Xiaomi Deerma Air Circulation Fan available in Dubai

Deerma air circulation fan remote control time landing home silent desk vertical office fan convection fan FD100

Upgrade 20 m long wind power Innovative eddy current propulsion system, the wind is strong and cool, the wind distance reaches 20 meters, equivalent to the height of a 7-story building, improve the ventilation effect.

Three-dimensional shaking head is available in multiple modes, providing up and down manual and left and right automatic adjustment, wide-angle coverage, and no dead angle for the whole house air supply. Cooperate with 4 modes and 12-speed wind speed to enhance the user experience.

The low-noise operation does not disturb people, the operating sound is only 40dB, which is a quiet level, does not disturb sleep, and sleeps comfortably in the cool breeze.

Ventilate every 2 minutes in a 20m2 space, keeping indoor and outdoor circulation at all times. Prevent bacteria from growing during special periods and protect the health of you and your family.

4 circulation air supply modes Cool off and cool down.

Xiaomi Deerma Air Circulation Fan DEM-FD100 in Dubai Timing Standing Floor Fan DC Pedestal Standing Air Conditioner Natural Wind

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