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Xiaomi TROUVER Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner RLS3

Xiomi TROUVER Robot
Vacuum Mop Cleaner RLS3 Finder
Wet Mop LDS Laser Navigation
Xiaomi Mihome APP
Remote Control Global Version

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Xiaomi TROUVER RLS3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Sweeping Mopping 2000Pa LDS Laser Navigation
Dual-core CPU APP Control

● LDS Laser Navigation: Finder uses a new LDS laser navigation, full scanning, higher accuracy, and longer range.

● Laser Ranging: Self-developed new SLAM algorithm, 50 Hz dynamic path recognition and planning, efficient coverage, no missing scan, no repetition.

● Built-in Dual-core CPU: Powerful dual-core processor, stronger computing power, with self-developed SLAM algorithm, real-time dynamic adjustment of planning strategy, improve cleaning efficiency.

● 2000Pa Hurricane Suction: Coupled with a high-speed roller brush, and a unique and efficient air-sealed air duct, can easily absorb dust, hair.

● Water Tank Suspension Design: The water tank adopts a suspension design so that there is a floating space between the water tank and the fuselage,and the mopping effect is improved.

● New Type of Decontamination Cleaning Material Mop Cloth: Soft fiber locks fine dust, Hard fiber scrapes ground stains

● 570mL Dust Box: Accommodate more dust, and meet the needs of large houses.

● Mijia APP Smart Interconnection: Suction adjustment, power display and more.Support timing appointment and remote start.

Battery Information

Battery Type: Li-ion battery
Battery Capacity: 2600mAhDimensionPackage Weight: 6kg
Product Size (L x W x H): 35.00 x 35.00 x 9.68 cm


Main Features

* lnstant Dynamic Mapping LDS laser radar navigation

* Efficient Path Planning SLAM intelligent algorithm

* 2,000Pa Strong Suction Power Excellent vacuum for deep cleaning

* Multiple Advanced Mapping Functions Address different cleaning needs

* 4 Cleaning Modes Sweeping or sweeping-mopping

* Cross Obstacles Handle up to 20mm height barriers *

* 90min long Runtime * Clean up to 150m2 at a time

* 270ml Intelligent Water Tank Wet-mopping for deep cleaning

* Noise Reduction Designs Reduce running noise at 65dB

Trouver robot vacuum-mop Finder

Laser Distance Scan navigation | Vacuum & mop in 1 step | 2000Pa suction | Mihome app smart control

LDS Laser Navigation Technology 360° Sensation and Mapping

Powered by the enhanced SLAM smart algorithm, the LDS on Finder realizes more accurate navigation, faster mapping and more efficient route planning. Sensibility Scanning full angle at 2080 round per second *

Accuracy Error distance ≤ 10mm *

Route Planning & New SLAM Algorithm

The strong computing power of the new SLAM algorithm locate the robot acuurately, map and clean the room efficiently, without repeated and neglected cleaning.

Dual CPU Stronger Calculation to Improve Cleaning Efficiency

Powerful dual-core processor, stronger computing power, with self-developed SLAM algorithm, Finder robot real-time adjusts planning strategy, improve cleaning efficiency

Multiple Cleaning Solution Provided to Users

Under help of the advanced mapping function system, besides area division, on app map it shows real time cleaning path plan, cleans divided area one by one, manual editing allows more precision in partition, users can name the rooms, set forbidden area and send robot to appointed zone very conviniently.

Sweep and Mop at the Same Time

Finder robot cleans the house by sweeping and mopping in 1 step, so that you can spare more time to improve your skills or enjoy some moments with your loved people.

2000PA Suction Power Clean All Dirts

2000Pa strong suction power, with a high-speed roller brush, using a unique and efficient sealing air duct, easily suck out the ground dust, hair, debris, etc. without residue

Water Tank Floating Design Allows Better Mopping on the Floor

Mihome App Smart Control

SCheduled Cleaning via Mihome App

Support timed scheduled cleaning via mihome app when you are not at home.

Find out more considerate details

1. Smartly Continue the Previous Work

The Robot remembers where it’s cleaned previously and starts to clean from the ending area after charging. This leaves you free even you are not home.

2. Quiet cleaning with noise less than 65dB

In order to reduce noise and bring you quieter cleaning experience, our engineers haveoptimized the motor, wind tunnel, designs and materials.

3. Strong obstacle crossing

Detect and cross obstacles up to 20mm Cross doorsills, rails, carpets with ease…

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Timing Reservation




Cleaning Route

Planned Type

Cord Length (m)


Turbo Brush


Model Number


Filter Type


Special Suction Nozzle

Efficient Brush

Remote Control








Plug Type


Bag Or Bagless


Battery Life

1 hour and 30 minutes

Dust Storage Type

Dust Box/Dust Bucket

Dust Box Capacity (L)

0.5 L


Mopping & Sweeping & Suction Type

Voltage (V)


Power (W)






Brand Name




3 reviews for Xiaomi TROUVER Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner RLS3

  1. Emmanuel Gillie

    Very good vacuum cleaner, bright and cool.

  2. Lanie Edwin

  3. Gérald Courbet

    Отличный пылесос. И пыль вытекает не плохо.

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