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eufy security Video Doorbell Dual Camera (Battery-Powered) with HomeBase

Dual Cam Technology
Dual Motion Detection
Delivery Guard™
2K with HDR

999 AED

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eufy security Video Doorbell Dual Camera
(Battery-Powered) with HomeBase, Wireless Doorbell Camera, Dual Motion and Package Detection, 2K HD, Family Recognition, No Monthly Fee, 16GB Local Storage Electronics

E8213-bs pc


eufy security Video Doorbell Dual Camera (Battery-Powered) with HomeBase, Wireless Doorbell Camera, Dual Motion and Package Detection, 2K HD, Family Recognition, No Monthly Fee, 16GB Local Storage

Product Dimensions 6.5 x 2.17 x 1.17 inches

Item Weight 12.3 ounces


Item model number E8213

Batteries 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Manufacturer eufy security

Country of Origin China

About this item This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number.

Dual Cam Technology: The view offered by ordinary cameras is just too limited to provide complete protection. With the Porch View Camera, blindspots are eliminated and your doorstep is in full view.

Dual Motion Detection: The advanced PIR and radar motion sensors are able to distinguish both near and far subjects and reduce 95% of false alarms. Delivery Guard*: Get instantly notified when your package arrives with Delivery Guard.

Plus, you’ll receive pick-up reminders and alerts if someone approaches your package. 2K with HDR: 2K HD surveillance ensures visitors can be identified from the details. And thanks to high dynamic range, visitors who are backlit by the sun can be seen in perfect color and clarity.

Note: Wi-Fi only connects to 2.4GHz networks. Compatible with Homebase 3 before March 2023.

The Eufy Video Doorbell Dual is a little larger than it looks on the website: the doorbell is just under five and a half inches tall and two inches wide, looking more like an old-school intercom unit than the svelte doorbells from manufacturers like Ring and Nest.

That’s presumably down to the battery inside that keeps the device running: Eufy claims a battery life of six months. It does look a bit intimidating, though; with the large lens of the main camera staring at you, it feels rather like a security checkpoint. On the bottom of the doorbell are the second smaller downward-facing camera and a couple of white LEDs that light up when motion is detected.






Product Dimensions

6.5 x 2.17 x 1.17 inches

Item Weight

12.3 ounces



Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

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4.4 out of 5 stars

799 ratings
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4.4 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#63 in Home Security Systems

Date First Available

July 19, 2021


eufy security

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60 reviews for eufy security Video Doorbell Dual Camera (Battery-Powered) with HomeBase

  1. bob

    This one works

    I originally purchased the Eufy 2k doorbell. Like most other reviews on that doorbell, it had serious issues. After contacting Eufy and trying a replacement, that was worse than the original, I returned the 2k doorbell and ordered the Dual Camera doorbell. This doorbell is a major improvement. I have now had the doorbell for months and it has worked great. Very reliable, fairly quick detection especially for battery powered, human detection works great where the 2k human detection hardly worked at all. One draw back is that when watching the bottom package camera, the is a tool bar on the bottom of the screen that includes a large white full circle for phone option that covers up the exact spot where the packages sit. Very annoying. Phone alerts are also fairly slow, about 7-8 seconds after event starts. Over all though very happy with this door bell and Eufy customer service.

    3 people found this helpful

  2. Silver Story

    Great security doorbell

    It is a great security doorbell and you can save it locally. No need for those cloud subscription where company would save the videos in their cloud. All is great, I have it as a battery operated one and not directly linked to my outlet, or so. So there is a delay in getting the notification to your app. But to the base station it is fairly quick. If that is a deal breaker on the notification delay then you can look for other products. So far it is good for my use case and I’ll search further eufy products for my home security.

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  3. bbqjohn

    Doorbell works fine for my needs

    I installed the battery dual cam doorbell. Set up was a bit clunky trying to get the doorbell connected to the base but after a few tries it worked (I am an IT professional and it was still clunky for me). The camera has been up for a few days and has been solid detecting motion at my door and I have not received a single false alarm yet. The feature to define your motion detection zone is nice but is kinda buried in the app. Once you find it it is easy to use.The dual camera with package detection has worked for the two deliveries I have had since installing the doorbell. Both times it alerted me that not only a person was at my door but also a package. I picked up one of the packages by not going through the front door and it told me a package was picked up. I’m not so sure this is really necessary since I already get notified that someone went to my door and I can see the person taking the package and that it is gone via the second camera. The feature works though.I am really happy with the doorbell so far.

    One person found this helpful

  4. DevAuto

    Horrible – DON’T BUY THIS!!

    TLDR: Costs too much, does too little, and does it very poorly. Don’t buy it.For a doorbell at this price point, there are way too many problems with it, at the price I would expect it to be a LOT better. One reviewer said it felt like a “Beta” project, but I disagree because it isn’t even that good. There are numerous problems with it and I should have returned it, but unfortunately I didn’t even have the time to install it before the return window closed. Below are the most egregious problems with this particular doorbell.Motion – My daughter woke up in the middle of the night and walked right out the front door. I know that a doorbell isn’t going to stop her from leaving, but it didn’t even record her walking past it and leaving our porch. In fact, I didn’t realize she was out of the house until the next morning and she told me that she left to go to a friend’s house. When I reviewed the videos from the doorbell, there was one of her coming home, but there wasn’t one from when she LEFT despite the fact that she had to walk right past the doorbell to leave! Even when set to the maximum sensitivity and distance (20 feet), the doorbell will NOT activate until someone is within 5 feet, if it activates at all.Delay – On those occasions that the motion does actually trigger the doorbell to record something, there is a delay of 9-20 seconds before it records anything. If something triggers the doorbell, there is a good chance that it will be gone long before anything is caught on video. Regularly there will be a package on the porch that shows up, but no video of who came up to the porch and delivered it, or anyone leaving the area, only a video of a package laying there under the lower camera.Alexa Integration – I have a routine setup to turn on my porch lights and my string lights around the porch and my garage security lights when motion is detected at night. When it works, and it doesn’t always work, the delay between the motion capture and any of the lights coming on is the same as the recording delay, somewhere between 9 and 20 seconds.Battery Life – Here is another area that is just plain bad. The rated spec is nowhere near the 10-12 days of actual “in use” battery life. To make matters worse, there is no way to simply swap batteries, instead you have to take it off the wall and charge it for 6 hours. Since the doorbell barely works in the first place, I guess you could call this a nuisance and not a real problem.What does it do well?Picture-In-Picture Mode – This is awesome. I really like that you can have it capture the lower camera in the same video view as the main camera.Picture Quality – If it somehow captures something notable, at least the picture is very clear and sharp.Local Storage – This is the main reason I bought it, and at least the few things it does capture are local and I don’t have to pay a monthly service fee for my doorbell.Closing Thoughts – All in all, the idea of this doorbell is far better than the implementation of it. Eufy could probably fix, or at least improve, some of the issues with new firmware to improve performance, but I’m not holding out hope that they actually will.

