Govee TV LED Backlight 10ft LED Lights for TV

Govee TV LED Backlight
10ft LED Lights for TV
Works Home APP and Remote
Music Sync, DIY and Multiple Dynamic Scene Modes
RGB Color Changing TV Backlights
for 46-60 inch TV, USB Powered

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Govee TV LED Backlight
10ft LED Lights for TV Works Home APP and Remote, Music Sync, DIY and Multiple Dynamic Scene Modes, RGB Color Changing TV Backlights for 46-60 inch TV, USB Powered

  • Triple Control Options: You can turn your TV backlights on/off, adjust brightness, change colors by the remote or control box, and you can also enjoy over 16 million colors, multiple scene modes via Govee Home APP for your tv lights behind.
  • Music with Vibrance: With a built-in mic, the brightness and color of the LED lights for TV will sync with the rhythm of your TV music, creates you a vivid and real TV viewing time.
  • Customize Your Lighting: Dim or brighten colors and create your diy lighting via Govee Home APP. Note: for brighter lighting, please turn off the option (adaption to the current) on the device setting page.
  • Suitable Length: Govee LED TV backlights come with 4 pieces (2×3.28ft + 2×1.64ft) and can cover all 4 sides of most 46-60 inch TVs, provide you with a vivid watching experience.
  • Easy to Install: The TV LED backlight can be installed easily, just clean TV back panel surface via the adhesive and clips. With a cuttable design, you should use the connectors when connecting the trimmed LED strip lights.
  1. Batteries ‏ : ‎ 1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
  2. Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 21.01 x 15.01 x 1.7 cm; 150 Grams
  3. Date First Available ‏ : ‎ 21 April 2021
  4. Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Govee
  5. ASIN ‏ : ‎ B088FMSJCW
  6. Item model number ‏ : ‎ H6179


  • Colour Multicolor
  • Brand Govee
  • Special features Smart APP Control, Triple Control Methods, 10ft, Music Sync, Suitable Length
  • Light source type LED
  • Power source Corded Electric
  • Light colour Multicolor
  • Theme Music
  • Occasion Christmas
  • Style Modern
  • Material Plastic










Batteries ‏ : ‎

1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

Special features

Smart APP Control, Triple Control Methods, 10ft, Music Sync, Suitable Length







Light colour


Power source

Corded Electric

Light source type




Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

21.01 x 15.01 x 1.7 cm; 150 Grams



Customer reviews:

5,978 ratings

Item model number ‏ : ‎


ASIN ‏ : ‎


Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Date First Available ‏ : ‎

21 April 2021



60 reviews for Govee TV LED Backlight 10ft LED Lights for TV

  1. JF

    A fun entry level LED gadget.

    By no means is this on par with a high end product like the Phillips Hue line – but then it doesn’t cost you several hundreds of dollars either.The most outstanding difference is the brightness factor which on this product is pretty low indeed. Hardly noticeable during the day, at night with general room lighting a slight glow is noticeable, and at night with all room lights off I get a solid 1.5 feet worth of decent shine on the wall. For the price paid this is perfectly reasonable to me.The only gripe I have is that the kit included (5) adhesive anchor tabs when logically you would need (7) to cover all points.Tips: Check your kit before you install it and consider using masking/painters tape to aid in locating strips prior to removal of adhesive backing.My application: 65″ TV ~8 inches from lightly colored wall, LED strips placed ~4 inches from TV edges.

  2. Corinne English

    Absolute best quality of the many LED light strips

    Used to backlight a custom piano stand, integrated perfectly with small power/color/brightness button switch that has around two ft lead from light strip.Quality is high and the remote actually changes the color to what’s on the remote, most of the ight strips do not operate correct with colors and modes. Gonna stick with Govee for my lights

  3. rjg1620

    not as bright as I had hoped. Remote frequency is an issue

    These work OK in a very dark room but are not really bright enough if you have room lights on. The remote sensor to change the color works on the same frequency (pulse code) as my TLC TV remote. When I change the volume the lights change color or pattern. I had to cover the sensor with foil in a tube shape and only aim the remote directly into the end of the tube to change color.

