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Qualitell Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfectant Machine Smart Home Sterilizer

Xiaomi Qualitell Sodium Hypochlorite
Disinfectant Manufacturing Machine
Rechargeable 3 Minutes Electrolysis
Smart Home Sterilizer

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Qualitell Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfectant Machine
Rechargeable 3 Minutes Electrolysis Smart Home Sterilizer

Specifications Material: Bottle: PC; Base: ABS color: White Power supply voltage: 5V / 2A Electrolysis time: 3 minutes Capacity 80ml Size 50.5 * 50.5 * 167.5mm Size: 203 * 82 * 55mm Weight: 77g

Qualitell Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfectant

Manufacturing Machine One Touch Manipulation | 3 Minutes Electrolysis | Small And Portable | TYPE-C Charging

Protect Your Family’s Health Anytime, Anywhere

Sodium hypochlorite disinfectant, the cost of self-made raw materials is readily available, no chemical addition is required, and it is safe; the cost of raw materials is low, save money, and there is no fear of the risk of supply interruption; the disinfection concentration can be controlled by one button and can be deployed on-demand without limitation.

Only Salt And Water Are Needed For 3 Minutes

Add a spoonful of edible salt, add tap water, and shake the bottle to mix. After 3 minutes of electrolysis, the production of sodium hypochlorite disinfectant is completed.

One Button Start

The bottle body is transparent and visible and easy to operate. Press the bottom start button lightly, the blue breathing light on the bottle body will be in electrolysis working state, the machine will automatically stop working after 3 minutes, and the buzzer will beep three times to indicate that the disinfectant is finished, and spray disinfection can be carried out.

Efficient Sterilization Of Inactivated Virus

Sprinkler Head

The disinfectant maker is integrated with the spray head. After the electrolysis is completed, it can be sprayed and disinfected, and it can spray about 400 times.

Three Concentrations Are Selected On Demand

1g edible salt + 80ml tap water, electrolytic once, effective chlorine concentration is 150mg / L; Electrolysis twice, effective chlorine concentration is. 250-300mg / L; Electrolysis three times, the effective chlorine concentration is 300-500mg / L.

Mosquito Bites, Hand Washing And Disinfection

Keyboard, Door Handle

And Other Household Products Kill Influenza Virus

Small and portable

The capacity of the bottle is 80ml, which is convenient to carry. The disinfectant manufacturing machine can be carried on airplanes or high-speed trains. It is suitable for the disinfection needs of daily use at home, travel, and office

Type-C Charging Interface

Type-C charging interface supports connection of computers, laptops, mobile power, and other devices.

Prevent Electrolytic Oxidation

PC material is preferred, which effectively prevents electrolytic oxidation, and can be used with confidence after testing and certification.

Usage Method

1.Use a salt spoon to take a flat spoon (1g) of edible salt and put it into the bottle; 2.Add clear water to the bottle body to the highest water level (80ml). Shake the bottle body to make salt dissolve in water; 3.Press the power button at the bottom to turn on electrolysis with a “tick”; 4. At this time, the blue breathing light is on, and bubbles appear in the bottle; 5.After 3 minutes of electrolytic operation, the equipment will stop working automatically, and “beep beep beep” three times indicates the end of electrolysis, and the blue breathing light is off; 6.Spray Disinfection



Brand Name




Model Number

Manufacturing Machine Rechargable 3

State of Assembly





Electrolysis Smart Home Sterilizer

Control Channels

2 Channels

Max Speed

Qualitell Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfectant



Power source

Type-C charging

Home Portable Sterilizer

Disinfect Sprayer


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