Govee LED Dreamcolor DIY Strip Lights

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Govee LED Dreamcolor APP Control Bluetooth Music Sync with Color Changing DIY Strip Lights (Multicolour,16.4ft)

  • Colour: Multicolour
  • APP Control
  • Bluetooth Music Sync
  • Color Changing DIY
  • Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 17.91 x 16.99 x 6.4 cm; 472 Grams
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ 11 November 2019
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07N1C4Z65
  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ H61271D3

About this item Colour: Multicolour APP Control Bluetooth Music Sync Color Changing DIY

This product will be an excellent pick for you. It scores high on the aspect of utility too. This is what makes it worth the buy.









Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎

17.91 x 16.99 x 6.4 cm; 472 Grams

Date First Available ‏ : ‎

11 November 2019

ASIN ‏ : ‎


Item model number ‏ : ‎


Customer reviews:

3,780 ratings

60 reviews for Govee LED Dreamcolor DIY Strip Lights

  1. Motasem Elhawary

    Don’t waste your money!

    Waste of money, doesn’t work with Alexa.. and takes too long to arrive via aramex.. not really recommended as other items are doing the same and way cheaper.. the reason I’ve bought this as it works with Alexa.. but this one doesn’t..

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  2. Diligent D

    Fantastic for my Supermoto!

    These lights worked great for my supermoto build. They made the fuel tank light up and everything under the plastics, then after I used the app to update the firmware I was also able to turn off sections that I didn’t want lit, or wanted a different color..SUPER nice feature to have as this lowers the power used from my small Lithium battery. This also meant I was able to use them as Hazard lights if I was on the side of the road. I wired them to a switch to kill power for longer term storage.Unfortunately I didn’t take any pics as right after I installed them I went on a night ride with another supermoto and 5 mins before I got home, the fender came loose and got caught in the wheel briefly (I looped the bike a month ago during stunt event and broke the fender lol) so the wire for the lights was torn off.I was so happy with these I ordered another set! I will upload pics when I get the new set and bike parts installed after they arrive. I plan on ordering the same style from GOVEE but in the shorter “TV” length and pair them together in the app in the near future.They’re super bright, the 3M adhesive is GREAT just try not to “re-stick” it more than once before applying mild pressure to keep them in place, and you’ll be blown away at just HOW MUCH customization the “DIY” function gives you. Oh did I mention they’re Siri COMPATIBLE? YES, you can use “Siri Shortcuts” and “Hey, Siri” to use and interact with these! I plan on making turn signals, hazards, and other cool light programs using the DIY features paired with Siri Shortcuts to interact with them while riding at night to help make me more visible (and legal since it’s handsfree). I tested the other color modes and it made my supermoto look like a UFO…I need pics/video when the new set comes in!

  3. Tammi Savva

    Great Product

    These lights are amazing! After having these lights for over a year I’ve had no problems with them. The brightness is really good on these lights. They have a good variety of colors.

  4. Matthew

    Just awesome

     Stop looking right now. I know there are millions of LED strips on Amazon and I’ve tried many of them. These are awesome in every day. They are bright and dense, so there are a lot of LEDs on the strip and each one is individually controlled. I’m not a huge fan of how the industry is switching to bluetooth over Wifi, so every time you want to change the lighting mode via the app it takes a minute to connect to them. However, there are hundreds of lighting modes and the audio sync mode is really good. I highly recommend. Just watch my video to see how cool these are.

  5. Kaitlin


     Used it for a cloud light and it lights up when music plays. It has buttons you can use to change how it lights up or you can use the app and Bluetooth. I absolutely love it!

  6. Liam

    Great but you will need an app

    Great product, good adhesion. You will need an app to control it if you want more from your product. The mic is sensitive and easy to setup, keeps the vibe in the room.

  7. Eckscaliber

    If you’re considering buying this item, do so.

