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Govee LED Strip Lights RGBIC 16.4ft

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Govee LED Strip Lights RGBIC
16.4ft Bluetooth Color Changing LED Lights with Segmented App Control, Smart LED Strip Color Picking, Music Sync LED Lights for Bedroom, Living Room, Party, Christmas

  • RGBIC Color Effect: Our RGBIC technology allows the strip lights to display multiple colors at the same time. Fill your home, bedroom, and kitchen with colorful 5050 LED lights that are sure to boost your mood. (Note: the strip lights are uncuttable)
  • DIY Colored Lighting: Personalize each of the 15 strip light segments to show a different color via the Govee Home app. Simply select your favorite colors from the virtual color palette to create interesting Christmas light effects.
  • Upgraded App Function: The newly-added Chasing and Crossing scene modes provide an animated display, amplifying the atmosphere for your parties. With Govee Home app, you can enjoy 64 Scene modes and a convenient Timer function. (Not Support Alexa)
  • Smart Color Picking: The app can intelligently recognize colors from your pictures and apply them to your smart LED strips. Choose from 9 styles to determine how colors are captured, helping you create the lighting effects for Christmas.
  • Easy Installation: Firmly install the lights by sticking the adhesive to any dry, clean surface. For more security, use the provided screws and clips. Easily manage your LED lights from up to 10m away via the Bluetooth app or simply use the control box.
  1. Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 14 x 13.5 x 6.5 cm; 308 Grams
  2. Date First Available ‏ : ‎ 28 March 2021
  3. Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Govee
  4. ASIN ‏ : ‎ B08149FMTG
  5. Item model number ‏ : ‎ H6125


Colour multi

Brand Govee

Light source type LED

Power source Corded Electric

Light colour Multicolor

Theme Christmas,Music

Occasion Birthday,Christmas,Halloween,Party

Style Modern

Material Plastic

Controller type App Control

About this item RGBIC Color Effect: Our RGBIC technology allows the strip lights to display multiple colors at the same time. Fill your home, bedroom, and kitchen with colorful 5050 LED lights that are sure to boost your mood. (Note: the strip lights are uncuttable) DIY Colored Lighting: Personalize each of the 15 strip light segments to show a different color via the Govee Home app. Simply select your favorite colors from the virtual color palette to create interesting Christmas light effects. Upgraded App Function: The newly-added Chasing and Crossing scene modes provide an animated display, amplifying the atmosphere for your parties. With Govee Home app, you can enjoy 64 Scene modes and a convenient Timer function. (Not Support Alexa) Smart Color Picking: The app can intelligently recognize colors from your pictures and apply them to your smart LED strips. Choose from 9 styles to determine how colors are captured, helping you create the lighting effects for Christmas. Easy Installation: Firmly install the lights by sticking the adhesive to any dry, clean surface. For more security, use the provided screws and clips. Easily manage your LED lights from up to 10m away via the Bluetooth app or simply use the control box.

Govee 16.4ft RGBIC LED Strip Lights








Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

14 x 13.5 x 6.5 cm; 308 Grams

Date First Available ‏ : ‎

28 March 2021

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


ASIN ‏ : ‎


Item model number ‏ : ‎


Customer reviews:

8,930 ratings





Light source type


Power source

Corded Electric

Light colour










Controller type

App Control

60 reviews for Govee LED Strip Lights RGBIC 16.4ft

  1. Barnabus Stinson

    great party light or room ambient light

    mobile app is easy to use with presets and you can make your own.

  2. MA

    very bad backaing the box open before come to me

    very bad backaing the box open before come to me and there is missing parts

  3. Abuduwaili

    Help me

    I pushed on the power button and it is not working help

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  4. Zachary Tran

    Great overall

    Setting it up was rather easy. The cord is longer than my last led strip lights were so that was a plus. The default purple light has more blue in it but with the app, I was able to get it to be more purple. It lights up my room quite nicely. I’d say its quite worth it for the price.

  5. Adam S.

    Govee 100%!!!

    Best LED company ever!

  6. EAC

    Amazing look and easy to install

    I used these to create a storm cloud ceiling for Halloween and they worked so well! Very adhesive and easy to set up and control. The range of options is fun.

  7. Fletcher

    Very nice set up for strip lights compared with other similar seeming kits.