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  5. Sparky

    Big upgrade

    So almost a year ago I switched from the ring to the wired 2k camera eufy doorbell. Human Motion sensing with the doorbell facing the street with trees is horrible. It felt like a downgrade from the ring even though video quality was better. I fiddled with every setting and had tech support work on it as well. Couldn’t get the product to work properly even with a replacement unit. I finally ended up switching to this dual camera doorbell and this seems to have solved most of the issues I was having. Occasionally it would miss an event when a person walks away or up to the doorbell. But doesn’t happen often (happened once this past week) . Also it doesn’t tell me moving trees and shadows are human like the other doorbell. So If you are looking at this after having a bad experience with the wired 2k eufy doorbell, might be worth giving this a try. By the way, the mounting holes for this are not in the exact location as the other model. So you’ll have to drill at least one new hole.


    Best doorbell camera with Home Base3

    This is the best doorbell camera when you have Home Base3 and solar panel for charging.The APP is very good compare to other APPs.The setup is not easy for everyone and they need to print bigger barcode on the box for easy scan.The streaming is slow while watching and has some delay.Not sure about batteries life but there is no replacement so if the batteries died then you need to keep connected on USB cable (Ring is better for this point).But overall and compare to others this product is 4.8 stars.

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  7. Ltb

    Battery vs. Wired

    I decided the switch out my Ring Pro when Ring increased the annual subscription fee, because it’s a waste of money. I did, however, want to be able to access old recordings, just in case.One thing that is confusing about the Eufy doorbell is whether to get the wired version or the battery version. Since I have existing doorbell wires I thought the wired version would be better, but it’s not. With the battery version you can hardwire the doorbell, which will use your existing chime, plus you’ll have battery backup if the electricity goes out. With the wired version you can still hardwire the doorbell, but it won’t use the existing chime. Not sure why Eufy did it this way, but the battery version is the way to go if you want to hardwire it and use your existing chime. 2K picture quality is better than the 1080HD Ring Pro and I like having the two cameras, because the 4:3 aspect ratio of the top camera isn’t as distorted as the 16:9 aspect ratio of the Ring Pro. Make sure you use a 16v 30va transformer with your door chime.

    13 people found this helpful

  8. samantha

    Great camera

    I have been using this for a few months now since purchasing and it works great. But the video shows slower then the guest ringing the door bell.

  9. Reese Ethier

    Great Doorbell

    Fantastic doorbell. Love that there are no subscription fees needed.

  10. Andy.T

    Good product

    Motion, night vision and picture are clear. There is a delayed of about 5-10 seconds between the time of detection and notification on the app. Installation was a breeze, I am concerning about the angle mounting bracket which made of plastic. The camera can be pry out of the bracket easily. Not good for a $250 product. I would give it 5 stars if that bracket is made of metal.

  11. Greg Herman

    Excellent Door bell, no service needed

    Installation was very simple. Picture is great, the package picture is super helpful. However the activation for the motion is a tad slow. It’s easy to adjust, and I love to have control of the hub and not on the cloud. Works great with my existing doorbell. Just a few adjustments and everything works. Daytime pics are blanked out somewhat due to the long porch darkening the pic area.

  12. Professor

    No option to turn off the two LED lights when using the night vision feature.

    I really like most of the features on this video doorbell camera, but not having an option to turn off the two LED lights on each side of the bottom camera when using the night vision feature was a huge deal breaker for me. They shoud upde the firmware with the option to turn the LED light off when using the night vision feature. I will be returning it by 08/12/2022 if no updated firmware with the option to turn those LED light come out by then.

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  13. Narani

    Best quality & best design specially with 2 camera.

    I like the quality %100, design %100. Easy setup. I can say this product is number 1. I’ll switch my Arlo security cameras to eufy security cameras soon. No monthly fee and lot of good things.

  14. Amazon Customer

    Motion detection delayed

    The motion detection response is delayed. I live on a corner lot, oftentimes people cut through the yard near the walkway that leads up to my front door. Unfortunately, this camera does not capture any of that movement. It is not until the person stands in place on the doormat for the motion to activate. This has been tested over and over with me coming and going. The camera light activates when I stand at the door putting my key in the lock. I really wanted to love this product based on the reviews, videos, and comparable ratings; however, this does not work for me. My neighborhood is busy and require more notification that someone is approaching my residence.

  15. manuel ariel benitez

    resolution on point

    app works very well, way better on Apples devices

  16. Tbao

    Flaw in a good product

    Like and own several eufy products. Unfortunately this doorbell has a flaw in my opinion even it’s very well designed as I want to use the battery instead of AC wiring. The doorbell needs to be taken offline in order to be charged. In case you forgot to put the doorbell back, you would not have doorbell until you remember. Even you remember, you will still not have a doorbell while it’s being recharged. Sorry, eufy. Needs some improvement.

  17. Shaun Jones

    Great product so far!

    PRO:The app is awesome. The picture is great. I’ve had a great user experience and look forward to adding another camera. If my doorbell rings, I get notifications on my phone and through all Amazon Echos in the house. If the cameras detect anything Amazon announces notification and the Eufy app notifies me . Everything works perfect.CON:It took hours to get the camera doorbell to upgrade firmware(which is necessary to get it working properly). I came really close to sending everything back. I must have repeated the process 60 times within a two day span. I researched online to discover Eufy only supplies updates in the late evening hours. And then all the sudden it successfully upgraded. The explanation for setup on Amazon Echo integration could be much better. I went through so much documentation that was ultimately outdated. I got it all to work after a few hours. I can say the Eufy app is where you need go for Amazon configuration first. Then you can finish config inside the Amazon app once it sees the doorbell as a device.

    4 people found this helpful

  18. Colorado Rockies

    Outstanding AMERICAN Support!

    The setup of this doorbell is kind of a pain, but after talking to them they say they realize their latest change isn’t sitting well with customers and are working on a new setup. That being said, I had to reach out to technical support twice, once to replace the doorbell that failed and once for problems setting up replacement – both times I got a super nice AMERICAN support rep, a refreshing change from all the other companies out there that only offer non-native English speakers who have zero care about you. I will stick with Eufy/Anker forever now that I know it’s American owned, American run and American supported.

  19. Robert Forest

    its good

    its good

  20. BellaJuanBellaJuan

    Way better quality/ Easy to install/ Only one time charge

    Recently, the ring 2 video doorbell (used less than two years) at home has been given us fits with constant false alarms and it was time to make a change.After looking at multiple security video doorbell products settled on the Eufy Security Doorbell. Main reason was due to the fact that it has the ability to have a dual look to view people at the door and keep an eye on packages until we get home. I was tired of also paying monthly subscriptions, and this product has the ability to store video locally on your phone and you can simply delete the unnecessary videos to save the storage space.Setting up the product took less than 20 mins. All someone has to do is to hook up the home base to a router to give an extended Wi-Fi range for the doorbell. Ensure that the doorbell connects with Eufy security and mount the product with 2 screws, connect wires, and snap it in.Once installed the video quality was really clear as it was 2k. It will allow us to see the delivery peoples’ name tags. Product will provide notifications for people arrival and reminders for packages that are there for you to monitor til you get home. All in all, it’s been about a week since we have had the product and way better upgrade. Highly recommended!