    *NOTE: I suggest scrolling to the “CONCLUSION” for the information you’re looking for.*I like LED’s in countless forms. I’ve bought many sizes and styles of LED strips in the past….and then I stumbled across these. I can go into great detail about how these strips are not comparable to the others, but I’m not going to type a short story here.The Govee app is slightly confusing and should really be simplified, but damn, the options and customization is top-notch. I installed 1 standard RGB strip (32.8ft) outside a few years ago. It wraps halfway around the perimeter and what it looks like at night would make your eyes melt. However, I think I’m going to replace it with these RGBIC’s and have it go around the entire perimeter, but I think I would rather diffuse the ones currently installed because my “roommates” (haha) are happy with what’s currently there. “Wow, you’re saying something in morse code, in 20 different colors and 5 different patterns. Can you set it to something like solid green?” “Sure Nancy, will do.”I also already have a set of these that have been sitting in a drawer for many months. I could integrate them somehow with the current set-up, but, I’ll stop there. (This Review was a waste of time. Someone needs to slap/stop me when I do such things.)CONCLUSION: These lights are awesome and you will not be disappointed.

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  8. shopper12

    Nice lights

    These lights work well. Many colors to choose from to have them light up.

  9. Hugh K.

    Easy, quick install, works exactly as described

    There are no surprises with the product. It delivers on all the advertised features, nothing more, nothing less. This particular model doesn’t have the wi-fi connectivity, so no smart speaker integration. It is controlled via the smartphone using the Govee Home app over bluetooth. It is very simple to set up, and easy to control.You will have to create a Govee account through the app (their web site doesn’t have this capability, only on the app). The lighting control options are somewhat limited. Quick options are the solid colors, and the preset “moods” of which there are a handful. There are also the DIY options, which you can custom assign colors of your choosing or let the app select the colors based on images available on your phone (it’s called Smart Colors or something).On the DIY setting I wish there were more lighting patterns to choose from. This may be preference based but I only found two preset lighting modes that I were useful. I hope over time they will be adding more features to the app.I saw some reviewers who had problems with the adhesive. My suggestion is when you are attaching the sticky side to the surface, make sure it is wiped clean of any debris and dirt, and make sure to hold it firmly in place — push as hard as you are able and hold) — for about 30 seconds. You’ll have to do that in small sections as you go down the length of the light strip.Pros: Quick, easy setup; good quality lights that can be super bright (you can control the brightness through the app); decent length (I installed mine behind my workstation desk); affordable (especially compared to the ones they sell at hardware stores) — good value; the Dreamcolor feature is pretty niftyCons: No wifi connection; limited preset lighting patterns; limited options for custom lighting options; and I wish you could do deeper green colors on the strip — there are only light green colorsOverall this is exactly what you would want in an LED based RGB light strip — I would recommend this product.

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  10. Jonathan Perez

    high quality, Definitely buy

    I’ve used this brand before and I love it. They are reliable, bright, long lasting lights. Outstanding quality as well with a faur price point. The app is easy to use when it comes to install and functionality.They came very well packaged safe and secure with no scratches or damage.The box includes alot of things I was very surprised. The usual user manual, advertising, and installation instructions, as well as a couple of mounting brackets, an alcohol prep pad, the power supply, the remote, and the lights themselves.The lights are a low density which means they dont produce much heat however there are overall less lights on the strip. They are RBG+White on one micro chip and they are covered with a protective silica gell coating which essentialsly makes them weather resistant up to IP65 which means light splashes and humidity however i don’t see them claiming this on the discrimination. These light are individual addressable LED strips which can be controlled via the app on the phone.The remote included has three settings, power, mode, color.The adhesive backing is authentic 3M quality double sided tape and will stick to surfaces for a long time without failure so long as its been properly prepared.What could make this better?The only thing that could make this pack better is if it included a couple of LED splitters or jumping cables so I can separate the strip for multiple close by surfaces.In conclusion: I would highly recommend these lights and as a matter a fact I do recommend these lights to anyone who ask me about LEDs. I used Govee LEDs in my bedroom, livingroom, and in my car.Buyer tip!I recommend downloading the GOVEE app first before buying because they offer coupons on their app and run sales.

  11. Norm Cash

    Govee is stepping up its game

    I have two other Govee strip sets that do exactly what I bought them for, so I knew what to expect in terms of quality. Govee is my go to name for predetermined LED strips. However, THIS power strip (RGBIC 16.4) far surpassed my expectations. Govee really outdid themselves and have clearly stepped up their game. I have a strip of assignable LEDs (3 at a time like this strip) from another manufacturer that I bought for my kids bedrooms last year. While the quality on those strips is top notch, the price is three times as much compared to this Govee strip for the same (maybe even less from the other brand) features.First, this is the brightest Govee strip I’ve seen. Being able to “paint” the colors three lights at a time is a big plus in my book. IN ADDITION, with the Govee Home mobile software there are a whole bunch of “scene” presets that are a touch away. BEYOND THIS, there is a “DIY” choice with a host of controls to create, design your own effects. A+++ to their app development team!I’m so happy with this purchase that I may go for the 64 foot version down the road. Very nice going on this one, Govee!

