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Midea Robot Vacuum Cleaner M7

4000 Pa Super Power
150min 3 in 1 Mopping
Virtual Wall Technology
Cleaning Modes by LDS Navigation System
Compatible with Alexa/Google – Black

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Midea Robot Vacuum Cleaner M7
with 4000 Pa Super Power, 150min 3 in 1 Mopping, Virtual Wall Technology, Cleaning Modes by LDS Navigation System, Compatible with Alexa/Google – Black/White

Brand ‎Midea Model Number ‎CAD-Midea-RV- M7 Color ‎Black Package Dimensions ‎44.7 x 40.1 x 13.1 cm; 5.34 Kilograms Runtime ‎2 hours and 30 minutes Item Weight ‎5.34 kg

  • Brand ‎Midea
  • Model Number ‎CAD-Midea-RV- M7
  • Color ‎Black
  • Package Dimensions ‎44.7 x 40.1 x 13.1 cm; 5.34 Kilograms
  • Runtime ‎2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Item Weight ‎5.34 kg
  • ASIN B091T16KF8
Featuring LDS navigation system, M7 can accurately map the whole house and calculate the most efficient cleaning plan.
  • LDS navigation

    LDS navigation technology allows M7 to map your home quickly and accurately avoiding obstacles and efficiently plannig cleaning routes.

  • 4,000Pa suction motor

    The M7 generates super strong 4000pa suction forces, that can easily pick up dirt, dust, large debris and allergens from carpets and hard floors.

  • Long battery life

    The M7 can run for 180min* on a single charge, perfect for large homes.

Date First Available 11 June 2021

About this item

【Laser navigation 5.0 & Virtual wall】With Laser navigation technology 5.0, instant auto-mapping with 30 sets of sensors, the M7 creates a fully editable map of your home with virtual walls to control the cleaning zones.

【E-controlled water tank】Mopping floor with 220ml electronically-controlled water tank, no leak of water if turned off

【Multi-floors mapping & Map edit】Save maps of different floor or even different houses; create your own map with editing tools

【4000Pa+5200mAh+150min】4000Pa super suction motor, 3 levels to choose; long battery life to cover 250m², auto return & charge makes it easy for your next time use

【4-in-1 cleaning system】Sweep with long dual-side brushes, Roll up dust with V-sharp roller brush, Vacuum with a great suction power, Mop to make the cleaning more thorough

【Carpet detection】Maximum the suction power when running on carpet, back to normal after leaving carpet

If you’re looking for an advanced premium Robot Vacuum Cleaner then you should choose the bestselling Midea RVC-M7! Are you tired from every day work and need someone to help with the cleaning? Well don’t worry because the Midea M7 is ready to help! The M7 uses the latest 5th generation LDS laser navigation technology, 30 sets of sensors, a 4000Pa super suction motor, and a 5200mAh super long battery life which runs for 150mins and will cover 250m².

The intelligent auto-return & charge function means the M7 is always ready for action. And with an E-controlled water tank mopping is smarter too. The Smart App & Voice control makes the M7 the perfect assistant for your life. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact service_uk@midea.com. Midea Customer Service is more than happy to assist you.










Model Number

‎CAD-Midea-RV- M7



Package Dimensions

‎44.7 x 40.1 x 13.1 cm; 5.34 Kilograms


‎2 hours and 30 minutes

Item Weight

‎5.34 kg



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3.7 out of 5 stars

64 ratings
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3.7 out of 5 stars

Date First Available

11 June 2021

40 reviews for Midea Robot Vacuum Cleaner M7

  1. Miss Fi M

    Battery run time

    The run time for use is not very good

  2. TS Capital

    Good but hard to use

    A good robot vacuum with decent suction power and good battery.It does map 2 floors but doesn’t automatically recognise them as stated somewhere.Now, here goes the cons:(I) the mopping feature is weak and I need to put it to do it twice for a decent result(ii) forget the corners since it doesn’t clean them even with auxiliary spinning brushes(iii) very weak suction for carpet So I need to clean my carpet myself(iv) it doesn’t detect stairs(v) the app is not user friendly and very difficult to learn how to change maps.(vi) I did not realize any difference among many levels of sections and water usage for mopping.I would recommend this product for a superficial cleaning of flooring in a house with busy work people who have no pets, so just want to keep your home superficially clean until the next deep cleaning day.

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  3. Dr. Mangesh Thorat

    Navigational issues, limits on maps poor user interface.

    Good suction, decent mechanism to overcome low obstacles but suffers from navigational issues (AI not intelligent enough) which mean that you can’t trust it to complete the task while you are not supervising – and that defeats the purpose of having such a tool (it often takes 5 minutes to find, get aligned and dock into its base station – that sums it up). You can only save 2 maps, and one operational map, which is again a pity. The user interface is clunky, not sufficiently intuitive and devoid of useful/clever features.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    A smart cleaner that’s actually smart.

    The first question you will be asking is “will this vacuum cleaner replace my normal vacuum cleaner and mop?” The answer is no, not by a long stretch.The next question is “what’s the point then?” What this device does very well is maintain a clean room, rooms or floor. It transfers between mop and vacuum well, it covers a hall, living room, kitchen, cloakroom and entrance way with some charge to spare. It’s quick to empty, easy to control and maintenance is hassle free.I was a little concerned about the app following on from reviews but I found it straightforward to use. I have owned another robot vacuum and it is constantly getting stuck and jammed. I was very surprised to see how well it deals with obstacles, it can climb over objects a couple of cm tall but of course it does still get stuck every once in a while.I was worried about the manufacturer however I can say I have owned an air conditioner by the same company for 20 years and it’s still going strong. All in all a great bit of kit that helps to keep the ground floor clean as long as you help as well.