    21 people found this helpful

  21. Applesaucejaxon

    It’s awesome when it works. (EDITED)

    Alright, I’m editing this review. The original review is below. Long story short, I had major issues with the doorbell when the temperature dropped to 30 or so degrees. I contacted Eufy support, and after pushing in a new firmware did not fix the issue, they overnighted me a new doorbell. This one has worked flawlessly. I was tempted to update my review to 5 stars from the 1 star that I initially gave it. But knowing the issues that I had with my original doorbell, I didn’t feel that would be fair. That being said, Eufy support is great. They go out of their way to make things right and don’t hassle you. And again, the second doorbell was worked with absolutely no issues. I love it!——Original review——I received this doorbell last Tuesday. Setup was simple and I had it up and running in no time. The picture quality is great and I’m very happy with the feature set. I also have a hilarious video of the UPS guy trying to throw a package onto my porch that blew away mid flight… And his expletive filled tirade while he was chasing it down. I had minimal false notifications, and the night vision is really great. Extremely clear and I could see people walking in the dark half a block away. I was in love with this thing.Then Saturday came.I noticed that I didn’t get a notification when my wife went out to get coffee in the morning. Then I didn’t get a notification when she got home. I went on the porch and still nothing. I pressed the doorbell button, and nothing happened. I went back inside to check the Eufy app, and the doorbell started to ring about 15 seconds later. I checked the app and nobody was there, so it was clearly from when I I pressed it before. I figured maybe it was just a glitch and moved on. Then the mail was delivered and I didn’t get any notification from the app. At this point, I tried to pull up a live view on the camera and I kept getting errors. Cannot connect to Doorbell -201 and Cannot Connect to Doorbell -3. Then it just said that the doorbell was offline.Today is Monday, and the issues are still persisting. I think it’s the cold weather. It’s been in the teens and 20s with high wind since Saturday. If I bring the doorbell inside and let it warm up, it works perfectly again for a few hours. It’s extremely frustrating since it’s supposedly rated for down to -4 degrees.When the doorbell works, it’s awesome. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be working very often.

    8 people found this helpful

  22. Red Lightning

    The apps that goes with it has ads all over it. No way to turn them off! UPDATED – 2nd UPDATE

    UPDATE at the bottom New Update at bottomFirst, the hardware itself is very nice and comes with somewhat clear instructions. Connectivity if a bit iffy but after a few tries to seems to do ok.THEN COMES THE APP.Here is where this fails to meet any security and privacy needs. To use the video doorbell you need to use their app. Be prepared to get spammed, not a little but everytime you use it. The video doorbell is a security and privacy device and you want to trust it. What it turns out to be is way to sell you other services, place ads directly on the screen when you try to use it and it gets worse, you can’t turn them off!This video doorbell isn’t cheap and while the app is a free download you’ll pay dearly for it with ads. Where are those ads coming from and how can you really know where they do come from? A security related app for hardware you already paid for must to have any ads that you might click on by accident nor should they be there to take away your attention from the focus at hand, checking on the doorbell video, answering someone ringing it or otherwise.One might say just don’t pay attention to the ads. You already paid over $200 for the video doorbell and then have to put up with ads? I can understand if they provide some menu item to upgrade or buy additional services but they put an ad right on the screen where you check the video/pictures or use the audio and the almost invisible “x” to close the ad insures you’ll open it.To make matters worse, they also put icons in the notification portion of the app. You think it’s something important only to find out its yet another ad. I have emailed the company and explained the problem. Others have as well, read the app reviews.If the company is unwilling to provide a trustworthy app that is required to use their video doorbell then this gets packed up and returned. I will gladly update my review if they do the right thing. Why isn’t this disclosed in their description for the video doorbell? Obviously, because few people would buy it if they did. You only find out AFTER you buy the hardware.UPDATE:I returned the doorbell video camera. I really hesitated to do that but there are just too many concerns with privacy. In the description for the camera above “From eufy, Where Privacy Comes First”. This is impossible when the very first thing that happens when you use the required app is that you get ads. Just ads weren’t the problem, it’s how those ads are placed in the app that causes the biggest headache. There is an near the lower right hand corner with a “x” so small it’s impossible to discard without activating the link in the ad. That link takes you to someplace trying to sell you something. The bigger problem is that once you are switched over to that content you have no way to exit, literally having to close the app and restart it.Now imagine this: You get a notification or hear the doorbell. You open the app to check on who is at the door and you accidentally tap that ad link. Now you are redirected from the app supposedly there is provide you with some security and into some place trying to sell you something. You then have to close the app and try again. Now imagine this is in the middle of the night. How secure are you now with someone at your door, time is going by and if it’s someone looking to break and enter and trying to see if someone is home, there is no answer. What happens next?This is not a trivial issue, links within a security app should never redirect the user outside of the app to commercial interests. The exception would be to allow the user to request support or to update firmware. Anything else is a breach of common sense security.I can understand the manufacturer reaching out to customer who have complained but here is the thing, the ads in the app aren’t something they don’t know about. When you visit the Playstore and read the reviews about the app it’s 100% clear they know about the issue because they ask customers to replay back with their account so they can remove the most offending ads. All ads are offending or instrusive when you pay over $250 for the hardware, the app isn’t free, it works only with Eufy products so you are paying for it.I am pretty balanced in my reviews but this one necessitated a poor review. Instead of asking for feedback the company should respond to the feedback already provided by many customers and just stop with any and all ads – period. Do you want your security system compromised by ads? They just don’t get it it so they don’t get my business.

