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TP-Link AXE5400 Tri-Band WiFi 6E Router (Archer AXE75)

TP-Link AXE5400 Tri-Band WiFi 6E Router
(Archer AXE75)- Gigabit Wireless Internet Router
AX Router for Gaming, VPN Router


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TP-Link AXE5400 Tri-Band WiFi 6E Router (Archer AXE75)- Gigabit Wireless Internet Router, ax Router for Gaming, VPN Router, OneMesh, WPA3

Technical Details

Brand ‎TP-Link Product Dimensions ‎32.79 x 26.49 x 11.99 cm; 1.52 Kilograms Item model number ‎Archer AXE75 Manufacturer ‎TP-Link Color ‎Black Connectivity Type ‎Wi-Fi Wireless Type ‎802.11n, 802.11ax, 802.11b, 802.11ac, 802.11g Number of Ethernet Ports ‎5 Item Weight ‎1.52 kg


Brand ‎TP-Link

Product Dimensions ‎32.79 x 26.49 x 11.99 cm; 1.52 Kilograms

Item model number ‎Archer AXE75

Manufacturer ‎TP-Link

Color ‎Black

Connectivity Type ‎Wi-Fi

Wireless Type ‎802.11n, 802.11ax, 802.11b, 802.11ac, 802.11g

Number of Ethernet Ports ‎5

Item Weight ‎1.52 kg


Date First Available 14 July 2022

Tri-Band WiFi 6E Router – Up to 5400 Mbps WiFi for faster browsing, streaming, gaming and downloading, all at the same time(6 GHz: 2402 Mbps;5 GHz: 2402 Mbps;2.4 GHz: 574 Mbps)

WiFi 6E Unleashed – The brand new 6 GHz band brings more bandwidth, faster speeds, and near-zero latency; Enables more responsive gaming and video chatting Connect More Devices—True Tri-Band and OFDMA technology increase capacity by 4 times to enable simultaneous transmission to more devices More RAM, Better Processing – Armed with a 1.7 GHz Quad-Core CPU and 512 MB High-Speed Memory OneMesh Supported –

Creates a OneMesh network by connecting to a TP-Link OneMesh Extender for seamless whole-home coverage..VPN Server and Client: Archer AXE75 Supports both VPN Server and VPN Client (OpenVPN/PPTP/L2TP).TP-Link HomeShield – TP-Link’s premium security services keep your home network safe with cutting-edge network and IoT protection. Free features: 1. Network Security Scan 2. Basic Parental Controls 3. QoS 4. Weekly/Monthly Reports 5.

TP-Link AXE5400 Tri-Band WiFi 6E Router (Archer AXE75)- Gigabit Wireless Internet Router, ax Router for Gaming, VPN Router

Archer AXE75 is TP-Link’s first WiFi 6E Router which has brand-new 6Ghz band.

**Works with all internet service providers, such as Comcast, Charter, AT&T, Verizon, Xfinity, Spectrum, RCN, Cox, CenturyLink, Frontier, etc.( a modem is required for most internet service providers)

*Archer AXE75 supports VPN Client like OpenVPN, PPTP VPN and L2TP VPN.

Industry-Leading Support

TP-Link offers 24/7 technical support and 2-year warranty for most home products,1 more year than most networking brands.











Product Dimensions

‎32.79 x 26.49 x 11.99 cm; 1.52 Kilograms

Item model number

‎Archer AXE75





Connectivity Type


Wireless Type

‎802.11n, 802.11ax, 802.11b, 802.11ac, 802.11g

Number of Ethernet Ports


Item Weight

‎1.52 kg



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4.5 out of 5 stars

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#15,370 in Computers (See Top 100 in Computers) #348 in Routers

Date First Available

14 July 2022

60 reviews for TP-Link AXE5400 Tri-Band WiFi 6E Router (Archer AXE75)

  1. Amazon Customer


    Product advertised for a different region then what was actually delivered.

  2. Asty Cyntia

    Easy set up

    Easy set up

  3. Mohamed Johar

    Its good but wifi range is normal

    The router is very good and fastThe range is normal

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  4. MM



  5. Khalid

    Range of the router without disruption.

    It’s simply the best router I have ever purchased.

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  6. Bader



  7. Pradeep

    Not working as per advertised very bad and worst customer service

    Not working as per advertised very bad

  8. Faisal Rehmani

    Strong Coverage & Speed

    The Speed and coverage is very good with 60-70 connected devices. Archer AX6000 is Very powerful device from TP-Link.

  9. Priyantha


    Performance wise, it lives up to expectations. User interface is 2nd to none with free malware protection and advanced parental control. HOWEVER, it is overheating,….and it is scary. I’ve read some reviews in the web and it seems to be a common issue (I did not buy this from Amazon, but from a authentic and leading retailer in UAE)

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  10. احمد محمد

    منتج رائع

    مازال المنتج قيد التجريب و أرى أن موزع الشبكة زاد من قوة الشبكة بشكل ملحوظ مقارنة بما كانت عليه و لا سيما انه يحمل تقنية الشبكة 6 (wifi 6) التي تجعل الشبكة افضل من ناحية السرعة وتحمل عدد أجهزة أكثر و المنتج مقارنة بالسعر (ممتاز) اعجبتني ميزة وصل مخزن (هارد) محلي لتبادل المعلومات محلياًو ما زال المنتج حتى الآن قيد التجريب أتمنى أن يكون عند حسن الظن

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  11. Leo Mark Frias

    Good wifi router

    Installed today, nice result. All pc and devices connected without slowdown or disconnection. A must buy budget router from tplink. It took also 1 day delivery. Kudos to seller and amazon. Thank you

  12. Al A.

    Huge Improvement in wireless speeds and over-all wifi signal strength and coverage!

