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Xiaomi Youpin 7th Fitness Equipment

Xiaomi Youpin 7th Sit-Ups Fitness
Abdominal Muscle Exercise

399 AED

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Xiaomi Youpin 7th Fitness Equipment
Fitness Exercises Resistance Bands Training Yoga Band
Gym Tension Rope Fitness for Relax Massager

Youpin 7th Fitness Equipment Fitness Exercises Resistance Bands Training Yoga Band Gym Tension Rope Fitness for Relax Massager

Product parameters

Product Name: No.7 multi-functional fitness machine

Net weight: about 5.7kg Color: gray, green

Maximum bearing capacity: 100kg

Product material: Frame: iron part + foam handle

Cushion: foam filling, PVC skin.

Product size: w55xh37xl43cm (unfolded) w55xh16.5xl43cm (folded)

Executive standard: Q / sxhd05-2020 common problem

-How to adjust resistance? Turn the knob anticlockwise to increase the resistance, and turn it anticlockwise to reduce the resistance; when turning the knob to adjust the resistance, please fix the chair pin with the pin first. -Precautions for use?

1. Please read the precautions in the product manual carefully. Before use, please check whether the multifunctional fitness device is damaged or worn, especially the cushion, spring cover, screw, plug, and knob. If abnormal use, damaged parts or wear are found, please stop using.

2. For the sake of safety, please put the product on a flat and firm carpet, and there should be at least 0.6m2 free space around the product. -Is there any color difference in the product?

All pictures are taken in kind, but due to the difference of shooting light and resolution of a computer monitor, there may be a slight color difference between pictures and real objects, and the color of real objects shall prevail finally. Description: Multi-Purpose Full Body Workout Velocity Adjustment Folding Storage Buffer Foam Comfortable Cushion Patent Design Built-In Mute Spring Depression Resistance Rebound Boost Training Vest Line Straight Chest And Hips Slender Legs Abs Training Increase Arm Strength Strengthen The Legs The built-in spring linkage device guides the body to exert the correct force through the downward spring resistance and rebound boost, and it can easily complete the coherent movement.

Arm Exercise Through resistance pressing, shake off the butterfly arm and optimize the smooth flow of the arm. 02 ” Strengthen The Abdomen Boost sit-ups 031 Push Ups Enhance arm muscles and chest shaping Raise Your Hips Gather the belly and lift the hips, effectively exercise the fat on the waist, and shape the hip shape. Shoulder movement Relieve shoulder and neck pressure 06, Aerobic Step Avatar family stepper Slender Legs Alternate kicking action optimizes leg shape, tightens leg muscles, and builds slender legs.



White, Black

Brand Name




Model Number

Fitness Equipment

Plug Type

US plug

State of Assembly









Fitness Exercises

Control Channels

2 Channels

Max Speed

Tension Rope Fitness for Relax Masssger


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