    UPDATE AT THE BOTTOMI have been using a lot of different accent lighting kits over the last couple of years, and variety of roles. Typically, I buy 5050 RGB lights, either by themselves or in a kit, and then use Wi-Fi controller to drive their behavior. This kid is different in that it is addressable by segments, meaning that along once trip, each set of three LEDs can be set to a desired color. This allows the number of lighting effects, animated effects, and gradients in a single strip. It also features a pretty sophisticated app that allows you to do a lot of customization, and picking of colors.I also have to say that although most of my RGB strips claim to be 16 million colors, in reality they don’t seem to be very good at reproducing hues beyond primary or secondary colors. This lighting strip seems to be much more precise at its ability to produce true colors that largely match what you choose in the color wheel.So far, I’ve seen two drawbacks that have to do with luminance. One of them is that luminance seems to be disregarded in the color wheel. That is, choosing a darker version of a color in the color wheel won’t actually darken the color as presented. This means that you couldn’t have two segments that are the same color, for example, but at different brightness. This seems odd to me, but it is what it is.The other thing is that there is a brightness slider which will brighten or dim the entire strip, but at 1%, the strip is still quite bright.This strip also supports some conventional features, like effects based on sound input through a microphone, though I could not get them to calibrate to zero in my brief attempts, and then some very cool animated color schemes that sort of vibe with or suggest various moods.UPDATE: so having used these lights for a little while I can say that a lot of what I said initially holds true. The quality seems to be pretty strong as well as the color reproduction. However, given that the lights are Bluetooth controlled, and the only control they have on them physically is three buttons, one which turns it on, one which cycle s through colors, and one which flips through the activation modes like Sound Sensitivity and then what style, it’s kind of amazing that you can’t control these lights using something like Alexa or Google home. Also, as I stated before, the 1% brightness setting is very readily bright enough to read by, and the 100% setting is almost too bright to look at. This may mean it’s actually better suited for your use, but it’s worse for mine.I did just test now that the lights retain their setting if they lose power, so if they’re on, and I remove the power, but when I restore the power the lights come back on set to the same color they were on, however for some reason it does this momentary sequence of showing red green and then the correct color. This isn’t horrible, but it makes it possible to use the system with a smart outlet to turn it on and off using Google home or Alexa.I would say their ideal application is for recessed or concealed lighting and a common area where you’re not typically turning them on or off a lot, or were you may occasionally want some party lighting or mood lighting.

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  8. Julie Shaffer

    Good Quality

    I got theses lights for my teen grandchildren. They all hung them in their bedrooms. They stick well and even re stick.

  9. PepsiPlayzz

    Great budget light strips

    GENERAL INFORMATIONIf you’re looking for light strips that allow great app control, these might just be the thing for you. There are some downsides if you’re placing them in moist places, though.PROS- Looks great. The colors are able to make a nice rainbow, since it is ARGB. ARGB essentially means the light strip can be multiple colors at once. (zoned lighting)- Seamless connection with same model devices. I have purchased 2 of these, but the second came months after the first. The app allowed me to easily control them both at once and make them do the same thing. This leads me into my next pro…- Amazing app control. The app looks really well made and allows for simple customization of the light strips.CONS- Not enough provided cleaning alcohol! If you want these things to stick, you need to clean off the surface, and one small pad isn’t going to do.- No Alexa/Google Home support.- The light strips make a slight buzzing sound when off. Not incredibly noticeable, but if you’re right there next to them.l, eventually you’ll get annoyed by it.- Very limited remote control options. You can do three things: change the color (via pressing a button over and over again – even then it’s all one color), turn the device off/on, and toggle music mode. It does have a mic built in, though.CONCLUSIONWould I recommend these strips? That’s really up to you and your budget. If you want a nice budget pair of ARGB light strips, these do the job. If you want a much cheaper alternative that only needs to be one color, you can find hundreds of cheaper finds on Amazon.

  10. Big Yoshi

    Great Strip – Buy The Wi-Fi Version Instead

    Another great Strip from Govee that has great in-app control and a lot of preset scenes. Adhesion works well and out of the 10+ strips I have bought from Govee not a single one has had issues.For the difference of a few dollars the Wi-Fi version of this strip is significantly better purchase. Without Wi-Fi you cannot control this strip away from home, schedule it to turn on, or control it via voice partners outside of your phone. You are limited to turning it on / off on your device, but the ability to schedule the lights to turn on / off at a certain time makes the difference in price worth it alone.

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  11. Ayikutu assion

    Not bad

    I bought this for my entertainment system furniture. The installation was easy and it does the work I need it for. I’ve purchased other RGB Lights from this company and I’ve always been impressed with their products. My con regarding this product is that there isn’t remote included like all other ones. You either control the lights with the small attached remote, the app on your phone, through Alexa or Google home. 4 stars because of the missing remote.

  12. Wesleyann Williams


    Used for LED’s on a desk, great! It’s already been a year and they’re still in good shape

  13. markjxz

    Great lights!

    A bunch of options to choose from. I had other lights that were simple and boring but these are amazing. All of the customization is all in one app instead and manually changing the colors yourself.


    The level of options and ease of install are great!

    These light strips are a step beyond any others.Govee lights all integrate into one application for iOS and Android!price is perfect for the set.Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled!Alexa and google home support!Music and sound sensitive!