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  5. D. Turner

    Paid £279, value robot.

    Robot will go about its cleaning when scheduled, but partner app is not good. Always being logged out, seem to struggle to get any kind of Alexa integration.Actual job of vacuuming seems okay.

  6. Heather C Fenn

    Plug and play – and it works!

    So much is good about this cleaner, not least of which is how quiet it is. Lint is flicked out of corners by fringed discs, rugs are cleaned without chewing edging, it finds its way delicately around the legs of side tables without upsetting vases, a charge is long-lasting. We haven’t yet explored the wet mop function so no comments on that point yet.The Midea was a Christmas present so we don’t have any idea yet of how robust it is, and the one drawback I’m hoping will be ironed out is that it doesn’t always seem to be able to find its way home, but that’s only something that’s crossed my mind at this point. I’m hoping to have many happy years of cleaner floors. (Our floors are parquet covered with fringed rugs.)

  7. Mike

    So impressed, what an amazing piece of kit!

    I’ve never had a robot vacuum before and for me the midea M7 Pro was a prime day purchase.My key concerns were: will it actually suck stuff up, will it wear over time, will it actually get into corners and will I have to faff with it to keep it going. My wife even said don’t buy it they’re all a gimmick.It’s now an accessory I would struggle to be without, simply because of the time it saves me.It has no problem picking up anything, gets right into the corners and I empty the dustbin every 2-3 so there’s limited faff.My wife is totally converted.There’s something very comforting about coming down stairs in the morning and seeing everything vacuumed and clean. The amount it picks up still confuses me. I never knew that much dust accumulated over the course of a day. My house feels cleaner for it and I don’t have to do any of the work. Brilliant. Would highly recommend.

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  8. Alberto S.R.

    Una semanas de uso y ha quedado inuilizada una de sus ruedas

     Por mi experiencia os puedo decir que este modelo M7 presenta varios fallos que lo hace defectuoso:una de sus ruedas al tiempo se queda bloqueada, no permitiendo la limpieza y quedando inservible el robot por lo que te tocará cambiarloParece que en el modelo superior m7 pro, el cual se difencia de este que tiene la parte de arriba la chapita dorada va mejor.otra cosa que detecté que tiene que ser error de fabrica es que la tapa que sujeta el rodillo centra su pico derecho se termina rompiendo, esto tambien me ha pasado a mi, y he visto en internet buscando casos y es bastante comun.Una pena porque la verdad que el modelo funcionaba bastante bien siendo láser.Si finalmente te decides a comprarlo tambien ten en cuento que si lo compras de la tienda global de amazon de UK te llega el conector ingles sin adaptador a 220v.

  9. Amazonoholic

    With Laser navigation

     Got this as upgrade to our old model. This one equipped with LDS Laser Navigation technology. It’s 5th generation navigation very accurate and gives much accurate map on mobile app. Threw all I can also able to set virtual wall so hoover avoids long fur rug we have.It has auto carpet detection technology which auto adjusts the suction power and rotation.Easy to connect to my home wifi, once it connected to wifi, it lets joint to my Alexa home system and allows give me voice commands.It hoovers with hight suction and can hoover all around downstairs. Once battery level going low it returns automatically to charger to self charge.Overall great powerful hoover which equipped with modern new laser technology and auto carpet detection function.

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  10. Phil

    Easier to just hoover yourself

    So I’ve been holding off writing a review as I wanted to persevere with this product as some features are great. What is fundamentally wrong is that no matter what you do, at some point it will forget the map and will forget the ‘virtual walls’. Essentially he will keep getting stuck at the base of bar stools, on thick rugs and try to suck up the wires behind your TV. Everytime it does this, you have to manually pick him up, take it away from the area and create a no go zone or new map. It has good days and bad days but most of the time, it forgets the map, goes rogue and gets stuck. Wish I’d have bought a different one. Just very temperamental.

  11. Kelly2468uk

    Clever idea

    Seen these on TV and thought they was only for big posh houses and living in a 2 bed small house I could not justify the price . My daughter and son had been going on about them as I am in pain alot and struggle with the hoovering and how clever they are.On being offered it to review I was keen to grab and get it going.It was really easy to set up install a few bits and remove some protecting packaging ,simply pop on charge. We left it overnight.The next day we downloaded the app and followed the instructions.This hoover has a 4000 suction power and 3 levels to chose from.It runs for around hour and half we found before it returned itself to charge . It has 30 sensors and auto maps a 3d map . It auto recognises between hard floor and carpets .You can set up schedule cleans for when your out etc and the dustbin is fully washable.The machine was taller then I expected and pretty weighty. It reaches the edges. Its OK for light cleaning but no way would it replace a proper clean.The machine is robust and customer service is quick if help is needed.I wouldn’t say it’s worthy of the price for a busy family home

  12. Rani

    3.5 Firm stars

    Midea Robot Vacuum Cleaner aka Merlin is equipped with LDS Laser Navigation technology – which is really good. The app is ace and the accurate mapping can be seen.Merlin has auto carpet detection technology which auto-adjusts the suction power and rotation.Super easy to connect to wifi.Wish the charge lasted longer than it does.The water feature of this is rubbish and something we do not use.£389.99 at the time of this review – a tad too pricey.