    After about 10 years with an apple airport extreme that was working well,but, was outdated and no longer supported with firmware updates by Apple nor have adequate range in our house for Wi-Fi, I decided to look on Amazon for a newer and higher speed Wi-Fi six router.I tried a couple of other brands of wifi 6 routers, but, they just did not work out that well and lacked the desired GUI and setup screens I wanted. The TP Link AX 3000 router was my next choice to try and its GUI, setup and performance has been superb since set up.We use XfinityComcast Internet service and our plan has a maximum of 450 Mbps download/12 mbps upload and right after setup, this router is seeing about 150 Mbps more speed using wireless in the house then AirPort Extreme could do even standing next to it. The AX3000 gives us our plan speed!I tried many varied settings for the airport extreme to see if I could get more speed out of Wi-Fi including trying different channels for 2.4 and 5 GHz, as well as a few changes for ipv4 and ipv6 settings and nothing I’ve tried could raise the numbers at all and at best, speeds were best about 250 mbps for Wi-Fi when within a room away from or even standing next to the router. The attached pic for a speed test for the AX3000 was done a room away from the AX3000 which is mounted high in a closet situated in the middle of the house (in a hallway) for best signal everywhere inside. The wifi speeds I am seeing now are close to what my wired ethernet speeds are and at the speed our plan is. That’s impressive!What I’m seeing with the AX3000 for general Wi-Fi speeds are between 400-425 Mbps. I am also noticing a huge improvement in the Wi-Fi signal strength over-all. I can be at either end of my house or even out in the backyard now and still have plenty of signal and Internet speed to use.I could not do that with the airport extreme in which the wifi signal strength fell off much quicker by distance whether I was in the house, or in my backyard (where there was a weak signal to connect to, if I could connect at all from outdoors).We have a metal enclosed patio room and due to the metal walls, the Airport Extreme just could not reach there well out there from its closet/hallway location and internet speeds were reduced to around 200 or sometimes a lot lower mbps. I used a wifi extender out there as needed (with the Airport Extreme), but, as tested, the AX3000 has very adequate signal and speeds out there as well. Wifi speeds drop just a little out there using the AX3000 at around 375 mbps vs the 400+ mbps indoors and away from any metal. Impressive! No extender needed for my setup.A few reviewers noted, there’s some special settings required for the AX3000 and some cable company ISPs. We have Comcast/Xfinity and I ended up having to mimic the MAC address of our old router to be able to finally connect. Having the ability to use default, clone or a unique MAC address on the AX3000 made the setup so much easier. Comcast does have an app where you can switch over to the new router basically where you will update the MAC address (to the Comcast server for your internet connection) for the new router so it works with your cable modem. I chose to work around that so I wouldn’t have to use any app and that works better for me if I ever have to put the airport extreme temporarily back into use because I’ll be using the same MAC address as I am now.Some of the routers I tried previously had no way to just put in their IP address and do the setup using a browser. These routers required an app to setup the router. The AX3000 lets you set up either directly at it’s IP address using a browser or by using the free TP-Links “TETHER” app.One feature I really like in the advanced settings for the AX3000 is that you can choose either to have the IPV4 and IPV6 channels separate (using two separate WiFi network names for the 2.4 and 5 GhZ) or combine them into just one name and the router in that case will choose which one (2.4 or 5 GhZ) to connect to based on the signal quality, the device wifi capabilities and the location of your devices. My air airport extreme only allowed a separate 2.4 and 5 GHz Network to select from, but, with the AX3000 you can combine both into one (network name) and let the Router handle the best and fastest way to connect to each of your devices. That’s nice for me because one name to connect you for Wi-Fi and your Network is all you need. It just simplifies things a little bit. The setup for the Guest network is similar.The AX3000 does have a very significant amount of adjustment and settings in the advanced mode, and I did change a couple things there, including the DNS servers that we normally use. Are use open DNS servers, using a primary and a secondary DNS and I put those into the router settings so that’s where I’m connecting to (and then to Comcast). I have found better Internet speed overall when I’m using a public DNS rather than going directly to Comcast service. Your mileage may vary!I also use TunnelBear VPN here and the AX3000 has the option to basically always login and connect through the TunnelBear VPN servers which is really nice. Again because it’s a much outdated model, my Apple Airport Extreme did not allow that but with the AX3000 I have the option of having a VPN on 100% using the router to connect to the VPN servers and not having to deal with turning it on it on each device using an app…very nice!Be advised that typically using a VPN will slow down your Internet connection a little because then you have a third-party access point in the loop that you’re utilizing for your connection, but, for me, I have found that my VPN service does a superb job of keeping the Internet speed up substantially over a few others that I tried in the past which degraded speeds substantially. Given the large speed improvement using the AX3000, I’m fine with loosing some speed with a VPN. Also be aware the AX3000 has a full VPN setup that can b used to connect to your VPN through your router, rather then the need to install and use an app on each of your devices. VPNExress is supported in the AX3000 internally so if you have an active account with VPNExpress, you are good to go! My TunnelBear does not support router installation for it’s app so I’m still using their app on each device to turn it on or off.Moving to a new router is always a bit of trial and error and tweaks to get it right and become familiar with a new GUI and protocol on the new router. The AX3000 took some time to tweak, but, once that’s done, you going to be very happy with the maximum speed it will give you as well as the great signal coverage it has.Be sure to back up each time you change some settings. Its far easier to do that then try to remember all the changes you just made that did not work out. Backup and restore is the way to go.So far, so good and I’m very impressed with this new wifi 6 router. I’ll update this review as required while this model is still current and available to buyers.5 Stars all around!

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  13. C~Cervantes

    Fantastic speeds for a competitive price!

    I upgraded my Internet speed in spring 2020, in the early part of the pandemic to 1GB to keep up with 4 laptops, 1 desktop, a Ring camera with chime, a Ring security system, two Roku sticks on smart TVs, 1 Ubiquity WAP, and two NES Switches (among other Wi-Fi devices), TV streaming, and online PC gaming. As our Internet-home grew, the devices with Wi-Fi connected devices exceeded 20. With the upgrade, I had to replace my coaxial router/modem to a permanently installed Frontier modem and an Arris NVG468MQ router that could take a WAN Ethernet port. The Frontier-provided Arris router was not new, low range, and buggy. I went through 3 of these Arris routers in 2.5 years with full Wi-Fi bars but with exactly the same errors (“Connected, no internet”, “No Internet, secured”, etc.). Nearly pulled my hair. The family was not happy either. Although the Arris router is compatible with 1GB Ethernet upgraded speeds, it appears to cap at about 600 MB. Believe me, I NEVER, ever, got close to 600 MB with Arris. At an OK speed check I would get 30-60 MB Wi-Fi speeds and sometimes crack 100 MB on my Wi-Fi connected laptops, and maybe a bit higher on my Ethernet-connected desktop. On my Samsung S20 phone I would get 80-120MB speeds.When the Frontier tech visited to check my Internet problems on the second Arris router, I gave him the list of errors (4 in total, two that I named here) and right away he said it was the router and just gave me another one (the 3rd one at that point). Since I had him at home, I asked him if I could buy a router from Best Buy or Amazon and just “plug it in?”. He said, “Yes, your Internet setup is plug-n-play, just make sure the router has a blue or red Ethernet port.” With that information I started some light research figuring I had maybe a year before the “new” Arris router would get buggy again. Well, it took about a month and I started getting the same exact errors as the previous Arris routers I had replaced. Although the Arris router “corrected” itself a few days later, I was done with Arris routers from Frontier. I sped up my research urgency for a new router from better known brands. At this point I felt I had control over the brand and price point I could buy knowing that I only needed a router and not a modem since Frontier installed a permanent modem when they upgraded my Internet to 1GB speed.Having read about 6E enabled routers–catching up on the newest router/Wi-Fi standards–I figured that a 6E router would be the best option for me as a “future-proof” investment. I narrowed the search to TP-Link, Netgear Nighthawk, and Asus models. This TP-Link AXE5400 beat all the other brands in price for roughly similar, or at least comparable, reviews, features, and range. I purchased this TP-Link AXE5400 Tri-Band WiFi 6E Router (Archer AXE75). TP-Link AXE5400 had excellent reviews on Amazon but also across the Internet from reputable technology websites and sources. I did not rely only on Amazon reviews given the issues with bogus reviews. The “plug-n-play” setup at my home with a Frontier 1GB speed was just that easy. Within about 2 minutes of connecting the TP-Link AXE5400 router, all the lights came “on”. I rushed to my Ethernet-plugged desktop and opened my browser. Right away I saw the TP-Link landing page asking for an admin login and password setup, and an Admin account. Several steps later, I reused the previously used SSID and password credentials to minimize connectivity disruptions on all my Wi-Fi-enabled devices and in a flash I was connected to the Internet. I might have spent maybe 20 minutes total, from unboxing to setup to Internet, with some thought-provoking time needed to come up with a new login and password for my TP-Link account.My desktop Ethernet-connected speed test blew me away: I broke the 700/800MB download/upload speeds! I ran a speed test on my Samsung S20 but got the 100+ MB speed that I had gotten with the Arris router. I wondered if it would make a difference if I “forgot” the SSID on the phone and then log back in to the same SSID and password? Sure did! After I “forgot” the SSID on my phone and logged back in and ran a speed test, I broke the 800 MB download speed on the phone. Fantastic! My laptop speeds exceeded the 200 MB download/upload speed marks. Another laptop hit the 190/200 MB download/upload speed marks.Although I am kinda rushing with this review, I feel I made the right purchase and that this TP-Link AXE5400 will outlast the last 3 Arris routers that this router replaced. I will return to review in a few months with good or bad impressions at that time. But, right now, I am a happy dad with a happy family.

