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Robosea Seaflyer Electric Underwater Scooter

RoboSea Underwater Electric Scooter
Underwater EScooter Seaflyer
60Min* Run Time
2 Speed 45M Max Depth
Full LCD Dashboard
Ultra Lightweight Design

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Robosea Seaflyer Electric Underwater Scooter

ODM Underwater thruster diving drone diving equipment snorkeling thruster underwater booster underwater robot


ROBOSEA SeaFlyer scooter is the smallest, lightest, and most efficient personal water propulsion device we have found, able to pull you along at about 6.6km/h for 30 minutes or 3.6km/h for 60 minutes. Strong swimmers and weak paddlers alike find that it greatly extends the amount of time they can spend in the water before becoming tired.
  • Easy to use: Human-oriented and balanced design, nothing to learn, pick it up and enjoy the water
  • Powerful propulsive force: Equipped with dual powerful propellers, combined with a battery optimization algorithm, propulsive force up to 12kgf, experience the water like never before.
  • Long-running time: 60mins running time, replaceable battery
  • Safety Lock: Child safety lock and protective netting make sure Trident is safe for everyone

Discover the playful side of the deep

Diving up to 45m, see a different underwater world

Integrated design makes it convenient to carry anywhere

Integrated design, compact body, easy to carry, zero buoyancy make sure Trident will not sink to the bottom of the sea

Whole new different experience

Small and beautiful, easy to use, cruise through the water even if you are not a good swimmer

Long-running time

Whether you are zipping along at the high-speed level or leisurely cruising by at the low speed, you can rest assured that Trident’s smart chip is monitoring the battery, to alert you when it’s time to surface to recharge the battery. 60mins running time, only 3 seconds to replace the battery, SeaFlyer can satisfy all your demands.

OLED dashboard

OLED dashboard provides you with sensor data such as speed level, battery, depth, and temperature status.

Intuitive controls

Intuitively controlled by your body movement, no special training is needed to enjoy swimming for periods of up to 60 minutes on a single battery charge.

Take SeaFlyer wherever you want

3.6kg weight, suitable to take with you as hand luggage on flights.

Multiple protection, nothing to worry

SeaFlyer has been designed with ergonomics in mind. Protective nettings are designed around the propellers, which eliminate all risks of wounding your fingers, and child safety lock keeps children away from dangers

Capture epic moments in the water

Compatible with GoPro, Paralenz, and other action cameras, capture epic moments underwater

Professional swimming speed experience

The speed of normal people is 1m/s, the speed level 1 of SeaFlyer is 1m/s. World champion Yang Sun used 14mins 31seconds to finish 1500m which is 1.73m/s, the speed level 2 of SeaFlyer is 1.8m/s

Respect for the marine life

With its quiet 50 decibel motor, you will enjoy the underwater world without disturbing it.

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