  15. Elijah r

    Freaking amazing

    Probably the best leds ever because of the led controllers making the lights very customizable. You can also have smooth flowing animations in the lights

  16. Amazon Customer

    They don’t STICK

    I’ve had this for 2 years now and I could never get it to stick to a wall so I resorted to other methods, other than that these are great, very vibrant and nice customizable features.

  17. Mr. Jangles

    Game Changer!!!

    Bought 3 of these smart light strips from Govee. Always wanted to do under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen but continuously put it off. Finally decided to tackle the project and after a lot of research, decided to give light strips a shot. After narrowing down to “smart” light strips to integrate with our Google Home, Govee seemed like the best option on Amazon.After a couple of weeks after install, we are very pleased and couldn’t be happier with the turnout! Totally changes the kitchen ambience and having the smart functionality is a game changer! Two of these light strips covered the entire the entire kitchen!Additionally, we used the 3rd strip to place behind the entertainment center in the living room. I wasn’t sure if we would end up liking it but maybe 10 seconds after install and turning on, we fell in love! Very nice touch to the living room and especially cool as backlighting when watching tv and dim other lights.- Install was a breeze, the 3M adhesion strip on Govee products is excellent and holds very well.- Music sync works incredibly well!- works excellent with Google home and super easy to integrate with smart controls and commands.

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  18. Carlos Hoempler

    Luces Inteligentes que no son tan inteligentes

    Es mi tercer producto de Govee. Realmente me gusta lo que hace la marca y las luces son buenas pero sí encontré algunos temas que deben mejorar.Primero lograr despegar la tira para la instalación fue realmente complicado a diferencia de las otras 2 que ya tengo (RGB). Pero este tema no es el más crítico.Donde sí quedé decepcionado es que este tipo de tira LED (RGBIC) no se conecta al wifi y por eso es imposible configurarla con Alexa o Google Home. Una tira “inteligente” que no se puede controlar desde los asistentes de voz no es tan inteligente al final.Eso sí, las RGBCI alcanzan un nivel de brillo espectacular. Además la función de secciones es muy buena. Seguiré probando productos Govee, pero deberían ser más específicos indicando que NO es posible controlarlas por voz.

  19. Rohan T.

    Great Product.

    Overall a great product. The app is very responsive and has heaps of customization. The adhesive is more than strong enough. The brightness is great and you have a lot of control on it too.Only thing I wish it had was someway to link the lighting effects with other manufacturer lighting software, like iCue, Aura sync, mystic light sync etc.

  20. Joel Salter

    Light up the interior of your Van

    I have put a set of these in my camper van and they make for a nice interior ambiance. I run them off a 12volt system. The color changing affect seems to have been lost when going from 110volt to 12volt. Not sure if there’s a fault in the light or it is designed to work that way.

  21. Alexandra

    There so amazing. I don’t even use my lights anymore. Only my LED lights this is a must have!

    I used this product for my room and the only thing I just dislike a little bit is the remote control is a tiny bit hard to push

  22. Frederico Machado

    Good, but could be brighter

    Good product with great features, but could be brighter.

  23. Dana N. Scott

    Govee Lovee

    Gotta figure out how to automatic these most effectively – but love the Govee options for “affordable with extras.” Given the options, choose WiFi + Bluetooth instead of Bluetooth only. The combo (WiFi/Bluetooth) gives you best modality UNLESS you are like me and using them at home (WiFi/Bluetooth) and AT WORK (or student/dorm) where you cannot connect the lights to the WiFi because of a VPN or other security protocols…. Anyhoo…!“Cult of Govee” has a fabulous fan base. I don’t love that there feel dark during the daytime/sun hours (including sunrise/sunset). I struggle with depression and it would be awesome to have insanely bright Govee lights to augment my waking routine and help with circadian rhythm. Oh – the new sounds in the app are also fun. Design updates are also fab – but programming the suckers are a labor of love. Still – they’re better than Lifx and Phillips where ease of use, intuitive design and general integration are concerned. And in case you’re thinking it – we run Mac (standard/mobile, etc.), Linux, Android and Windows systems. I have a complicated family – stop judging us.I’ve had fun exploring. At the moment, I’m trying to come up with a way to hide the diodes, but tracks seem to be ridiculously expensive. So – I might update after next purchase. Maybe not. Either way, we love Govee!**NOTE – I gave adhesion 4-stars based on others’ feedback, but I’m not using their adhesion for the setups I have in mind.

  24. Arturo

    Colores espectaculares

    La iluminación de estás tiras es muy superior al promedio, los colores son intensos, he tenido otras tiras en las que seleccionas un color y parece más blanco que otra cosa, con estás tiras no pasa. Lo que más me gusta son sus modos de iluminación dinámica, en especial los que reaccionan a la música.

