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ECOVACS Winbot W2 OMNI Window Cleaning Robot

Unique, cutting-edge window cleaning station, a multi-functional dock to free your hands

1) Integrated large capacity battery
2) Two-in-one compound cable with both safety and power cords
3) Automatic cable management 
4) Anti-drop protection mechanism
5) Muti-function station panel 
6) Portable storage 

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Potable Window Cleaning Robot, Intelligent Cleaning with
Three-nozzle Wide-angle Spray Technology, Win SLAM 4.0 Path Planning, Deep Edge Cleaning, 5500Pa Suction Power































Product information


Model Name winbot

Surface Recommendation Glass, mirror

Special Feature Edge Cleaning

Color White

Product Dimensions 8.46″L x 12.87″W x 12.28″H

Controller Type App Control

Included Components OMNI Station*1, ECOVACS WINBOT *1, Controller*1, Number of Wiping Pad*1

Filter Type Cartridge

Battery Life 110 minutes

Battery Cell Composition Lithium Ion

Voltage 110 Volts

Item Weight 15.3 Pounds

Power Source Battery Powered

Are Batteries Included Yes

Compatible Devices Smartphones

Form Factor Robotic

UPC 850058335650

Manufacture Year 2024

Item Weight 15.34 pounds

Manufacturer ECOVACS


Country of Origin China

Item model number W2M

Batteries 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Batteries required Yes

[The First-ever Robotic Window Cleaner with Portable Station] WINBOT W2 OMNI introduced the cutting-edge window cleaning station – an all-in-one multi-purpose dock that serves as a control panel, changer, stabler and the portable storage room for your window cleaning task. The built-in high-capacity lithium battery provides continuous power for the WINBOT W2 OMNI, enabling window cleaning in areas without access to power outlets. One charge lasts for 110 minutes, equivalent to 55 square meters of coverage.

[Forget Tedious Hand Cleaning] WINBOT W2 Family has multiple sensors to ensure uninterrupted cleaning. The sensors allow the robot to bypass obstacles and ensure no jamming effortlessly. A special along-the-edge mode improves windows’ edges clean by 65%, keeping even hard-to-reach window edges pristine.

[12-Stage Protection for Added Peace-of-Mind]With the 12-stage protection system from both hardware and software support, WINBOT W2 OMNI offers the highest level of window cleaning safety. ECOVACS stands firmly behind our product’s safety. WINBOT W2 OMNI comes with insurance protection that offers financial security and worry-free window cleaning in the unlikely event of any damage or malfunction.

[Fully upgraded Three-nozzle Wide-angle Spray Atomization Technology]Enjoy efficient and effective cleaning with the fully upgraded Three-nozzle Wide-angle Spray Atomization Technology that comes with a wet mop. The 100% increase in water pressure and 90% increase in spray coverage dissolve the most stubborn dirt in one efficient stroke (Compared with W1 Pro).

[Unbeatable Cleaning Efficiency]WINBOT W2 Family offers a 30% boost in total cleaning efficiency and spotless windows thanks to the built-in brushless motor and the WIN-SLAM 4.0 Intelligent Planning algorithm. Together, these features increase cleaning efficiency by 30%. As a result of the precision edge detection, efficient turning, and meticulous edge cleaning, windows are left spotless.

[5 Cleaning Mode for a Variety of Cleaning Needs]WINBOT W2 Family puts users in control by allowing them to select various cleaning modes effortlessly. They can conveniently choose or switch to a suitable mode using the intuitive station panel or the ECOVACS HOME app.

[Intelligent Climbing With No More Slippage]WINBOT W2 Family uses an intelligent climbing system powered by an upgraded synchronous belt highly resistant to water and friction. This system vastly improves stability and eliminates worries about slippages during operations.