  13. SS

    A must have for every household

     Omg! I absolutely love this!!!It has made my life sooo much easier. I love it. Its so easy to set up with the msmartlife app. You can schedule cleaning for whenever you want. It maps your whole room and does such a good job. The suction can be changed to low standard or high.Its such a good value for money. You can even connect it to Amazon Alexa.It even has a manual setting in it incase you only need to clean a small area.It has zone cleaning too!After it finishes cleaning it goes back to the charging station itself. See the video for that.

  14. Bob

    Very good on hard floors

    Tested on an L shaped room with laminate flooring and two large rugs. I did not try the mop.My score reflects the fact that it did not clean the whole floor area and the Alexa & Google skills given by the included leaflet and the manufacturer “My Blink” and “Midea Blink” do not seem to exist and I wanted to say something like “Alexa clean floor” so the app did not need to be used to start it up. Having said that pressing the power button does make it burst into life.Out of the box it was much larger “13” diameter” than I expected on checking the box contents there was only 1 rag, the manual says 2 although there was a spare Filter Assembly not mentioned in the manual and no spare side brushes as mentioned in the manual.It is a good substantial unit with an easy accessible dust container which is easy to open. The only assembly it needs is for the two side brushes to be pushed in, easy.It says charge for 12 hours but until you get the app working there is no indication of its charge level out of the box. Anyway I put it on its charging stand and installed the app on my Android phone. That was the easy bit I just scanned the QR code and linked to the app which downloaded. You have to register the account and set a password etc. Linking the app to the M7 was not that easy having to link the phone to the M7’s WiFi and then back to your home WiFi. You only have a limited time to do this while it counts down on the timer. It took me a number of attempts to link the M7 about 6 but eventually it linked and seems quite stable, also it said it needed an update but also said it was the current version, so who knows. It also gives the location as Hong Kong but on trying to change it to United Kiongdom [sic] it showed it ticked on the list.Then going into to app the only initial option is to clean the house while it does an initial map and clean. It then burst into life and proceeded to map and clean. The progress could be seen on the map on the app. It liked a table and chair and did a few circles before it got fed up and headed off to map the rest of the room.Our rugs are quite deep and it climbed onto them with no problemAnyway 18 minutes later it showed on the app that it had cleaned 18msq and made an announcement and headed back to the charger. Unfortunately during cleaning mapping it had moved the charging station and it could not find it so I had to put it on the charger.Although it seemed to clean well it had missed quite a number of areas.I emptied the dust container easy and it was about ½ full, I had expected more.Once the initial clean and mapping was finished there are a number of other options available. Including:-Spot cleaningVirtual wallsExclusion ZonesScheduled cleaning times (so you can schedule overnight cleaning?)Areas not to mopVarious power levels from quiet to full power.SUMMARYProbably best on open plan minimal furniture and hard floors, I also could not get voice control to work on the app.

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  15. Mrs. C. Swarfield

    Absolutely amazing robot vacuum cleaner.

    This is a fantastic little robot. It is so sophisticated but super easy to set up. It took us about twenty minutes and we were ready to go. I have a large house and it coped magnificently and took itself home to its dock to recharge when it run down. I cannot recommend highly enough. You can programme it go where you need it to or let it carry on by itself and the suction is fantastic. My two dogs were a bit spooked at first but now studiously ignore it as they realise it is here to stay!Easy to use it can be programmed to Alexa, I haven’t bothered yet but the option is there. It has been reduced by £80.00 so this is a extremely good buy at the moment and I recommend this little robot vacuum cleaner as my floors are spotless and it did an amazing job of washing my slate floorsalso. Five stars but I would give ten if I could.

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  16. Roland Deschain

    They may one day run the world but right now they run around cleaning

    I never in my wildest dreams when I was young dreamt of robot vacuum cleaners looking or working like this.There is a tiny little bit of self assembly but it is all documented and takes about five minutes, very easy.Firstly it maps for itself and then sends the maps to the app, although this allows for you to customise if you wish, I’m not sure there is a need to change the map it creates.Secondly it is not just a hoover, it can also do light mopping and will clean up small spills while it is also doing the usual cleaning pattern.Thirdly it has an astonishing three hours working time from a full charge and will take itself back to the dock to recharge, you literally need to do nothing other than let him work and scheme how to kill you and take over the world one house at a time.Lastly the mapping technology allows it to keep itself safe, no accidentally falling down the stairs or running into something repeatedly, technology keeps getting smarter and frankly I’m too impressed to be terrified.

