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Xiaom GIPIN Smart Sensor Trash Can

Xiaom Youpin GIPIN
Smart Sensor Trash Can
0.3S Fast Induction
12L Kitchen Living Room
Bedroom Bathroom Trash Can

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SKU:Xiaom GIPIN Smart Sensor Trash Can

Xiaom Youpin GIPIN Smart Sensor Trash Can
0.3S Fast Induction 12L Kitchen Living Room Bedroom
Bathroom Trash Can


  • 0.35 fast induction
  • Long sensing distance
  • Quadruple induction lid opening
  • Four lid opening modes
  • Smart chip
  • Hidden pressure ring
  • Mute switch
  • 5S delay closing lid
  • Long battery life

Product information

  1. Product name GIPIN smart sensor trash can
  2. Product power 5W
  3. Product weight 0.88kg
  4. Product color white
  5. Machine material: ABS+PP material
  6. Product size 250x 195 x 330mm
  7. Product battery version: 2 AA batteries

Waved sensing

There are a lot of garbage disposal situations in life, and sometimes it is impossible to free up your hands to open the lid.

By observing the user’s usage habits, we finally designed a quadruple-sensing smart trash can, which can let everyone have a

more convenient, reliable, and durable. Trash can.

Touch sensing

The new design touch-sensitive opening lid, do not want to bend to open the lid, kick the body at any angle to open the lid,

0.3s fast response, 5 seconds delay automatic lid removal, life is simple and beautiful.

Knee bend induction

The sensitive opening does not need to bend over to open the lid, the quick and sensitive opening of the lid in seconds,

enjoy the intelligence and convenience.

More accurate detection of trash throwing action

Using self-developed high-precision intelligent optical sensor, infrared sensor achieves a fast response speed of 0.3S. You can

accurately capture the action of throwing garbage to ensure that there is no delay in opening and closing.

*Need to be within 60cm of the trash can, the trash can can be identified to open the lid

12L capacity

Whether it is the living room, kitchen, bathroom or office, it can be easily controlled and used very smoothly.

Tightly seal and reject odor

The top cover sealed design can effectively prevent the spread of odors, and the excellent sealing performance keeps the air

clean at home and cares for the health of the family.

Large diameter is not easy to drip out

The 23.5cm large-diameter opening makes it easier to dump food waste without dripping.

Hidden pressure ring design trash bag is not exposed

The trash bag is easy to change and keeps neat and beautiful.

A compact body can be placed in a small space

The long product proportion is meticulously designed, and it can be easily placed in a narrow space to ensure normal opening without pressure.

Silent on and off

5S delay to close the upper cover, the light tone rises and falls slowly, and the light tone guard does not disturb.

Long battery life, continuous standby

Battery version: Two AA batteries, calculated as 3 times a day, lasting for three months, ultra-low power consumption avoids

frequent battery replacement.



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