the best investments

    I was doing the thorough research and compared tons of different wet vacuum cleaners. I have total of 4 other vacuum cleaners (1 main with canister, 2 robots and 1 shark handheld), they all serve different purposes to me, given I have a big active dog, a cat in the house with backyard with lots of grass lawn. What I was looking for was for easy quick refresh of the floors (vinyl and tiles) across my entire house without the mess of the cords and big enough water canister, sufficient battery life and so that it doesn’t leave the floor too wet, as my german shepherd likes to follow me and lay on the clean floor. This item won by each point. I have 1700 sq ft house and I am usually use about 80% battery. I do like the max mode and ultra mode, so I have to remove dirty water 3-4 times and add clean water 3 times(disliked it at the beginning, but then get used to), but it does clean great after all. The floors are not wet and dry fast. I like the loud sound reminding me to remove dirty water after the cleaning of the mop is over at the end, so I don’t leave it there stinking. That 1 inch gap from baseboards is really tiny as described. The mop is easy to maneuver and I do like it is propelling itself as it would be quite heavy to handle otherwise. It’s been about 6 months I’m using it and I do love it more and more. I used to use the steamer mop previously after I vacuum, this Tineco saves me tons of my time. When my dog and cat are in shedding period I just turn on the robots while on my way back from work, and then come to mop it . 20 min , max 30 min and the whole house is shining. Also love to use it in our white tile floor bathroom, which are difficult to keep clean, but not for tineco. Highly recommending.

    15 people found this helpful

  19. Maria

    Totally worth the price

    Australian Shepherd with tummy problems and shedding? This is your tool. I am so impressed with this machine. It saved my sanity, and my time, and does an amazing job. Take good care of it, clean it thoroughly and you will not be disappointed.

  20. Jamiebeth

    Love it!

    The Tineco S7 Pro is amazing! This is my first time having an item like this so I am comparing it to using a microfiber mop and a spray bottle of Bona for hardwood floors. The floors would easily show footprints with Bona, and that doesn’t happen anymore now that I am using the Tineco. A large part of the main floor on my home is wood floors that appear to be hand scraped. The wood floors are not flat. They have raised areas. The Tineco works beautifully on them in both directions, which is nice. I don’t have to always be going in the same direction as the boards on my floors.When I first started using the Tineco, It would tell me very quickly that it was time to put it back on the base to run a self-cleaning cycle. I felt like I was doing this every few minutes. It turns out, my floors were really bad because my traditional mopping method was not effective. Now that I have cleaned the floors multiple times, I can do so much before I need to run a self-clean on the Tineco. It is very easy at the end of a mopping session to clean. I just run a self-cleaning cycle, then remove the dirty water tank and rinse it (along with the filter at the top of the dirty water tank), then I remove the brush roll and cover for it, I rinse the cover, and then I remove the clean water tank and empty it. I lay everything out on the towel so it can dry out because I don’t want any odors or mold. The stand has a spot for the brush roll and the filter, and I usually leave those items on the stand to dry.The best part about this device is that my floors are actually clean when I am finished.

    31 people found this helpful



    I LOVE CLEANING MY FLOORS NOW!!This tool is a game changer for anyone trying to keep a clean home as efficiently as possible. I have no carpet in my Florida home- just tile and LVP. With 2 dogs running in/out (and occasional accidents) of the house and 2 adults doing the same- keeping the floors clean was either impossible or a long exhausted process – vacuum the whole house and then mop. Even though I would mop immediately after vacuuming, new crumbs and sand would get tracked it so the mop just moved the stuff around.This is ONE STEP- vacuums and maps at the same time. There is a screen that keeps you posted as to what’s going on with the machine and level of dirtiness on the floor. BLUE ring – clean. RED ring dirty, including not visible – like residue from a cleaning product, etc. It senses the level of dirtiness and automatically adjust the intensity of the clean when in auto mode. It has a max mode if you see a visible mess and an ultra mode that ionizes the water so you don’t need floor cleaning solution- I use that mode daily on the LVP that most chemicals are not to be used on it.It has 2 self cleaning modes- a quickie 2 minute clean and a 6 minute deep cleaning mode!!I love this model as it has dual sided close edge cleaning – the S5 only has one sided close edge cleaning.I love LOVE the vacuum and mop chore in my house now!!!

    24 people found this helpful

  22. David Nguyen

    Serious time saver and makes mopping a breeze!

    I bought this machine because I hate bringing out a mop, clean bucket, and dirty water/rinse bucket. This makes mopping so much easier, and now I mop on a weekly basis. I still use a cordless vacuum for daily small jobs, when I need something handheld, or need to vacuum high up like a ceiling. But now, I have the time to vacuum and mop efficiently with this S7 Pro. Cleaning it is super easy. With a push of a button, the S7 Pro will do a self-clean. I do recommend dumping and cleaning out the dirty water tank afterwards. The spare filter and roller brush is very convenient, and they go neatly on the dock to dry while the spares are put back into the S7 Pro for next use. Speaking of which, my box did not include the spare roller brush. Tineco’s customer service team quickly resolved the issue. Battery life is also very good.