  14. Michelle J. Dingler

    (Archer AX6600) Finally, a router that can get a 5ghz signal to more than just the room it’s in!

    Prior to this router, I was using another TP-Link product, the Archer C7. It worked just fine for connecting the various Ethernet connected things in the house, but the WiFi performance was lacking, as I could not get a solid enough signal on the 5ghz (high bandwidth, fast). The signal even in my bedroom (which is not even 20 feet from the router) was only usable on the 2.4 ghz band (aka the band that “Slow” WiFi works on). The 5 ghz band suffered constant issues with dropped packets, videos buffering, you know, the usual symptoms of a poor WiFi signal. Another reason for me to switch is that the C7 only supports the 802.11ac WiFi standard, and the new WiFi 6 standard came out a year or two back. I wanted to have equipment compatible with the newer standards, and be ready for a possible upgrade to gigabit internet speeds, so this TP-Link Archer AX90 router was the one I settled on since it has a 2.5gbps WAN port (The C7 only has a 1gbps WAN port, which is usually fine for most people).Now that I have the new Archer AX90 (aka AX6600) set up and configured similarly to the C7, right where the C7 used to be, my new tablet which supports WiFi 6 (aka 802.11AX) connects with a strong signal (not missing any bars) on both of the 5ghz bands this router offers (another improvement over the C7, it has 2x 5ghz bands which helps with reducing traffic congestion on any one band).Speed tests using my new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (Samsung’s top-of-the-line tablet as of this review) show that on both of the 5ghz bands I’m getting the full 100mbps download and ~12mbps upload speeds I expect from my current internet service plan (that’s what I pay for, my equipment can handle more than that but I can’t afford the prices of the higher speed plans).I was surprised by how stable the round-trip message time (called “ping” in the IT industry) is compared to the “gold standard” of a wired Ethernet connection. Usually WiFi has a lot of “jitter” in the ping, which means that if your previous data packet had a ping of say 50 milliseconds (50 ms), the next packet might have a ping of 25 or it might have a ping of 75, or anywhere in between and even occasionally higher than that, and the next packet could be anywhere in that range as well. When you’re gaming, what you need is a STABLE connection with as little jitter in the ping as possible, because the game is interpolating between the data points it gets to calculate critical things like where you are or where your shots are coming from in a first person shooter game.Now I don’t know specifically how they did it, but this AX90 router is delivering a WiFi connection that has a lot less jitter than I was expecting from a WiFi connection. By “A lot less”, I mean that the level of jitter is similar to a wired Ethernet connection (but still measurably higher by a few ms), meaning that if you’re just gaming casually or playing turn-based multiplayer games you might be able to get away with using WiFi. I still say that you should always strive to get a wired internet connection to your gaming device whenever possible, but this WiFi 6 is coming very close to what I’d consider acceptable for hardcore gaming use (with only a few WiFi devices in the range of the AX90 at least).Speaking of the environment I tested the AX90 in, I have not tested the performance in a congested WiFi environment. I’m expecting that performance will degrade, but I don’t know by how much, or if that degradation will result in a level of performance that is not acceptable to you should you be considering the purchase of this router (the latter is a matter of personal opinion).I have also not tested performance on the 2.4ghz band, but I imagine it is at least as good as the performance of the C7, which was “slow but acceptable”. The lack of speed is due to the nature of 2.4ghz WiFi, and these days basically any router from any brand should be able to put out the most the 2.4 ghz band can offer.I doubt that the radios in the AX90 are any stronger than the ones in the C7, because there are FCC limitations on such things, so my theory about why I can now get a 5ghz signal when I couldn’t with the C7 is that the AX90 has “beam-forming” technology. Beam forming is a technology taken from cell phone towers, and it is essentially a way to create an electronically steered directional beam of radio waves, or when receiving signals it can use related techniques to preferentially amplify signals coming from a given direction and cancel out signals coming from other directions. This helps it “punch thru” issues like multipath interference and make the same radio power output act as if it is a higher power radio transmitter, without consuming any more energy (instead of the radio signal going “everywhere”, it mostly goes in one direction).Another advantage the AX90 has is OFDMA, which is supposed to help it serve large numbers of devices, however my house is in a suburb and there’s only 3 people living here so I don’t have many devices to worry about (and I’m the only one in the house with more than one device that connects via WiFi, meaning generally only one of my devices are active at any one time).I did leave the option enabled in the settings, because it wasn’t causing me any issues, I just don’t know if I’m getting any benefit from it.Setup of the new router was easy for me since I’m the designated “tech person” in the house and I always at least check the manual to make sure there aren’t any “gotchas” to setting up something new.Setup should be easy for just about anyone capable of following technical instructions. Do NOT attempt to set this up without reading the quick start guide and the user guide, especially if you have internet service above 1gbps.Just interpret the instructions mostly literally and you’ll be fine. If you have trouble, I’m sure that tutorials are available online (check YouTube or your preferred tech info source).Here are some setup tips:1. If your WiFi devices can’t see your new AX90 router when searching for a WiFi network to connect to, and it’s powered on (doesn’t really even need to be connected to the internet) try going into the settings and un-checking the “Target Wake Time” box. On my router, this option was off from the factory, but I turned it on to see if it did anything, and all it did was make it impossible for my new tablet to detect the router (a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, which supports WiFi 6 and is the device I used for testing WiFi connection speeds).2. You can set up a preferred time for the router to reboot, with options for “monthly”, “weekly”, and “daily” schedules. The option is in “advanced settings”, almost all the way at the bottom. If you choose to do this, pick a time when you’re either not at home or sleeping. This also applies to the router automatically checking for, downloading, and installing firmware updates.3. If the bright blue status light on the router is annoying due to where the router is placed (say in a bedroom), you can turn that off in the settings (in “advanced settings”, all the way at the bottom). You can also set a time range for when you want the light to be off, if you don’t mind it being on while you’re awake (it will still turn on if something is out-of-the-ordinary, say if you lose internet connection).4. You don’t “have” to sign up for TP-Link’s “Homeshield” service to make the router work as “just a router” (I didn’t). I’m not in a situation where I have need of a VPN, let alone things like DDoS protection. However, if you’re operating a small business on the web, you might find such services attractive (I have no experience with operating a business, so I wouldn’t know).