  25. shubam kumar

    Really an awesome piece of art…

    It was the best product available on the online market place… Music sync feature is beyond from all the things…. Simply an awesome product….. Thank you amazon… Thank you global klamp..

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  26. Zachary

    Beware if you want to use for other projects or plan on cutting it

    The cables only work off 3 wires, this isn’t an issue unless you plan on cutting it and running wire to it. Most every other RGB led strip has 4 wires which allow extensions, 90 degree corners, and easy connections to more strips. It appears that Govee does not make the 3pin connectors for their own cables and you will have to solder connectors (not especially easy for the weekend warrior with these thin pads).

  27. Cathy



  28. JL

    Great Features for Reasonable Price

    This was a fantastic purchase. The bluetooth works well and rarely has issues connecting. While the app is a bit confusing, it offers a lot of features like such as: precise color choices, the ability to gradient multiple colors, and the ability to set up “Hey Siri” commands to control the strip. The adhesive also worked well on a clean smooth surface, without need for clips.The strip was longer than my counter, so I looped it back, this means it is a bit brighter than if you just have one pass with the lights. I also used 3M strips to secure the on/off button to the underside of my counter.

  29. ,sheenaAmazon Customer

    Cant be bent to change direction around corners

    Cant be bent to change direction around corners

  30. Someone

    Bright lights, but only 5 adhesive clips…

    We installed this on the back of the TV last night. Whilst they are quite bright and there are a lot of cool settings in the app, the installation could have been made easier. Now, I understand these are not the ‘LEDs for the TV’ specifically, that is the one with the camera, however, most people will put these behind their TV and will pick these if they don’t want the camera sitting on the top, like us.The ISSUE: The little installation guide that comes in the box shows 6/SIX clips needed for a solid connection to the TV. 1/ONE at the start, 2/TWO for each corner and 1/ONE at the end. That makes the LED sit along 3/THREE side of the TV. I found it strange that they only send 5/FIVE clips in the box. I had to go out late last night to buy my own clips so the strip would sit flush all the way around.For people reading this and buying for the same installtion as me, just remember to buy some other clips if you want to make sure it fits really securely.Good product so far, but don’t show 6 clips in your picture and only send 5!

  31. Sarah

    Quality Lights, but not as bright as I hoped

    Solid quality lights, but for the price I hoped they would be brighter. I have lower cost led strip lights that are just as bright, with some colors being brighter. Being able to change the color of specific segments is the biggest pro. The app is good, better than the cheap strip lights, but not as user friendly as lights such as LifX

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  32. J Azekura

    Significantly Less Bright Than Before…

    While this LED strip is still very good, there is one significant drawback. I’m writing this review as a comparison to how this exact light strip performs now compared to a year ago.I recently upgraded to a bigger bookshelf in my room and needed a new strip of lights for it. So, I purchased the exact model I purchased around 13 months ago. However, when comparing the new LEDs to the old ones I noticed that they are much dimmer than before. I verified the model on my old vs the new strips, which were both H6125. Furthermore, the color accuracy seems to have changed and is less accurate than before.For comparison, I have posted two photos. One photo shows the old lights and the second photo shows the new lights. The camera doesn’t even pick up just how much dimmer the new LEDs are. (Both set to maximum brightness in the GOVEE app).I generally love GOVEE products, and if you’re in the market for a good, versatile, and functional set of LEDs, then these will suffice. However, be warned they are not nearly as bright if you have purchased these in the past. I still recommend the product, but I will be returning to see if I can find a brighter model that will match the other strips I currently own.

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  33. Edith

    Theyve gotten dimmer

    When i first bought these I got two 16.5ft strips and they were great, the brightness and the colors were all vibrant, however when I got a third one later in the year they were dimmer then the first two. And they were the same model because in the app I could control all 3 as same model. Later I decided to get these but in 32ft, reason being that theyd be easier to cut and use a solderless join then the newer water resistant version, and these turned out to be the same brightness as the first two I had gotten. So after seeing these I decided to try the 16.5ft version one more time, after installing the lights it turns out they are still dimmer then the first two. So Id say stay away from the 16.5ft version as they are most definitely dimmer then what they used to be

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  34. Amy AF

    The best we’ve had!