    3 people found this helpful

  23. J. Phillips

    Why did I wait?!

    I’ve been thinking of buying the model 3 after I saw a video of it but decided to splurge on the most recent model. It’s been 2 days and my floors have never been cleaner. I have 2 small children that think my floor is a target practice for discarded food, a dog that drips water everywhere, and we live in the country and have a gravel driveway. Needless to say my floors get dirty. I usually have to sweep daily and mop weekly and even then I feel like our floors are gross. Now I can just bust this out after a meal and keep the floors cleaned. I’ll make an update later if I end up disappointed but right now I love it and wish I wouldn’t have waited!

    One person found this helpful

  24. Tommy B

    Best wet dry vac EVER

    This thing is amazing!!!! My wood floors look Immaculate it’s way to use and clean. I love this thing. Highly recommended to buy!!

  25. dollie

    Best vacuum mop ever

    Wow I love this thing & can’t be without it I have back problems & would have to get my husband to mop for the most part I live in a 3500 sq ft house & have ceramic tile throughout I had a similar vacuum mop but it left a film on my floors. I took a big chance on the newest Tineco & so glad I did the wheels do get stuck sometimes like all the reviews talk about & if I had it to do all over again I would have bought the one before this one, my daughter used mine & fell in love with it also & I told her to buy the one before this one now we both are very happy . I could & probably should have returned this but I didn’t want to be without it & I would definitely buy another one it cleans really good but don’t take my word for it do the paper towel test find a spot in front of fridge or sink use the Tineco mop let it dry then wet a paper towel & wipe the spot you just cleaned you have nothing to lose if your not happy send it back it’s that simple but I think you will keep it.

    16 people found this helpful

  26. Cindy C.

    Seeing is believing.

    A relative of mine had one of these & showed it to me. It looked almost too good to be true. I had to have one to make my mopping better. After using it the first time, I saw the yucky brown water in the waste tank. I was shocked! The next week I used it again. I again couldn’t believe the nasty waste water. Now we don’t have kids, only two adults. I thought I kept my house clean but this certainly changed my mind. If you are in doubt, try it. You can send it back if you aren’t completely satisfied. I believe you will be as happy as I am. It was super easy to put together, tells you everything you need to do & when, cleans itself & makes mopping quick & fun.

    8 people found this helpful

  27. Karen W.

    Pricey but so glad I splurged

    This is like a home extractor. Vacuums and cleans my wood and porcelain floors with ease. Floors look great and the solution doesn’t leave streaks. I like not having to get on my hands and knees to clean the floor.Self cleans after each use- you only need to empty and rinse out the dirty water canister Came with extra roller and filter.It does have voice that walks you through the each use – start to finish.Is pricey. I did get on a prime sale.No regrets thus far

  28. Zach

    Vacume wet

    The product works great very clean and easy to use

  29. TaterTots

    Too “Smart” for it’s own good

    TLDR: Constantly stops and demands that the dirty water tank be emptied when it does not need it.Right after I left a 5 star review for my S3, it broke down. Fortunately, there was a month before the warranty expired, so I entered into a long email chain with Tineco support to repair that mop. I begged them to just save us all some time and offer me a coupon or something, but I suppose they thought I might be trying to pull a fast one. That’s ok, I’m cynical too. So, I packaged it up and sent it off.Then the CyberMonday deals on this S7 Pro dropped, and so I bought this one.I liked the full width mopping area of the roller. I liked the suction.What I did not like was the way the mop just stops abruptly when it thinks the dirty water tank is full.And I liked that feature even less when the mop constantly made the same complaint, even after empting, fully disassembling, and cleaning the (not very dirty) dirty water tank. The S3 has a mechanical float switch. This S7 has some electronic sensors, which means that either the sensors OR the logic board can malfunction, too many points of failure leading to complete mop shutdown.Together those two defects combine into a fatal flaw. I was not about to enter into another round of repairs with Tineco support, so I just returned it to Amazon. If they had allowed a way to just disable that DWT sensor “feature”, I might have kept it.Disappointing.

  30. Melissa

    Pro isn’t more

    My only complaint is I expected to pay more for a “pro” model assuming it would have a larger base, water and dirty tank, but they’re tiny. For $800-900 I’d expect to do a 200sq ft room that’s been swept without the self clean alarm coming on 2-3x. Larger/wider base is needed with larger water tanks to be that price. I like it but for its size it ends up being a “polishing” or finishing machine after a regular mop which doesn’t save time, it just saves my back a little

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  31. Iain

    The cheaper one is better.