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  15. MyProductPortraits

    An excellent device

    The TP-Link AX5400 is a WiFi 6 router with dual band and long range wireless capabilities. Also known as the Archer AX73, the WiFi 6 technology allows this product to achieve speeds up to 5400 Mbps as a theoretical maximum. Even though actual speeds will probably be lower than that, it will still be fast enough to perform bandwidth demanding tasks such as large file transfers over the network or Ultra High Definition streaming on your local home network.Installation is super easy, it’s basically plug and play. You connect the router to your internet modem, and then connect your devices via the WiFi networks. The A5400 will come with default wireless settings, including a predefined network name and password, for easy initial setup. It is strongly recommended to change these settings to your own, for security reasons. Management can be done either via the smartphone app or (very happy about this one) the web interface. More about that later.Aesthetically, you will notice that this router has a rather interesting rectangular design, and it is equipped with 6 (!!!) antennas. Yes, you read that right: 6 antennas. TP-Link claims that this supports large wifi coverage and good signal strength to all devices with their beamforming and 4T4R technologies. Even though I have no practical way of measuring the performance of these technologies, I can attest to the fact that the AX5400’s coverage is excellent and I didn’t notice any dead spots at home (including the devices located outside my home, such as wifi cameras and doorbells). In case you do experience dead spots, you can add an extra TP-Link mesh device compatible with the AX5400 to solve the issue. I talk more about mesh networking below.One of the major features of the AX5400 is mesh networking. Mesh means that all your routers connect with each other, forming a mesh of coverage rather than having one router that acts as a single point of connection. Your wireless device will always connect automatically to the mesh router that provides the strongest signal. This is called Roaming. Much like in telecom/mobile networks, your Wi-Fi devices might change positions and move around your house. This means that the wireless signal between your device and the router gets weaker with distance. With mesh routers your device will automatically connect to a different router unit that offers a stronger signal, without interrupting the running service and streams. This not only increases the coverage vastly, but also offers seamless handovers and transitions of Wi-Fi services as you change your position in your house. In other words, you get Wi-Fi Roaming capabilities that will vastly improve the reliability of your wireless connection. That, of course, means that you need another TP-Link mesh capable device to achieve this functionality. TP-Link provides a list of mesh devices compatible with the AX5400 on their website.So far I have no complains regarding the AX5400’s performance. The Wi-Fi is very quick and outperforms my internet connection. I haven’t noticed any issues with latency either. One remark I want to make here is that, even though older WiFi cards will still be able to connect and operate with the AX5400, you will need a Wi-Fi 6 compatible wireless card to make the most out of the mesh system. Making the most out of it doesn’t mean that you will experience speeds close to 5.4 Gbps. These speeds are a theoretical maximum, they are achieved in the lab and they are impossible to see in the average home network setup. You will see, though, very high speeds depending on the quality of your wireless card (in my tests, I used the TP-Link WiFi 6 AX3000 PCIe WiFi Card), the distance from the router and the obstacles that separate you from it. Bottom line: it’ll be fast, but be realistic with your expectations.But probably one of the things I’m most happy about this router is the availability of a web interface for management. Being the owner/user of the otherwise great TP-Link Deco system, one of my main complaints was the lack of a web interface for network configuration. As a power user, I find it hard to configure my network equipment via the small screen of a smartphone. You can access the web interface by typing the router’s management IP (you can find it listed as Gateway on your computer’s network settings) in your browser. You’ll have to first set up a local password (or create an account with TP-Link) before accessing the router configuration.Once you log in, the first screen you’ll see is the home screen, or a summary screen if you like. You can see the internet status, the router status and some shortcut button to common functions, your mesh devices (if you have any) and the connected client devices. This last bit is quite interesting, since you’ll be able to see the connected devices, their real time speed (up/down), the interface they’re connected to (ethernet, 2.4G or 5G), their “negotiated” max bandwidth, how long they’ve been connected to the router and, finally, a “block” button to deny the device access to the network. Below, I’m going through some of the functions that I find interesting, but I will omit the ones that are so common you can find them virtually in every router out there.On the Wireless screen you’ll find your WiFi settings. You can turn on or off OFDMA, TWT, Smart Connect and, of course, the Wireless radio itself. OFDMA (simultaneous transmission to different devices within the same transmission window) will significantly increase the traffic speed with compatible devices (your device must support OFDMA), TWT will help increase your device’s battery life by maintaining the connection with the router and allowing the device to go to sleep (aka not forcing the device to send keep alive messages to the router too frequently), while Smart Connect optimized the connectivity of the router’s radio bands with the client devices.TP-Link offers a security platform with the AX5400, similar to what they offer with the rest of their flagship devices, HomeShield. The user will get some basic functionality out of the box, and additional sophisticated features and analytics are available with a subscription service.The last screen on the web interface is the Advanced screen, where all the advanced options are located. Power users will definitely appreciate some of these. The first thing that caught my eye was Lan —> Link Aggregation. You can aggregate (combine) up to two Ethernet ports into one (logical) network port, aggregating their bandwidth as well. Of course, you’ll need to aggregate ports on the other end of the connection as well, but that is the other side of the problem. Pretty cool. The router also supports direct DynDNS logins, for those of you who still use a DynDNS client on your computer. Another cool section is Routing. You can use your own static routes defined in the router’s config if you need to direct specific traffic to specific destinations. Use this only if you know what you’re doing, otherwise a bad routing config will probably block your access and traffic. The router comes with a USB port, which is nothing unusual. What is very cool, though, is the fact that the USB port supports (except for mass storage devices) Apple’s Time Machine. Just connect a storage device to the AX5400’s USB port, enable Time Machine in settings, and voila! No need for one of those old Apple AirPort Extreme routers anymore. NAT is, of course, present in this device as well, for your port forwarding needs. Security features include a Firewall, ACLs and MAC spoofing protection (by binding IPs to specific MACs). You have your standard VPN server built in, supporting both OpenVPN and PPTP, IPv6 support for you dual-stackers out there and a bunch of router Admin features (firmware update, backup, remote management, system logs etc.). Last but not least, you can switch the mode of the device between a Router (the device will route traffic and provide routing services) and an Access Point (the device will become a wireless gateway for clients, but you will need to connect it to a router for routing services – this is used mostly to expand the WiFi network).Overall the TP-Link AX5400 WiFi 6 router is a great home routing device and a strong contender in this segment of products. I’m very happy with it for the time I’ve been using it, and I definitely recommend it.