    I bought 3 sets for my 3 kids (all boys) last Christmas (2019– it’s now June 24th, 2020). They are still going strong, they’re used almost daily, so I can tell they hold up. If I were to buy any more, I’d buy this brand specifically.My kids LOVE them! One of my son’s friends asked me what brand they were and from where I’d purchased them because he was wanted some, and this kid has everything already!My oldest often leaves the house with these still on (grrr), and I end up unplugging them if he leaves his door open (update- I started just unplugging his entire strip, and he magically doesn’t do that anymore—mom win!)—but, sometimes I don’t notice, he leaves them on for hours, and they’re fine! Needless to say, they’ve a long lifespan! They’re LED, so they don’t use much electricity, which is nice when your son leaves them on for loooonnnnnggg periods of time. They work, they’re vibrant, they’re very bright and colorful, and they do everything the description states!One put them around the perimeter of his room along where the walls & ceiling meet, one put them along the perimeter of the underside of the top bunk in his bed, and the other put them on the perimeter of the underside of his bed, so they reflect on the floor. They all look very cool. But do pay attention to the length, as none of my kids’ applications go around 100%. Although they all look quite good and lighten the entire rooms, that is something to be aware of. And if you or anyone in your household has epilepsy, use common sense and don’t buy them—I imagine that would be a big problem, although you can set them to a steady light.I can see being able to do many different things/projects with these because they’re crazy bright, have the controls on the cord, can be extended easily (without the need for additional controls), they last, the adherents haven’t failed any of them, and my kids all put them on by themselves, telling me they’re very easy to install. Like I mentioned, they adhere well, but I still recommend wiping the surface with isopropyl alcohol prior to sticking them wherever (although my kids didn’t, and they’re ok… but I still would, just to be safe and thorough). If alcohol may harm the surface, a good soap and water mix would work, as long as any residue is rinsed off completely and the surface is absolutely dry.I 100% recommend these to anyone looking for LED adhesive strips. They’re fun, the price is reasonable considering the high quality, and they do exactly what they’re meant to. I hope this helps you with your purchasing decision!!!

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  35. Alex Hahn

    Troubles, Issues, and more Problems

    I love RGB strips, and I wanted to use a pair for underneath my bed. I saw that not only were they on sale (I think for prime day but it couldve also been black friday) but they were also fairly highly rated.Considering pros, the lights are very bright and look great in the dark. Since the individual bulbs were tucked underneath the bed, I was focused on the brightness and contrast of the lights. They look great, super bright and colors pop out very well. Loved them immediately for the colors. There is a lot of customization options, being able to control the individual bulbs was so nice, and made it easy to make designs, and they offer plenty of other designs that come with the Govee app.From this point on, there are not too many more pros, but a sizeable list of cons. I will start off with my own error, as I thought that these worked with Alexa and Google home products. I found out later that it doesn’t, as the “Smart” capabilities meant it could work with the Govee app. As much as I am disappointed, that was my mistake for not looking harder for another set which does support smart hubs, however a different controller can be purchased to work with the hubs, but at that point you might as well just buy the full Smart home set. This is the link for the same set but compatible with Alexa ( https://www.amazon.com/Govee-Assistant-Segmented-Changing-Christmas-dp-B098PF7VMT/dp/B098PF7VMT/ref=dp_ob_title_light ).When I opened the box, it came with everything, but I was confused when I went to apply it to the actual underside of the bed where the adhesive strip was. I assumed that it was already on the strip itself, but when I went to tear at the adhesive cover, I found that the underside was not stick at all. I assumed that the cover must have been the adhesive strip itself, and went to find the other side of the strip. Long story short, the adhesive side partially came off in the box, and it can only be taken off from one side of the RGB strip.After reapplying the strip, I then put the strip onto my bed. It seemed to fit well, and I even weaved the strip through the slats of my bed to make sure it stayed. For about a week it worked super well, and sticking as it should. It worked as it was supposed to. However, I noticed that one end of the strip was falling off. I reapplied it, and assumed that I didn’t stick it well the first time on that end. The next day, that same side fell, and other sides of the strip fell as well, even sides that were not connected to that adhesive strip. I continuously tried to reapply, but to my dismay it wouldn’t stay no matter what I did. The adhesive glue on mine was super weak out of the box, I noted this when I first applied it. But, as a result of exposed glue, hair and dirt got onto the strip, to the point that it wasn’t sticky at all.Overall, I don’t think these strips are horrible or a waste of money. It is clear that the actual lights themselves are great, just everything else was not good. I ended up throwing away the unit so I don’t have photos or pictures of it anymore, but I would recommend getting the version that supports Alexa. It’s a newer model of this one, and it will be the strips I purchase next when I am ready to do so. I wanted to give it one star, but I know Govee makes good products and this was more likely just a faulty strip rather than poor quality of all Govee products. Plus, it technically worked, just poor adhesion.

  36. Nick

    Loved everything about the produced, but…..

    UPDATED: Customer Service was 10/10 too notch and they immediately gave me two options to troubleshoot, once those didnt work they sent out a new one right away. Customer service was very fast at replying and helpful.I loved the app, the customizability, but it then after the first use I went to turn it back on later in the evening and half the strip now doesn’t work. Very disappointed because I’ve heard nothing but good things about Govee.

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  37. Anonymous Customer

    A great light strip with a somewhat accurate audio response feature.