Model Name


Surface Recommendation

Glass, mirror

Special Feature

Edge Cleaning



Product Dimensions

8.46"L x 12.87"W x 12.28"H

Controller Type

App Control

Included Components

OMNI Station*1, ECOVACS WINBOT *1, Controller*1, Number of Wiping Pad*1

Filter Type


Battery Life

110 minutes

Battery Cell Composition

Lithium Ion


110 Volts

Item Weight

15.34 pounds

Power Source

Battery Powered

Are Batteries Included


Compatible Devices


Form Factor




Manufacture Year






Country of Origin


Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

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4.1 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#46,010 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen) #47 in Robotic Vacuums

Batteries required


60 reviews for ECOVACS Winbot W2 OMNI Window Cleaning Robot

  1. James Rautio

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very happy with this gadget. Hesitant to use the App.

    Cleans really well. Have a large window wall looking out on a lake. The middle tier of windows, I have to get up on a ladder to place the robot, but it always came back to where I could grab it when done. I held the safety rope at all times in case it came off, it never did, but I don’t think it would survive a crash down about 10-15 feet to the floor. Had not washed the windows in two years. It did leave a little dirt with the default fast clean, but only visible when the sun is at just the right (wrong?) angle. I am sure a second run over the windows would leave them spotless. I like the square-ish corners on the robot. I am sure it gets into the corners better than the round robots. Four windows on the lower tier are doors with handles that protrude out over the windows and of course it could not clean under them. The robot annoyingly insists that I scan the code and install the App everytime I turn it on. I did that the first time. When the app started asking me for access to everything on my WLAN, and in view of where this robot comes from, I canned that idea. I can use the robot without the app, but only have access to the fast cleaning mode and no control over where the robot goes. Did not find that to be a problem. Overall, makes cleaning that huge window wall much easier.

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  2. Mark A. Dillard

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Why doesn’t everyone own one of these?

    I have vacuum robots and love them. This window cleaning robot is a GAME CHANGER! I used to spend an entire day washing windows inside and out. Newspapers and Windex, squeegee and soap… I have done it all. This machine is the bomb. Inside and out it does a great job on the fast clean. My outside windows were extremely dirty and fast clean did just fine. No sweating and 1/8 of the time. Buy this and it will be your best purchase of the year.

  3. Arthur MnevArthur Mnev

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Not a perfect solution, but beneficial enough to purchase

    Overall Rating: 8/10Location: Atlantic Ocean front windows in FloridaWindow Sizes: Small: 22″x32″ glass panel openings Large & Medium: Door & Balcony sized (6 – 8′)Context: Repeated cleaning of ocean-facing windows, often covered in a mix of salt and lightly salted, acidic rain. Windows require cleaning weekly or bi-weekly during drier months.What I Like: Efficiency Over Manual Cleaning: The Winbot is significantly more efficient than manual cleaning, especially in an apartment with several small (24×36″) windows where manual cleaning can be cumbersome. Safety: Despite being on the 6th floor, my original concerns about the bot plunging down and knocking people out have been unfounded; the suction is really good, its safety cord– helps.What I Don’t Like: Dependency on Full Charge: The bot won’t operate unless its safety battery is fully charged. An override option would be beneficial, especially when the safety cord is attached. Corner Cleaning Inefficiency: The Winbot struggles with corners. A simple fix could be slightly larger cleaning pads that extend beyond the bot’s edges. The current pads are 1-2mm smaller than the cleaning surface, limiting their reach. Insufficient number of cleaning Pads: Ecovacs provided only two pads; — more are needed for multiple windows. Each pad effectively cleans only one window before leaving streaks. Performance in Humidity: The bot doesn’t perform well on slippery surfaces. A design improvement could be tracks with suction cup-like treads for better grip.Cleaning Method: 1. Attach a washed and wrung pad to the bot and run a light cleaning cycle. 2. Remove the bot, flip the pad, and run a deep cleaning cycle. 3. Let the first window dry, move to the next, and repeat steps 1 and 2. 4. Wash the used pads. Note: Balcony glass and doors might need an additional cleaning cycle.Cleaning Solution: While the manufacturer recommends water, a homemade mix of alcohol, vinegar, and water in equal parts is more effective against salt and grime, and dries quicker.

