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Govee Smart WiFi 5050 LED Light Strip

Govee Smart WiFi 5050 LED
16 Million Colors Phone App Controlled
Music Light Strip Works with Alexa Google, iOS and Android – 16.4ft

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Govee Smart WiFi 5050 LED
16 Million Colors Phone App Controlled Music Light Strip Works with Alexa Google, iOS and Android – 16.4ft

  • Designed to perfection
  • This product will be an excellent pick for you.
  • It comes in a proper packaging.
  • Brand: Govee
  1. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No
  2. Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 12.29 x 12.29 x 6.68 cm; 299.37 Grams
  3. Date First Available ‏ : ‎ 9 December 2019
  4. ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07N1CMGQQ
  5. Item model number ‏ : ‎ H6159


  1. Colour multi
  2. Brand Govee
  3. Light source type LED
  4. Connectivity protocol Wi-Fi
  5. Number of light sources 150
  6. Voltage 12 Volts
  7. Wattage 18 watts
  8. Item weight 0.66 Pounds
  9. Item dimensions LxWxH 12.3 x 12.3 x 6.7 centimeters
  10. Control method App

Compact in terms of design, it scores high on the aspect of utility too. This is what makes it worth the buy.









Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

12.29 x 12.29 x 6.68 cm; 299.37 Grams

Date First Available ‏ : ‎

9 December 2019

ASIN ‏ : ‎


Item model number ‏ : ‎


Customer reviews:

38,432 ratings





Light source type


Connectivity protocol


Number of light sources



12 Volts


18 watts

Item weight

0.66 Pounds

Item dimensions LxWxH

12.3 x 12.3 x 6.7 centimeters

Control method


60 reviews for Govee Smart WiFi 5050 LED Light Strip

  1. Siddharth Arun

    Very good

    Very good

  2. Nawal A.


    Some how i thought it has the Rainbow effectBut it’s still good and bright

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  3. Faraz

    Best LED lights

    The best smart LED lights I have ever purchased. Colors are great and can easily be used with mobile or controlled using Alexa

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  4. Mansoor Waris

    Stopped Working after 2 months

    The shipment took around a couple of days but the problem is, the lights aren’t the best quality. They would sometimes not turn on but I wouldn’t mind. Then after around 2-3 months of use, some of the LED strips would not show the color chosen such as purple and the RGB light turned red. Same with a couple of other colors and I wouldn’t really recommend. It was fun but it wasn’t great quality 🙁

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  5. Amazon Customer

    Job well dine!

    The product what clearly explained

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    Great quality

    As described

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  7. Marwan

    l will buy it

    i ded not buy it but l will buy cose my frind said they are soo COOL 😉 soo l will buy it ;):)

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  8. Sheikh

    Not bright

    not suitable for lighting up a room since the brightness is very low

  9. Motasem Elhawary

    Look for other products before buying this!

    Not really recommend as there are other products that have better options with a lower price

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  10. Jason Mulek

    Such a great company

    I am not sure I need to add to the awesome reviews on Govee products- they are awesome. I want to also tell people what a great company they are. I have a number of Govee products and all have been exceptional. I recently bought this LED set to use as bias lighting for my projector screen.When I got done with the project and turned them on, there were 4 LED’s that did not work. So it left a “gap” in the lighting. I wrote to Govee and I had a replacement in 4 days. They were so easy to work with and were sincere in their apology for the issue. Heck, its possible I did something to break them. But they took care of it.Thank you Govee for not only making great products, but for also standing behind your customers. I look forward to buying more of your products.

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  11. Esther K Alvarez

    It’s was easy to add to Alexa ,

    I was happy with this purchase, it’s does what it’s say it’s suppose to do , the sticker are good to place behind the tv .. I am very happy with all the colors . It’s works with music and it has a timer which is great. It’s was easy to put up and to download app on the phone

  12. Lynyrd iliff

    Great lights but have to restock evey once in a while

    I love how easy they were to put up and the lights were clear colors with great modes. The adhesive could be better, but honestly held very well.