    375 people found this helpful

  23. fwoomfwoom

    Not Ready for Prime Time

    First of all, I own or have owned a lot of Anker/Eufy products. I’ve been generally happy with their products and they’ve become a brand I generally trust when making purchases to avoid more expensive name-brand items that are either inferior, or are not better enough to command their high prices.The summary of this review is I’m very disappointed in this doorbell and expected it to perform far better than it did. I really wanted to love it, and it tries really hard to be a superior product, but it fails in almost every way. It seems more like a Beta Test version than a final version released to the public.Detailed review:I bought this doorbell to replace a Ring doorbell that I’ve owned for a number of years and have never been happy with. I won’t get into the numerous problems that doorbell has in this review (it’s not a gen 1), but I’ve been looking for a suitable replacement for a long time.I’ve been wanting a Eufy doorbell for quite awhile and I picked this up on a Prime Day deal thinking I finally found my replacement. Sadly, this one isn’t it. I’m still well within my return window, and it’s going back in the morning. I used it for 14 days before the battery died. A far cry from the advertised six months (see photos for a full, fair representation, including how many motion events it detected (a lot). See below for more details).This is a newer doorbell product by Eufy, and it shows. There are a number of problems with it (more to follow). The types of problems it has surprised me because this is not Eufy’s first video doorbell at all. I expected more out of this product, considering they’ve had other doorbells for quite some time. I figured that by now, they’ve worked out some kinks and that this one would be the one I’ve been waiting for. I was wrong.Initially, I thought if this didn’t work out, I’d go with one of their older models. However, some of the problems with this doorbell are so bad that I am now rethinking that decision. Maybe I’ll have to just 3D print and build my own homemade doorbell, even if I have to design it myself. I’m very tech-savvy and that which I dislike about this product is likely not user error.The good:There is a lot to be said about a video doorbell that will store all your videos locally, giving you full control and saving expensive cloud storage fees. This is the doorbell’s best selling point, so it’s no wonder that Eufy puts a lot of focus on it. This is especially a good selling point for me, because there is no reason their name brand competitor could not have had this feature from the very beginning. And that competitor hiked storage prices by 33% a couple months ago. Ridiculous, whether we have hyper-inflation or not. It’s this feature that makes me want to keep the doorbell more than anything. Unfortunately, the “bad” of this doorbell does not overcome this truly amazing feature.The video on this is absolutely better than my old doorbell, at least during the day. The night vision is so-so. I do get a very crisp daytime picture with this. I like it a lot.It picks up audio very well, and I like that I can listen to activity without activating any lights on the doorbell.It has a night light that lights up at night when it detects motion. This is a nice touch, especially since the so-called Alexa integration leaves A TON to be desired (more on that below). So, when I approach the front door at night, it lights up with a light that is just enough. It’s not too bright and not too dim. While I’d prefer that it’s Alexa integration would work well enough to turn on my porch light on motion detection (it doesn’t), there’s still an odd, satisfying peacefulness about it.The package detection, which is still in Beta as of the time I wrote this, works decently well. It picked up and notified me on about 75% of the packages I had delivered in the 14 days I used it. It even noticed a couple enveloped packages, which it supposedly won’t. Considering this is a beta feature, I’m satisfied enough with it. It’s not perfect, but it’s not bad, either.I like the downward-facing camera so I can see packages that have been delivered in its view, even if the AI didn’t tell me about it.The packaging and the box it came in is really nice and well-laid out. Like another reviewer wrote, setup took longer than it should have, but it wasn’t horrible. I had to try several times to get it to work.When it works right, which isn’t often, it works decently well. I really do like the crisp picture. It’s superior to that of my Ring. If not for some of its glaring problems, I’d keep it, even if the Ring performs better overall and I had to make some sacrifices.The Bad:I can’t believe they released a product with this many problems.First-off is the battery. Holy cow, the battery. Battery life by itself completely kills all the good this product has. I charged to 100% before using. I got a measly 14 days from it before it died. I didn’t expect to get the advertised six months, or anything, but 14 days is pathetic.So, if you look at my screenshots, you can see how quickly it blew through the battery. Yes, I have over 2,000 motion events detected. This is due to high winds blowing the tree in my yard that is directly in front of the house. At first blush, you might think that that explains the abysmal battery life.But I’d counter that argument with two things: 1) the AI filtered all but 146 events, which were recorded. and 2) My Ring doorbell advertises only 30 days on a charge, and I get 30-45 days, easy. This is including the doorbell picking up AND RECORDING all the wind-tree movement. And every single recording is at least twice the length of this product’s.Now, I could maybe, possibly sort of get past this horrendous battery life, except that the battery is not removable. You can’t just buy a second battery that you can keep charged and then swap out every 14 days. You have to physically remove the doorbell from the wall and then bring it inside for a charge, leaving you at least six hours without a camera or doorbell (I live in an older home that never had a doorbell wired to it).I consider this to be a huge oversight by the manufacturer. A removable battery would be a feature that would be huge, because I could keep a second one on-hand and swap them out for recharges. I don’t think it’d be big enough to overcome the 14-day battery life, but it’d go a long way to mitigate it.Long story short on the battery: I’d return this product on the battery alone. As you can see from my screenshots, I left the setting on the default balanced surveillance. I won’t own a doorbell on which I have to turn off motion detection to get battery longevity, so that’s a nonstarter there. I also want to note that I kept all the other battery-sucking features at defaults or less. For example, this is only getting 15 seconds of footage at a time. I’m stunned at how bad this battery is. Battery life is supposed to be a huge thing here. It’s not.Motion detection: This is another area where I’m extremely dissatisfied. There were multiple instances where a person would walk RIGHT IN FRONT of the doorbell, and I wouldn’t get a notification or a chime or anything. This could be me, or a delivery person, or a member of my household, or a salesman, or whatever. Very, very annoying.There are other motion detection problems, as well. But the worst is someone could walk right past it, less than a foot away, and nothing. No amount of adjusting the sensitivity resolved this issue. I fiddled with it incrementally to see if I could get it to work right. I got improvements, but not consistent functionally-correct results.If I were to hazard a guess, I’m betting the problem might be the tree obscuring what is a person and what isn’t, so the AI incorrectly filters the person. I would turn that feature off, but then we go back to the already abysmal battery life. I’m guessing I’d go from 14 days to 14 hours on a windy day if I did that. As I mentioned above, I don’t have that problem with my existing doorbell, and it records EVERYTHING and at longer, 30-second intervals. This doorbell is only grabbing 15 seconds at most, when it works. I’d bump it up, but battery life is bad enough without that.More on motion: Even when it does work (and even if you are using the “wedge” to angle the camera and motion sensors), you don’t get your notifications until the person is right in front of the doorbell. And when you click on your notification, you’re looking at a recording of what just happened, not a live view of what’s happening right now. For that, you need extra clicks.But a person can walk right up the driveway, up the stairs to the porch, and be right in front of the doorbell, and it’ll be several moments at best before you FINALLY get a chime or notification. This has long been a complaint with my existing doorbell. This is a little better in that if it works, I’ll probably get the notification before the person leaves. My Ring often won’t even tell me that someone is there and knocking on the door until they’re gone.There’s such a huge lag when trying to talk to someone through the doorbell that it’s useless. The box is literally on the other side of the wall, hard-wired into my router – following all the instructions about keeping it out in the open, and it doesn’t function correctly. I’ve gotten to where I use my doorbell just like I use Caller ID to screen my calls. 90% of the time, I just don’t answer, so this is not a dealbreaker for me, per se, however there are times when I want to see the person at my door and I might be in the basement, or something, and would like to tell them I’ll be right there. But it’s useless, even on the same network. I didn’t bother trying to talk to anyone from my phone through the app remotely.Like other reviewers noted, another thing that is particularly frustrating are the ads in the app. As far as I’m concerned, NO PRODUCT is a five-star product if they’re constantly trying to upsell me. I’m sick as @#[email protected] of constant ads everywhere I go. I don’t care how much I love it, it isn’t a 5-star product if they’re giving me ads every time I want to just use what I already bought.Along those lines, even non-ad-related notifications are placed over the video clips. You want to click a video clip, and now you’ve accidentally clicked on a tip, or something. Really bad GUI choice.Alexa integration leaves much to be desired. I won’t spend a lot of time on it, but I set up a routine to have it turn on my porch light at night when it detects motion. It doesn’t work. The camera detects the motion, but the routine doesn’t work right. You can read the many, many bad reviews on the Alexa integration in the Alexa app. Long story short, it doesn’t work well at all. And I believe this is probably true for all the Eufy security products. They need to do a complete overhaul there. Don’t expect it to work right.The IOS app/Apple Watch integration. See my photo above. It could and should just send me a screenshot of who or what it detected, or who rang my doorbell (I get that with my existing doorbell). They missed the boat on that one. You get nothing.The camera view: While it has a very crisp picture, including for people and objects farther away, it can only see 160 degrees. This isn’t bad, per se, but it’s not as good as my other doorbell. As a result, I can’t see my entire front yard through this like I can with my other one. I don’t mind trading off a better picture for reduced field of view, but I don’t like it, either. It seems like that shouldn’t be a necessary trade.It’s a minor thing, but the chime and doorbell sound selection isn’t great. I didn’t love any of the sounds to select from. It probably wouldn’t bother me as much as it does if I wasn’t so dissatisfied with the rest. So, I’m mentioning it. They’re all boring sounding. They’re not interesting at all.If you’ve made it this far into my review, kudos. I wanted to be thorough, but it ended up being longer than expected, and I still feel like I left some things out.The long and short of it is this: This product feels more like a Beta product in every way – not just the package detection. There’s a lot to *want* to love about it, and one thing to really love about it (the local storage), but it’s just not ready for Prime Time. It needs a lot of improvement before I’d ever consider buying and keeping it. There are just too many issues. It makes a lot of promises and there is a whole lot of hope there, but it just doesn’t seem like a final product ready for production.I won’t go so far as to say it’s a total disaster, but it’s definitely not a good product. I gave it two stars instead of one for the superior daytime video quality and for the local storage capability. I really, really like the local storage. I would consider giving it one more star just because of that if the battery wasn’t so horrifyingly bad.

