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SKG 4098E Neck Massager

SKG 4098E Neck Massager
with Heat Indicator to Relieve Neck Pain

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SKU:SKG 4098E Neck Massager

SKG 4098E Neck Massager
with Heat Indicator to Relieve Neck Pain

With the SKG neck massager, your neck pain is a thing of the past!

Patented electronic technology, which simulates traditional human massage techniques, helps to reduce tension and pain. The 360° movable gold-plated electrodes directly stimulate the sensory nerve cells through low-frequency pulses, in order to promote blood circulation, reduce stress and achieve a pain-relieving effect. The electrodes adapt perfectly to your neck, which guarantees maximum wearing comfort.

The massage is supported by a constant heat injection of max. 42 °C, which penetrates the layer for layer into your skin and muscles and thus provides for relaxation.
Conveniently select between the 3 possible modes (daily mode, leisure mode, and exercise mode) and 15 intensity levels each via the included remote control, in order to enjoy a massage optimally adapted to you.
The compact and handy headphone shape of the neck massage device, as well as the lightweight of only 160g and the quiet application, make it your ideal companion – whether traveling, at home or while working.
Use it for a maximum of 30 minutes per day for the best results. To do this, simply moisten your skin at the contact points, place the U-shaped device around your neck and select your desired massage via the remote control. The voice prompt function makes operation even easier.

Highlights & Details
Convenient control via remote control
3 massage modes and 15 intensity levels
All steps can be set with a click

3D electrodes that perfectly match your neck
360° moving electrodes
Compact and handy shape
Weight of only 160 g.
Heat compressor
Constant heat supply of max. 42 °C.


Remote control incl. battery
USB cable
Gel pads
User manual.

  • CONVENIENT REMOTE CONTROL – Choose between 3 massage modes and 15 intensity levels, which can be easily adjusted with the remote control to enjoy an optimal massage for you. All steps can be set with one click, making operation very easy.
  • 3D electrodes that adapt perfectly to your neck: the unique headphone style is comfortable and easy to wear. Thanks to the ergonomic design, the highly elastic frame technology and the 360° moving electrodes, it adapts perfectly to any neck to ensure the highest possible wearing comfort.
  • Your daily companion: with the SKG neck massager you can relieve your neck at any time – whether at work, at home or on the go. The compact and handy shape, the light weight of only 160 g and the quiet application makes it your ideal companion.
  • HEAT COMPRESSION – Equipped with advanced physiotherapy technology and low frequency pulse technology, the device simulates traditional massage techniques and provides you with deep tissue massage to promote blood circulation, muscle relaxation and stress reduction. The massage is controlled by the constant heat supply of max. 42°C, which layer by layer penetrates your skin and muscles for maximum relaxation.
  • PAIN RELIEF MADE EASY – SKG neck massager relieves your neck tension and pain associated with patented electronic technology that simulates human massages.


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