  17. BruceB

    A really good surprise

     Trying out a robot vacuum cleaner in practice has proved an interesting, illuminating, and surprising experience.I started from a very sceptical position. That moulded my initial tests, start small. However, before starting, the cleaner needed to be charged, and I did that for the recommended twelve hours.Our home isn’t huge, but it is also not very small and it has 3 rooms and a utility room, hall and shower room on the ground floor. Initially, I decided to try the large kitchen/living room/dining room together, closing the doors to mark the required area and to stop the machine roaming throughout.From the start, the cleaner is impressive in the way it defines the area, then marks it out when cleaning. The app works well though I didn’t find a way to save and name specific areas – that may have been me and I’m still checking it out.It is conscientious and I found a decent amount of debris had been collected despite the place having been cleaned through the previous day. It seems to pick up some really fine stuff as it gropes under things.In the same way as one might move light objects out of the way when manually cleaning, it is sensible to do it with the robot otherwise it pushes them around.It took 53 minutes to clean 36 sq. metres, returning to its charging dock at the end. Emptying the cleaner was simple, and it talks as one does things.For me, a robot cleaner really requires a name, and my wife felt sorry for it as it cleaned, in a way she never feels sorry when I’m doing it. I decided a female name would be way too sexist in today’s world, so I named it Albert E Newman with a tagline “Your intelligent cleaner?” but you need to have read Mad Magazine to work that out. But having a name does work, for me. I talk to him as it passes by.Having tested part of downstairs I took it up to the main bedroom. Albert had some trouble there because the room had fitted carpets. Oh, he cleaned them very well, but the charging base would not stay in its spot when he tried to recharge and he ended up out of juice, sulking under the dressing table.A second bedroom was cleaned fine as it had a laminate floor but returning fully to the dock was still a challenge.At this point I was of two minds about it, and my wife had basically written Albert off.I decided to go for the nuclear option. I opened all doors on the ground floor and just set Albert going while we went for a walk.Well, that changed both our minds! Clearly this is how he is supposed to work. 55 sq. metres, 59 mins, and annoyingly finding a significant amount of debris from our pristine home. Charging was a problem again though. First Albert got stuck trying to mount the shower tray, but then, when released, he simply pushed the docking base around the floor until I lifted him and put him in the garage.So, in summary, the cleaner is surprisingly excellent in most circumstances, however he does get a bit frisky at times. He deals with most mixed surfaces very well, though the bases of bar stools can be problematical.I’d say the cleaner is good as an auxiliary though I’d not get rid of the manual one. Maybe I don’t want to become totally redundant. Our home may be more cluttered than the optimal one, and maybe an extended 1935 home is not the target market.Nevertheless, recommended under those caveats, and we have a number of friends who are asking to try it out, which is a good sign.

  18. Baby Yoda

    A lot of issues – REVIEW UPDATED AVOID

    I’ve been using this item for a number of days testing out it’s features and questioning is the £389 price tag worth it.My final answer is no, it is not.The simple issue is this. I wanted a robot vacuum to work independently so I can leave it to work and not have to constantly have help it outA number of times I have had to assist the vacuum.1. I have a floor fan and it got jammed on it, it stopped and refused to move. This is a standard fan and at no point should a robot not recognise that something is blocking it.2. The docking station – everyday when the vacuum cleans it’s ends up vacuuming the dock which causes it to be moved out of the way and means the vacuum cannot dock3. When it finishes cleaning it takes a good 10 minutes to return to the dock. I do not understand how it cannot work out how to get back. It bumps into numerous things and ends up spinning around going back and forth.4. If you leave anything on the floor which has a cord it will suck it up and become jammed. For example my headphones were on the floor and they became wrapped around the brushes and it stopped.5. The route the vacuum takes makes zero sense, I question the intelligence of this robot if anything it’s pretty stupid. I’ve seen other robot vacuums that map the room and realise the best routes and map any blockages, this one doesn’t do a very good job. For example now it’s come into my bedroom cleaned everywhere but my side of the bed and left and in a out 10 it will return and clean the side of the bed, makes little to no senseThe quality of the product is fine, the app is a little lacking in quality and featuresThis was £389 at review and is £279 on Amazon prime dayI think if I had paid £279 I probably would be returning it, £150 again I would question it.It does have auto clean and you can amend the suction power, the quietest setting is quite loud so day time vacuuming is needed.I have quite thick carpet and it works well.It self docks which is a great feature but the time it takes to go home is really poor and I don’t understand how after 10 cleans how it doesn’t know how to get home.I’m sure it’s an intelligent robot but for me In 2021 I expected more.°°°°°°°°°°°After 1 month of usage It had an error stating CLEAN THE LIDAR which is the laser that guides it. After looking for dust or blockages there were none. After inspecting I realised the motor for the lidar was not working. I contacted MIDEA to be told they do not stock spares and to go back through Amazon, this is a review copy so I cannot get a refund or replacement. However the simple fact that a £380 vacuum does not stock parts or allow me to get a £3 part that fits their product is disgustingThe support I contacted had no interest and simply told me to go back to AmazonBeware if you buy this and it goes wrong and Amazon do not accept a return it’s dead and you cannot even repair it. I’ve tried to order a replacement motor from another robot hoover but unknow if it will fit but I amend my review. Good hoover when it works however clearly not made well and broken within 2 months

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  19. Jo

    Worth every penny

    This is night and day compared to the last robot vacuum we tried.It maps your house and you can set virtual walls for places for it not to go.It senses what sort of flooring it is on and adjusts the suction accordingly.It is definitely worth paying the extra. Highly recommended