  13. Danny

    Does what it says

    Put it under the bed for a night light. Easy to integrate with alexa. 19 feet wasn’t quite long enough for a king bed, but good enough.

  14. Stack

    Stuck LEDs?

    UPDATE 7/7/20 – Since my last update, even more lights have become stuck, pretty much the entire length of the strip at similar intervals. However, Govee did contact me and quickly sent out a replacement. Since I have the original LED strip installed in a location that’s tough to get to I haven’t yet installed the replacement strip. However, I’m adding a star to my review because of Govee’s excellent customer service.- – -UPDATE 5/15/20 – In the day or two since I posted this review, another section of lights as gotten “stuck” on green, as can be seen in the photo. Anybody else have this problem???- – -I bought these in September of 2019 and finally got around to using them a few weeks ago. I added them to the backside of my daughter’s new platform bed, to serve as a sort of nightlight.This is my 2nd purchase of this style of LED strip lights, first of the Govee brand. Off the bat, the adhesive on the Govee brand is way better than the other. I installed the other brand on the back of my TV and even after thorough cleaning, the lights just peel right off once the ambient temperature from the TV starts to rise. I was worried these Govee lights would do the same because they slid around a bit during installation. Once you give them a firm press though, they are locked in and don’t move.Setup was simple with the app, although I wish they used an easier identifier when selecting the lights during setup. You’re supposed to choose your lights from a long tiled list, but the icons are too small to be of much use and the text are just the model numbers, which are all similar. Once selected though, connecting to my wifi network and adjusting the settings on the lights was very simple. I initially added the lights as a skill to our Echo Dots, to be used as part of a routine that automatically turns off and on the lights at a set time. It worked for a day but then became unresponsive to the whole Alexa environment. Turns out the lights just needed to be added to our wifi network again. Rather than adding back into the Alexa routine, I’m instead created a Scene in the Govee app that automatically turns the lights on and off, and it works fine.The reason I’m knocking off a couple stars is because as you can see in the photo, after only a couple weeks’ use there appears to be LEDs “stuck” on green at a couple portions of the strip. I don’t know if they’re necessarily stuck at that color though, because if I change the lights to red or green, those sections of LEDs adjust accordingly. But my daughter insists on the light blue/cyan color despite the few off color LEDs so that’s what we’re going with. I find the off color LEDs way more annoying than she does, and I urged her to switch to a different color; but it is her room and good luck reasoning with a 6 year old.I like the strips, the price is decent when compared to other offerings. But I’m peeved at the stuck lights. They didn’t arrive that way, they worked fine for the first week or so. They just seemed to get stuck at random, no rhyme or reason. Moving my daughter’s bed to fidget with the lights will be a pain so I’ll probably just live with it.

  15. Austin

    Decent. Not the best range of colors, brightness kinda lacks

    These are not my favorite lights from govee. However for the price I cant complain too much as they do get the job done. Some things to know is that they dont produce yellow, white, or daylight colors very well and they lack in brightness/vibrancy. I definitely recommend spending the extra $5-10 and getting the RGBIC versions. They are WAY brighter and have MUCH better color accuracy / control.

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  16. Chey

    Looks great

    Easy to setup and install. LED’s are very bright and have millions of colors, modes, and scenes. The adhesive is great and can remove and replace many times if need to make adjustments. Works wirelessly with app so can make all adjustments in Govee’s app or some on the device itself. The app is the best one I have used for a “smart home” like device or LED lights.

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  17. Mike D.