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  4. Veronica

    Well made!

    I use this for under my gaming desk. I mounted a power bar with usb inputs so I can plug in the light.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Gives a night light.

    I like the product.

  6. Dan

    Too short for a 60” tv

    Overall a decent product but it’s much too short for a 60” tv. Each lighted section should be 6-8” longer and the entire length should be 10” longer to work on a 60” tv. I would say 50” tv max. The remote is nice with plenty of options. Lights could be brighter.

  7. SP88

    Get your lighting game on…

     I like it! I was wonderfully surprised how effective the lighting is to what you are watching or hearing (music). Check out my video. For the install, I took a bit longer to as I did a dry run and blue taped it first to ensure everything measured out and aligned to my specific tv and wall mount/sound bar bracket. Once in place, instead of using the attached 3M adhesive, I used nano tape (which was placed under the adhesive paper backing). This allowed for a secure placement but gives me the flexibility to not make it permanent (for future tv replacement use/upgrade). As others have stated, the one small negative is the remote receiver which is not receptive from any direction, you need to point the remote specifically towards the side of the TV where it has been placed. I still need to set up the phone app which should diminish or negate the use of the remote and the issue I just mentioned. So far in the few days of ownership, I am pleased. Once I get the app running, I’m sure I will be satisfied. Give this well rated product a try, it’ll be worth it.

  8. Gianni

    Super cool

    Really love this light. Gives the room a cool ambiance. It doesn’t go through as many colors as i’d like but it’s still very appealing. Very pleased.

  9. The Frog


    Multiple issues. I have a set of generic ones on my living room TV. They have a remote, and have never had an issues. The Govee just went on our brand new basement TV. I was hoping that going with a “Name brand” would have more options, and brighter LED’s.Brighter yes, worse on most other levels? 100%. First off, they put insansly long “Corners” on, resulting in having to loop and tape them away so they don’t sag and hang everywhere.Second, these lights seem to reset every power cycle. Start the TV, the lights are flashing all the colors non stop. The remote has only a “Mode” button, and music button. You press mode repeatedly until you get to solid, or fade, etc. My cheap no-name set has dedicated buttons for each mode, and doesn’t need to be reset every time.Lastly, different remotes for the game room TV can control these lights. I press “Right” and my lights change color. I press “Up” and the lights shut off. Absolutely ridiculous they code to one of the most popular TV brands remote to cause this.In the end, they look nice, but the corners leave a “Dead spot” behind the TV. And the remote, coding, and losing settings on shutdown is unacceptable. I’m just glad I didn’t dump the bigger money on the ones that respond to the TV colors. I guess I learned that just because they sponsored a show I like, I should be more careful on my purchases; especially when my cheap ones have been flawless.

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  10. Alexandra

    Unbeatable for the price

    Insane value. Fits perfectly on my 50” tv (almost like it was made for it!). Lights are bright and easily controlled by the app, which is a game changer when you add other Govee products to your setup. Music mode is super fun and there’s a ton of colors to choose from. Only drawback is that you can’t have multiple colors at once.

  11. J. D. Easterling

    Mostly perfect!

    Mostly perfect. I had a different brand before and I didn’t think the were bright enough. These are bright which I love! I tried out the music mode and scene mode. Music mode was really cool. Scene mode is eh – I just used it during a tv show and hope it will be better for a movie. The only thing I don’t like is the edges. I have a 55” tv and the led strips don’t go edge to edge on the back of the tv, leaving little areas in the corners that aren’t as bright as the edges. Most people probably won’t care about this. I would have liked an even amount of light “halo” effect around the entire tv. Will probably eventually buy this brand again but go up one size for edge to edge coverage. Overall a great product and the app works like a dream. I just tossed the remote in a junk drawer.