  12. Gabriela

    Exactly as described

    Product as described! Strip did need a little tape reinforcement and color range varies!

  13. karl88

    These work great – the app is useful. bluetooth control is useful

    i really like these lights. these are the bluetooth control ones, which i prefer over the wifi versions. with bluetooth, you don’t have to type in a wifi name and password, bluetooth *always* works. i don’t use the flash-to-music party mode much. i use them for ambient lighting for setting the mood in my spaceship apartment. the Govee app keeps up-dating, they add new ways to select colors, save favorites etc. and that you can group several strings of lights, or several of the lampsocket bulbs into a “scene” is really nice. you can change the color of all the sets in the scene instead of individually.only downside is you can apparently cut the strings into sections and connect them together, or take a 16 foot string and cut it into 4 foot sections and get connectors and powersuppies to make 4 short strings. but, you can buy other brands or models of LED strips and do that. i bought one string to try them out, bought two more, and now that i have moved and have a bigge space, i’ve bought two more sets.

  14. TM

    One pair was good and other was not

     Dislike! One out of two pair was flickering a different color in a section and flickering in another section just seconds after carefully installing. It’s my first purchase I was disappointed

  15. kadijah key

    Nice lights BUT….

    I bought this brand for my bedroom and I loved it but if you’re using these lights for a high moisture room such as a bathroom or kitchen or even outside, they said it’s “waterproof “ and “indoor/outdoor” but when I adhere it to my wall and showered, The Who strip came down, I had to get a replacement and the replacement came down too! But I really liked the lights and the RGBIC but I had to use gorilla double sided tape just to get better adhesion. They’re perfect for bedroom but no so much bathroom or kitchen

  16. Amazon Customer

    Just get it, treat yo self

    Easy to install. I put mine on the back of my tv and love it! Did take a bit of force to make it go around in the back of the tv but I got it no problem. The whole strip is sticky and also has a few hook holders that come with it. Lights up my whole back wall and provides enough light that I don’t have to use any other light in the living room (I live in a small apt). Has a color wheel so you can pick any color. Party mode is great for parties. Has other modes too that are cool, candle light, looks like a candle flickering, snowflake mode, looks like that cartoon singing let it go, it has sunrise and sunset mode, looks like a sunrise and sunset lol it has a dating and romantic mode, both are pink/red, and the last is movie mode, dimmer white light. It has an optional timer, I have mine set to come on when I come home and turn off the time I usually go to sleep. You can also control the brightness. You can control the lights through an app and it also has a power switch attached. In the picture I have the color set to green and brightness at max

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  17. Jazlyn

    Great, BUT….

    I loved everything about these lights until I realized you always have to have your Bluetooth on to control them on your phone. I previously had Monster led lights and you were able to control the lights on your phone without Bluetooth. Also, the rubber protecting the lights ripped the first day I got them. They are awesome lights, but they have some downfalls.

  18. V. Dawson


     Works great! Very impressed with these lights. They are Bright, pretty much can match any set up you have and make it look advanced & the fact that the lights react to music is a major plus.PROS:• Bright• Dimmable• Many Colors• Music Mode with DIY options• Controlled with built-in remote or App control with BluetoothCONS:• Not Wifi Connected, So no Alexa or Google Home Support (However these are specified to only be Bluetooth controlled)• App isn’t the best but not the worst.• The Scenes in the app aren’t really all that good. It is much better to create your own.• Microphone is very sensitive so it picks up random ambient noise, such as an AC on low or a fan. But also sometimes it can not distinguish between certain parts of song so the music mode won’t activate propero if there isn’t a break in words or a bass drop.They come with 5 extra sticky holders for additional support in addition to the 3m on the back. The app is okay, would like some more Options and better DIY modes but solid. Connects through Bluetooth and is fast and responsive. Very much would recommend for a 55-65″ tv, mine is 55″ and I have the lights at the outer most edge & had to fold the lights up through the middle back of the TV because there was extra and cutting them would not make the light equally, so a larger tv would be perfect.