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  24. ThorThor

    Couple flaws in setup, but works as it should and has good controls for detection area

    First the flaws I’ve found in the setup:1. while creating an account, I discovered they truncate longer passwords without informing you of this and they do not truncate a longer password when you login. If you use a password manager this may lead to you entering the incorrect password and having to reset the password multiple times before you realize this is what they are doing. I have sent suggestions for improving this to them.2. when joining a wifi network, there should be no password requirements on the password entered. The password should accept any acceptable password for the wifi standard used. I had to create a separate wifi network just to add this device to my network. I have submitted this to them as well as this should be fixed. (specifically they disallow the space character…which can be allowed if you do proper sanitization of strings.)If you are sensitive to security issues that adding a device like this to your network presents, you may want to look elsewhere or wait until these are fixed.That said, I am happy so far despite the flaws I found (hope they are fixed in a short amount of time).It was easy to install and aside from the flaws I found, a pretty painless setup process.The options you have to control its detection surprised me. I have mine dialed in so that only people approaching the door will trigger it. Me walking across my driveway doesn’t trigger it (despite being in full view). I have had no false detections yet. The video recording start does lag a little bit with picking up package delivery people coming to the door, as they are usually pretty quick, so I see them leaving mostly (most of the time they approach the doorbell at an angle as our doorbell points perpendicular to our driveway).The package detection is hit and miss (could easily be the nature of our porch where packages are set most of the time), but the human detection is usually enough to let me know something is there. It has worked well enough for me since I installed it.One thing I don’t like on it is that it will not use my gigabit network. It is the only device (specifically the home base 2) on the network which runs at 100 Mbps. If this were improved it would probably help with video loading times, which are a little slow.I will try to update as I use it or as updates are released to fix the issues I have.Edit 7/10/22: Due to the setup of our two front doors (main and mudroom door are perpendicular to each other, and the mudroom door is in view of the doorbell cameras), the video doorbell mistakenly thinks the bottom of our mudroom door on both video feeds constitutes a package part of the time. It seems to know this is an error, as it doesn’t trigger notifications though for a package like actual packages do. It just displays an outline around the detected package in the video display.Edit 7/10/22: I have added a screenshot of our Eufy security app that shows the mistaken detection. I can see why it detects this as a package, but I’m glad it doesn’t alert on it. So the image analysis is at least smart enough to recognize this as something built into the scene, and not a package. It also shows the integration of our smart lock (installed on the mudroom door) in the app.Edit 12/1/22: We are still using this, but I have made up my mind to switch to a different brand after hearing about the security issues surrounding storage of information in the cloud by the device. Because 1. You advertise local control…so why is it stored in the cloud? 2. your response to the discovery of these issues leaves a lot to be desired.Also, recently the detection of activity seems to be off…it is now detecting our trucks pulling out of the garage even though the activity area does not include our driveway and should not trigger on our trucks.

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  25. Patrice Howell

    Recharging is needed too frequently

    This door bell allows you to see your packages & visitors, however it requires frequently recharge (one full charge every 2 months)- with an average of 6 – 7 visitors monthly coming to that door. It is really disappointing because the expectation from the seller is that it’ll need recharge once every six months.

  26. Gary S.

    Works well. Easy install.

    Works well . Easy set up. Has good range from home base.

  27. 4 Dogs and a Camper

    Best door bell out there!

    This is my most fav doorbell yet! NO COST for storage of videos and always stays online. Unlike its competitors! Easy to install.

  28. Just Me

    May not work for everyone

    A one star for motion detection, as the battery powered-version does not do the previewing that the wired version does. Thus, although the product would work for someone with a long, straight walk up to the door, it might not work for a person who does not. In addition, for some reason, the product came twice with two 1/4 inch black machine screws rattling in the box. Eufy did not know why when I called them. In terms of returning the doorbell, be forewarned that for the second return, for some reason Amazon requested that we drive for an hour, or stay home all day waiting for a driver to come pick up the package (an adult must be home). The Amazon system must be off as they also gave the wrong phone number to UPS for pick up notification which took time to sort out. Not our fault about the loose screws or omitting product information, but feeling taxed for returning the product twice.

  29. Juvii

    Great product

    Works great no monthly fees

  30. Blue

    It would be better without delay.

    I like it a lot. Motion detection is well. The best part is that no need to pay monthly fee. The only issue is the delay when I speak via app. Also I would like to have an access on Samsung hub that Samsung refrigerator has, but there is nothing.

  31. Jennifer LeeJennifer Lee

    Love it!

    This is my first smart doorbell. I wanted one that did not have monthly fees (unlike the ring) and worked with my Alexa. The camera quality is good and I love that you have the two different views and can see your doorstep. We get food delivered a lot so I like that I can see when they delivered my order (we choose no contact delivery). It is also great if Amazon leaves packages at your door so you can monitor them. I feel safer knowing I can see what’s going on outside and being able to see who is at the door before opening it. Bonus points for the fact that I can make my neighbors door an “ignored area” so I don’t get notifications every time they open/close their door. Overall I am happy with this. Can’t comment on night vision as there is always light in our corridor.

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  32. Scott Stone

    Delayed and slow video loading

    Overall I really like this doorbell. It was easy to install and easy to setup and get working.A few things I wish could be changed.The delay loading the app and syncing to the doorbell is slow, like the people are gone slow.It works with Alexa sometimesThe ability to adjust the lower camera better. Our doorbell is mounted above a small ledge around the come of the house. Due to this, the bottom doorbell is half cutoff.The package detector rarely works.The notifications of someone at the doorbell usually happens when they walk away.The video seems short no matter what setting we use.The goodThe picture is pretty decent overall.The doorbell itself looks great and feels high quality.Install was easy and quick setup.Being able to store things on the home base instead of a cloud is great.No monthly free unless you want to pay for extra features.Works with Alexa sometimes, the routines work when they want to.I would recommend this doorbell if you don’t mind a few issues. It seems to be rated better than most and lives up to the quality for the price.

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  33. Irishjude

    It works

    Good product

  34. Mac RiddelMac Riddel

    2 cameras for the win!