    One person found this helpful

  20. Marcel

    Great build and power, decent app, not so great algorithm, high price

     I heard about these robot vacuums quite a while ago. My friend had one of the first ones, but I only saw it in a short video he recorded with his phone. I wasn’t particularly keen to have one myself and thought of them more as a gadget. But technology went on and they became more sophisticated. So in the end I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I called it…R2D2. I hope George Lucas won’t be calling me about this, I mean the movie is ancient!There’s something about the way it moves that made me choose the name. When it sometimes bumps into an obstacle and for a second it looks totally confused…This will be a thorough review of my experience with this robot vacuum, because it is a complex device. So for the impatient ones, I’ll give my thoughts in the beginning and then do pros and cons.The main questions of course are: is it useful, can it replace manual vacuuming (or to what degree) and does it deserve the price? From my experience the short answers are respectively: yes, to a degree, and no.In general it’s more than a gadget, but not enough to justify the price. It’s smart, but not smart enough to be left unsupervised. It works best in simple, plain spaces, with regular shapes surrounding it (like squares and rectangles). It can get really confused with irregular obstacles and lack of sufficient space. It’s good for mid cleaning, between regular vacuuming – to keep everything tidier. But it can’t completely replace standard vacuuming, at least not for me.ProsIt is very well built and looks futuristic (hence the name). It’s not just about the materials but also the way things fit with each other. I was really impressed and frankly wasn’t expecting this level of quality.It is powerful. In both vacuuming and moving around. You can set 4 levels of brushing speeds, differing also with how noisy it gets. It’s ok in standard mode (much quieter than most standard vacuums). In terms of how it moves – it can climb obstacles up to 2cm! That really requires plenty of power, also considering it’s not a super light device.It is easy to maintain, at least for me. You should definitely install the app, which has most of the functions available and makes the experience totally remote. With some exceptions, it is straightforward and intuitive.When it gets the route right, it’s quite fast and accurate. The way it operates is it will first go around the edges and then get to clean inside the area using a system of rows.The app will store a map of your area (you can also store up to 3 maps in total), which will then be used by the robot to clean. It will also show the robot movement On the map and mark the path it used by a single white line. Quite useful to see if all parts of the area got covered.It has a setting where it will automatically detect if a surface underneath is a carpet and it will then increase the speed of the brushes while on it.There is also a possibility of moping the area. The vacuum has a water tank at the back (very nicely fitted), which only looks small but it isn’t. You also get a plastic attachment with a mop that you can install. There are 3 levels of moping where level 1 leaves a smooth and thin layer of moisture on the floor. You can define no mop areas on the map if you don’t want it to mop everywhere.The sensor at the top is very good. It’s used for both mapping the area as well as sensing obstacles. It has a range of around 6 feet!The robot has 2 fast rotating brushes in the front and while it’s not exactly explained, I believe their job is to pick dust and dirt from the edges, where the middle brush wouldn’t get to. So if your worry was it won’t clean the edges – it does.The battery seems pretty good. I don’t have it to clean a vast amount of space (roughly 11 square meters) and it does it in around 15 mins. The battery barely depletes and it charges back really quickly. I think it will do quite well with larger spaces.It will return to base on its own after cleaning. It sometimes has issues with it but will eventually find the way.The setup is quite easy. All to do really is plug in the charging base, install the front brushes, remove some protective foils etc. Then you install the app, create your login and connect the device, which is really straightforward. It will require both Bluetooth and location to be turned on to connect.The Midea customer service is very responsive and polite. I’ll mention it later in cons (unfortunately they didn’t resolve my issue), but they would always reply within maximum 24hs.When I got the robot, there was no Alexa support for it in the UK. It had that option but the skill was available in the US only. I had to prove it to the people at Midea and after a few emails back and forth, with them trying to blame different things, they just blatantly admitted the skill isn’t there. I’m happy to confirm after literally just checking, that the skill is now present and I managed to connect the robot to Alexa (I wish they told me they’ve enabled it!). You can ask Alexa for ‘my blink’ (why did they call it like this? I will try and create some routines to simplify this) to start cleaning, stop cleaning or go charging. Very happy with this. I wonder if it had anything to do with my emails to them to flag the issue – felling a bit proud right now!ConsIt is quite large in diameter (34.5cm). This again puts it as more suitable for larger, emptier spaces. It does require a bit more space than that to fit, otherwise the sensor will turn it back. On the positive side here – it covers a larger cleaning surface.As mentioned before – it’s fine with regular shapes and large, plain, empty spaces. Where it gets confused is weird angles, narrow spaces, round objects and objects that allow it to climb on.The ability to climb is useful in situations where your floor has a very small step (i.e. where rooms connect), or you have a fairly thick carpet. But for other situations it’s a curse. I have a bar stool with a round base that goes gradually up. It will always climb it, leave lots of marks on its shiny mirrored metal surface, and it slows the vacuum down quite a bit. Same goes for things like bathroom scales or speaker stands. It definitely needs more work and some updates to the ‘climbing’ algorithm.I assumed these smart vacuums work in a system, where they will first map the whole available area (on first use) and then once done, begin cleaning. This vacuum does both things at the same time. It’s faster – true, but in my opinion makes the robot focus on 2 things, and not do any of them as well as if these were separated.The mop is more useful as a gadget and for ‘refreshing’ the surface. You can’t add any cleaning agents so moping may actually make things worse than they are.In the app you can define virtual walls, no clean and no mop areas. These are useful but really fiddly. The areas have a minimal rectangular size, which for me is way too big (equals at least 2 to 3 sizes of the robot each way). The walls are a bit better, but they are difficult to resize or change angle with your fingers, even if you zoom the map.If the robot happens to have a ‘smooth day’, all is good. But sometimes it doesn’t. No idea why. It has the same map, I haven’t changed anything in the room layout. It is also what may happen when it has a bad day, that is worrying. Sometimes it will almost endlessly try and get someplace it clearly can’t get to. On other occasions it will decide to skip an area which is clearly visible in the app. Sometimes it will go to the same area twice or even 3 times. It seems to act like it’s lost or confused for a while, after which it will decide there’s nothing more to do and will return to base. It’s also annoying how it will always turn one way around and bump into same obstacle, which wouldn’t be a problem if it turned the other way around.It’s best if the robot starts cleaning from the charging base. Otherwise it will have issues trying to get back to it as well as showing the correct location on the map. The problem is when it gets stuck. It did that only twice for me, but when you move it even right next to where it was, it may get completely lost, including losing the map and starting to draw it from scratch. Luckily the map is saved but still very annoying. It will also then have issues going back to base…Most of the time the robot moves fairly slowly and carefully, so it bumps on obstacles rather than crashing. But sometimes it just goes full speed onto something and you’ll hear the plastic at the front reacting (it has a ‘bumper’ with a rubber line on it but it still makes the noise). Also the sensor at the top has no rubber anywhere and it may unpleasantly bump on an obstacle (it does that with my coffee table where the whole robot apart from the top sensor will fit underneath).It has an easy accessible dust container, but it has the weirdest shape. Something like a trapezoid? You get a small brush which is equally weirdly shaped but it doesn’t help to properly clean the whole container. I end up using a soft tissue and just wiping inside after removing the bigger clouds of dust with the brush first. I wish it was a rectangular shape though.On one hand this robot impressed me with how it’s built and the variety of things it can do. But on the other I was expecting something a lot smarter than what it is now. I say now because the app and the robot can receive updates. And if Midea improves the algorithms and comes up with ideas how to make the robot get less confused – it may turn around completely.At the moment the price is way too high. Almost £400 can get you a really good quality regular vacuum. Also other smart robot vacuums do a similar job without the flashy extras but cost a lot less (I saw a deal for one of them for less than £100 recently). So for me it doesn’t convince me in its current state that it’s worth buying it. It was really hard to decide whether I should give it 3 or 4 stars. I will settle on 4 because algorithms and software can be improved, while the hardware is impressive. And it has to be cheaper too.Thank you for reading my review. I hope you found it helpful.