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  19. HotTunaFish

    Awesome RGB interactive LED strip lights

     As soon as I found this I knew from the start that this was an exceptional product just from the description of what this RGB led light strip could do and many options. I was at first suspicious that for the price of what this is selling for that the quality would not be worth buying, but not only was extremely pleased with what I received right out of the box, the packaging was top notch in every way. I was amazed at how these lights react to the slightest sound and is extremely sensitive and puts on one hell of a light show, and is super bright. So far I’ve only watched these lights react to when I’m playing music but I’m sure to be equally impressed if I’m watching a movie on my home theater. I already had setup a DreamScreen LED strip behind my 63 inch OLED which in itself is an awesome product but 10 times the price I paid for these lights so I figured what the hell, why not try using these to drape around my entertainment cabinet and I’m so happy I did, because this put the finishing touch to my audio/video system. I can’t wait to use the app that I downloaded from the App Store to fully appreciate the full extent of what these lights can really do. I give this two thumbs up and 5 stars and for the price I’ll probab buy another set just in case these crap out somewhere down the road

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  20. O

    Works well, make sure you keep up with updates

    The colors are nice and each update adds improvements like bug fixes and new colorways. Sometimes it stops working if you didn’t update, so make sure you update it when an update is available.

  21. Calli Lynn

    Bright, Bold Colors!

    Love these lights! Gave a 4 instead of 5 star review because on one certain mode (music mode – rolling) you have to physically have the on/off box right next to the audio. If I talk in a normal voice it doesn’t register any sound. So if I want that mode to work I will put the on off box with the speaker in it, directly touching the speaker so it gets the vibrations or its super loud. I do wish that function worked better but regardless I still love these lights.

  22. jnoonan4

    Absolutely worth it

    Absolutely worth the added cost for the added lighting effects of individual diodes to light up.The strip feels higher quality than many previous strips I have purchased on amazon. The app is a bit slow to connect, but oh do I love the effects and versatility the app allows. I hope Govee and you all can appreciate the cloud lamp I was able to make. I have already purchased a second unit from Govee, and a third unit from another brand to test. I can not wait til Govee makes an individual addressable strip, with updated app capabilities.

  23. VIP WOJO

    ONE HUGE FLAW – Why Govee Why you did it ?

    I would have given it 5 STARS BUT: I can’t believe that Govee did not come up with attaching additional strip to each other like few other strips do it. Instead in order to have 32ft you need to attach two 16ft to a power cable that splits them in half. So one goes left other goes right and you end up with cable in the middle of your 32ft. IM DISAPPOINTED GOVEE but still kept it.

  24. Cage Patterson

    Good product but iffy on adhesion for me

    It’s a great product but I wish you could use the adhesion on more things, and there was an issue with the adhesion sticking onto the actual strip light because it got ripped of when removing the sticker to allow the adhesion to stick and the app could be less buggy. Besides that it’s a great product and I’d suggest adding command strips just to reinforce the seals because the clips that are included they are good but there’s not enough of them.

  25. Heather Khalaf

    Lights are a hit!

    I bought these lights as a birthday gift. The first set we had an issue with the light strip because it broke. I was going to return them but the company emailed me requesting to replace the lights at no charge. Round two is much better, the lights are a hit. We love how bright they are and playing with the app. My teenage daughter loves playing music and the lights change with the beat. Thank you for standing by your product!

  26. Simon H.

    Muy buena

  27. Emeric

    Ok this is amazing!

    This is probably the best drunk purchase I have ever done. I am big LED and RGB fan when it comes to lighting. But this LED strip is just amazing! I love the iPhone app and how easy it is to use, the music mode and all the scenes available in the app. I am seriously so happy about this purchase and recommended it to a few of my friends because this is so much fun! Will probably buy more for the bedroom!

  28. Philip

    Great color, but software/firmware causes minor annoyance

    This is a great product but there is just one small thing of its firmware that is quite annoying and I cannot believe they overlooked it.After updating the led controller to its latest firmware, in the phone app it allows you to adjust the sensitivity it reacts to music. I place one right beside my speaker so that I can turn the sensitivity very low so that it does not pick up anything else besides the speaker volume. All is well at first, but it would seem for some reason the controller will adjust the sensitivity by itself after some time. So after I leave if for the night it becomes sensitive again and start picking up room tone and it gets quite annoying. To readjust the sensitivity I need to go to the phone app again. I don’t know what is causing it but it seems to be ignored by the manufacturer.