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  16. Jerrye

    The TP-Link Archer AX55 router is really a great router and a bargain for what you get.

    This TP-Link Archer AX55 router I purchased a few weeks ago has turned out to be a really great router and a real bargain for the price. It works flawlessly and does everything I need for today with a lot left over in reserve for the future with its Gigabytes+ speed ability. I have a a multi-camera security system that needs to be able to reserve the IP addresses for each camera and the server and this router does that very well in addition to everything else it does. It took a little learning curve for me with all the features and benefits this router offers but it turned out to really be piece of cake once I read the instructions and learned what I needed to know to take full advantage of the extended features I needed to use that some people would probably never need. The outcome was well worth it. A real upgrade over all of the previous routers I’ve owned. I’ve got 21 IP devices in my home connected to it most of the time with still plenty of performance to spare. The “Mesh” system is also a big plus and adds seamless and more powerful extended distance connectivity to the furthest away devices on the other side of my house. The Mesh system is completely seamless and you can’t tell and don’t see that an extender is even in use. I didn’t rate the Tech Support because I didn’t need to use it. Everything I needed to know to set it up and configure it was either in the box or readily available on-line. I have no connection to this company whatsoever other than my recent purchase of this router – and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Thank you TP-Link!

  17. A Nona Muss

    Improved throughput and eliminated drops

    This was a HUGE upgrade from our previous NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000. With smart devices in every room, plus cellphones, etc. we have around 20 devices connected to our wifi router. Despite this being well below our NETGEAR’s threshold, it still would drop connections intermittently. Live football would freeze multiple times during a game. I added a wifi extender with hopes that it would help with load balancing different regions of our home, it did not.So I shopped around and decided to get the TP-Link. Of course setup was super easy. I set the SSID and password to the same credentials as NETGEAR, so our home devices would hopefully connect automatically. This worked well for almost everything. Oddly enough I did have to forget and reconnect with my cellphone, but that was no big deal. Everything else (doorbell, door lock, Alexa speakers, TVs, PCs, etc etc) connected automatically.The one downfall to this device is its content filtering is inferior to our NETGEAR nighthawk. The netgear nighthawk comes with a program called “circle” that allows you to view web browsing (DNS queries) and control wifi access for those devices. It’s a very easy interface that gives you extra visibility and control over your network. Unfortunately TP-Link offers no sort of Content access monitoring or filtering. Unfortunately I’ve yet to find a free, realtime DNS server to add to my router settings that’ll allow me to have the same capabilities as NETGEAR’s circle.That being said I’m still EXTREMELY happy with this device. The coverage is fantastic and I’m frequently getting peak bandwidth.

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  18. BDub

    Great WiFi Router Upgrade!

    I had an old Asus WiFi router and it started dropping signals and I got tired of dead zones in the house…time for an upgrade. I decided on this AX6600 and am glad I did. Setup was easy, just plug it in and go on your way. I have over 50 devices connected (not all are WiFi) and I have not had any issues at all…plus my speed has more than doubled to my ISP. I can now full use the speed that I pay for. I also have not found any dead zones yet.Here’s the only “catch” I had with this router. I have a bunch of smart plugs, Roku sticks, etc that operate on the 2.4 ghz and I use Alexa to control them.and I could not initially get them to connect because of the “Smart Connect” option that comes with this router. The “Smart Connect” allows you to broadcast one SSID and the router determines what frequency to set the device to.In order to get everything working, my phone and devices need to be on the 2.4 ghz frequency. So I went into the router’s configuration and disabled the “Smart Connect” and set the 5 ghz frequencies to 1 and 2 (There are 2 5 ghz frequencies). I connected my phone to the 2.4 ghz SSID to make sure I had the correct frequency and then I went to my 2.4 devices and reconfigured them. Once I had reconfigured the 2.4 devices, I went back into the router’s configuration and enabled the “Smart Connect” again. Everything works smoothly now and I can take advantage of the “Smart Connect” feature. Was it a pain, kinda, but I didn’t mind.I also thought the router’s configuration page was simple and easy to understand.I love this router and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade. Oh, it’s supposed to work with mesh devices too but I have not tested that out just yet. I will get to that after the Holidays.

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  19. Angelica


    Lo queria para mi casa y logro su objetivo. Tengo varios enchufes inteligentes y varias alexas, No soy muy bueno con las redes apresar de, Yo solo lo pude instalar con ayuda de un tutorial de youtube, ya puedo ver quién está conectado y decido a quien le dejo el internet. Creo que puedo creerlo mucho más.

  20. Sean D

    Decent router

    I use this router in access point mode and I was randomly getting slow upload speeds at 0.5 – 1.5 Mbps, and only with wireless clients. This completely makes the internet unusable with that speed and it was affecting everything on my wireless network (Apple TVs, iPhones, iPads, MacBook Pro, etc.). I disabled OFDMA and that seems to have solved the problem so far. Hopefully this helps anyone else who might run into this issue.One more thing I noticed, most functionality is disabled in AP mode, including VPN, which I was looking forward to using. A VPN service should not need the thing to be in router mode for it to function. I have to continue running a separate VPN server because of this.Short of that I am happy with it so far.

  21. hadi sakr

    Good Router

    its working perfectly till now. around 25 users. no disconnections

  22. mohammed khalil



  23. jj

    Best router

    great router

  24. Hussein

    مقبول نوعا ما

    5G لغاية 8 أمتار فقط دون حواجز و2.4G أضعف من راونر اتصالات (الاسطوانة)خلك على الاسطوانة أبرك لك…

  25. Ali

    USB tethering

    No usb tethering available

  26. Ali Abdulla


    ممتاز ويفي بالغرض

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  27. Sharbeen

    This gotta be the best value for money Wi-Fi 6 router

    This router performs extremely well and coverage seems really good even across 2 walls. Provided ofcourse you set the router at an ideal location. Works excellent with etisalat eLife, just make sure to call etisaalt and request to disable PnP router. Once done you can use it with no problem and ipv6 too works. The interface is easy so is the tether app

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  28. Yousef Yehya

    Best router i ever bought

    Its amazing. Just keep in mind that if you wanna buy an extender, make sure you call Etisalat to enable the feature for ya.