    I did some research about light strips and found that most reviews said that this particular one was pretty inexpensive but still performed really well, and I have to say, the lights lived up to the reviews.The lights can get very bright and the brightness can be adjusted to many different levels.The lights can either maintain a solid color/pattern or react to audio played next to the remote (which is connected directly to the cord).The adhesive is strong enough to stick to hard walls/floors, and in my case I didn’t even need to use the screws it came with.The colors are pretty vibrant. None of them seem too dark/dull.You can connect the lights to an app on your phone to control them or change certain settings to your preferences.The audio reactivity feature is really cool, but I wish it were just a little bit more accurate, or the user had the ability to modify the frequencies at which the lights react to music or what portions of the light strip react to higher/lower sounds. That kind of customization may not be important to some people and may be difficult to implement from a design perspective, but it would be great to have an option like that for people like me.Trap music is usually the best genre to play with this product, as the strip can react to the spread out, hard-hitting beats pretty accurately. Songs with faster or more complex beats like Drum N Bass or House music, or any song with a higher bpm in general causes the lights to flash rapidly (almost randomly) due to all the simultaneous song components. If that’s something you wouldn’t mind, then it’s no problem. I personally prefer a cleaner, more accurate response to specific beats and basslines and would prefer that the lights focus on following the percussion and melody in the song, rather than every single element equally.Overall, a great product in terms of brightness, customization, and price. Aside from some minor issues with the audio response feature, this light strip is a very solid choice for anything from subtle accent lighting to turning a room into a full-blown night club.

  38. Brandon


    Well, for starters. It’s led lights. Not much to expect. 3 of the leds went out within about a month, but I put duck tape over them and i can’t even tell the difference. ( I have them hidden underneath and behind my desk for a glow effect, so I can’t see the light directly) the app is pretty useful for turning on/off the lights remotely, but I just press the button when I sit at my desk to turn them off and press it again to turn them off. They are bright, and pretty much exactly what I expected.

  39. Justin robinson

    Work good

    Not as sensitive as i was hoping the bluetooth set is the way to go forsure the app is nice to use also

  40. matthew

    Excellent lights for the price

    I initially thought that these lights were expensive since they weren’t 60 ft or 100 ft for a similar price like the other options on Amazon. However, after watching a couple YouTube videos on some of the best lights and the features associated with each I decided to opt for the govee rgbic lights.I knew that I was going to be diffusing them somehow because looking directly at a RGB diode is not pleasant so I also ordered the Muzata soft white diffuser channels.The lights exceed my expectation as far as simplicity of insulation and user friendly app. These are Bluetooth enabled which is fine since I only use them when I’m at this desk. A number of modes are built directly into the controller which mounts to the wall by 3M tape.There is no remote per se but that’s okay since it is your phone that you’ll be controlling them with if you want anything other than basic colors or the built-in modes for music synchronization.I wish that the white lights were a bit brighter since I was hoping to use them possibly as a dimmer desk light but they seem to work fine.Ultimately I would definitely recommend these lights and they have worked out perfect for me so it’s unfortunate if other people have had less ideal experiences.I would recommend looking at how much room you actually need to eliminate. If it’s around your entire ceiling then you probably do need to go with foot length but if you are trying to add accent lighting to a portion of a room 5 m is a decent amount.

  41. Constant Reader


     Oh my gosh I can’t even express how much I love this light strip! They are SO much cooler then the average light strip. Loads of features, including preset modes, such as sunrise, or another that is a “chasing” mode. All strips can let you choose a color, or choose to have the lights blink at different speeds, but thats the entire strip blinking. These can have parts if the strip one color, part another. AND,….you can customize your colors, and mode if blinking, chasing, twinkling, etc! You can even take a picture of something, and use those colors; the ap automatically sets those colors for you. And further, you can customize the mode with THOSE colors. I have had SO much fun playing with this! Ap also turns lights on or off, and has a timer. The stuck easily to my wall, ( didn’t use the included hardware) and I’ve had no issues with them falling off. I plan on getting more if these for other areas of my home. I imagine they’d be great around a window frame for Christmas, customized to red and ir green. Or blue and white! Or… well! You get the idea! Might also be great for sports fans. You can customize with your team’s colors!Yep, I definitely recommend, and I’ll be s repeat customer. The only recommendation I would have is to make these connectable.

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  42. Amazon Customer

    Amazing Products

     The video shows multiple light strips and light bars, all Govee products. They were pretty simple to set up, all controlled by my phone. The Govee bars on my main pc set up look a bit harsh but in person all lights look smooth. I’m very satisfied with the products.

  43. AC

    I made it work!

     Okay, so between Amazon and Walmart I bought 5 of these for my cloud wall project. The first strip of lights worked perfectly, the second one only half of the strips worked and the rest emitted no light. At that point it was a waste of money, I bought a different kind (same brand, smaller length) underestimating how many LED light I would need for this project. I was in a hurry to finish so I only ordered enough from same day shipping and the rest from Walmart. All in all it was a learning experience but I think I definitely wasted a good $60. 3/5 stars.