  29. Shawn Grignon

    Beautiful lights

    These lights are amazing! I bought a cheaper set for my desk a while back and they were… Cool, I guess. They worked. These… These are beautiful. The automations are very impressive with the multiple colors. Perfect little control module that can be mounted to a wall next a light switch, in my case, on the side of my aquarium for an easy on off switch. The app was a little hard to navigate at first, but after getting used to it it’s pretty easy with a lot of functionality.I LOVE THESE LIGHTSdefinitely going to be getting another set soon for … Whatever really

  30. Zack

    Great purchase, money well spent

    One of the best products I’ve received off of Amazon. The lights are very bright, easy to install, the adhesion is perfect, and I love that I can control them with the app.The only criticism I can offer would be towards how long the product lasts, and I’ll have to find that out as I use the product. 1 week in, so far so good.

  31. CatShady

    Great lights…. but.

    I bought these to replace an Der strip that had to be removed and was damaged when taken down.New model more better right? Nope. Turns out this specific model isn’t integrated into the ONE APP I use it for lol. Welp. Until this works with LUMIA it’s just a bit of background lighting

  32. crazy4coral

    What a let down.

    I wanted to love this product but it was just lacking a little. I’ve had very cheaply made LED strips that come with a remote and have more color spectrum than these. It says 16 million colors but literally probably only has 50. You have to download an app on your phone as this does not come with a remote. When choosing diffrent colors from a color wheel to customize a color on the LED strip you can choose any shade of color within a particular color and it won’t actually change the color. For instance, I choose and orange-ish red. It will display red. I choose dark orange… Red. I choose a light red, I get pink. Choose a yellowish red, you get yellow.. There is no inbetween. The colors you choose will not be displayed on the LED strip correctly. I was also suprised on the limited pre made settings. It’s very limited and you can’t customize them. The premade scenes aren’t even available in the custom settings as an option to add to your custom scene. Its unfortunate because I was really expecting great things

  33. Shops too much

    So beautiful and vibrant. Not Wi-Fi version though!

    My 13 yr old daughter wanted these to replace her Christmas bulb lights in her room. I was nervous about it because she has a high gloss or satin paint on her walls of our rental and NOTHING sticks!We saw my brothers, who is a beta tester and just fell in love! His was Wi-Fi so I took a pic of the box and purchased this, which I thought was exactly the same. It is but just not Wi-Fi!.Its super durable, high quality and has so many options.We alcoholed the walls 3x in the area to place the lights and they stuck! Barely but enough with the little screws and placement holders. It’s been up for a week and it’s rarely not on. She loves it and is so happy with it!

  34. Monroe

    Great product, But forget about Extensions.

    I love how the lights can be easily controlled. They sync perfectly with the app and I’m amazed that I’m am to create my own scenes, pick my colors, set the rhythm, it’s great. However I am kinda disappointed that the lights CANNOT be extended. I have made the mistake of trying to extend them however, the second strip I was trying to extend the first one to kinda gave me a little trouble. It had a good connection however, the second strip had some what of a reversed command. If the first strip was off, the second would turn on. If the first was on the second would think I told it to turn off. Overall the product is amazing just that they DO NOT function well off extensions. However it won’t stop me from buying more. Just don’t try to cut or extend them.

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  35. Craig c

    Works really well you get what you pay for

    The one to get just a little expensive

  36. Steve

    Work as they should for the most part

    They are very bright and have a lot of functions.The app allows for a lot of color choices even choosing a different color for every 3 LEDs.They stick well, just make sure the surface is clean and dry.Cons:First set broke before i had a chance to stick it up, second set already has a blown IC which makes 3 LEDs dead.The LEDs are not always the right color, selecting green may show some are yellowish and dimmer but they come on with the right color during most patterns like Rainbow.I am not going to return it again because i don’t know what fault the next would have.