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  21. Joao


     Although it seems to be a good robot, when it gets to porcelain tiles it doesn’t know what to do. Dont buy it if you think to have/or have porcelain tiles

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  22. P Mac

    Failed on very first use

    Charged the cleaner, set it off across the carpet and my huge smile turned to a frown as it ground to a halt in under a minute spouting the message “Please wipe the cliff sensor.” Considering it was brand new and in a clean carpet, I was bemused as to why anything should need wiping. I looked at the instructions, found the sensor and wiped it with a clean, lint free cloth. Started it again and same thing. I checked online for solutions and checked the instructions again in case I’d missed something but no joy. Even if I had found a solution, how could I be confident this would happen when I’d set it to work before leaving the house etc.?It’s going back and I’m extremely disappointed!!!

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  23. C.T.

    Its slim

    Unpacked,press the button and start doing his thing.Easy to set up using the ap, like that it can be controlled and sent where you want it.It didn’t fall down the stairs, stopped right at the edge and reverse few times, I think is smart…Manages obstacles and didn’t get stuck yet, reaching under furniture where was struggling with a cordless dyson,really like this.I call him Rambo and today had his First Dust

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  24. michael Sambrook


    Constantly gets stuck even when you put a no go area in. Constantly getting lost and only does half the map when it is working. Total waste of money. I expected more from a Fortune 500 company.

  25. Amazon Customer

    Get stuck easily

    When it first arrived, it whizzed around our living room efficiently and kept it reasonably clean.There have been two firmware updates since we bought it. Both reduced the effectiveness of cleaning quite dramatically. Now the robot cannot go for more than 5 minutes without getting stuck somewhere.

  26. Tim E.

    Great if it worked…. don’t bother

    Ordered on of these at the end of Nov, worked great to start with, by mid-late Dec it failed and just drove in circles, arranged for a replacement to be sent out and returned the unit, unpacked the replacement and that was also defective where the vacuum constantly runs as soon as its either turned on (not cleaning) or sat on the charging base I have requested a refund and will send this back, I’ll be seeking a replacement model from another manufacturer who is more reliable (hopefully)

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  27. Oreo Boz

    M7 is great. Sturdy, clever and works a treat.

    I like this robot a lot. It’s very easy to use. It’s not flimsy at all, it’s clever with the app. It’s all good. I’m glad I bought it.

  28. David 1960

    Perfect little helper

    Fantastic product. East to set up. Great performance. Invaluable. Very happy.

  29. Peter

    Not good

    Had 2, first one replaced under warranty, second one as bad as the first, doesn’t remember its map, poor quality, ended up having a refund very disappointing

  30. Derek Brookes

    Midea Robot Vacuum

    This purchase has helped me save time. The robot is great and the strong vacuum suction is better than my normal vacuum. A great purchase

  31. Michael Zhang

    Stylish design

    Very posh design, quite surprised after unboxing, looks much more stylish than its package photo, and a great value for money, quite impressed with suction as well.

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  32. Elad M.