    I had a Ring Doorbell 3 Plus and always had connectivity issues with it (even with the Chime Pro) and that requires a subscription to be at all useful. The ring was just a doorbell and not a very good one. After I learned that Eufy didn’t require subscriptions and could save videos locally, I made the jump into the Eufy ecosystem and am glad I did. The quality is MUCH better and having 2 cameras actually allows us to see if there is a package waiting at the door without sacrificing the ability to see who’s at the door.No issues with connectivity, the video feed shows up on my phone much faster, and it’s freeing not having to be forced to pay for yet another subscription for basic functionality. Yet the Eufy doorbell has far more features than the Ring did as well. I also purchased the Eufy door lock, several cameras, and 2 floodlights (w/ camera), and those all work just as well. Glad to get rid of my lower quality Wyze, Blink, and Ring devices and pay less in the long run too.

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  35. Whoosdat

    Great camera but don’t lose the removal tool

    The camera is very easy to install and the extra mounting plates helped me mount the camera at a angle on my porch. It picks up motion really well. I added this to my other Eufy cameras and it was the same great build quality. The picture is very clear and the night vision is good.Here is the bad. Do not lose the tool that come with it to remove the camera from the mount or you will be in a world of searching for something to fit it. The plus is I have a set of punches and one of my smallest was able to fit in the hole and release the camera from the base.

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  36. Amazon Customer

    Best of the best

    Setup is a breeze and the app is constantly updated with the latest features and ease of use. This doorbell gives good perspective and plenty of software options to monitor people, loitering, packages, and battery life.

  37. Mark

    Easy to setup.

    Easy to setup. Works well only wish I could figure out how to make it detect a little further back. Maybe that isn’t configurable.

  38. Mike in Winter Haven Fl


    Wish the motion detector sensitivity could be increased to greater than 10′. Daytime camera pic quality is excellent. Nighttime is B&W and resolution is not great past about 6-8′.

  39. tim

    Great doorbell/camera

    I was looking for a video Doorbell and came across this one. So far so great I was able to talk to someone at my door without even getting up. The picture quality of very clear and I have a second camera on the way for my backyard.

  40. George

    Works great

    All i have to say is local storage and don’t have to deal with monthly subscription. As for the camera it is very good and easy to install. The only thing I can say bad is there is a very small delay in notification but that is probably due to the signal traveling through multiple devices

  41. Maya S.Maya S.

    The Dual Cameras are a Game-Changer

    Video doorbells seem to be what’s hip these days so I figured I’d give this Eufy Dual thing a whirl. Mind you, it wasn’t an arbitrary decision. I spent countless days and hours researching every brand and model in existence before I decided that, at least on paper, this is the one I felt best suited my needs. Since not all video doorbells are created equal, nor are people’s needs, most reviews are going to be mixed regardless of whether it’s Eufy, Ring, Blink, Google, or Arlo. They will all have their pros and cons, so it’ll be up to you to decide which features are most important.Now before I get into the meat of this review, I first want to point out the features that initially attracted me to the Eufy Dual. It should come as no surprise that it’s the dual camera that sold me on it. At the time of this review, no other brand has a battery operated video doorbell with dual cameras. I have no doubt that’ll likely change since it’s truly an outstanding feature.You see, every other video doorbell only has one camera, and depending on the brand it’ll only have one aspect ratio: either 16:9 (horizontal) or 1:1 (vertical). A 16:9 ratio (like Ring doorbells) will give you a wider view of your surroundings, but it typically crops out your porch area which is dumb if you want to monitor any package deliveries. A 1:1 ratio (like Arlo doorbells) will give you a taller image that includes your door area, but may crop out any shenanigans going on in the periphery.The Eufy dual cam doorbell gives you the best of both worlds by giving you a primary 2K camera at 16:9 resolution, and a second camera (1080p) that let’s you observe the immediate surrounding area by your door. This is particularly useful for monitoring package deliveries or cats that are patiently waiting to be let inside. In any event, the Eufy dual camera doorbell is one of the, if not THE best doorbells for keeping an eye on your package deliveries. Especially if you live in a place where deliveries are left at both your door and sometimes off to the side (depending on the delivery person’s mood). Another doorbell may not be able to look at all possible delivery locations around your porch the way that this one can.The other attractive feature about this doorbell, or any of Eufy’s doorbells, is the local storage option. Don’t let the cheaper price of other doorbells fool you. Most brands require a monthly subscription fee in order to store your video clips into their cloud service. At $3 a month you’ll be paying an extra $36 a year. Those services also tend to automatically delete your videos after a period of time. This doorbell comes with a Eufy HomeBase that has 15GB of local storage for FREE. No subscription required. That’s enough to store roughly a year’s worth of recorded events and they won’t automatically disappear.Okay, now for the actual review of this thing. I already knew that this wasn’t going to be a perfect doorbell, but I familiarized myself with its drawbacks before I purchased it. None of its shortcomings came as a surprise. The first thing to understand is that many of its features are still in beta testing, so the app is super buggy. Not to a point where it’s unusable, but it’s far from flawless. For example, the facial recognition feature just doesn’t work. I mean, you can set it up in the app just fine but it has NEVER recognized me or my husband. The package detection feature is also not great. Yes, it detects packages but it also thinks EVERYTHING is a package including cats and trash bags. I had to turn that feature off because it would record false package events too often.Personally, however, I wouldn’t let that be a deterrent because with time and patience Eufy will eventually smooth out the kinks (that’s the assumption anyway). The point is, the features under development will be worth the fix wait and the minor hassle. I can survive without these bonus features to be honest. The most important thing I need it to do is detect humans on my porch and record the event, but also function as a doorbell. It does these things just fine, and in fact, it does it very well. Package detection is not essential since I can literally open up the Live View any time to monitor packages myself. Plus I can just go review the recorded events to see who was at my door. Live View also gives you the option to record clips and take screenshots in real time which is excellent. It’ll download them straight to your phone’s storage. So the most important features DO work. Still, I wish they would have figured out a fix for the extra features before releasing this doorbell into the wild since they’re marketing them as a selling point.Setting it up was easy, but as I said, it can be a bit buggy. The HomeBase was a cinch to set up, but the doorbell itself took a few tries before it would actually connect to my WiFi. Mounting the bracket to my door frame was also easy, especially with the included template. I have it screwed into wood so it’s nice and secure. I also appreciate that they included an optional angled bracket. The slight angle allows you to see a little more of your doorstep, and since I mounted it in a somewhat recessed area it has a better field of view. The doorbell itself locks into the bracket and can only be removed with the included pin-key. It looks like a guitar pick with a pin and it’s small so don’t lose it!One thing I really don’t like is that the battery is built in, so when it needs recharging you have to charge the whole doorbell which means taking it down which means no doorbell for about 6 hours. But it’s a sacrifice I was willing to make considering the features I really like about it. You can monitor its battery life from the app, so you can begin planning ahead of time for recharging. I typically wait until the evening and then by the time I go to bed I put it back outside. Speaking of battery life, it’s not really possible to give a fair assessment on that. It’s going to depend on the settings you chose and the frequency of events. Using the “Live View” feature often will also drain your battery faster. Your battery mileage will vary but with frequent use should last at least two weeks. Minimal use around a month, or even two months of you have it set to doorbell only without video or motion detection. I have mine set to “optimal surveillance” and on average I capture around 5 events a day. The battery lasts about a month for me.Lastly, yes, sometimes it does really dumb things like record us every time we leave the house or it thinks my cat is a package delivery. Technology can be like that sometimes and its AI isn’t perfect. It can’t recognize the back of my head or understand that I’m exiting instead of entering. After all, the camera is pointed by my door. But for me, I would much rather put up with the annoyance of this thing recording me or my husband every time we go out the door than for it to not detect events at all. To me it’s a positive sign that it’s at least doing its job. It has never failed to detect humans on my porch whether it’s me or a delivery person.In sum, get the Eufy dual cam doorbell if it’s going to be your only surveillance camera since it has the widest coverage. And if you want a wide visual area but also the ability to monitor packages at your door. You must also be willing to put up with a somewhat glitchy app that hopefully in time will improve. For me the benefits of this doorbell outweigh its flaws, so I still highly recommend it. But if you care more about perfected apps and UI, replaceable batteries, pre-roll footage, and zero two-way talk delays, and don’t care about subscription fees, then you might be happier with another brand.