  37. Rob in the PNW

    Try them in a cloud lamp

     I used this model in my homemade cloud lamp. It works great for the application: the Bluetooth control allowed me to pack the power source and product controls into the lamp so I can control by my phone.The sound responsiveness is good, but there seems to be an occasional sensitivity issue I haven’t overcome yet. If I had to ask for any improvements in the product, it would be correcting the sound issue and expanding the music response functions in the app.Otherwise, this is a uniquely compact unit with amply bright light, range, and sensitivity to meet your unique and custom lighting needs

  38. Jason

    Good product.

    First things first, I love the lights. They’re the best led lights I’ve ever used and super easy to use. I ordered 2 pairs but unfortunately one of them just stopped working one day and I tried to reach out to customer service but all they could provide me with was “uninstall and reinstall the app”. It’s like they didn’t even read my email to see what the actual issue is. Other than that they are great lights. They’re very bright, vibrant, and really customizable. I would recommend other than the fact that the customer service is not very good from my experience.Edit: 5/21They’ve finally shipped me a replacement, which work as promised. They sent me an email after they saw my review and decided to help out with my case. Very generous of them.

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  39. Tyler

    Great lights

     These are awesome lights! Very straight forward on how to install, and the lights work seamlessly with their app. Syncs great with music playing, and there are a bunch of presets to choose from. Also a big thank you to the person who reviewed saying to peel the adhesive off with a tweezer because I couldn’t for the life of me unpeel the strip to the adhesive. It was pulling all of the adhesive off of the lights, but the tweezers definitely saved me.

  40. Gabor Kemenczei

    Good quality for the price

    Adhesion: did not tested, used instead zipties since we are at tropical climate (ie no glue can lasts)Brightness: these are 5050 leds, not as bright than 2835 but colored 🙂 Could be added more led chip on the strip for additional brightness.Software/handling: easy like 1-2-3Easy to install: well it can be (unlike our solution was not that easy)Only negative: The water-proofing silicone is very sensitive for bendings, movings (despite you take care), it can break easily.

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  41. Levenly

    Awesome light with great customer service!

    I had ordered these lights to put around the side / border of my desk. I had it all setup, etc, it worked, but 3-4 hours after, somehow, a crack formed around the 3 pin connector. I reached out to support and an amazing rep helped me through trying to reset the strip, etc, to get it working or rule out software/tech issues.Upon figuring out it cracked, the rep was able to send me a full replacement to me via Amazon, and now I have awesome RGB lighting at my desk! My desk is adjacent to the wall, so I mounted the remote right on one of the legs to keep it hidden, but well within reach from my chair so I can change colors on the fly.The various music sync modes are pretty cool, and makes our basement have an extra flair when streaming workouts to our TV (since it can pickup the music from the TV). But just having some RGB lighting behind the desk really helps the appearance and aesthetics when using my desktop.

  42. D. J. Whicker

    App color patterns need imagination – see update

    I haven’t installed the lights yet, so a neutral response on adhesion and installation ease. All I have done to date is to test the lights and download the app. It all works, but the color patterns available for the app are rather simple. I also don’t find any color patterns that I would call ‘Christmassy’. No chasing red, green, blue, white lights. No slow dimming/brightening switching between red and green lights. I really can’t qualify these as Christmas lights without some of these features. I am advised that a new app is in the works. I would like to see its release accelerated, and hope that it includes some Christmas patterns.Update November 11, 2019 – I finally installed the light strip. Turns out I was wrong. With the app, I can set up my own patterns and I am finding that I can achieve the Christmas patterns I am looking for. Look for the DIY section. I’m prepared to upgrade my rating to 5 stars.Watch out when you are removing the paper backing from the 2 sided sticky tape that you don’t pull the tape off of the light strip. It’s easy to do.

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  43. Ruslan

    It’s bluetooth only. Better buy with Wi-Fi

    The product itself is perfect if you use bluetoothFor me it’s not comfortable because every time I want to change color/mode/brightness I have to use my phone. So after I tried these strip lights I bought the exact same strip lights just with Wi-Fi from Govee

  44. Ronnie1628

    This Dreamcolor lights CAN be cut

     I bought these to make some underglow lights for my moms golf cart for her birthday. I was a little concerned at first because they claim the dreamcolor light strips can’t be cut because of how they are designed and I needed to cut and splice in jumper wires between each strip to make the underglow strips but I figured I would buy them and try anyways. After they arrived, I cut off the last 6” of the strip and soldered in a jumper wire just to see if they would still work and they did with no issues. Now with the said, once I started playing with them and looking at how they work, I understand why they say they can’t be cut. If you don’t piece the strip back together in the same order, they won’t work. So if you do, pay close attention when piecing it back together. I used stickers with number to remind me.