    15 people found this helpful

  4. Fred H.Fred H.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great window cleaner!

    I had not washed my windows in a few years. I was amazed at how easy and how well this whole house window cleaning went. No problems, everything was a I had hoped. This is a high-quality product in my opinion.

  5. JM

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Don’t purchase if you have angled window trim. Loses suction if trim is angled

    The Winbot works great where the window trim is not angled. All our exterior windows have trim that is angled. The machine goes up the angle and loses suction and falls. So I’d say it would be perfect for homes that have trim that isn’t angled. Inside the house it works perfect. It never lost suction

    One person found this helpful

  6. @@@Bruins@@@

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    good window robot vacuum

    This thing is incredible! We have almost completely stopped manually vacuuming since this companion entered our home. We only use a manual vacuum to touch up our floors on occasion, such as around the edges of the floor, in hard to reach areas that the robot vacuum cannot reach/fit into, or if we break something that requires immediate attention, such as a glass. Despite this, we rarely vacuum by hand. The ECOVACS Winbot W1 Pro Window Cleaning Robot is a specialized robotic device designed for cleaning windows. It incorporates advanced technology to automate and simplify the window cleaning process.Window Cleaning Robot: The Winbot W1 Pro is specifically designed to clean windows, glass surfaces, and mirrors, making it a handy tool for maintaining a clean and clear view.Dual Cross Water Spray Technology: This technology involves two spray nozzles that dispense water or cleaning solution on the glass while cleaning. This method helps to loosen dirt and grime for effective cleaning.Win SLAM 3.0 Path Planning: Winbot W1 Pro employs the Win SLAM 3.0 (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology to plan its cleaning path and navigate around the window. This allows it to clean the entire surface methodically and efficiently.2800Pa Suction Power: The robot features a strong suction power of 2800Pa to keep it securely attached to the glass surface while cleaning, ensuring it doesn’t fall or detach during operation.Edge Detection Technology: The device is equipped with edge detection sensors that allow it to detect the edges of the window or any obstacles, preventing it from going beyond the window frame or colliding with objects.Intelligent Cleaning: The robot is designed to intelligently clean different types of glass surfaces, including framed and frameless windows, glass doors, and mirrors.Automated Operation: The Winbot W1 Pro is designed for autonomous operation, meaning it can clean windows with minimal user intervention. Users typically set it up, attach it to the window, and let it do the work.App Control: Some models may offer mobile app control, allowing you to initiate and monitor the cleaning process from your smartphone or tablet.

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  7. Armand LaPriseArmand LaPrise

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Streaks be gone!

    The media could not be loaded.

    I have two 8 foot sliding doors that I tried every which way to clean. They looked clean until the sun came up in the morning! It was so frustrating. This machine is a game changer! I have used it on all my windows and love it. I did have a problem with one set of windows where the bottom of the window faded down and the winbot lost suction and fell off. My husband then gave me a piece of wood and two clamps that I could put on the outside of the window and it works great. I know this seems like a little too much work, but it cleans so much better than what I could do so it is worth it to me, I just absolutely love this Winbot!

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  8. Frequent Amazon Shopper

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Absolutely worth it! Buy it!

    I have had significant neck surgery. I do not need to be standing on a wobbly ladder cleaning windows. PERFECT SOLUTION! Outside windows that haven’t been cleaned in 5 years? CLEAN! Dried mastiff slobber on doors and windows? SPARKLING! No streaks. No worries about cleaning solution. Hasn’t list suction, I am thinking of removing the tether. Customer Service is very responsive to questions. My elderly parents bought one and I don’t have to worry about them on a ladder cleaning windows. Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas, and Arbor Day are the perfect reason to BUY IT!

  9. AJ CohenAJ Cohen

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great little robot!

    This thing is cool! Is it as good as a human window washer? Perhaps not as good as the best human but available all the time. I live in a house with a ton of windows and one visit from a washer far exceeds the one time cost of this little, handy robot. Ease of use is great and it packs away in a nice little package ready for its next use. Thumbs up!