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  29. AbuTalal


    Excellent… Does what it promised but don’t expect a miracle in speed n wifi, it’s fast specially it can handle extention loads to keep a stable speed to all.. I recommend because of its affordable price.

  30. Muhammad Mazhar

    For latest gadgets only

    If you have a new laptop in 2021. If you have a new Smartphone in 2021 then you should buy it.Normal modems does not provide Wifi 6. If you are having a 500 mbps connection and latest smartphone like S2* or iPhone 12*, you probably have wifi 6. But if you have an old modem, you cant use it.This is a basic model, good for those who want to taste the benefits of wifi 6.If you are a gamer, and you have to connect cable before you can play a game, try wifi 6. it resolves my problem. But you should have Wifi 6 card in your PC or Laptop and this routermodel.

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  31. Dustin Hunt

    Best bang for the buck out there

    For the money, this is one of if not the best out there. Over 99 percent of homes cannot even benefit from any of those insanely fast (and insanely expensive) routers out there because of the speed limitations imposed by your internet provider. Unless you just like throwing money away or being able to brag to your friends about having the latest, greatest mesh wifi router, then this router is for you. It provides more than enough technology to “future proof” for many years. Most of you probably have anywhere from 100mbs to 1gbs with your internet service provider. This baby can operate at 5.4gbs! While most devices around the house are not 6ghz ccompatible, my Samsung S21 Ultra is, so connecting to it with my phone serves to “unclutter” network traffic for the rest of my home. With around 50 connected devices, I think this router is sitting in the living room yawning and saying “That all you got?”In closing, I highly recommend this router. It’s one of the few that is both relatively inexpensive and has far than enough power to provide super fast internet through your entire home.

  32. Tom

    A Decent Budget Router For Smaller Homes With Basic Needs

    Purchased this AX55 to replace an older Netgear R7000 that started having WiFi 5 issues. My first impression with the web GUI setup was poor – the GUI seemed to get stuck on the 1st or 2nd page trying to set the timezone – very confusing dropdown menu option that A) doesn’t allow scrolling down to select the option I needed, requiring me to select the item at the bottom of the list and then click again on the dropdown repeatedly to try and find my EST timezone and B) didn’t list Eastern Time as an option, requiring me to figure out what UTC delta I lived in. Small stuff, but not a good start. Then when the settings page got stuck I refreshed the browser and it skipped over the rest of the initial setup wizard requiring me to set everything manually. Still not a really big deal as I had several things I wanted to set up, but not a good impression.Speaking of the UI, it’s very basic which is probably fine for most home users. But this AX55 had a much more limited set of controls compared to my older Netgear R7000 – things like setting reserved addresses and the like were much more detailed on the R7000.Despite being the new fancy WiFi6 router, in reality very few devices on the market now actually support any of the new features, so unless you are pairing the AX55 with other new WiFi6 devices you likely will not see any real improvements. Not to mention that the older WiFi5 (-AC) routers are already quite capable of most home user internet plan speeds which tend to be under 1gbps, so don’t get too hung up on all the marketing literature.The biggest impression was finding that my older Netgear R7000 had better range – it could easily provide fast connections in my yard over 100′ from the router. While this AX55 did connect, it was a reduced signal and a bit slower (-50db vs -70db). While useable, I have to say I expected better from newer hardware.Overall, I think the TP Link AX55 is still one of the better budget routers – it seems well built and I understand the AX55 uses improved hardware compared to the AX50 it is replacing. Specifically, the older AX50 apparently ran VERY warm – I have not observed any issues with the AX55 so far.I am likely a bit more of an advanced network user, so I think I’m going to return the AX55 and either get something a bit more powerful, or – more likely – just get some UniFi AP’s and disable the wireless functionality of my R7000 and just use it as a wired router. For about the same investment, the UniFi AP’s are significantly better for wireless, but they are only “antennas” that still require some kind of router to work. Ultimately I will probably invest in a wired only router (such as the TP Link ER605) to drive the UniFi AP’s – this basically separates the wired and wireless functions into 2 pieces of hardware. A bit overkill for most home users, but provides a LOT more flexibility and likely better security as well.TLDR – This AX55 is a decent budget router for home users with smaller homes and basic needs. Others will probably want something better.

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  33. Nick Smith

    Cheap plastic and finish

    This wifi router has the best UI I’ve ever used. Beats the asus UI I used about 7 years ago.Zero issues with any of the devices in my home network.My Xbox had open NAT issues on the Verizon Fios router that never could be resolved. This router allows for open NAT.So if this Wi-Fi router is hidden out of sight and never moved 5 stars. The Wi-Fi antennas are hardwired and could break easily if moved frequently guessing 2-3 year life if you move it a lot. The plastic also looks cheap AF.The excluded Ethernet cable is also a cheap 5e with a bad clip that can be broken easily.If they improved the antennas to be screw on and included a better Ethernet cable I would give this 5 stars

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  34. Klassy

    Day 1 – excellent router so far. Will update.

    Upgraded from the Archer C3150 V1 (which was an upgrade from another TP Link router before that). Excellent upgrade. Set it up yesterday in about 3 min. I am an IT Professional for a living, so yes, my opinion on what’s “simple” might not be the same as others. But that said, I imagine the interface was so simple anyone could set it up in less than 10 min. It walks you through everything. My 3 min included custom settings and port forwards, virtual servers, VPN, the works lol. Simple setup is great for beginners but if you’re looking for more advanced features like these just click advanced and go to town.My old C3150 did a solid job for 4 years, but recently started having issues. The 5Ghz would almost never work, and the router needed rebooted once a day ish. I don’t hold this against TP Link tho, because I have had Netgear, Asus, Lynksys, TP Link, you name it, I’ve worked with it either at home or at work, trust me, they ALL go bad eventually. From my experience, TP Link has the smoothest firmware, the longest life (4-8 years for me so far), and most reliable connection. The main reason I started with TP Link at home 12 years ago was because it was the only brand that gave me the FULL speed that my ISP was sending me. I pay for 1 Gig, and on a TP Link, I get 1 Gig.Anyways, signal around the house is significantly stronger with this than with my old Archer C3150. Ranch style house, router is on far end (worst spot ever, but best I could do). Old router would only get the 2.4 G to other side of house, with about 10Mbps on my phone. This one blasts all three bands strongly all the way out the other end of the house lol. 400Mbps on my phone standing right by the router (Samsung Note 20, non-ultra), and 150Mbps when I’m aaaaall the way on the other end of the house in the bedroom with the door shut. 100Mbps out the garage and on the sidewalk. House is ranch just under 2000 square feet. So distance/wall wise it’s about the same as a 3500 sq ft 3 level house. This thing will do just fine in any average house. My basement is not counted in that sq ft and still gets perfect signal.Good thing about this router is is works with TP Link mesh ad ons, so if I ever decide I need an extender I can get one later. Pretty sure I won’t tho.All in all, great start to a hopefully long 5 or 6 years with this router. Again, I only got it yesterday. If anything changes I promise to update this review right away.