  45. Orlando

    Cool while they work

     Update July 6, 2022: Customer service reached out offering a replacement but I told them I wasn’t sure if I’ll encounter the same issue described below in the future. So I ended up going for a newer model (H619A1D1) and hoping it will last a lot longer than 8 months.I really like these lights in general, the adhesive is kind of so so. However, after 8 months, these lights started flickering for some reason. What a shame because I really like them, but in good conscience, I cannot longer recommend this for the long term. The video is only 5 seconds but it will do that for 30-60 seconds at any time.

  46. Larry Polzin


    I got this item as a gift and wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it, so I took it down to my art studio. Turns out it fit exactly in my front door frame, and upon installing it and firing it up, the lights began moving in time to my music – what a great effect and totally surprised me! The LED’s are super bright and the patterns are very cool – I have not loaded the app to my phone yet. WARNING: READ THE FRICKIN’ INSTRUCTIONS! Since I am “man” and “man don’t need read dumb instructions”, I neglected to find the enclosed “install tabs”. Had I used said “install tabs” instead of my carpet staple gun I probably would not of cut into the circuit line and shorted out the entire left side of the lights. Upon slapping it (and myself) repeatedly and an hour of creative cursing, the lights flickered back on and have been working since. I bought a second set as a backup, just in case they change their mind…

  47. Ark

    Good Product.

    It’s a great product. It’s can be controlled via mobile app (which connects with Bluetooth, not wifi). Manufacturer says it cannot be cut but we had to cut it and it worked great. 👍🏼

  48. c.710

    Definitely a better option somewhere else. Great idea but not engineered to its potential.

     UPDATE: if you have a subwoofer, its going to greatly alter the performance. I turned the bass down and its okay, still not what i expected.(See attached video for music issue I referred to)So the entire reason I bought these was for the music function where the lights are supposed to react to sound. I installed them and they get so warm when they’re on high brightness that the adhesive lets go. Luckily they provide you little brackets you can screw into the wall etc.. that’s a plus.Now, the biggest downside… When you turn on music mode and start playing a song, it will react a couple times then it’s gets progressively darker like it’s not catching the sounds, then in completely shuts off and stops reacting to the music altogether. NoMatter what I put the sensitivity at this issue persists and you get cool lights for about 10 seconds. The “rhythm” music mode literally does nothing. Like no exaggeration it does absolutely nothing. So that’s a huge bust. Overall I’mPretty dissatisfied, and once again amazon is letting stuff like this sell.Another huge downside, is when you are doing certain “DIY” modes, you select red and blue as the 2 colors you want for example, there’s always pink in between the colors. You CANT shut of the gradient mode. And most of the cool modes you’d like, have random colors you can’t remove select ofher one. And there’s other really annoying things, Like the “chasing” mode always has huge white sections even if you don’t have it selected.

  49. aubi

    Awesome strip! And yes, you can cut them (but don’t try to reattach/solder them)

    I have the 16.4ft H6127 model, and I can confirm that you CAN cut this LED strip using scissors to cut it to length and retain complete functionality. I tested the the various color settings in the app and the dream color effect is fully functional. You have to cut after the 3 copper segments like how I did in the photo attached. I cut those two test segments. However, I only wanted to cut them to length, not solder/attach the same pieces or a different strip together. I assume you can’t, which is why the description of this product says you cannot cut it to RESOLDER it (although some reviewers have apparently found a way to!) Worth my money!

  50. Thomas Willis

    Plug in and get a feel for what you want. Also, make sure you measure your room before purchase.

    Colors are all set. You want red, you get red. Want blue, you get blue, etc. You can cycle the brightness of these colors, but there are no hue or tint differences. In music mode there are two configurations I like, but the only color you can use for those configs is red. It would be nice to be able to cycle the colors on some of those configurations ie. A blue beat or green beat instead of red. But! I love it! This light system is awesome! It reacts to all sounds, whether watching TV or chatting with someone or playing music. I streamed 68ft around my ceiling in my room corner to corner and put 16ft under my bar, then got some light and laser lamps, so when my lights are off it’s like an awesome party with the music going.