  12. Rich Montgomery

    A Great Overall Experience

    I’ve never used a Govee product before and found the installation experience to be easy and quick.The good:1. The adhesive on the LED strips and manual control was very aggressive. Once it’s attached it’s never coming off.2. Used an old Samsung USB power adapter plugged into the wall as the power source with good results.3. The LED lighting has a really good range from dim to bright. Much better than my previous experiences with similar inexpensive LED strips. The colors are deep and saturated.4. The Android app was easy to set up and use and made the Bluetooth connection effortlessly.The bad: As soon as I opened the plastic wrapping of the coiled LED strip it emitted and very strong solvent odor. And I mean really really strong. I’d never experienced anything like it….ever. I had to set it outside overnight to let the solvent odor dissipate.Other than the solvent surprise I’m quite pleased with the result.

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  13. Charles G

    For this price, it’s a steal AND a blast!

     For $3 more over their standard LED lights, you can get the ones that pulsate to music . For parties or just listening to music, it’s a hoot. And the small microphone is very sensitive. Usually, I have it on one color when I watch TV (I used this product to backlight my media center; I already had a white LED backlight for my TV). And for those who want to turn it on/off with your voice via Google or Alexa, use a wifi smart plug. I did and it works great. Remote control works great, but if you want more options, download their app. Only drawback for the app is you must have Bluetooth on your cellphone to operate, and your cellphone must be within 16 feet of the lights for it to work. Thus the 4 star rating.

  14. Storey Lane

    Almost perfect for the price!

    Was really shocked by just how well this worked for the price. Have bought other products by Govee and have been pleased with those. Install on my TV wasn’t quite so simple as the instructions advise, but that was primarily due to the awkward shapes of panels on the back of my specific LG screen. However, with the help of the included clips, was able to lay the strips out and install sufficiently enough to achieve the desired effect.If I’m nitpicking, it could be brighter. Even at maximum brightness, other lamps and any natural light will override and wash it out on a wall 3″ from the back of the TV/lights. However, for under $10 (at the time of my purchase) I think it’s totally worth it. Also, for the price, can think of tons of other projects this would be perfect for!

  15. Shelby R

    Cheap and well worth the money!!

    These lights are great! Very bright and love the options! The only issue I had with it is when pulling off the adhesive cover the adhesive came off with it and I had to peel it off the brown sleeve and try to stick the adhesive back on the light strip, it worked but shouldn’t of happened. I completed about 85% of the tv by the time that happened so the other parts were just fine! Besides that the lights are amazing. Super bright! You can adjust them if it’s too much. The little remote is so handy. Would of been cool if there was an app for it like another brand I had bought on Amazon, but this is well worth the money. Does the job. Would absolutely recommend.

  16. KB

    Decent for the price, have to unplug because they randomly turn on.

    The lights work pretty well overall. I have them on my basement 55″ tv and they seem bright enough for me. The response to sound function is just okay, better with just music than movies. My main complaint is that when the TV is off and the lights are turned off, they will randomly turn on and cycle through a few colors and turn off. This happens a few times an hour so I have to keep them unplugged unless I want to have the effect. That is very inconvenient.

  17. Nicholas Parker

    Has two 6″ sections of no lights, Not very bright, Lots of control options

    I used these on a large monitor. The thing that bugs me as that there are two 6″ sections of the strip that is just wire, no lights. It’s a few sections of lights connected with empty strips in between. It is not a continuous strip of lights. So, I just put the two parts with lights together and let the excess wire stick out (see photo). It’s behind my monitor so I can’t see it.The lights don’t get very bright. I don’t have a way to measure it but “just enough” is a good way to put it. Not a lot of options in terms of how they work. Solid colors (quite a few). Flashing. It says they can sync with music but I didn’t try that.On the plus side, lots of ways to control them. You get a three-button box on the end of the strip. You get a separate slim remote. You can use the app. The app adds a little extra functionality. You cannot use Google Home/Alexa but that’s not what these are designed for. These are Bluetooth, not WiFi.They are okay. I have them on a 34″ monitor. I would imagine they would not put off enough light for larger displays/TVs. Maybe on sale, for 34″ or smaller monitors, or if you don’t want really bright lights.