    After getting the breeze and getting it to my brother I thought I would get them more expensive one for myself.The wireless charging dock is a nice addition in the slim sides so it can get close to the wall but other than that that’s about it for me.You may like how the wheels are mechanical and help you drive forward and backward with ease but with the machine is turned off it’s not fun to roll around as it still mechanically connected.There’s a long tutorial that you can skip by hitting the power button again turning it back on and then hitting the okay button. I don’t want to watch a video tutorial on my vacuum about how to connect my Wi-Fi.The very most annoying thing though is they’ve placed the activate/deactivate voice button on the handle so when you go to lift the vacuum up into a standing state it turns the voice on or off without you wanting it to. If there needs to be a voice button it should be out of the way it’s not something you’re going to use constantly. (And yes it’s a very annoying voice at that)I don’t think I’m going to keep it It’s not worth $300 more than the breeze.

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    The future of cleaning

    I think this wet dry mop is a game changer for all of us who love clean floors and don’t have time to spare this guy does the job! I just bought it have used my 2x and I am really happy, it cleans for sure but you will have to get in some tight spots with a rag. I wish it had a spot scrub mode for those difficult dirty spots. I also wish there were 2 floor roller depth modes. The cleaning mode button location is in a weird spot but I can live with it. I love the self-cleaning mode!! I give it a solid 9 out of 10.

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  33. Jo

    Love it!

    Love this so much! We have 5 fur babies so we are constantly cleaning and this has made it so much easier to keep the house clean!

  34. VinceInVA

    Love it but manage your expectations

    I waited for Black Friday sale and paid $559 USD. I live solo with little black pug in split foyer 2000 sqft 4BR 2Bath Den/laundryRoom/Living Room/Dining Room/Kitchen. I have Coway air cleaners up and down. Minimal aesthetic so lot of open floor. All hardwood up and LVP down. Full charge cleaned whole house. Initial run needed to return to dock station for deep clean (2minutes) and empty dirty water twice. I used a strainer to empty dirty water so not to run dog hair down sink (utility sink). My dog sheds like she gets paid for it. Impressions: very satisfied with performance on all levels. While this will pick up whatever you run it over, I will definitely run cordless vacuum first next time as I don’t feel this unit replaces the need for vacuum. I have a pretty clean house but certainly not a clean freak. I’ve had cleaning services every 2 weeks but floors still get dirty from foot traffic (I do not remove shoes inside)and dog. I think you have to have a decent level of cleaning prior to using the floor cleaners or the need to clean them repeatedly is going to get old. That said, I am very pleased with purchase at discount price and feel it will help raise my cleaning game.

    9 people found this helpful

  35. Dani

    Game Changer…

    After contemplating a Tineco for years, I hesitated due to my smaller floor space. With a move to a space with much more hard floor surface on the horizon, I seized a Black Friday deal and, wow, it’s a game changer. While not ideal for deep cleaning, it excels at maintaining cleanliness in my kitchen, bathrooms, and foyer. Highly effective for routine upkeep, reducing the need for frequent deep cleaning. I would advise anyone considering it not to buy it full price—there do seem to be regular sales on these devices. The only “gripe” I have with it is that the same feature intended to help it glide easily while you maneuver it sometimes fails. The wheels will spin backwards even when trying to push it forward. The device is light enough that it’s not a big deal, but it can be slightly annoying.

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  36. Goldie

    Super cleaner!

    Wow, let me just say I was so surprised and the dirt this cleaner mopped up. It is a little heavy, but it basically glides itself across your floors, you just have to guide it. I recommend this to anyone who doesn’t want to vacuum and then mop. This machine will save you so much time.

  37. Douglas M Robinson

    Clean machine

    Just like the others have said, the key to this machine is to keep it clean after you use it. The first time I used it, my floor was so dirty the battery ran down before it was done. Once we got it cleaned out, then fired up again it’s been working like a champ. You have to clean everything out when your finished. That makes sense if you think about it, who wants to put something away that’s not 100% clean anyway?Much better job than mopping which I never really understood anyway. Just smearing dirty water around, just doesn’t compute..

  38. Xit Outdoors llc

    Best purchase ever!!!

    We have four dogs, two cats and have to vacuum everyday and mop twice a week. Needless to say, it’s a full-time job. I came across this jewel and read all the great reviews so I decided to give it a try. This all-in-one Teneco vacuum sweeper mop clean rechargeable wet dry vacuum has made our lives much easier and actually gets the floors five times cleaner in a fourth of the time it used to take. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone with hardwood and tile floors. Without a doubt, my most favorite purchase in regards to keeping the house (aka; petting zoo) clean. Try it out, you’ll fall in love too.

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  39. BWoodbury

    I Could NOT love it More

    Actually cannot think of anything negative to say. It is an excellent product, MUCH better than my Bissel Crosswave. This machine gets down and scrubs the floor.I have 2800 sq ft of expensive Saw brand floorte” pro LVP matte finish 20mil flooringthroughout my home and its awful.Do not buy matte finish. The internet is filled with issues , I dont know why its so popular.Anyway, I digress…This machine has allowed me to tolerate my flooring purchase. It’s easy, convenient, lightweight and powerful. I’ve had this for two months now and can’t imagine my home without it.It’s well worth the investment. Don’t question it, get it!!!Ps. If you’re concerned about privacy, It’s not necessary to run through your wifi. Although that is an option, I see no reason therefore I don’t use that feature. It’s a self contained unit easily operated from the control panel.LOVE THIS MACHINEShaw flooring should give it to every customer that bought matte finished LVP.