    Wow. Everything is Awesome (But Don’t Let the Pictures Fool You)

    This product gets 5 stars. It takes a lot to get 5 stars from me. I HAVE to have some type of interaction with customer service in order to be considered for 5 stars. So 4 stars is the highest I give if I don’t have any interaction with customer service.Here is why:First, the customer service of Govee is phenomenal. I contacted them for a QUESTION, not a problem. They were VERY responsive and responded to me individually, not with an automated response system.Second, the app UI is amazing and intuitive. It is super easy to use and pleasing to look at. In a world where every smart product has their own app that gums up your phone, this is one app you will be pleased to have. Especially if you intend to buy more than one strip or Govee product (which I intend to do).Third, the product is awesome. It is shipped and appears as advertised. I have no issues with the product, application, or operation.Fourth, the modes of the strips are awesome. The sound responsiveness comes from a mic in the control unit, so if you are getting this to have dancing lights then be aware that the distance the control unit is from the sound source matters.Here is what you should know: I have contacted customer support to ask a couple questions and this was the response (my words) The length of the strips can be shortened to fit your application, but you CANNOT lengthen any strips because it may effect voltage and operation of the lights. There are no “unlighted” extension kits for strips so what you buy is what you get (unless you cut them shorter). You will need an outlet for every strip that you need. So it can get a little difficult hiding power cords if you intend to plug in a lot. The potential for this product is awesome and the value for a comparable product (looking at you, Phillips) is well worth it. I am very product loyal and I have may Hue lights, but I will be using Govee for my smart strip-light needs.Translation: buy the strip closest to the length that you need (going a little longer) because you can shorten but you can’t lengthen. For larger applications you will buy several strips and plug them all in individually. But don’t let the pictures fool you. Here is why. All the pictures depict wonderful multi light system with different colors showing on the same strip (although this is possible with some models) with NO POWER CORDS SHOWING. Keep in mind, these photos are intended to REPRESENT the POSSIBLE application of the strips. I do not believe they are the ACTUAL products being used. They are a relatively accurate representation of lighting, but not of application, aesthetics, intensity, or operation. Look, I’m not trying to be ambiguous. I love this product. However, it will take me a long time and a lot of money to get the effect and lighting that I want, because the strips are not modular.

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  18. crazytekkie

    One of the best RGB led strip lights I have used

    I wasn’t sure if this was going to be like so many other janky led strip lights out there.. glad to say it wasn’t. The colors are amazingly vivid and true. The LEDs are spaced much closer than other brands so you get an amazing glow that has no dark spots. I can’t even explain how much the glow is so much cleaner than other brands..Anyway also the app is easy to use and just works right from the start. The strip doesn’t over heat leading to unplanned led failure early on. Just buy them! They are so much better than any others Anywhere near this price range.

  19. Jon Snow


    Works as it should

  20. Bob

    Love Them in my kitchen.

    I have had these installed for a week and they are working great. Hooks up to Alexa easily and the phone app works well.If these came with extention wire and connectors for installation they would be perfect. Or A recommdation for connectors and wire for installation. The connectors I found on Amazon did not work well with Govee RGB strips which increased intallation time by a couple hours.

  21. Amazon Customer

    Easy to install.

    Could be brighter but overall good.

  22. Crc


    These work great with alexa.

  23. W.E. Lukens

    Great gift.

    I never use the remote, but it is a nice feature to be able to use Alexa.

  24. JB101


    It’s not fancy but it does the trick. I wanted to up light above my closet and it’s perfect.

  25. chris

    Could be better

    This picture is misleading.TLDR;PROS:-Easy to set up-Works with voice control or remotesCONS:-Can only produce one solid color at a time-Does not integrate easily with non-wifi versionsI bought the Bluetooth only versions a while ago but always wanted to be able to just speak to my smart home speaker to operate them. Bluetooth only version must manually connect every time you want to use them. These ones stay connected so I only need to say “smart home turn on lights” and they work, so that’s cookl. Thing that sucks though is I integrated these wifi lights into the same account and smart home as my other bluetooth-only govee lights, yet, none of the pre-made “DIY” settings work on these particular style of lights, they only have solids colors, no patterns. I think it’s because they are RGB not RGBIC but you may want to research that more yourself. Just be aware of the limitations.