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  35. grady tighe

    Very powerful wifi router.

    Before I get into my review I want to say that I know a lot about internet and wifi equipment.I have 8 devices connected to my network. Now I will start my review. I purchased a wifi 6 router that the company rockspace made. Now I did like their wifi 5 home mesh system. I still have that product sitting in my closet. However I was disappointed in their wifi 6 router. Here is a link to the review I wrote on it.  https://www.amazon.com/review/R17KHWR84OT3X8/ref=cm_cr_srp_d_rdp_perm?ie=UTF8Well I decided to do some research on other wifi 6 routers. I read a lot of good things about this tp-link wifi 6 router. I liked the specs it provided so I decided to give it a try. This is my first tp-link router. I received it in the mail unhooked the other router hooked this one up and started setting it up. I must say the setup process is simple. You can either do it from a browser on a pc or you can download their app and do it from there. They give you two options to set up the wifi networks. You can either have it set to one single ssid (this will combine 2.4ghz and 5ghz into a single wifi connection.)and it will connect your devices to which network is best for the device or you can have it the traditional way and sperate the 2.4ghz and 5ghz wifi. After I set up my wifi network I went in and changed the channels from auto to what worked best in my environment. I do recommend changing the channels from auto to what gives you the less interference from neighboring wifi channels as that will give you the best performance over your wifi. After I got all my settings where I want them it was time to run a speed test on my desktop pc. It is connected to the router by a cat 5e ethernet cable. The modem is connected to the router by a cat 6e ethernet cable. I pay for 400mbps and 20mbps upload(spectrum internet) I ran my speed test a couple of times to make sure the results were consistent. My speed results were 521.92mbps download and 28.15mbps upload. Those are great speeds and way way above what I pay for. I do a lot of gaming and this router did excellent. It lowered my ping in games and gaming overall felt a lot smoother. It provides great performance over ethernet.5ghz review starts here.To test my 5ghz network I will be using my iphone 12(WiFi 6 compatible device). I started out by testing the speeds right next to the router. The results were 482.8mbps download and 32.6mbps upload. My next test would be in my kitchen which is right outside of my room. I started the speed test. The results were 477mbps down and 23.2mbps upload. The next test would be in the laundry room which is threw my kitchen but you can see my room and the router perfectly from there. My speed test results were 417.3mbps down and 23.1mbps upload. So far the 5ghz network provides excellent speeds over distance.(Old wifi routers I had would drop a bar of signal or two at those spots and would struggle to give me a good speed over 5ghz) My next testing spot would be in my garage which isn’t far from my house at all. The results were 285mbps down and 24.8mbps upload.(old wifi routers I had would only give me 1-2 bars of signal in the garage and speeds were horrible) My next testing spot would be in the front of my house. Now their is two walls in between the front of my house and the router. The speed test results were 276.5mbps down and 22.7mbps upload. At all of these  spots I tested the 5ghz wifi at I had full bars of signal and not once did they drop to 1 or 2 bars of signal. Overall the 5ghz band delivers excellent speeds and gives great coverage.2.4ghz review starts here.To test the 2.4ghz network I will be using my google pixel 4a 5g(Non wifi 6 compatible). Since I will be using the same spots to test in I’m gonna put it into a list view.1. Next to the router- 132mbps down and 23mbps upload2. Kitchen- 124mbps down and 21.8mbps upload3. Laundry room- 127mbps down and 23.1mbps upload4. Garage- 81.7mbbps down 21.8mbps upload5. Front of my house- 77.8mbps down and 18.8mbps uploadWhile I was connected to the 2.4ghz in all these spots I did not lose any bars of signal at all. The speeds were great for being on the 2.4ghz connection. 2.4ghz connection is known to have the best range and not that great of speeds but with this router speeds are excellent for this connection.My thoughts.After all my testing was done I was very happy with this router. This router has out performed all my old routers I have ever used. However it does get a little hotter then I would like but it doesn’t get hot enough to worry about it causing a fire etc. I recommend putting some space between the back of it and where it’s going to be placed so it can have some more airflow. I like how they have a app for the router also. It makes it easier to see what devices are on the network instead of always needing to log in on a computer to check everything. I personally don’t have anything bad to say about the router except for the heat issue other then that I defiantly recommend this router.

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  36. Derek

    Great router

    Set up was very easy with minimal hiccups. Only issue I had was that I had to disable “smart connect” because it automatically connected everything to the 2.4 ghz band when download speeds were significantly slower. Other than that, my download speeds are much much faster and I’ve no connection issues with my household devices on the network

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  37. Rasputin

    Better than the more expensive Mesh routers with lots of configuration options.

    Purchased the AXE5400 over several other TP – Link Deco Mesh options for several reasons. 1. It allowed me to continue to use my older Samsung Mesh system and integrated it in without any issues. 2. It worked with other TP-Link One Mesh products for future expansion at a low cost. 3. It has great 5Gbps range in my 3,000 sq foot house and even parts of the yard. 3. It has the capability to separate the 2.4 from the 5 and the 6 Gbps bands to put my older IoT devices on 2.4 and run my phones, tablets, TV’s and notebooks on 5 Gbps. I have over 70 devices and this router is running all of them without any issues. 4. It has a telephone application that allows configuration for novice users and has a web browser application that allows technical professionals to write rules for the router and to customize the configuration. 5. IT supports 6Ghz band for my new notebook! 6. It supports WiFi 6 for my newer devices and all of the older n, g, ac, options for my older and IoT devices. I’ve been running this for a week and the response time is fantastic for my home automation systems and the applications. Home Assistant and Wyze run faster and most of my Wyze camera issues have gone away, the cameras are now consistently showing up in less than a second in the 4 to 6 camera views on my phone or tablet, when it was taking 15 to 45 seconds and some cameras wouldn’t even start up. Definitely recommend this router to anyone wanting Wifi 6, the new 6 Ghz band and still wanting to support lots of older devices.

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  38. Josh

    (UPDATE 11/19/22: It was the ISP) Router started dying after one month.