    One person found this helpful

  44. Amazon Customer

    So cool

    I really can’t say enough about this set. They are bright, fun, fairly easy to apply, with a lot of great settings and controls. The application is as easy as peel and stick, even the one cord plug in was hard to mess up.Setup was pretty easy also. Download the govee app, (make sure you have your wifi password) plug them in, and connect the lights. Then your phone becomes your remote with a ton of options.I am obsessed with the DIY section where you can select up to 8 colors, speed, style of movement, (including music) then label them and store a list of (up to 18 I believe) presets ready to go at a click. If you leave that applied when you turn off the lights, it will automatically return to that setting when you turn them on again.I also love the small control of 3 buttons near the plug. Giving you the option to turn them on/off, cycle through solid colors, music response and even dim/brighten by pressing and holding in the bottom button.The one and only real con is that you cannot connect to a device like alexa. Although, through a smart plug and a little work, I did connect to my echo for giving simple on/off voice commands.All and all, a fantastic less expensive option for all the features as long as you don’t need the smart/voice aspect. I LOVE and recommend them.

    13 people found this helpful

  45. Outdoor Enthusiast

    Try this easy installation trick!

    The app is easy to use and has tons of fun modes to choose from, or you can just pick out a color scheme that makes you smile! I picked up some 10′ long pieces of ½” vinyl J-trim in white for about $2 each at the hardware store, used small sections of clear mailing tape to attach it to the top of the trim every couple of feet, (so I could use the adhesive later in a more permanent location rather than my apartment), and then staple-gun attached it to the wall. *See pics… That way the lights are shining up and reflect off the ceiling so I don’t see the bright individual LED’s that can rather give you a headache. Also this way, I have only about 5 staples to remove when I move out and the paint on the wall is totally intact! Minimal damage, works great esthetically, and was very inexpensive and easy to install! Highly recommend trying this method I made up which was the result of just wandering aimlessly around the hardware store till I found it! The J-trim was located near the indoor plywood, and not the trim as you’d except. Not sure what it’s usually used for? But I it works great for this! Ha! I’ll include a picture so you can ask for it! 🙂 Enjoy!

    64 people found this helpful

  46. MC

    Excellent product

    Lights were easy to install, strong adhesive & lights were bright. Was a little tight with 75″ TV. Colors are beautiful

    One person found this helpful

  47. Shawn

    Will Do The Job….. For Now

    I purchased my strip used from Amazon and was a little apprehensive about the strip working correctly but thankfully after plugging it in and connecting it to the Govee Home app on my phone it works perfectly! I was surprised to find that the strip is bare. Other LED strips I’ve purchased in the past have had a clear plastic coating protecting the entire length of the strip. It’s not that big of a deal. Just means I needed to be careful when installing it in the clips had installed on the back of my 65″ Samsung TV. I do wish there was a way to turn the lights on when the TV is turned on instead of having to turn it on separately. I’d also like to be able to use 90 degree corner connectors but I’m not sure I can do that with this strip seeing that it’s RGBIC. I’ll have to do some more research. All in all I’m really happy with this strip although I’d prefer to have the bars but for now these will do just fine!

  48. Kirstyn S.

    Absolutely amazing lights!

     I purchased one of these strips for my office desk, to help with the monotony of working from home. They look AMAZING. The colors are gorgeous, they sync up to music, they adhere perfectly… There are not enough nice things to say about this product. I ordered a second strip for our living room to put behind our TV as well. The customer service is also fantastic! My first strip had a portion that wasn’t lighting after I installed it, so I contacted them immediately. They were quick to respond to help me problem solve, and when that didn’t work, they sent me a brand new strip the next day. The first strip is now being used behind my computer monitor, I simply cut off the portion that wasn’t working. The other two full strips are working perfectly. The phone app works great to control the strips, and I thoroughly enjoyed turning them on from the other room when my brother spent the night. I look forward to trying some of Govee’s other smart lights!

    6 people found this helpful

  49. Alaina Fleming

    Works amazing with iPhone

    I bought separate clips and attached the lights to the wall before building the mantle over it. It has been fine next to the wood stove at full heat.My advice is: these are better for projects like mine, where you string the lights then hide the power cord. I do not recommend these for quickly putting up some mood lighting on your bedroom ceilingI will buy these forever, for every single project I want to light up. Going to try it behind shower marble next.I have a newer model iPhone and the app has worked flawlessly, not one issue or glitch in three weeks of hourly use (everyone is obsessed with the color combo part)It would be 5 stars but I removed a star for lack of attachment hardware included. I had to find a separate company to buy proper clips to keep these lights hung securely.

  50. Honest reviews

    Awesome light!