  26. dennis

    Bright home theater

    Shipped overnight, sticks very well, very bright

  27. Amazon Customer


    It did it’s job

  28. KeoniSF

    Disapointed with its features and modes

    Disapointed with the adhesion. I had to use a doublesided gorilla tape to make sure the light strip stays on my windowsil. Without the added gorilla tape, the Govee light strip just falls off after a few minutes of installing it to a smooth and clean windowsil. The attached photo will show you how bright the light strip is from far away. I’m on the 21st floor and you can see my light bluw lit window from afar. There is no physical remote for the light strip. You’ll have to download their app to your smartphone to program and control it. The colors are not acurate. Reds are showing as maroon or burgandy. There’s really not much features with the light strip. If you want more features and impressive light display, I would go with the Govee Glide Wall Light. Their Glide Wall Light has lots of impressive features and lights than the LED Light Strip.

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  29. Shane G


    So I have several Govee products. Basically, I have the TV setup and some bulbs. Those are great. The strip lights are good, decent price for wifi connectivity, My biggest disappointment? No chase mode. No chase mode? I know these are low level, but no chase mode? Don’t @ me about getting the next level stuff, chase mode is pretty damned basic. I mean, it doesn’t ruin the product by any stretch, but the disappointment is palpable.

  30. Marianna Nunez

    Way better product than I thought it would be

  31. TechGuy77


    UPDATED: After several resets of the device, clearing the app from my phone and setting it up from scratch it began connecting to WiFi once again. It now automatically turns on once I get home. Did this a few weeks ago and it has been on WiFi ever since. So I updated my review to 4 stars and knocked one off for the trouble. If it happens again I’ll return them for some other brand.OLD: These were great for about 3 months. Then they went to total crap. I can no longer get them to connect to WiFi after “Factory Re-settings” them and deleting them from the app. Then I was able to re-add via bluetooth but now they are just totally gone from the app and it won’t discover them anymore. I’ll never buy another Govee product. My daughter loves them and has several Govee products. I should have gone with the Wyze ones. Wish I could return these but pretty sure I’m past the return period. I don’t suggest to anyone to buy these cheap LEDs. You get what you pay for in electronics, trust me I’m a 25 year IT Admin. Stay away from Govee products!

  32. Javier Ramirez

    Better than another hobby store chains product.

    A few weeks ago, I bought an LED strip lights for my oldest son. It lights up but the remote didn’t work so it’s stuck on one color. My son was disappointed so I decided to try Govee. I see a lot of software developers on social media talk about Govee so I decided to take a chance. They work perfectly and will be buying more soon to put around my boy’s game room. Might buy some for myself to put on my standing desk I built.

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  33. María José F


    Excelente producto funcionan perfecto

  34. Jess L

    Not that bright but very nice!

    This isn’t as bright as I thought they would be but they are very easy to install and work great.

  35. Upgreydd

    Adjustable Music Mode works!

    I’ve been trying out several different smart RGB/W lighting solutions in my rec room over the past several weeks. That being said, this was my first foray into led strips. My intention here was to take down an existing fluorescent fixture (connected to a smart switch) and inlay this into it and I must say, that after the fact I am moderately to somewhat impressed with the results (which is more than I expected). I get pretty decent illumination, depending on the color choice of course, and the diffuser panels I’m using (basic cracked glass look) actually make them look like legitimate lighting.One of the things that I do dislike about them, is that the color pallet doesn’t seem to quite match up to the rest of my trial brands, most notable in the white ranges (although I’m not sure that this set does true white), almost all colors are heavily “blue washed”.Now, onto the real surprise ,at least in my opinion, ….. Use the Govee App and put it into Music mode!This is a feature that I really never knew I needed! It is pretty customizable, and most importantly, I effectively and accidentally found a 1/2 decent replacement for that once-sweet unsupported Rockband Stage Kit!!!But, onto the next thing I dislike… While the Google Home integration is pretty functional (and it has yet to drop wifi or connection to date), in order to switch to music mode you’ll have to reconnect to the lights via bluetooth through the app. It doesn’t seem possible to have Google assistant do this at all, which is really too bad. Although it is worth noting, that when you reconnect via bluetooth it does not break the wifi connection to my google home.Last noteworthy feature is the scenes. Most of the pre-programmed scenes are quite enjoyable, and the ability to add custom scenes works pretty well, however, there are two things here that could be improved upon. 1:) you can only have one custom scene, meaning you cannot save a custom scene for future use, 2:) just like music mode I cannot seem to find a way for Google to switch to, from, or set these. It has to be done via Bluetooth.Overall, I’m glad I made this purchase, for roughly $25 I’ve converted an existing fixture to a smart RGB fixture, and found a few nice surprises along the way.Biggest room for improvements would include more features supported by Smart assistants, and integrating a more true white color pallet.