    One person found this helpful

  10. wwise

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Window cleaning robot is a Game Changer!

    I hate doing windows and quite frankly I’m really bad at it. I always end up with streaks. I’ve used all the possible remedy’s and products on the market to no avail. There are 40+ windows in my house including 3 wall windows. I was quoted $700 to hire someone to do it professionally! This is well worth the money spent. I’ve gone nuts cleaning my windows and cannot wait to get to the outside later today.Yes, it will leave a few spots or streaks along the way, especially if the cleaning pad isn’t changed but I’ve got a lot less time standing on a ladder now. At nearly 70 I find that to be a wonderful benefit.

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  11. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I’m so glad I bought this. It has changed my life! I was paying almost the equivalent for a window cleaner once a month and so this is so well worth the price. I’m grateful to the company that created this amazing device.

  12. ToluTolu

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    My Friendly Robot Sweeps Great!

    The media could not be loaded.

    Fantastique! After several years of looking forward to our post 2000 Jetson future I feel like I finally arrived. With “Dipo” (as I’ve named him) Deebot the friendly robot.Pros: he sweeps everyday without complaining and covers 700 feet of distance every night, filling up with rice, food debris, hair, dust, and other thing that make a household with two children between age two and six a constant mess. We have definitely seen a positive difference in our lives. In addition, the robot is easily tasked from my bed and he parks himself back on the charger at night. The robot is also low enough to charge under our couch that is up against the wall, saving him from the prying fingers of the children – out of sight, out of mind. The noise level is low, even for my wife that hears cats on the street from her bedroom. The suction power is pretty good too, even compared to our hand held vacuum cleaner. It auto detects our carpet and cleans a little harder leaving the carpet cleaner than ever. The rest of the tile floor is also looking cleaner than ever.Cons: Really just one big one, the mop is not quite there yet technologically. It’s almost just a gentle wipe of the surface that can’t really get at dried food stains or even a lot of dust really. I imagine three years from now it’s an area that will see massive improvements.Looking forward to the future of this robot and I just really hope it lasts and keeps up the good work for at least a few years. In an ideal world it could also probably use over the air software updates that would make it even better.

  13. Kimberly M. Bailey

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Life changing! Love our Ozzie!

    As a busy wife and mom, I cannot tell you how happy this little device has made me. I have a 6 year old and 13 year old, both boys, plus a rabbit and 2 cats part time inside. We have all wood floors in our entire house so no matter how much I sweep, vacuum, mop, there is constantly something on my floor-dirt, crumbs, hair, hay, unknown substances…I have had this for about a week and it has lessened my stress level so much in regards to my house. She has freed up time for me to be able to clean other things. She has also helped me to keep things picked up off the floor because I want her to get to as much as possible. While she does not go over rugs, she has been absolutely life saving for the rest of the floors. My 6 year old loves cleaning out the vacuum compartment, which is easily removed to be emptied and the mopping plate just comes out the back with a click and you refill the water-no dirty water. The pad that goes on the mopping plate just slides along the floor, I remove the mopping plate and scrub the pad with soap and water, I just make sure to wipe most of the extra water off. She does not deep clean mop hard to get sticky spots, but for every 1-2 days going over the floors, they looks marvelous. I have not set up the app so I can’t speak for that, but she finds her way around the house and through the rooms, and then back to the docking station (1600 sq ft). She stopped and asked for her brushes to be cleaned when a marble was stuck in them, you can also hear a different noise when something gets caught in the brushes, but not enough to alarm her. The brushes are easy to remove from the bottom and clean out. She did get stuck under the couch once and stopped and said her wheels were stuck. The price on this for what she does is incredible compared to others I have seen. I am giddy happy with her, we talk about her like she is part of the family:) Highly recommend!