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  18. Neil K.

    Good features, could be brighter

    As the review title says, I like the features with these lights. Easy to install, and connect to the app, where you can then do all sorts of things. I like that these have a flexible wire between the strips of light, which makes Installing in the TV simple, since you don’t have to worry about bending to make the corner. However, they are not as bright as I would have thought. I have some other light kits from this company, and they are all super bright, so really surprising that these aren’t as bright. But, they still work for what I wanted, so can’t complain too much. So, I’d still recommend, unless you want something really bright.

  19. Francisco

    May be the easiest way to add backlight to your screen

    Having this come in four, pre-wired pieces is super convenient, and way easier than trying to use separate couplings or soldering wires (but if that’s your thing, grab a different set and live it up!). Installation with 2 sets of hands was super quick and easy, and took only a couple minutes. The brightness when powered by USB port power was great, but if you have to use a charging block, there’s about 3 feet of slack to allow for plugging into an electrical outlet. Definitely be careful when pulling the backing off, though, because the sticky part of the tape might come with it LOL, but some double-sided tape can fix that easily. I’ve recommended this set to others, and will be buying another in the near future. Oh, and for the best experience, download the Govee Home app *and* create an account, because that is when more options open.

  20. Tara

    Quality and Ease!

    I installed this set on a 55″ wall hung tv over 1 month ago. They stick on super well and stay in place. I had re-adjusted one section a few times while installing… I was sure I’d end up having to use the clips or tape to secure it but the strip has stayed up without issue.We already had the Govee app. Adding the additional product was seamless. I’ve found it easiest to just “search” for a few digits of the item number when adding new devices rather than scrolling for the item name. Our household has 3 members who all have the govee app, everyone can use it with ease.Overall, we have received great products from this company and I highly recommend them. I even purchased a few additional govee light kits to give as gifts this past Christmas.

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  21. Mantis Toboggan

    Don’t use with TCL Roku TV’s

    The lights look great and the setup was really easy, however the roku tv remote interferes with the sensor and makes the lights change. This can get incredibly annoying after a while. It’s a mixed bag but for the price I’m ok with them.

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  22. Scott

    Good value

    The lights automatically turn on when you turn the TV on, the only problem is they start in a strobe mode so all the colors flash until you set them how you want. The adhesive works for the most part but the corners peel off fairly easily.

  23. Nate

    Good lights for a good price

     These lights are pretty awesome! The only reason I didn’t give this particular set (H6179) a 5 star overall is because you can’t sync multiple sets together. However the music feature is easily my favorite thing.Tape sticks really well, we’ll see long term but right now it’s holding good. Super easy install.

  24. Nicki Dennis

    Easy to install, looks nice

    Adds the ambient light effect I was hoping to get, eases eye strain. It is not as bright as I expected but I have not used this kind of lighting before so it’s probably normal, and with all the lights in the room out, it looks good. Easy to install, sticks nicely to the back of the TV. Fits our TV perfectly (LG 50″).

  25. Birb

    Doesn’t wrap with full lighting completely around a 55″

    The only thing is that the tv my son has is a 55″ so within the fit parameters but the lights don’t go all the way around and there are spots at the corners where there are no lights because the strip is fully extended. Other than that everything works and he still uses it.

  26. Nicole Lopez

    Great lights but the TV remote affects the lights.

    Thought these were Wifi like all the others they sell with the phone app. They are remote control and Bluetooth.One of the issuess I’m having is the Roku remote messes with them and changes what I set. A little bit of a pain when multiple strips and you get them synced up just turn up the volume and everything changes.