    2 people found this helpful

  51. Laura

    Perfect holiday lighting year round

    These lights are amazing! We have them on our roof line on the front of our house and they are perfect. They are nice and bright, they stick really well and the amount of effects and colors you can do are amazing! No more changing lights for different holidays, just use the app and change it to whatever theme or colors you want for the holiday. The music sync is perfect for parties and works fantastic. Totally worth the money.

  52. Roni Borochov

    Best LEDS on the market

     Really liked the ability to customize what color i want the leds and where. The apl is super easy to use and the leds themselves are very easy to setup!

  53. Gametyme

    Adhesive not so good

    It’s a great led light, the brightness is excellent.I also like that you can control it with Bluetooth there’s an app you can download many functions with it as well. It’s great for party night or dancing lights also move with sound.But my downfall for this will be the adhesiveness not being so sticky.So I would have to use tape to hold in place but sometimes that doesn’t last long.It does come with pins to help hold in place but not much comes with it.

    One person found this helpful

  54. Autumn Williamson

    Bright and fun!

     I bought these a couple of months ago ( I’ve had them since October 2019) and they truly were worth the money. I was questioning the price tag but the system is so cool!!! The music sync future is insane and is fun to play with. It is controlled by a downloaded app and Bluetooth or there is a remote control on the plug in string. The only con I could see with them is that it is hard to put it around a tapestry like I did. The adhesion is pretty good but will wear when put on and off surfaces.(They can get SUPER bright, the video is them about at 25%)

  55. Rebecca W.

    Sticky tape failed within the first couple of days…

    My son wanted these lights as a birthday gift. When they arrived, it was tricky getting them set-up, but we eventually figured out the best way to place them on the angled walls in his bedroom. I don’t know what they’re ideally supposed to be affixed to, but they fell right off the drywall/walls. My husband put them back up, and they fell again, overnight. You will have to use something more than the sticky tape they provide, in order to get these hung. On a positive note, they are VERY bright and colorful, and they pulse with the beat of music, voices, etc, perfectly!

    One person found this helpful

  56. A.J. Hernandez

    Great product, even greater customer service!

    OMG! This product is amazing, the sensor for music is across the room and it picks up every beat! The adhesive is great, I have an accent wall that’s painted with semi-gloss paint and it still sticks, plus the included clips help keep everything in place. On the matte paint the strip isn’t coming off unless you really want it off! Govee also gets an A+ in customer service, I ran into an issue and texted them via the app and they shipped out a replacement that very same day, two days later I was unpacking the replacement strip! I love this product and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get some LED light strips.

  57. Brady Adventures

    LED Strip Perfect for Overlanding – Check out our install video on youtube

    I have experimented with a number of LED strips in my overland camping vehicle. I’ve learned a few things along the way. These LEDs are great because they don’t need wifi, are 12 volt so can be wired straight to your vehicle power, have music sync, and dream color. It’s hare to find the perfect strip but this was it for us. Check out our videos on LED light strips and our install of this in our roof top tent but searching “Brady Adventures LED Light Strip” on youtube.

  58. Juancho

    The app makes these fun to use.

     Didn’t want to depend only on the adhesive. And my TV isn’t going any where for a very long time so I just Krazy glue the strips. Ran perfectly around my 65 inch. Love the controls within the app you can use. I like to split the color half and half sometimes. I’m very satisfied with this and I’ll buy some more in the future for my kitchen.

  59. ES125

    These > Philips Hue

    I actually just returned the philips for a couple reasons and these ones are just as good and way easier to apply, plus way more affordable!Adhesion – amazing! Way better than Philips hue, I was able to bend and curve so easily. And they were so stickyBrightness – i may say it is too bright but I can’t complain, the dimmer works so I can live with it. The colors are a bit hard if that makes sense, not getting those in between colors as good as Phillips did.

  60. Spencer

    Cool led set. Hard to search through all products/features options

    The lights are super cool and easy to install and control with the app.This is the second set of GOVEE lights I’ve purchased. I love the first set, but it can’t ‘chase’ or be different colors (strip is a solid color) I bought this set thinking it was an upgraded version of the old set. but this set does not have wifi features.-a star for difficulty searching through all the features /options. Triple-check to make sure it has all the features you want.

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