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Ninebot E8 Kids Electric Scooter Blue/Pink/Red

Ninebot No. 9
Children’s Electric Scooter E8
Blue 6-12 years teenagers
foldable two-wheeled scooter
moped balance electric car

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Ninebot No. 9 Children’s Electric Scooter E8 Blue/Pink
6-12 years teenagers foldable two-wheeled scooter moped
Balanced Electric Scooter


Children’s electric scooter E8

Trolltech powers gameplay and adds momentum to the growth


The cute look specially created for children, boys and girls have exclusive color combinations.

The appearance of the children’s electric scooter E8 on the 9th is completely designed around the children-the slim body, lively color matching, the embellishment of the hub and the body ribbon, all dazzling everywhere. Pure blue, soft and cute powder, boys and girls can find what they love.

New electric power-assist mode

The gliding fun is endless. We have created new ways to play with scooters for kids. Just push the ground hard, the scooter seems to have magic power, it can continue to output power without pressing the throttle, and continue to slide! The harder the pedal is, the faster the scooter can run, giving the child a sense of freshness and fun.

Electric mode

New skills get baby’s “driving” first experience. This may be the first time children experience the fun of “driving”. Just start gently, press the throttle, and hold the handlebar, you can enjoy the wonderful sense of speed freely and effortlessly.

Triple brake system

It is convenient to squeeze with your hands and foot. In order to have a better braking effect, the No. 9 children’s electric scooter E8 is equipped with a triple braking system. In addition to the brake levers and EBS energy recovery brakes, the rear fender also has a brake function. With the combination of the triple braking system, the braking effect is better, giving Multiple safety guarantees for children.

Aviation grade aluminum alloy body

The 600kg limit static load, the sturdy and slim body far exceeding the children’s needs is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, the limit static load can reach 600kg, and it has passed the 2000km cycling endurance test. The No. 9 children’s electric scooter E8 is extremely reliable and durable, and is a good toy to be trusted.

BMS battery management system

The battery is smarter, safer and more reliable, with the fifth-generation BMS smart battery management system accumulated over 7 years The total number of batteries under management is more than 300 million, which can provide multiple comprehensive protection for lithium batteries. The blessing of the BMS system makes the No. 9 children’s electric scooter E8 safer and more reliable, playing with more confidence

Spring shock absorption system

Just be happy and don’t bump. For a more comfortable riding experience, the No. 9 electric skateboard for children The car E8 is equipped with a spring shock absorption system, which can effectively filter the bumpy feeling caused by sand, grass, grass, dirt roads and other ground, so that children can always ride smoothly and have fun.

High elastic rubber tires

There is no need to inflate or puncture. The new high-elastic rubber tire is more wear-resistant, does not need to be inflated, and will not burst the tire, which is more worry-free. The tire tread has been completely redesigned to provide better grip and anti-skid performance.

Ultra-low pedal design

The pedal rides more firmly. The height of the scooter pedal surface from the ground is only 10cm, the center of gravity is low, and it is more close to the ground so that the child rides more stable and the handling is handier.

Foldable design

It is very easy to carry and carry. Slim and light body design, the thickness is only 3.4cm,The vehicle weighs only 8kg and can be easily folded. The vehicle’s volume is very compact after folding, and it is also easy to fit in the trunk. You can take a lap once you get there.

Parameter configuration


Pink, Sky Blue, Red

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Brand Name








Applicable People


Charging time


Range Per Charge





Two-wheel Scooter

Model Number

Ninebot E8

Tire Size

9 inch

Max Speed


Max Mileage



Ninebot E8

Rated Capacity

2550mAh / 55.08Wh

Rated power



Solid rubber tire

Size before folding


Folded size



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