    Very disappointed

    The device did not connect to the internet, I tried also to use my hotspot and it just looks like this item has a problem and I received it like that. The costumer service also disappointing as there is nothing else they can do only tole me to try use my hotspot, when it didn’t work he just said to return it.

  33. Pixelvoodoo

    Lidar broke

    Stopped working due to dirty lidar but is not dirty and less then 3 months old

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  34. Lana A

    Difficulties in finding base / Not great cleaning / Gets stuck / Not good app connectivity

    This is my 2d robot vacuum cleaner. The first one, bought from amz, got broken in less than a month of use, just stopped charging. However, before it “died”, it did the job really well. Unfortunately, with this Midea Robot vacuum cleaner (I received for testing purposes right in time to replace the broken one) problems started from the very beginning.1) it is quite heavy and bulky and can’t get under the sofa or chair, it simply gets stuck. It is very awkward when moves and gets on to your feet, eats cables and curtains…2) it has difficulties with finding the base for charging. Sometimes I need to carry it to the charging dock!3) the connectivity with the app is just bad. You need to download MSmartLife app (if you don’t have one), find M7 on the list of devices and connect it. You need BT on your phone and WiFi. Then, you can control the robot via this app. Unfortunately, it’s not as straightforward… The device “disappears” from app from time to time and you need to reload app in order “to find” it. It’s irritating.4) the main problem… The fully charged robot “works” for about 6-10 mins, then red light flashing on its surface and it announce that it needs to go back to charge!!!!! In a meantime the app shows battery is almost full. I tried to make it work again after the “announcement” simply by pushing the button on the robot itself. It gets back to cleaning, but in about 10 mins old story happens again…I re-read instructions several times, spent lots of time “searching” the answer to the problem on smartlife app. Nothing. It’s just like this. Probably, something in this robot is just faulty.My previous robot could work continuously for about 45 mins! This one is supposed to be much better, as the battery capacity is bigger, however… it’s not…5) It has 2 sweeping brushes (my previous had one and was a thorough cleaner) and I still need to use handheld vacuum after this M7 robot “worked”. The suction power is good and strong (and can be adjusted via app), but sensors… It misses so much rubbish!6) There’s only one mopping pad in a package and no and no replacement brushes…Overall, it could have been so good if worked properly…

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  35. Richard Kelly

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner/Mop

    My last robot vacuum clean broke several years ago, it was a bit temperamental and navigating around sometimes caused it to get stuck. It’s time to see if updates have occurred in the last few years.1. Installation – it’s configured by the Midea Life app, get from the App Store and configure, Very straight forward. I immediately noticed that there was a firmware update so I applied that to the vacuum. It was applied seamlessly.2. Cleaning – Vacuuming is pretty good, it doesn’t pick up as much as a traditional vacuum, BUT you tend to run this more regularly so you notice less rubbish on the floor. I have mostly hard floors downstairs and I tend to walk around in bare feet so you notice any rubbish a bit more, this does a decent job of picking everything up getting to the edges. Mopping is simply a matter of attaching the MOP bit which you fill with water, it then goes around and leaves a very thin layer of water where it cleans – not bad but you shouldn’t use any cleaning products with it, so it’s probably thinning the dirt and spreading it out rather than picking it up on the pad.3. Emptying – dead easy. Take the container out of the vacuum, press the button and watch it dump the detritus into the bin.4. Mapping – it does a decent job of mapping the environment and showing you how it cleaned. You can set zones for it , personally I’ve always just shut doors. If I don’t want it to mop the carpet in the lounge I shut the door, alternatively you could draw a line on the map and stop it from entering that area – I’ve always found it to be safe rather than sorry.5. Niggles – just a couple. The instructions say that you should get a spare set of brushes (NOPE) and a spare mopping pad (NOPE) but they did include a spare filter which is nice.I’ve had no problems with it returning to base, absolutely flawless so far. Not massive spinning around and getting lost. No falling down steps. I’m quite impressed overall.

  36. J.A.7

    Must Have..

     I think it is worth investing in this device especially if you don’t have time or you are physically unable to regularly vacuum or sweep the  highly recommend this robot vacuum, it is an easy way to make sure your home stays clean without you needing to do all the work.1. This vacuum is very well-built, with sturdy plastic construction. The wheels are large rubber, durable that enable it to climb over some low-lying obstructions up to 2 cm2.  It uses an advanced navigation system to create a permanent virtual map of its cleaning area – This uses laser navigation technology which allows the robot vacuum to scan and draw of the entire home in order to determine the best cleaning route.3. The vacuum can be controlled via APP and can also be run without the application, but you will not able to use all the features of the vacuum. Make sure to press the WIFI button on the robot for fast and easy connection to the smartphone application.4. There are many options in the APP – you can save the robot’s route map set; can set up scheduled cleaning times or place boundaries to keep it out of certain areas, etc.5.  The automatic surface adjustment feature allows it to seamlessly adapt to different floor types and work perfectly on a hard surface it is very efficient in absorbing dirt on the floor.6. This automatically increases the suction power when it detects carpet, although this is not as good at cleaning as more traditional vacuums, this do have smart technology to clean more efficient.7. This has a mop function- The tank capacity is around 200 ml, you can choose a dry mop, low, standard or high level, in the water dispensing options. If your living room do have carpet all you have to do is, choose a custom cleaning as well as to build virtual walls and just select an area you want to be mop. So far, NO leaking and works and clean really well.8. When the battery level is low it will automatically return to the charging deck and the noise level is okay. 9. MSMARTLIFE applications can also integrated with Alexa an google assistant and controlled by voice.