    11/19/22: So, I want to update my review. This router did NOT die so quickly. It turns out it was an issue in the area with my ISP. The second router had the exact same issue, so I knew it could not be the router at that point. This has been performing flawlessly since. I see no reason to return either of them, as I can use the second one for a separate network for some of my wired IoT devices.The router itself has a slightly bigger profile than I have been using for the past 3 years, but the antenna array allows for signal shaping that helps alleviate a couple of dead zones. Setup was quick and easy and we were online in minutes. The option to name each network individually is really nice. You don’t have to have the “_5G” or “_6G” words appended to the end of your network name for each band. I have not tried the parental controls as I have no need for them.The USB port is nice for using a tiny flashdrive to move and back up files and photos from our phones wirelessly and access them on our computers without using one of the many cloud subscriptions out there.All in all, this is a great little starter router if you are looking to use the new 6e band on compatible devices and keep legacy networks for your older ones. As of this writing, we have screaming fast wifi as we are the only 6e network in range of our home. We’ve pulled 900+ Mbps speed tests on our gigabit line using the 6e band.I left the original review below:This router is a great value to get your network on the new 6e standard. It performs well with a gigabit connection. Set-up was simple and straightforward, but the wireless functions started failing after just one month.I had to buy a new one to get my network back up and running since I am outside the exchange window now.

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  39. Stephen Patrick

    Upgraded my 10 year old router finally and holy crap this thing is insane

    Picture this. It’s 2011 and apple just released the airport extreme. It has all the bells and whistles and holy crap! 57 megabits per second! Thats amazing!Well now it’s 2022 and you stream off of 5 different devices in your home, theres multiple cell phones, not to mention laptops and tablets. That ain’t cuttin it no more! Time for an upgrade.The TP-link AX5400 was easy to setup and the app integration is great so far. I think it’s pretty cool that I can see every device connected to the wifi!I have to say the most important and impressive (coming from someone who daily used an 11-year-old router) was that my speeds went from about 40mpbs in my bedroom to over 387mbps.I felt like a caveman looking at a tesla for the first time. Sweet man-made horrors beyond my comprehension. Wifi 6 is a blast, full coverage from every room in my house (we keep the modem and router in the basement, and it goes through the floors just fine with no signal loss) and over all there is no more buffering, freezing, and waiting.If there’s one thing you take away from this review, don’t wait 11 years to upgrade your router and this one is pretty awesome.

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  40. Felipe A.

    Excelente producto

    Sencillo de instalar, con muy buena señal y fácil de manejar a la hora de configurarlo.

  41. Ammad L.

    Great wifi coverage and internet speed

    For Etisalat router users, please request for PNP disable before connecting this router. This step will safe your time and hassle.

  42. Alshehhi

    ممتاز جداً

    الراوتر ممتاز جداً اقصى سرعة يتحملها عن طريق الواي فاي 5 هي 450 الراوتر يدعم واي فاي 6 الاصدار الاخير, مسافة الواي فاي عادية جيدة لاأعتقد ان هناك راوتر بهذه المواصفات وهذا السعر هناك نسختان من نفس هذا الراوتر لكن لايوجد فرق الا بامور بسيطة ك اليو اس بي 3 وتطبيق داخل الراوتر واللذي سيزيد من سعر المنتج عن نفسي لا استخدم تلك الميزات اما في الاساسيات فهما متطابقان , المنتج اصلي مطابق للوصف الراوتر يعتبر من الراوترات الحديثة وانصح فيه شغال على مزود الخدمة اتصالات لكن لازم تكون عارف اسم المستخدم وكلمة المرور الخاصة في الانترنت واذا ماكنت عارف اتصل 101 حتى تحصل على المعلومات الخاصة فيكPPPoE

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  43. RKG

    Not as expected

    I have a TP Link AX20 router. I was expecting a better coverage and performance compared to AX20. But the results were disappointing. First of all when opening the new box and installing AX55 there already was an Wifi in another user name. Don’t know how it was there as the unit looked new with new covered box and plastic. I had to reset the router to enter the startup settings. After setting the router I noticed the download speeds on wifi is less compared to AX20 checking at exact same location. Also the torrent download speeds on laptop does not going above 100 Mbps (5GHz wifi). I was getting 200 Mbps above on AX20. checked with different settings and changing wifi channels , same issue persists. Finally I decided to return the unit back to amazon. The return and refund process from Amazon was top notch.

  44. FAISAL.M.V

    Good speed

    I like this product.speed and advanced featers

  45. Say

    Good connection

    It covers what my previous one doesn’t, easy connection; overall happy with the device.

  46. سعيد باكير

    الاسف سرعة 5G ليس كما موضح السرعة كانت 407ميغا فقط . علم ان السرعة يجب ان تكون فوق 800

    الشيء الذي لم يعجبي سرعة 5G كانت بطيئة 407 فقط علما ان يجب ان لاتقل على 800موفضح بان سرعة 5G فوق2500

  47. Sharafdn

    working good so far

    the speeds are good and wifi 6 working, the coverage of wifi is also good

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    wifi speed is very good ,

  49. Saif

    Day 1 Review

    Arrived with US outlet. I Will update only if I have problems, or it turns out surprisingly good.

  50. Ghassan

    It was damaged after only a few months of use! Every 2 minutes, it restarts. Garbage

    It was damaged after only a few months of use! Every 2 minutes, it restarts. Garbage

  51. Basel Mahmoud Hilayel

    Worse experience ever

    Low range and wifi issues all the time.

  52. Yahya

    Recommend to buy it

    Very good, easy to install, good rang and fast

  53. JPCA DXB

    Brand new genuine product!

    Kudos to the seller as I received in a sealed package and as described (correct product model and description). The delivery guy is patient to wait for me for a bit. I haven’t tested yet but this is one of the best routers based on YouTube reviews, Wifi 6!

  54. Arvind

    Highly reliable

    The product looks good, has a decent range. But the best part is the functionality and the webui. The setting are very easy to use and initial setup took 5-10 tops.

    One person found this helpful

  55. Amin O.

    If you need better WiFi range, this is not for you.

    I was expecting to have a better coverage but it’s worse than my other d-link DIR-853 (just a “WiFi 5”).The speed of the 2.4GHz network is a bit better (I was getting aroung 110mbps) but nowhere near what 5GHz can offer. I was hoping to get at least 256mbps with 2.4GHz WiFi 6, but this router simply can’t do it.

    2 people found this helpful

  56. Ryan Jab


    Fast and good router

  57. BonnCarlo

    Device is dead when first time powered-on

    I didn’t had a chance to power on the device when it arrive sometime ago, surprisingly when I tried to switch-on today router is dead no light indicator, seems to be factory flaws. Hopefully this can be refund the soonest.

  58. Imteeaz

    Not reliable

    The item is defective after less than 1 year of use (the seller offers 2 years warranty on this product.Please make arrangement for changing the unit

  59. فاضل فلكناز



  60. Mohammed

    Worst than AX1800

    I have the cheaper AX20 model from TP Link and the speeds reaches upto 560 MBs with this model I only got wifi 5 speeds using multiple wifi 6 enabled devices. The max speed I got was 360 MBs.

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