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  40. Susan Hoover

    Magnificent But Too Many Bells and Whistles

    Man, I would love to give this machine a 10 star review if it weren’t for all the thoroughly useless bells and whistles. I do love the edge to edge cleaning feature. That’s a plus for this device. Aside from that though I just want it to clean my floors and that it does with a vengeance. My hardwood floors have a showroom gleam on them. I just really despise all the nonsense stuff that uses up precious battery life for no good reason whatsoever. I don’t need this machine to speak to me in 10 different languages. Hell, I don’t need this machine to speak to me at all. And if it must insist on doing that than at least keep it short and sweet. I don’t need the lecture. As far as the app feature goes, that’s unnecessary and useless. And while I have disabled voice commands (repeatedly) it’s somewhat inevitable that while using the machine you will accidentally tap that dreaded button on the back of the handle and it will now cycle through all of that unnecessary crap again including voice commands and about 10 other unnecessary features of the machine wasting precious battery life until you just shut it down and start it up again so you can continue using it for the job it’s intended to do. Extended battery life would be so much more beneficial to this device rather than all the other fancy features. Keep it simple Tineco and just let the machine do what it does best without all the nonsense. If you want to improve this machine then upgrade the battery life. That would be a huge improvement.

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  41. M1Rate

    Quiet, Powerful, Convenient, and Effective Floor Mopping Solution

    The first thing to know is that I have been using one of the original, plug-in (with cord) Bissel Crosswave machines for years. And I like that machine (despite its drawbacks) for what it was. It certainly cleaned my floors more effectively than the prior regimen. But the Bissel suffers from low-quality construction on the internals, deteriorating suction, and was incredibly loud, right from the start (like all Bissel machines, across the board).I’ve watched these floor mopping vacuums improve over time, but not enough for me to spend an additional ~$500 when what I had was good enough. Until now.The Tineco S7 is orders of magnitude better than the legacy (original) Bissel CrossWave. From what I can tell, even the current cordless Bissel CrossWave has not developed their core technology to make it all that different from the original. It is as if the Bissel is an aging and clapped-out Ford sedan, and Tineco rolls up in their new Lexus. Both of those anologous devices are cars, but…eh: That kind of difference.Anyway, two days ago I vacuum-mopped the main/etnry floor hardwood and tile (kitchen, dining room, living room, family room, two baths, den, foyer, and mud room) with the old Bissel Crosswave — using Bissel’s proprietary cleaning solution. Since then, this level has been vacuumed by an iRobot j9 automatic mini vacuum, and once with a Dyson D15 stick vac. A total of about 1900 sf.This morning, after allowing the Tineco S7 to charge overnight, I ran my first vacuum-mopping job, mostly using “Auto” mode, but switching to the “Ultra” (disinfect) mode for the two bathrooms. The automatic assist from the wheels is handy, so long as you do not yank the device around. If the wheels are crossing an already-wet floor, they may fail to register that you have changed directions, and keep spinning the wrong way. But fluid, methodical sweeping is your friend, here. The wheels do work effectively (despite what some reviews may say) when the device is used as designed. Basically: Don’t be a dope.The edge cleaning (especially compared to the Bissel’s non-existence edge cleaning) is superb. Works exactly as advertised, and having *both* sides clean to the edge is very useful. Good design. The biggest difference compared to the Bissel CrossWave? This thing is QUIET, operating somewhere around 63 dB, whereas the corded Bissel CrossWave probably exceeds 100 dB (very loud). The howl that the Bissel produces is, tbh, pretty unpleasant. This Tineco S7 gets high marks for it superbly quiet operation.The Tineco, however, still makes noise, but you can turn that noise off: The “helpful” instructions it blurts out are waaaaay too loud at the default setting; and still too much at their lowest. So that got turned off. The large screen is helpful enough. And that is a large and attractive display that the S7 has, if you are into that kind of thing. The associated app, too, is moderately useful.But back to cleaning. Please refer to the attached pictures and vid to see what *water* (no Tineco cleaning solution used) cleaned up just two days after I had used the Bissel CrossWave; and after two vacuum sweeps by an iRobot and a Dyson. The depicted water is kinda gross, as all these pictures typically are. But then: I’d been walking on that gunk, thinking the floor was clean. It was not.The self-cleaning feature of the Tineco is also very useful (I ran the 2-minute version, not the 6-minute one). The extra roller and filter are ideal, cuz they can be swapped out from the hand-cleaned dirty water receptacle, etc., and the ones you just used allowed to dry. Some have complained that the Tineco can develop odors. This is almost certainly because owners have neglected to maintain and dry the machine after use. So do be aware: There is some very ordinary maintenance required to keep this device in good working condition. Perhaps 10 minutes (at most) after each use.Is this Tineco expensive, even with “Black Friday” deals? Yes, it is. But as I said at the beginning, it is orders of magnitude better in every way than the corded Bissel CrossWave I am moving on from. Just night and day. And the proof is in the pictures.Will it last? Well…there are the batteries, which do not appear consumer-replaceable. That is a concern. Worth noting that 1900 sf + one 2-minute cleaning cycle used 53% of the battery from full. So the larger-than-others capacity of these batteries should see reasonably-good longevity. If it is a concern, buy the extended warranty from Amazon for $50.Other than battery life concerns, everything else seems top notch. There is an issue with how well the used-water tank attaches — distinctly less precise than the snick-snick for the clean water tank. Which is odd. Tineco should address that. But these are just quibbles on what is a very good vacuum-floor-mopping machine that, all in all, should improve your ability to keep a clean house, measurably.