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  42. Levi Smith

    Mostly great…

    We’re coming from no doorbell to this Eufy dual cam. It’s mostly great. I don’t regret the purchase but…Well, also note that we don’t have a typical porch. We have an L shaped walkway that if you walk out our door goes 90 degrees to the left(So there’s only about 3-4 feet straight in front of the door for the walkway), then turns 90 degrees right after maybe 12 feet… So… the included 15 degree angle mostly got us there, but it couldn’t quite see all the way into the turn. I searched up the 3d printing sites and immediately came up with a replacement 25 degree spacer. That got me seeing into the corner and still seeing all of my detached garage, driveway, etc.I’ve also fiddled with all the settings and turned everything on to max for sensitivity, video length, etc. All of the things that it brings up battery warnings for.So… after a couple weeks here’s where I’m at:-Yeah, there’s a lag. The first part of this I’ll attribute to our weird walkway setup. So, it’s a bit unclear as to where exactly it first records movement and for how long. but for the most part, it does show everyone coming and going.We haven’t used the 2 way communication much, but with playing, it seems like maybe 3-5 seconds so it’s more like slowly talking on walkie talkies.-It’s fairly annoying that we are constantly getting notifications of the kids going out, taking the dog out, bringing the dog back in, etc… But that’s what we asked for isn’t it? We could turn off notifications, but then that’s not what we want when someone we don’t know shows up…It has some sort of facial recognition, but so far, 90% of the time it just tells me it can’t add that face when I try to match it up. I’m also not sure they’ve really implemented anything to do with it yet. It might be nice if we could filter out notifications so that we don’t get notified every time the kids go out…-Again with our odd perpendicular walkway in front of the door setup: If they put the packages in front of the door, it works well and tells us there are packages, that they were removed, etc… But if they packages get placed on the side of the door closer to the driveway then it can’t really see them because it’s mounted on the other side of the door. More about just how you want to mount things than much of anything they could do about it.-If you’re live watching it, there doesn’t seem to be much lag. I tried live streaming while driving home and I saw my car in the video just as I came into view of the house.-Not sure on battery life. like I said, I’ve turned up/on every option which all say will drain the battery faster. And we frequently have more than the 10 times a day average of people/dogs coming and going…I can only tell you that it started out around 80% charged, we did lots of battery draining things and after a week or two it was showing at least 50% charge, but when the temps dropped below zero, one day suddenly it was offline. Presumably due to the cold and a not full battery.-We also had troubles initially with the doorbell being offline and not notifying us. But it’s hard to say why. It doesn’t tell you. I had good luck a couple times by rebooting the home base through the app. But I’d question that our router wasn’t overloaded with devices or some such random wifi issue as well. Either way, after the first week, it’s been mostly trouble free.-oh, another random… When the battery got weak I brought it in to charge it. That was fairly annoying since it’s still “live” so had to put it in a certain face down/away from everything position so that it didn’t keep notifying us of any movement INSIDE the house…Anyway, I think that’s about it. I’d buy it again. but it would be nice if a few little things were polished up a little…

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  43. John M

    Easy setup and works well, but battery claims will vary greatly on usage/activity and temperature

    My old wired doorbell stopped working and the wiring was bad. After reading many reviews I went with this Eufy Dual Cam doorbell because it was battery powered (there is an option to wire it for charging). The Eufy description claims you can get up to 6 months battery life, but that would be under the most optimal conditions of temperature and activity. I live in the Northeast of the US and installed this at the end of November. It looks like I will get 60 days of battery life with settings set to Balance Surveillance (shorter clips, and less likely to detect the same event twice in a short period). We have had some seriously cold weather at times which will affect the battery life too. If you have the 24v transformer and wiring to charge the battery then this is not an issue. Notifications work well (it takes about 5-9 seconds for me to get notifications of new events with a clip – which is not the fastest but still fine. Day and night footage are both great and the ease of setup and settings is well done. They have a bunch of AI detection features that continue to improve and they are working on the software with updates that will run automatically. Overall I am impressed with how easy it was to set this up and how well it is running. If you don’t mind having to charge it everyone few months (I think it says it takes about 6 hours to charge via mini usb but my first charge took about 3 hours) then I would definitely recommend this.

  44. Cheri

    Huge improvement

    I loved my Ring doorbell, got it when it was pretty new so I’m sure they may have newer and better models now. And kudos to them for starting the whole genre, mine worked just fine and I love the concept.However this one is a huge step up. The dual camera works great for packages. No issues with the doorbell chime, I don’t get all the false motion edits, and the larger camera view is fantastic.Lastly, the night vision. Amazing! It’s kinda x-Ray like but you can clearly see everything going on at night. It will capture me going out to get the mail in day at 10pm. You can see the street and my yard and me and the clothes I’m wearing etc….I have glowing eyes lol but honestly you can see everything pretty clearly. I really like this feature. I am very happy with this doorbell and the Eufy quality seems good. I found they had pet water fountains so I tried that and they also work well (just submitted a review for that too). Very happy with my purchase. I was also able to install it myself into my brick house (over the same place I installed my Ring doorbell with a slight adjustment to the height).

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  45. Roberta Cavalcante

    Probably best one out there

    The only negatives to me so far is the delay of the motion sensor to when you get a notification which seems to be way too long. There’s also a shorter delay from when the doorbell rings to getting a notification on the phone. Installation wise, just be careful not to lose the 2 small black screws that come with it to hold the internal bracket. It came loose in the package and I lost it. It’s pretty much impossible to find that size. It’s unique. Other than that installation was very easy. The cameras are great, night vision is great, zoom is awesome, sounds is perfect, visibility is awesome. This is a great product for not having to pay monthly fees. Ring is garbage compare to this.

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  46. GJ

    Great product so far. Very easy to setup and use.

    The picture clarity and app/UI is the best I’ve seen for a doorbell camera. And I’ve used Ring, Blink and Arlo in the past. This camera and system is by far the best.Only reason I gave four stars instead of five is because of a security flaw that was announced last month. You can read about it on The Verge’s website. Eufy claims all video is stored locally and encrypted when sent to your phone, but apparently that’s not the case. Anybody with some basic info on the device and system can stream the footage from anywhere using a third party app, VLC. It’s not a huge deal to me because it’s filming my front porch, not inside my home or some other private area. Eufy’s response to this flaw was not ideal, but hopefully they’re working to correct it.

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    It’s exactly what I was looking for.