  36. Therese

    After two years of having them review

    I’ve had this product for almost two years now and they still are working! I suggest getting these lights if you want ones that are long lasting

  37. Sarina

    Excellent easy LED kit

    These LEDs are surprisingly dense on the strips and give off a nice, evenly bright light. The app is easy to navigate and robust, the controllers being backed with tape with a nice long cord was also a nice surprise. I’m very happy with them and will probably purchase more. The only downside I can possibly see is that being so dense, they will most likely get pretty warm, which is probably why people have trouble keeping them stuck to walls. The heat would definitely break down the adhesive if they were fighting gravity. The included clips with screws will help if that’s your application. I didn’t bother with the clips since mine are sitting on horizontal surfaces.

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  38. Elvi Paulino


    Desde la compra, hasta el día de hoy no he tenido problemas ni quejas

  39. Bobby Thompson Rocks

    Great when they’re working. Get used to unplugging them & plugging back in.

    All my WiFi Govee light strips (4 total) suffer from the same issue.Quite simply they stop responding to smart commands after a while. For example, the light strip behind my TV stops working after a week or two. My whole entertainment center goes through a WiFi (non-Govee) plug, and I found it’s easier to power cycle the whole thing then trying to reach the Govee plug behind the TV. Once done, the Govee light strip works for another week or two. I’ll note that the non-Govee WiFi plug has worked flawlessly on the same WiFi network the Govee devices use.ALL my Govee devices do this, other brand WiFi bulbs, plugs, and other WiFi devices seem to stay connected with no issues.

  40. Marquita Kirk

    Absolutely love these light

     They were easy to hang up. The price was right delivery came quick. Set up was fairly easy. Great purchase looks good on my desk.

  41. Jeffrey A. Gazzara

    Works great and easy to setup

    Easy to setup

  42. Reed Christensen

    Okay quality

    Okay quality not great but I have seen worse.

  43. Amazon Customer

    Worth it

    These were very easy for me to place by myself. Does everything as advertised. I personally wish I could get the light darker and brighter. The brightness level doesn’t change all that much.

  44. Designanimal

    Super cool lights

    Besides the the wires/plugs being bulky, I love it!

  45. Elijah

    It’s ok

    The lights aren’t too accurate. And 1% brightness isn’t any different than 50%

  46. S . D . TERRY


    MODEL 6159 WITH ALEXA.You MUST have BOTH a Bluetooth ANDWIFI connection FIRST!!!THIS IS WHAT i DID TODAY!My lights are working…for now.1. DELETE light strip from the app.2. CLEAR govee home app data and cache.3. RESET the light strip. HOLD POWER, PRESS SECOND BUTTON 4 TIMES….FLASH4. UNPLUG the light strip for 5-10 minutes.5. PLUG the light in.6. OPEN the govee app and log in.(BECAUSE YOU CLEARED DATA)7. FIND your light strip. (6159)8. **during setup, SKIP the WIFI section!!!9. VERIFY that Bluetooth is connected from WITHIN the govee app.10. TEST your lights from within the app.11. OPEN the govee app settings and ATTEMPT to log into your WIFI. ***IF you get a network error, dont worry about it????12. NO MATTER WHAT, as long as the app shows BOTH a Bluetooth connection AND a WIFI connection, IT WILL work. OTHERWISE, keep trying to connect to WiFi????I never actually saw mine connect to my wifi????13. OPEN the alexa app AND enable the govee home SKILL.14. DISCOVER devices. ***IF memory serves my, NO devices where discovered, BUT THE LIGHT WAS THERE!HOPE THIS HELPS!