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  42. Dulce Montejo

    La volvería a comprar

    Funciona excelente

  43. Amazon Fanatic

    Changed my life – Floor Cleaner

    It used to take me 4-5 hours to clean my floors each week. It’s now about an hour with this machine. I have 3 dogs, a cat and a husband who works construction. The pet hair and mud/dirt used to be a lot to deal with. Honestly, I don’t mind quickly spot cleaning a couple times per week to keep up. It’s easy. No sweeping first (hello time saver!) and the S7 pro edges well on BOTH sides of the machine (yay). I have a darker LVP floor which used to be streaky and was hard to clean. Not any more!!! Cleaning with the tineco and their recommended solution has stopped the streaky mess stress. One cap goes a long way and is well worth the price!!! Did I mention it makes its own electrostatic water cleaning solution? AMAZING… it sanitizes on contact. Cons: It doesn’t clean the grout on my travertine well, but I have a separate $40 grout scrubbing machine for that when needed so it doesn’t bug me. It’s PRICEY, however so is a weekly housekeeping service. I paid for it in roughly six weeks by not having to pay a housekeeper to do my floors. If you can budget it, go for it! There’s something calming about squeaky clean floors even with pets. Side note, the first one I ordered had a damaged product box and technical issues (the outer box was fine) it must have been dropped off a cliff haha! I sent it back and this one is perfect.

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  44. Smiths Farmhouse

    Splurge but WORTH the cost! ACTUALLY Cleans!

    Woah! This is definitely a splurge but 1000X worth it! About 2 months ago I finally hired a house cleaner and after 6 weeks I knew my floors weren’t actually getting clean. I purchased the Tineco Floor ONE S7 Pro and used it for 3 days in a row and know that my floors are CLEAN. I can see the charcoal grey water in the dirty water bin and know that it has been removed from my floors. When I wipe up accidental spills, I no longer wipe up other dirt along with it.I have LVP floors throughout my first floor and most of my second floor.Pros:- Extremely easy to maneuver with the self propelling wheels. They literally move on their own.- Floor drying time is very minimal- Very light- Compact- User friendly – easy to start ( Power button, then tilt back)- Self cleaning- Plenty of run time- Sounds of the unit while running is very quiet. I am always nervous, with my babies sleeping, to use a vacuum or even the garbage disposal but this is so quiet, it doesn’t make me nervous at all.Cons– $$$$$- Sound of the voice prompts is loud. There is a mute button that I utilize but I wish there was just a volume down button because I do like the promptsOverall, I highly recommend it! I recommended it to my mom and she bought the same one!

  45. Stuart Langrehr

    I do not like to mop

    The Tineco S7 Pro is amazing. I really really do not like to mop. Buckets of water and pushing a mop around, bending over for hours. I tried a different brand that was corded and fighting with that cord was a large pain. And the two spinning brushes left streaks all over my house. However, after my first experience with the S7 Pro, i still don’t like mopping but its so much faster, easier and with very little effort. In fact, it worked so well, that I’ll keep our floors cleaner and more often. I’ve got 2200 sq ft of luxury vinyl. I covered 2/3 of it on 70% of the battery and then watched it self clean the roller. Being self propelled in forward and reverse makes it far less strenuous to clean floors and being 70 years old, thats a very nice thing. The only thing I noticed is that with wood grain floors, going with the grain cleans without streaks where going cross grain can leave some streaks but just in the right light. It’s not a huge thing but I’m a detail guy. Overall, I really like this machine and it cleaned the floors very well. And the “auto” function really did put more water down in really dirty areas and less water in areas with less dirt. There was overall very little water left on the floor. A lot less water that a regular mop. If you don’t like mopping and even if you do, the S7 Pro works great with minimal effort and provides excellent results. Highly recommended.

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  46. Jennifer Letellier

    Works pretty good!