    The light and the app works great. Lots of customization in the app

  51. Cruz

    Very nice.

    These right here are nice. Great visuals, transforms environment and mood. I liked these so much I ordered more.

  52. Brian

    Awesome lights for the price

    It’s been almost a year since since i’ve bought these govee lights and they are still sticking and holding up.These are very vivid with all the colors and all the strips from different angles all have the same shade of color,which is nice.The price is alittle high,but it’s because of the features and many many colors and light color pattern options and the customizability.The remote is pretty pointless (you need your phone for these basically).The remote is just a thing you stick onto the wall and has a button to push and a couple of options when pushing it holding the button.The govee app is always being updated and the app has many features as well.Confusing at first to use,but you get used to it.I will buy again,but for my ceiling this time.

  53. Emil Rodríguez

    excellent LED strip very good quality I recommend them

     excellent adhesive it sticks very well to the wall it has a very good shine and the control of the lights through the app is very intuitive

  54. Jason K.

    Pretty dope

    Music sync wasn’t as cool as I was expecting, but for the price you can’t go wrong. Movie mode is my fav.

  55. JE

    My daughter loves them!

    I can’t say enough good things about these lights. They are a total hit with our teenager! 17 year old daughter bought some far inferior lights that didn’t last a week. She was so disappointed. So for Christmas we bought these lights for her. She was a bit reserved when she received them because the last ones were so bad. You should have seen her excitement when these were installed in her room and she downloaded the program onto her phone! They are bright and beautiful. Not one issue with installation. They have more options than she believed imaginable. She especially likes the sound reactive mode and some of the gentle fades. Constantly changing colors to match her mood or aesthetic. Perfect gift

  56. Leah

    AMAZING for making Cloud Lights

     My main purpose for buying these LED light strips was to make a cloud light for my son’s nursery and they did absolutely PERFECT for the job!!They were super easy to attach to the lanterns and I had plenty to go around the base cloud shape 3.5 times. My husband and I left the LED strip on for 3 days straight to make sure the lights wouldn’t get hot enough to possibly start a fire or burn the paper lanterns. We were very pleased to find that they weren’t even warm to the touch after that length of time.I absolutely love using the app to change the color settings to all the beautiful presets or make my own if I wish. It is currently at 1% brightness level in the pictures I provided, but man does it get BRIGHT at 100%. You honestly just can’t beat the price for the great quality of these lights, the length, and everything you can do with them!

    8 people found this helpful

  57. andres

    EDIT* EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SUPPORT* good but far from perfect

    *EDIT*GOVEE contacted me and offered a replacement, since I live outside of the US they couldn’t ship it, nevertheless they offered me a refund! really good customer support and I will keep buying my lights from them.I received the light-strip last week, the colors are great and you can customize individual sections! that is honestly awesome and what really made muy buy these… But … The power supply has a high pitch sound that kinda scares me, honestly, if it has to do with electricity there should be no sounds, im gonna get in touch with them to see what I can do about it. also the final section of the LED strip has some flickering, specially when you put it in white, maybe this has to do with the power supply. Finally the adhesive seems kinda weak but only time will tell.If I receive an answer from Govee I will update my review, I have purchased an aura lamp and im planning on buying more LED strips so I trust this company.

  58. I. Taitt

    Pretty decent.

    Colors are bright and intense, really helps to create some kind of ambiance

  59. Eric DeKuiper

    Placing in your RV?

    My RV had wiring already installed for a 12V rope light that had burned out. I wanted something more unique and custom. I found these and read the reviews. One person said didn’t last on their RV power but I didn’t have access to 120V where I wanted these installed. Here is how I corrected that issue.The transformer that comes with it puts our exactly 12V and your RV will have some variation of 12V including up to 14.4V while charging and usually 13V while on float charge. This is too much variation for sensitive LEDs so I also purchased a voltage regulator (DC-DC Stabilizer) and installed between the RV 12V system and the remote of this light strip excluding the included power adaptor. It has worked perfectly.Also – the lights and customization are so cool in our RV!

    One person found this helpful

  60. Mandy

    Cool vibes

    I love it! For the price I wasn’t expecting it to work, but it is pretty good quality. It’s super bright, I actually got blinded when I hooked it up. Probably shouldn’t have been holding it up to my face… xDI love that I can change each light’s color, cuz I sure as hell wasn’t trying to buy two leds to achieve the look I wanted. Unfortunately it was still too long for my desk but I made it work…lol. I’ll definitely be buying another one though for my tv.One thing to mention…when I first started it up, I heard a whistling sound. The lights were kinda flickering and unresponsive but I think it was just tangled up a bit or something. It’s fine now.Also, it should be stated in the instructions NOT to pull the adhesive off the strip. I had to Google why it wasn’t sticky and turned out I removed the entire sticky lol. So just be careful and pull the backing apart from the actual adhesive.

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