Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler Complete Long Special Edition Blue Blush

Dyson Airwrap Complete in Dubai

Transform your hair styling routine with the Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler Complete Long in Blue Blush. This special edition set offers a versatile range of styling options, all powered by innovative Coanda airflow technology.

Coanda Airflow: The Secret to Effortless Styling

Experience the magic of Coanda airflow with the Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler. This cutting-edge technology attracts and wraps hair around the barrels and brushes, allowing you to effortlessly curl, shape, and smooth your hair without extreme heat.

Tailored for Long Hair

Designed specifically for hair that’s chest-length or longer, the Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler Complete Long ensures optimal performance for various hair types and lengths.

Re-engineered Attachments for Enhanced Styling

The Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler Complete Long comes with re-engineered attachments that harness Enhanced Coanda airflow for faster, better, and easier styling compared to the original Dyson Airwrap styling attachments.

Versatile Styling Options

With new barrels to curl and wave hair in both directions, brushes for precise shaping, and a multi-functional Coanda smoothing dryer to dry, smooth, and hide flyaways, the styling possibilities are endless.

Blue Blush Presentation Case

Protect and neatly store your Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler and attachments with the included Blue Blush presentation case. Finished in a stylish Blue Blush color, the case features a soft fabric interior and a removable lid that doubles as a non-slip mat for your styler.

Intelligent Heat Control

The Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler utilizes intelligent heat control to maintain a temperature below 150°C, preventing extreme heat damage and ensuring healthy-looking hair.

Powered by Dyson Digital Motor V9

Equipped with the powerful Dyson digital motor V9, this multi-styler delivers exceptional performance, spinning at up to 110,000rpm to generate the air pressure needed for the Coanda effect.

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer: Dyson
  • Item Model Number: 460651-01
  • Product Dimensions: 38.1 x 15.24 x 20.32 cm; 680.39 Grams
  • ASIN: B0CB711NHF
  • Best Sellers Rank: #981 in Beauty (See Top 100 in Beauty) #14 in Hairbrushes
  • Date First Available: 16 July 2023

Elevate Your Hair Styling Experience

With the Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler Complete Long, you can achieve salon-quality results from the comfort of your own home. Say goodbye to extreme heat and hello to effortless, beautiful hair styling.

Effortless Styling for Every Hair Type

Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, the Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler is engineered to cater to your styling needs. With its versatile attachments and Coanda airflow technology, you can effortlessly create a variety of looks without causing damage to your hair.

Reimagined Attachment Design

The re-engineered attachments of the Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler offer enhanced control and performance. From the 1.2-inch and 1.6-inch barrels for creating curls and waves to the smoothing brushes for achieving straight styles, each attachment is designed to optimize your styling experience.

Say Goodbye to Frizz and Flyaways

Thanks to the focused airflow and Coanda smoothing technology, the Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler helps reduce frizz and flyaways by up to 58%. Say hello to smooth, polished hair with every styling session.

Wet to Dry Styling

With the Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler, you can seamlessly transition from wet to dry styling. The Coanda effect allows you to dry and style your hair simultaneously, saving you time and minimizing heat exposure.

A Styler That Cares for Your Hair

Unlike traditional styling tools that rely on extreme temperatures to shape the hair, the Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler uses gentle Coanda airflow to achieve stunning results without damaging your hair. Keep your locks looking healthy and beautiful with every use.

Unlock Your Styling Potential

Experience the freedom to express yourself with the Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler Complete Long. Whether you’re aiming for sleek and straight or bouncy curls, this innovative styling tool empowers you to unleash your creativity and achieve your desired look effortlessly.

Elevate Your Styling Game Today

Invest in the Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler Complete Long and elevate your hair styling routine to new heights. With its advanced technology, versatile attachments, and intelligent design, this multi-styler is a game-changer in the world of hair care. Say hello to salon-worthy hair every day.

Unlock Your Hair’s Potential

Experience the transformative power of the Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler Complete Long. Whether you’re a styling novice or a seasoned pro, this innovative tool empowers you to unleash your creativity and achieve salon-worthy results with ease.

Say Yes to Effortless Styling

Gone are the days of struggling with multiple styling tools and excessive heat. The Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler simplifies your styling routine, allowing you to curl, shape, and smooth your hair with just one tool. Save time and effort without compromising on style.

Customize Your Look

With re-engineered attachments and enhanced Coanda airflow technology, the Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler offers unparalleled versatility. Experiment with different barrel sizes, brush types, and styling techniques to customize your look and express your unique style.

Protect Your Hair, Preserve Its Beauty

Unlike traditional heat styling tools that can cause damage and dryness, the Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler cares for your hair while styling. By harnessing the power of gentle Coanda airflow, it helps maintain your hair’s natural moisture balance, leaving it looking healthy, shiny, and beautiful.

Elevate Your Styling Game

Whether you’re getting ready for a special occasion or simply want to elevate your everyday look, the Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler is your ultimate styling companion. From sleek and sophisticated to voluminous and glamorous, achieve your desired style effortlessly.

Invest in Quality, Reap the Rewards

Investing in the Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler is an investment in quality, innovation, and your hair’s health. Join the millions who have already experienced the difference and take your hair styling to the next level with Dyson.

Embrace Your Hair’s Natural Beauty

Celebrate your hair’s natural texture and beauty with the Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler Complete Long. Whether you’re rocking beachy waves, sleek straight locks, or bouncy curls, this versatile tool enhances your hair’s natural characteristics for a look that’s uniquely you.

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