  27. anon

    good but has tv remote interference

    good lights but my vizio tv remote intefers with the sensor and the lights are controlled by it. i don’t recommend if you have an ir remote control.. I will try to see if putting masking tape over the sensor does the trick, it’s a good thing i am able to control the lights with an app…

  28. Amanda M

    Cool colors and fun

    There was no real directions. So I didn’t know that the straps had pieces to put on corners. Would have been nice to know before I started putting them up. I didnt download an app if it had one I cant member. But just using the remote is pretty cool. Ive only had them up a couple weeks but I enjoy them

  29. Dave Johnson


    Looks great on my tv! Lights are bright and controls are easy from phone app. No complaints from me!

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  30. Ashley Leas

    Has a mind of their own at times

    These lights seem to pick other remote frequencies making them spasm out a lot. Most of the time they are fine but we are constantly having to fix them during movies as they will cycle through the colors randomly while watching TV after being set for a solid backlight.

  31. Charity D.

    GET IT!

    I bought this for my cousin’s new tv and she loves it. Especially for when she’s listening to music.

  32. DJ Davis

    Looks better on website

    Not as “glowy” as I would of liked. Has the same problem as my other LED strip where using my tv remote changes the light settings. Has an app with good controls but colors on the app don’t match the colors output by the device, making it harder to find the color you want – not a deal breaker though. I will order a second one for my pc monitor.

  33. Amazon Customer

    Decent for the price

    Decent strip of LEDs for the price. But, the 9.28 ft is a little too short to sufficiently encircle my 55″ tv near the edge. Not exactly sure why that seems to be the standard length. Although it would be fine for 50″ tv or less.I adhered it anyways, hoping it would be bright enough to light up the wall, despite it being a bit too short. Attaching it was a fairly simple task, (very sticky 3m tape was attached to bottom of led strip), but, as I kinda expected, there is so much space around the edges of the back of my TV that either the lights need to be brighter or the strip needs to be longer.Also, for some reason, there isn’t a “white” light option(??)Overall, decent set of lights for about $12, but probably not the best. 3/5 – You get what you pay for..

  34. maceo lee

    Don’t know which to buy? These are IT.

    Super easy to install, took me maybe 5 minutes and that’s because I was too lazy to take my living room TV down.The lights are bright and have a good variety of colors. The quantity is good too. The picture with the green backlight is a 65” and the red is a 50” and I still have some left over for each roll. I will be updating with durability.I honestly expect a lot because I’ve bought some other Govee LEDs for my room and they’re still sticking AND bright as ever.I will be buying more, but maybe next time I’ll go for the Alexa version.

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  35. JM

    A lot of glitches

    The remote for the lights and my sound system apparently talk to each other because I change the volume and the lights go on and off. The light remote +/- changes my volume not what the remove says and now to top it off its turning on by itself at random intervals. Nothing else is on, nothing touch. I’m reading in my room and it will flash through all the colors and turn back off. When I was sleeping yesterday the blue light just randomly came on and stayed. I sent an issue through app to manufacturers but since some of this a common problem looks like I’m gonna have to replace something I just installed.when it does work it’s pretty, colorful and bright. The modes on the app are the most confusing. Little hard to navigate and understand.

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  36. Amazon Customer

    Expected more from Govee but it wasn’t worth it.

    Easy to install, adhesive sticks but can sometimes pop out so I have to constantly push it down which is annoying. If you’re someone who likes a variety of colors, this isn’t it. I can do the basic colors but not anything in between. For example, fuschia but it shows up as a light shade of blue. Unless I have a defective product I see nothing but primary colors instead of the 16 million colors as advertised. The transitioning timing is also too fast and doesn’t fade in. I’m disappointed that there’s so many good reviews. In my opinion, it wasn’t worth it. You get what you pay for. Save yourself the trouble and invest in a better quality product unless you don’t care about the variety of colors. Only good thing about it is it’s really bright.

  37. HiRub

    Not bad

    I connected the lights to TVs USB port and after I switch them off it’ll briefly turn on a minute later and immediately shut off again. Also, mine only came with 5 clips for the corners, where 8 would have been nice. I have them on solid light not sound activated.