    Our little street doesnt have street lights so everyone keeps a porch light on at night. The technical support rating isn’t fair, as I haven’t had a need to reach out to them. Overall, I am very pleased with this purchase. I would recommend a dual camera setup to anyone. And I love that there is no subscription. I like it when a manufacturer takes their hand out of my pocket, for awhile, after the purchase.

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  48. Jackie Smith

    One of the only dual view doorbell cameras not quite up to the level of the Eufy Cam 3

    Good- Crystal clear images- Dual cameras give full coverage- decent motion detection- strong battery life- audio is solidBad- Much more lag than the Eufy Cam 3 pulling up live feed- Delayed response from when the doorbell is pressed to the base station chime- Must use two base stations for the Eufy cam 3- no expandable storage on the base 2*Overall a great doorbell. Much improved video quality over my Ring Doorbell 3 and no feesPerformance should improve once integrated into the newer base 3 ETA for this camera is March 23 which should alleviate most of the bad. The Eufy cam 3 system is 5 stars

  49. DoTell

    Great camera- excellent customer service

    Update: 6-30-22After getting the replacement camera scanned and set up it appears my original camera is working fine now. There was apparently some type of glitch which seems to have fixed itself. As of today 6-30-22 my original camera is now working fine and no distortion. I did try the replacement cam to see if there was a difference and it works the same as my original so looks like I will be keeping the original and sending the replacement back. For all of the trouble I’ve gone through with this order I am changing it to 4 stars instead of 2. I have to say that Eufy has “the best” customer service team!! Thank you for all of your help and support. You all do a great job!_________I finally got the dual doorbell cam after hearing so much about it. Easy install as far as screwing it into your wall outside if using the battery. I must say the picture clarity is AMAZING on the live feed and video — the talk and response comes through nice and clear. HOWEVER Problem #1————- to get the camera to sync with my phone was an AWEFUL TIME CONSUMING process indeed! “2 hours”— omg after I scanned the code on back of the camera with my phone, then held the camera 8inches away in front of my phone was crazy–! The camera never picked up the scan/sync. I kept trying and finally after 2 hours the scan finally happened. Problem #2———— after mounting the camera outside the top camera works fine but the bottom camera pixelates/ becomes extremely distorted when packages are delivered! You can see the person delivering the package but you cannot see the package as they are placing it on the porch. You are only able to see the actual package on a “live feed” after it has been placed and the person is gone.I contacted customer service and they were good at sending a replacement, however now I am faced once again with having to scan the camera in front of my phone. After 2 hours I have given up—– I will try this again on another day I’m just too frustrated because it shouldn’t be this hard. Why isn’t there an option to simply type in the scan code number if the scan doesn’t pick up- c’mon Eufy! Will update everyone on whether or not the replacement camera fixes the bottom camera issues with the distorted video. I am just exhausted—

    8 people found this helpful

  50. Rick

    Amazing camera no fees

    This camera worked right away and set up was so easy , no damn monthly fees. Love it notifies me instsntly

  51. AK Bound

    Large, but I like it so far

    i am not being paid or getting anything for my review. I plan on updating this in a month or so. I just got this. First, I’m not sure what ads one reviewer is talking about. I haven’t noticed them. This unit is about 2-3 inches taller and just a bit wider than the Ring Pro doorbell I’m replacing. I love that I own the data and I’m not paying monthly fees for being able to access video clips. The bottom camera is adjustable. You can move it a little to get the area you want. It seems to be on the mount pretty securely. Unlike what I read, this unit will ring the mechanical doorbell chime if you are replacing a powered button. That was an awesome surprise. I wish the video quality was a little better. To me it seems more like 720p than 1080. The night vision is trash. It’s integration with Alexa or Google this far is unsuccessful. When installing, if you don’t feed the wires into the hole in the mount, it won’t seat on the mount correctly. So far the alerts are on point. As others have said, there is lag between the motion and alert and talking.

    2 people found this helpful

  52. Nelson Ng

    Easy To Install, Works Well

    Took me about 10 minutes to install to the front door (not including waiting for the home base and camera to connect), was super easy. Using the Eufy app was also very easy and pretty intuitive. Motion detector works well and having the extra camera at the bottom to see packages is very useful.

  53. David C

    Doorbell and Monitoring System

    Wow this system is great goes beyond my expectations and gives us peace of mind. The doorbell functionality is Top-Notch.

  54. Josh Ramsey

    Da BomDiggity Door Cam

    This system and camera is awesome. Easy to set up. Can see in front of door AND at base of door, if a package is left. App is easy to set up, and notifications are sent to mobile device.IF there is a negative it is that the speaker picks up sounds 100 yards away. meaning if you use it as a doorbell you can hear people inside the home talking. Easy fix, take a piece of duct tape and cover up the microphone. You can still hear and speak, it just tempers the sensitivity. A GREAT product!!

    3 people found this helpful

  55. Dakota

    Must have item.

    This thing is just awesome. This a the floodlight work great.

  56. Pirthi magar

    Perfect camera

    Like camera work great

  57. frigginozzy

    Great product but missing some key funcions

    What I like:I love that I don’t have to pay for cloud service which is why I switched doorbells.The camera provides great quality video.The second camera facing down is great to see packages (when delivery drivers place them under the camera).Areas for improvement:It will not connect to my Alexa devices.The motion alert is only on my phone, it does not chime through the hub.

  58. Will

    Battery version works with existing chime but motion detection is disappointing

    I switched from ring to eufy for free video recording. First I purchase the wired version but it did not work with my existing chime. Switched to battery version did the trick and it could also charge through the wire. The bad part is the motion detection. It could not detect the motion until it is close enough. Comparing to the ring doorbell, the motion has to be about 1-2 feet closer for eufy to detect. This is kid of annoying.

  59. Paul Z.

    Great picture. Lot of lag.

    The picture quality and software for this doorbell is great. The biggest problem is the lag. When someone comes into our house, I receive a notification after they have already come in. It’s about 5+ seconds too slow. There are settings to help with the lag, but by default the response time is not quite good enough.

  60. CHCH

    Amazing Doorbell with NO Monthly Fee!!! Definitely Worth to Buy

    Recently, my neighborhood has experienced missing packages or no delivery. So I was looking to install a video doorbell that can track packages and front door security. And then I found the Eufy Doorbell Dual -which is the new product that just came out couple weeks ago!The biggest benefit of Eufy Doorbell Dual is that Eufy offers local storage to safely store the data and NO monthly fee for cloud service! Basically, I bought this doorbell and was able to use it right away without any additional cost 🙂 This is definitely a big win compared to other brands who do charge monthly fee for their cloud storage services.After using the doorbell for almost a month, I am really happy with the product and benefits that it offered! It was easy to install, and I could choose the power options between wire connection or battery powered. The image and video are clear and sharp (2K). Dual cam helps to track my packages not only when they are being delivered but also monitor the packages until they are being picked up. The app always send me notifications for package status. Motion detection is perfect and the doorbell does not miss any activity at the front door. There are also a lot of options in the app for customization. Btw, 15 degree mounting wedge is so helpful to adjust the doorbell angle (see picture). I love how Eufy has considered the design usability in its product. Very thoughtful! I highly recommend to purchase Eufy doorbell that is just incomparable and stands out the most in the market! You will not regret with the purchase 🙂

    4 people found this helpful

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