    I do like this. It cleans my hardwood floors well. It’s easy to use. I got this more expensive model because it cleans closer to the edges. Prob not worth the extra expense. I think I would buy a more basic model if I was to do it over. It also doesn’t fit (too wide) in areas like between my toilets and wall. I will say this, I’mToo old to hand wash all my wood floors, and since using the Tineco my floors are so much cleaner!!

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  47. Mishka666

    Cut cleaning time by 75%… saved my hands and wrists.

    Modern home, concrete floors, no rugs… two very large free flight parrots – meaning they dont live in cages… so they are flying 2-yr olds with weapons on their faces. They perch all over the home, shredding wood/cardboard toys, eating dry and wet foods, and of course the do-do factor.On specific parrot-trees there are catches below- but let me explain: parrot goes to perch, eats a nut, parts of the nut goes in the mouth… the rest flies across the room. Parrot then eats a piece of sticky fruit, drops half on the floor. Then parrot flies away, covering everything in powder down dust and if molting- tiny down feathers.I had a dyson stick hoover, which basically would pick up 30% (also shooting tiny scraps around as you attempted to run over them). Then I would get out a swiffer-type mop, squirting the floor with water, and twisting my wrist and grasping hard. Then entire process was about 1.5 hours. If there were stuck on-dried items…. they would need to be manually scrubbed only adding to the time and me getting on my bad knees…After my third major hand surgery, I had enough. On a whim purchased this item to hopefully help just a little bit? Okay, here is the breakdown:Ergonomic handle, it twists but machine head stays down. You can easily navigate around furniture.Self propelled- so it is easier than even the dyson stick hoover to use-Noise level is a low purrr, very quiet compared to my dyson stick-Downside of the design is it doesnt go beyond 142 degrees- so under *some* furniture is tough.To clean is super simple and gentle on my hands, it is a couple extra steps at the end, but completely worth it! It picks up everything- unlike the dyson- it sucks up all the crumbs (not just push them around), goes deep picking up stuck on items unlike my mop. Releases water- enough, but thin so it dried very quickly (minutes). I have no iddue with battery life, you just need to play around with how you use it and settings.Overall, I am so pleased, and so bummed I didnt buy it sooner!

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  48. Marshall

    The drama

    I had one of the S3 models. I opted to purchase the S7, worst decision I have made. This machine has been horrible and the customer service has not been much better.When I ordered the machine I was impressed. It has all the bells and whistles and is beautiful. At about 3 weeks in I would empty the tank, clean it, and I would still get a message that the tank was full when I turned on. After about a week or so I decided to call the customer support.First call: they told me there are two metal pieces that go down from the lid and they may be dirty or rusty. Try cleaning that rust off with alcohol and a green scrubby. I did. That lasted about a week. Before it started the dirty water tank full. I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbe and finally contacted them for a replacement tank.They requested I send in pictures. I took pictures and sent them. I checked my email today to see if it was sent out to find a response that the pictures are blurry and they need them before I can get a replacement tank. I have provided the order number, the machine number, and pictures. The best pictures I can provide. They expect the pictures of the rust to be perfectly clear. I do not have a professional camera. I have a camera phone.I would not purchase this product again. Who makes a product to make life easier just to make it harder because a tiny little piece of metal can stop the machine from working. That is unacceptable. Then to not provide the replacement and not even call. Most people rarely look at emails these days because texting is much easier. Had I known I should wastch for an email telling me they need more I would have expected. Customer service zero stars. Machine would get great reviews if the fix this issue but currently zero stars.

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  49. S. Buchanan

    My favorite new item!

    We have four bulldogs so our floor always needs cleaning. We have all hard floors, no carpet whatsoever. We have central vac throughout our house, but I wanted something quick and easy to use. Lightweight was important to me because I have a bad back and a rather large house.This has been an absolute joy to use. I find myself mopping more just because it’s so easy. I love that it vacuums and mops at the same time. It is very quiet. The only thing that is noisy is the voice and the self-cleaning function. When you use it, it is very quiet, light and portable, and the drive on it pulls so much that you don’t have to put any effort into it.I got mine on Black Friday for under $600, and I honestly would not be upset had I paid regular price for it. That’s how much I love it.The downsides:*The battery life, although it does plenty long for my needs.*The amount of cleaning needed for it to not smell. I am meticulous so clean mine after each use. If you left it for even a day without cleaning it, I fear it would be really gross. We have four dogs and a LOT of hair picked up. The small ‘hair filter’ on it catches some, but nowhere near all of it. I use gloves when I clean it and don’t mind grabbing the hair out of it. I rinse it, put soap in it and give it a swish, dump it out and put it back on. After it does its self cleaning cycle, I take the lid off the base where the roller is and grab clumps of hair that it collects while it cleaned itself, and then clean the lid with a paper towel. I leave the lid off for it to dry. I have had no issues with smells, but you have to know what you need to do in order to not have it stink. If you’re willing to take the time to care for it properly, you will love this thing!