  38. Winston808

    The app makes this item worth the trouble

    I used this for the back of my 65inch TV.. You’ll have to strategize the placement because it won’t go all the way around. That said it provied coverage for about %75 of the tv which is enough.Install was easy but the adhesion can be tricky.. while removing the top cover layer to expose the sticky strip I actually pulled the entire strip off.. I had to begin again from the other end.My only point of feedback is that it could be more bright, but it’s just bright enough.The reason I rated this so high is the use of the app and control it affords you. So cool. Would recommend to anyone.

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  39. Jamie

    Not the brightest but not bad

    It was very easy to install. Took less than 5 minutes. I was worried about the corners and of i needed to order to corner connectors but this strip already had that covered, you don’t need to cut or fold them over to get around the corners. It was a little small for my 65inch TV but still turned out good. Not the brightest but still very good for the price.

  40. sean

    Not worth the money

    The LEDs on the back of the TV weren’t bright enough had some type of weird corner wraparound didn’t work well the remote frequency conflicts with another remote I have not desirable.

  41. Kimberly Vargo

    Love it!

    Amazing! Easy install, took less than 5 minutes. The adhesive tape is super strong, just make sure you clean the dust off of the tv with the alcohol wipe provided in the kit. The lights make the room look awesome and the picture on the tv so vibrant. I thought this was going to work with Alexa, totally my mistake, but I don’t care because the handy app is all I need. The remote is a little sketchy but may be the battery or user error, but the app works well. Great price, quality product, very impressed!

  42. G. Potter

    They only show one color at a time – unlike their sales image – very meh

    I was really hoping that these were better than your basic color changing strip – but they are essentially the same thing. The coil of LEDs is really difficult to flatten out – I recommend using some blue / temporary tape on the back of your TV to try and do this (and to test fit before using the adhesive on the back of the strips). I am a little let down that the ‘scenes’ are somewhat basic – but what do you want for $14? Also – they really need to work on their remote codes. My stereo remote changes their color, as well as my TV remote ‘up’ button! The ‘app’ uses Bluetooth to connect to the controller. Kind of neat it doesn’t need ‘pairing’.

  43. Chris

    Fit 65” TV just fine.

    These work great, the remote is responsive and gives decent control. The app works fine as well, the only issue I have is the space where there are no lights could be a little shorter. This fit my 65” TV and the usb power cable is just what I was looking for.

  44. Nicky Va. Beach

    All the TV’s

    I’ve put these on all of my TV’s been working for 5months so I’m still a happy camper.

  45. P. J. Beckham

    Great value and easy to install

    Super easy to install and remote, tiny as it is, works great. could be a bit brighter IMO, but gets it done. did not come with enough of the extra adhesive “clipys” to secure 3 corners, but the backing on the strip itself is working fine so far.. would buy again or recommend….

  46. Taylor

    Does the job

    So the only thing that is a downfall is that it has random parts in the light strip that don’t have lights and are bendable. We used it around a table so you can see it and it looks funny. other than that I love how you can use the app to control it !

  47. EddieS.

    Had this for awhile

    This product is very lit and keeps me from straining my eyes. Had it for half a year and there are no issues with it.

  48. terrell dixon

    There relaxing to look at them

    I’m so happy I bought these tv la lights

  49. PMC1985

    Not very bright

    I bought these to put behind my monitor to lessen eye strain at night but they did not work for that purpose as they were not bright enough. Note that i do want these to work while other lights in the room are on so perhaps this is just an inappropriate use-case but they really didn’t seem very bright when i tested them.

  50. Amazon Customer


    It’s a good product and I’d amazing if you want a little more light in your room. It’s easy to put up alone and is pretty bright but not too bright. The only issue I have is some of my other remotes interfere with the light which causes them to change color or brightness. If you can get past that then there are no complaints about this product

  51. Shawn B.

    They work for what I need.