  37. YR&RRK

    Needs space and it keeps going over my rug

    This has surprised me and it’s a little weird getting used to it unfortunately for us it keeps climbing on to the rug which I thought was very think and long and up my chrome chairs and stools .On the main wooden floor it has a problem going into the kitchen area and then true to climb up our breakfast stools.You control the robot via your phone which looks nothing like the instructions manual photograph. You have to access the manual on the app and for me I am finding it hard.It’s says set up map of your rooms which would then miss out our rugs etc but no real instructions on how to do this. ( I think this is going to take me a while and trial and error ) I have to say it does return to docking station when asked and it’s fun controlling the bot my remote .I like that you can change the suction speed and you have four setting to choose from . I can not find any setting to stop it trying to climb up my stools. Another title problem is when it bangs into my kitchens kick boards the force opens some of my softclose doors.I have to say I do like that you can turn on and leave for a while ad even set it to clean at night while you’re sleep.I love the look of the robot but you will have to clean it a little after each clean as the plastic side and mirror top finish picks up dust on it’s surface .This is were jam impressed I hoovered yesterday with our old hoover and the robot has pick up so much I am so surprised.I haven’t got to the mopping but can not wait ( I need to sort out the mapping first ).It’s really easy to empty it’s a small but simple tray underneath the robot so will need to be emptied regularly.Overall pleased I just need to understand the app more.

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  38. JO

    Great vacuum, although no remote.

    This is a great vacuum. I also own an Ecovacs N79S so will compare the two.The Midea is larger and heavier. It has two wheels that are capable of climbing 20cm heights, which is great if you need it to do that but not great if you have things that you don’t want it to ramble over. The Midea pushes doors open that are on the jar whereas the Ecovacs isn’t powerful enough (which for me is a good thing. The Midea really attracts dust onto it’s casing. Within 30 minutes of opening it looked like it had been sitting around for weeks gathering dust, whereas the Ecovacs doesn’t get that dusty. The Ecovacs also has a remote which is brilliant for directing it from the sofa if needed. This is more necessary on the Ecovacs as it’s more hit and miss. Whilst the Midea doesn’t have a remote it’s cleaning programs through the app are far more advanced and able to be programmed to go over the floor in a systematic manner covering every inch.I thought the set up and getting familiar with the vacuum was easier with the Ecovacs.Seeing as I live in a small apartment the Ecovacs is the better choice for me, but if you live in a larger property the I feel the the Midea is the better option, especially as you can create barriers in the app to prevent the vacuum going into areas where there might be wires etc. And Also the fact that you can mop too is a huge bonus.One thing is for sure, I’ll never be without a robot vacuum again. It’s like having an extra pair of helping hands, so whilst I’m busy doing one thing, the vacuum is busy taking off some of that workload.

  39. Rebecca Jeavo

    High price for the quality

    The first couple of uses this vacuum was amazing. It moved around on its own without having to use the app, and when it had low battery it would return to it’s charging station. However, compared to other wireless robot vacuum cleaners, it’s big size means it gets stuck in many places, and also can’t reach certain areas of my house where normal vacuuming would not usually be an issue.When downloading and setting up the app, the instructions were clear however the vacuum took a while to configure and connect properly, and after each use the vacuum would disconnect meaning the saved data would be lost. The floor plan of cleaning space is a nice feature, however lots of effort in order to use the app.Moreover, the battery life is not that big. The vacuum could only clean a few rooms before having to return to the power station in order to recharge, which was counterproductive as it would then start to clean the same areas again. However the mop feature is nice, but overall not worth the price.

  40. PJ Rankine

    Love this little bot

     The vacuum arrived quickly and well packaged, all black and shiny. I couldn’t wait to give it a go so I just pressed the start button without reading any instructions. The little bot bumped and jostled it’s way around the furniture and I thought at first it was going to be a bit rubbish, it seemed to be a bit random. When I came back into the room it was only half done and the machine was docked. I read the instructions and left it to charge for the rest of the day (it’s supposed to be 12hrs for the 1st charge) I switched it on later and went to bed. Then I spent the next 40mins just watching it. It was amazing. I realise now that the first time it was mapping the rooms, this time it went straight to work, I was fascinated. At the end of its task, the app informed me that it was returning to recharge. I watched for another 5 mins as the little fella tried to dock, before telling husband that I had to go down coz the bot couldn’t find its bed! I found that because the tiled floor is slippery, the docking station had been pushed round the wrong way. As I was trying to get behind the sofa to set it straight you could hear me saying “just wait a minute” as he kept trying to get in. The next thing it went behind me and touched me on the leg. I nearly jumped out of my skin, then I was completely creeped out!! My husband was upstairs laughing his head off. The floor looked great though. Not good enough to throw away your mop and bucket completely but great for every day clean up.We have a really thick carpet in the living room that I have trouble pushing the Dyson over, it managed it with no problem, leaving nice tidy stripes.I haven’t managed to set the voice activation up, I just couldn’t get it to work but it’s so easy to do it on the app, I didn’t really persevere with it. It’s a great feeling to get up in the morning and the floors are all clean. I’d rather be out of the way though because I’m still a bit scared of it! Although I find watching the app in bed surprisingly therapeutic.

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