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  50. Samantha L

    My favorite cleaning tool

    This is my most favorite cleaning tool currently. I have a lot of floor cleaning gadgets (Roomba, Dyson cordless, Shark lift away, Steam mop, Norwex mop) and this one is so elite. I have a dog who sheds ALOT, and a baby who’s throwing food. The cleanest my floors have looked and felt is after using this thing. I love that I can grab this and have my floors sparkling clean in a short amount of time, with no cords to move around and that I do not need to vacuum first. It can handle quite a bit of pet hair. It uses minimal water, and has a setting (ultra mode) which actually converts the water in the clean water tank into electrolyzed water, so you can sanitize your floors as well. I didn’t realize it had this feature when I bought it, and it’s one of the coolest things about it. This thing does it all, and then it CLEANS itself! You have to make sure to dump and rinse the dirty water tank and filter after you use it or it will get very stinky, but that all takes about 2 minutes. 10/10 recommend.

  51. Brittany R.

    Daily Vacuum Mop

    I was hesitant to purchase this because of the price, but can confirm it’s SO worth it. We’ve been using for a few days now and are loving the results. It did leave some streaking after first use, but I think what people don’t realize is the streaking is usually a determination of how dirty your floors still are – they need another round of cleaning! There are layers of dirt that need to be removed in layers. This machine is not going to be the solution for you if you plan to use this as a replacement for your 1x month mop. This is a daily vacuum and mop combo. My floors feel cleaner than they’ve ever been after you break through the layers of grime.

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  52. Kymberv8m

    Well worth the price tag!

    I cringed when I contemplated spending $800 on a fancy floor mop that talks. It went down $200 in price for black Friday, so I took a chance. We have over 1,200 sq. ft of dark flooring. It is a constant struggle to keep free from pet hair and debris. I have to vacuum and mop every other day in order to keep up.This is my fourth or fifth Tineco product. The cordless vacuums were the first hit of our house. I recommend Tineco to everyone and very occasionally gift them as gifts. Never a disappointment or complaint.Upon first use, the difference is astounding. It is easy to maneuver. The pickup of everything that can’t be seen with the naked eye is astounding. This is a floor that had been vacuumed and mopped the day before. It talks. That was a little creepy at first, but now we have come to like it. I have a few friends who have the S5 and love it. I decided if I was spending that much money, I might as well buy the one with all the bells and whistles.Overall, the Tineco customer service over the years is astounding and immediately responsive. This product is easy to use and exceeds all expectations. The dirty water cup is a bit on the small side, but I don’t consider that a design flaw. I’m sure in order to keep it lightweight and ergonomic a lot of factors were considered.If you can do it, take the plunge. Take it from a pet owner of 3 dogs and 3 cats (2 white) that this product will be a game changer for household maintenance associated with living with pets!

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  53. Amazon Customer

    LOVE this wet vac!

    Pros – SUPER LIGHT WEIGHT! Very quiet (quietest vac I’ve ever had, my nespresso machine makes more noise – BONUS – I used it in the room with 8 puppies and they stayed asleep!) Cleans well (some stuck on stuff you may have to go over a couple times). Gets under cabinets. Changing the water tanks is easy.Cons – Takes 4 hours to charge, the battery life is too short, and the battery is built in (so you can’t have a back up battery to continue cleaning while it charges).

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  54. Liz

    This thing is amazing

    I never thought I would be this excited about a vacuum but here I am …. I bought this dry wet vacuum bc I could not take the dog mud prints and kid dirt . This thing is amazing …. And it even cleans itself at the end …. I am so in love ❤️😃

  55. Dezetaa

    The perfect helper at home!!

    Hello all. I wanted to provide a recommendation that is truly making my mom life easier and happier. I bought a floor cleaner that mops and vacuum at the same time. It picks up messes like nothing and it pickup dog hair thoroughly. It’s so easy to use. The color of the water comes back really nasty of all the dirt it picked up and this is so satisfying. 🙂 The price is high but it is worth every dollar.

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  56. ALittleLuxe

    My floors are clean

    I grabbed this while it was on sale for Prime Day. Mopping is such a pain, even with the mop bucket with two chambers and the spin mop. I am tall and always end up sweating and with back pain by the time I am done since our entire home is hardwoods, not to mention the mop heads and water I have to constantly switch out.Pros:Quiet enough and the sound is low pitch and doesn’t annoy me. I can easily have a conversation while I am mopping with it.Dries almost instantlyMy floors have never been this cleanFeels smooth to use, almost meditative.Easy to clean(** With one gripe)Can yell expletives at it when it tries to tell you what to doCons:**To run the self clean on the roller, the unit has to have enough battery life to do it, thus far I have discovered 20% is not enough and 30% is enough, but if I want to clean my entire bottom floor(about 1800 sq ft) I use up almost all of the battery. I have to remember to go back and run it, and after you run it, you need to clean out the dirty water bin, so I have to set a timer to go back and run the cycle and then clean. Heaven help me if I forget because the smell will run me out of house and home. It also tells you to empty and clean the dirty water bin when you put it on the base but if you do that, you will have to do it again after the brush cleaning runs. Also, it has no internal “Hey maybe don’t start working” when it is missing pieces, if you forgot to put the dirty water bin back, it will still run. If you forgot to put the cover on the roller, it will still run.I don’t know who can use this as a main vacuum, but it isn’t me. We have a Bernese Mountain Dog, and even with a Roomba running 3x a day, I still have to vacuum prior to using this. The hair situation otherwise is gag worthy.It takes about five hours to chargeNot worth $800, even the $550 I paid is a stretch.Concerns about longevity and company customer service