    Didn’t really buy this to put on a T.V. Wanted something just long enough to light up the darker areas of my tool box. Works just fine. Using the other colors though. They are pretty dim. Other than that they work well enough. Being able to control it with Bluetooth is pretty nice, but it is also nice having the remote as another option. Remote is okay. I’ve used better. I’ve had one with multiple colors to select with one push. This you have to row through the two color buttons untill you find what you like.

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  52. Kitae Kang

    Pretty good product with one critical flaw

    Almost everything about this product is pretty good. Plugs in to the USB, sticks to the TV well. I had to tape down the corners a little with duct tape but that’s just the nature of having a 55 inch I suppose. Colors are good and bright enough, the app works decent.The sensor on it picks up signals from my Roku remote though. All outputs from my TV remote turns in to random input for the LED. Every time I press up on the TV remote it switches to random flashing RGB and it drives me insane. I had to just settle on a permanent color setting and block off the receiver by taping it up.

  53. Kp

    Needs better adhesive..

    Used for behind my 65 inch Samsung tv.. way shorter than I thought and needs better adhesive.

  54. Bubba Brent

    Good for the price but would not work on TV USB port.

    LED strip was easy to put on the back of my TV. The colors and brightness options exceeded my expectations. Unfortunately, I was never able to get it to work using my TVs USB port. It would turn on for a few seconds then shut off and wouldn’t come back on no matter what I did, including trying different TV settings. But interestingly enough, I was finally able to get it to work by plugging it into my Xbox USB port.

  55. Jules Marsh


    We like the fact that these lights provide a peaceful glow behind our 46” tv. In addition, the lights were fairly easy to install, however, the directions were terrible. They were vague, claimed screws and an alcohol pad were included (they weren’t), and neglected to mention that the light/remote sensor needed to have line of sight to the remote control. The worst thing about these lights is that our tv remote changed the light setting, so rather than a relaxing glue glow, we get a techno beat of rainbow colors. Why have LED lights behind your tv if the lights were going to be affected by the tv remote? You’d think the company would choose a frequency that wouldn’t interfere.Lights are now firmly stuck to our tv, so I guess we are stuck with them.

  56. Suga Ray💋

    Shorter than described

    I rated 4 stars overall because on the strand of lights there are 4 3in sections where there aren’t any lights. This was not indicated in the description and it required me to have to make adjustments to compensate for the missing lights. They should tell you there’s sections of the strip that do not have lights. I could’ve ordered a longer set instead of the one that I purchased. Not as bright as other led lights that I previously purchased for my daughters room.

  57. Luke Myers

    Bright but not perfect

    The lights themselves are bright and look great. Only issue is there’s gaps in the strip where there’s no lights that I assume are supposed to be looped in the corner but on my 55 and 50 inch tv the blank spot only sits in one corner and the other spots just sit in random places which give the light effect behind the tv some dark spots. The strips also don’t go all the way around either tv. Other than that they do look nice.

  58. Troy Lee

    They interfere with tv remote

    When you’re using your tv remote the lights will change colors and freak out, they look awesome but the tv remote signal messes with them somehow

  59. JustAnotherShopper

    Great LED option for $15 bucks

    This is a no-brainer for fifteen dollars and I only have two notes that may be of use. The ‘white’ color setting is closer to light blue and overall brightness – regardless of which colors you choose – it’s very bright. If any other lights are on in the same room, these become color artifacts that you may have to look twice to see. I use it on the back of my computer monitor, which provides a nice subtle glow. If you’re looking for something more beefy, this isn’t it.

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  60. Adrianna N.

    Works decent, some colors off

    Colors are largely bright and pretty, installation easy, and the app is far more useful than the tiny remote it came with. It’s my first tv backlight, and it does the job. However, several colors appear fairly off from what I was going for, especially colors like pink which usually look like a pale green/blue mix. Darker colors are generally more accuarate. Still decent, especially for a first tv backlight set.

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