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  47. Adrian Gomez

    Good, BUT….

    Decent RGB light strips (just be aware of the difference between RGB and RGBIC strips), though the color reproduction is pretty wack when it comes to orange hues.Also my biggest gripe with this is sometimes the strips will randomly disconnect from wifi, and will be unresponsive when trying to control them with an Amazon Echo or Google Nest speaker.

  48. SnugglesTheHusky

    Adhesive applied incorrectly to backing

    I was excited to put these on but as soon as I began to peel off the tape backing, I realized the adhesive had been applied to the backing instead of the light strips. The led strip has no sticky adhesive to install at all. Seems someone made a mistake at the factory. It’s unfortunate because the AC Adapter, controller and the lights seem to be of good quality. I might have to contact Amazon to see what they can do for me.UPDATE AUGUST 7th 2019 =========================================================After I express my disappointment with these strip lights (see above), the company reached out to me. They shipped a replacement set asap and kept in touch until the new lights arrived.The replacement, thankfully, did not have the same issue with the adhesive that the first set of lights. I was able to install them behind my living room television as a tv backlight. The box arrives with instructions for setting up the lights with Amazon Alexa, but not with the Google’s Home Assistant. Through trial and error, I did figure out how to get the Google Home App to communicate with the Govee app. Govee really needs to update the instructions that come inside the box to describe, in detail, how to set it up with the Google ecosystem because set up wasn’t automatic or intuitive. But it is in fact possible to get it working with Google Home. I added a photo that shows the Govee on my Google Home app main screen.The Govee software is pretty refined I thought. It doesn’t require manually putting the controller in pairing mode which is something I really appreciate because my television is wall mounted. Most home automation devices usually require having the user hold a button down to enter them manually into a setup mode, including the Amazon Echo and Google Home Assistant smart speakers. But the Govee app is able to get the LED controller into setup mode through software alone. No need to reach behind the television to get it back on the WIFI network. I did not need to hold down the power button to get the controller into pairing mode. Set up was pretty easy because the software will automatically add my wifi sid and password into the controller’s memory using Bluetooth, then the controller runs off 2.4Ghz Wifi. 5Ghz is not supported.The Govee app has controls for color, brightness, timers, scenes modes, and a “music” mode. The music mode will simply flicker the lights on and off but the controller doesn’t have a microphone to actually flicker the lights based on music beats. The scene modes are Morning, Sunset, Movie, Dating, Romantic, Blinking and Candlelight. It has an additional DYI mode where you can define your own colors for a scene and the controller will do a transitional fade between the user-defined colors. You can also control the speed of the transitions from fast to very slow. It seems you can create an endless number of user-defined DYI scene modes. I particularly like the Candlelight scene because it simulates the slow warm flicking flame of candlelight. The timer will let you change scenes based on the day of the week and the time of day.I suspect you might be able to use IFTTT to have the lights triggered by external events which can have a lot of interesting possibilities with water leak, door sensing sensor triggers, etc.. But at the time of writing this review, I haven’t gotten around to it to be absolutely sure IFTTT can be used successfully with it. The Govee app has a community board built into the app, but I can’t seem to be able to read the post. I see there are posts, but nothing shows up on the screen when I open them up.So far, I think these are pretty cool compared to the earlier strip lights that I used with IR blasters. With the Govee, you can use your phone or tablet instead of a cheap IR remote, or order Alexa and Google to change the lights. I don’t know if Siri is supported but the manufacturer does not make a claim that it might.I think these new Alexa & Google-enabled strip lights are a very nice addition to other lights you might have that are smart switch enabled. I have Alexa and Google setup with routines that will automatically turn off my living room table lamps, turn on the TV and home theater sound and of course these LED lights as the tv backlight with a single scene command. I am still hoping prices drop on Venetian blind controllers to add to the scene to make a nice home theater setup.I raised my rating from 1 star to 4. I think it would have been a five star if they add clear detailed instructions to adding these lights to Google Home.APRIL 25, 2021 ==============================================================WIFI stopped working about 6 months ago. I am just getting to updating this review.I hardly use the lights anymore because I don’t have a way to automate the lights without WIFI.Bluetooth still works but it requires me to manually activate them with my phone.Funny, I thought the lights would last far less than the controller, but it was the controllerthat went out before the led lights.