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  57. v_gloie

    Super mop

    Easy to use and worksgreat. Great suction

  58. Shantel H.

    Love it, but don’t pay full price

    I have to start by saying I absolutely LOVE this machine. I have 4 children under the age of 8 and this vacuum helps me maintain my sanity throughout the day. I never have issues with hitting the voice command button like other reviewers have said. But the voice commands are nice if one of my kids is using the vacuum. They know what to do because the machine tells them when the water is low, when the dirty water needs to be emptied, etc, however it is loud. There is not a volume adjustment you can do to that.The one problem I have had is with the self propelled wheels. I’m not sure exactly what is causing the issue, but sometimes my wheels will spin in the opposite direction I’m pushing my vacuum which is very frustrating for how much this machine costs. An $800 product should work flawlessly, however I’m on my 2nd vacuum and they both have done the same thing. I sent my first one back for a replacement and low and behold the replacement does the same thing. Maybe it’s somehow user error and I’m pushing the vacuum faster than it wants to be pushed??But that one problem hasn’t kept me from loving the machine. My entire house is tile so I can use it throughout and it picks up anything and everything. Sticky wet rice, half eaten orange slices, cheerios, spilled milk, oatmeal, you name it, the device cleans it right up with no issues. The only thing it won’t do well is clean up dried on food. You will still have to get down and put some elbow grease into those areas. It’s best to get things while it’s fresh.I love that this gets close to my baseboards and is cordless. The stand is easy to use. It is extremely easy to clean, no complaints there.Overall, I’m very happy with this and love having it. Just be sure to snag it when it’s on sale.

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  59. J M

    My standard poodle tracks in trail dirt like a clydesdale

    If you are looking to buy this to clean up spaghettios, raw eggs with flour and potting soil on top to prove this machine sucks junk up, I am not speaking to you, as that is ridiculous and you will eventually pay the price in a really gross machine you can no longer clean. But if your intention is to have an easy to use vacuum/mop all in one solution to NORMAL dirt and debris? Pull up a chair.I hate washing floors. I’m sure I’m not alone. But I will do anything to avoid it. I don’t want to fill the bucket. I don’t want to vacuum first. Then mop. Then dry. Then lift the bucket. Wring out the mop. Where do I put the mop while it dries? Wash the mop head in the washing machine. Wash the towels from drying the floors. How much time did all of that take to vacuum and mop a kitchen, powder room and living room/dining room? A *really* long time. Too long. Which is why I avoid it. But this little wonder of technology? sigh — too much time has passed before I knew this existed. When I walk my Standard Poodle (who collects wet rocky trail on his paws and legs like a mofo) 4 miles every day, trust me when I say, he BRINGS THE TRAIL HOME WITH US. Keeping up with that is honestly impossible. However, this Tineco S7 is so easy to use, and so dialed in to handling this kind of thing on a daily basis, it makes spending a bajillion dollars on it seem like a no brainer. When I let my fence/perimeter aggressive dog outside, he kicks up wet mud like a clydesdale running at full force. And then he quietly walks back in the house like Agent Baby Sweet Face while he tracks his junk all over the bottom floor of my house. To say this is discouraging every 4 hours or so is an understatment. But now, I just pull this bad boy out and clean up the debris and pain erased within 4 minutes. What’s that you say? I have 15 minutes to spare before my next zoom call? I can wash my kitchen and bathroom floor in that time. And it is a geeky pleasure to do so. I have only had this wonderous miracle for a couple weeks at this point. I will report back if there is even a hint of short life or diminishing return on investment for any technical reason. But to chime in to people complaining about wheels and other stuff? This thing works perfectly. Glides, auto traction/wheels have been perfect. suction power — seriously don’t let it get near drapes or cords. Effectiveness: I’m willing to walk barefoot in my house again. If you have disposable income, DO IT. If you struggle to have disposal income, seriously consider it vs the messes you have in your house and your quality of time. I would do a serious amount of rationalizing to have this lil pretty. If there is no update to this: then all is right in the wet mop/vacuuming world in my house.

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  60. PENNY & TIM

    Great Machine

    I just got my machine and I love it. But, i wish they had a brush for it. To get in the grout on tile floors. But GREAT GREAT .

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