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  49. Gary

    Works As Expected

    Very good product!

  50. JV9491

    Stopped working with alexa

    Worked great for awhile with alexa. Now it won’t respond to alexa like it used to. Currently doesn’t work at all with alexa. Fix your software. Then I’ll change review to 5 stars.

  51. Mr.Corry

    It was dead on arrival however I am getting my replacement as of today

    Just like the headline says, I got this two days ago and it was dead on arrival. used to exchange option that next morning and was immediately shippied out another one that same day. That says alot and this is a great attribute to have as a seller. So, the only reason the function category ratings was a 1 was because of the product being dead on arrival. I’m confident the next ones will work and I will rate this 5 stars across the board.. Awesome seller!

  52. Kira

    Perfect for mood lighting

    I wanted to add some mood lighting around my bed frame, and this product was very easy to install around it. I love that I can set a bunch of different settings from my phone to get just the perfect lighting for my mood or holiday. I highly recommend

  53. Doh_24

    Great addition to living room set up

    I wanted to add some LED strip lights behind our TV and these lights have worked out great so far. They stuck to the back of my TV with no issues and got them connected to our Google Home speaker easily. I paired them with some Govee Bluetooth light bulbs too and it’s really convenient to be able to control all my lights through the app or with my smart speaker. My only issue with these lights is that they don’t slowly come on like the light bulbs do, they just kind of “pop” on and off quickly. Other than that, I’m super happy with how everything turned out and would definitely recommend these lights

    2 people found this helpful


    Great led

    The adhesive strip actually sticks to the wall. The brightness really lights up a room. The remote control is an app you download and it’s wonderful. It has many choices of flash variations to pick and save. The only thing i would’ve wished it had an option to add an adapter at the end of the strip that way i could add more lights to it.

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  55. Isaac

    Easy to use

    The lights have help up great and the app give you many more options. They have help up and no problems after using them for a while now.

  56. Fiona

    LED lights

    these work great. they were easy to install, and they work pretty well. the remote needs to be directly at the box to work, but it works as it should.

  57. J_Esc

    Worth the price

    I have really enjoyed having these LED lights around my full body mirror. They are very luminous and as an added bonus, Alexa can easily manage my lights.

  58. Jim Michela

    Government always works for us

    We use Govee products at both are homes. Considering these products work off wifi or Bluetooth and are compatible with Alexa they are just better priced and easier to use than the products we previously used that needed a hub

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  59. vifferx

    convenient lighting!

    My son wanted to add lighting to his dark-colored room. The 16′ length provides plenty of lighting under and behind the desk. He especially likes the convenience of the app, and we found the strip sticks quite well once the surface is clean & dry; we dusted and wiped down the surface with a little rubbing alcohol.I’d also add Govee’s customer service is excellent. The strip we bought did not change colors as expected, we got some troubleshooting tips, but after those didn’t solve the issue, they promptly shipped us a replacement, which is working great!

    One person found this helpful

  60. Ethan F Staats

    Looks like add

    Quickly arrived . Item as advertised . Will take some learning to operate .

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