    9 people found this helpful

  14. AbdulAbdul

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome vacuum!! (Update – not so awesome)

    My wife loves the first one so much and I bought a second one to make life easier. The first one i have is a 900 series..its a basic version (vacuum only) and it does the job. I was really impressed with it. But i needed something that mops at the same time. Everything about T5 vacuum is great, its quite on setting and good suction on max, mops is good; however, there is minor bug in the app. I am unable to divide some areas of a map. I am hoping a future release of the software will have the fix. I have also bought a Roborock S6 pure for comparison and it was around the same price point. S6 is also good but i like T5 better.<30 days updateno notification when the deebot gets stuck or why it gets stuck (bin full or something caught on the wheels or the brush roller...)-when you lift it up to clean the bin/roller/sensors in the middle of a cleaning cycle, sometimes the robot is unable to locate itself. It cannot resume cleaning and it is unable to return to dock. It starts to scan the entire floor again, and then find the doc. To add to the frustration, if you end the cleaning and ask the robot to return to base, it will save the rescanned map (incomplete). You then have to manually delete the current map to restore the saved map.-when unplug and plugged back in - the robot throws an error “data acquisition time out”.-App desperately needs. Unable to divide area. See screen shots. Tried multiple times, spend hours trying to figure it out, but bo luck. Customer service was helpful but unfortunately unable to resolve the issue.Thinking of switching to Roborocks S6 pure. I have not had any issues with that. The only reason i went with Deebot cause i already had deebot 900 and was familiar with the app. i didnt want to keep switching between apps. Also, i like the fact that i could control the mop water level (low,medium,high,ultra high) with deebot T5 which was not an option with S6 pure.

    3 people found this helpful

  15. jeffjeff

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    It really works!

    Easy to use it. We call it Willy. It really cleans the windows. We loved it!

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  16. Mohammad

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Just amazing

    Its super clean, just WOW

  17. iamsilvermember

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great if you know the use case. But need to make replacement cleaning pad available.

    The robot is build for homes with many windows, especially those large and/or hard-to-reach windows. It’s also great for cleaning the outside of the windows. While it will not be as perfect as professionally cleaned windows, It’s does a very decent job.This doesn’t affect my rating of the product but I found this a low-level mistaken from Ecovacs product team: At the time of this review, replacement cleaning pad/cloth is not available from Ecovacs officially. This is a bit frustration for power user like myself who will wear and tear the cleaning pad quickly. Fortunately there are 3rd party solutions from amazon already, and I bet they will make it available soon.

    13 people found this helpful

  18. Alex W

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    Want to but can’t like this vacuum

    Just today in the middle of the cycle, vacuuming the main area of the house which it has vacuumed many many times, it decided that the area has changed, and it added/overlaid part of the map on top of the same map! Almost as if it had decided to switch its orientation by 90°, so now the map is a big amalgamation of itself over itself and it’s a big mess with all of my previous no-go zones not making sense anymore. Also it exhibited a behavior where when you tell it to go back to the charging station it went in the opposite direction towards some wires again in an area where I had previously mapped a no go zone! This thing is really frustrating and the software just doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. Of course this means I’m going to have to delete the map and start from scratch again and put physical barriers in the areas with wires where I don’t want it to get caught. More work.I really want to like this vacuum cleaner, and when it works it works well, but it’s extremely frustrating when it doesn’t.I purchased this particular cleaner for the mapping, multi-floor capability and the mopping.The frustrating part is the mapping, as noted above. It occasionally says that it’s in a new environment and it wants to remap everything. This especially happens when I move it to the other floor which already has a map, and then when I move it back to the original main floor it wants to remap the main floor again. I find this very frustrating because I have blocked off areas with cables and other things that I do not want it to go to in the map, but if it has to remap the floor I have to physically block off those areas again so that it doesn’t tangle up the cords. Sometimes even on the main floor where I leave it the vast majority of the time now because it’s too much of a hassle to move it to the other floor, sometimes it will say that it detected a new environment and want to remap it as well! I do have children, and sometimes the dinner chairs get moved and sometimes they leave the occasional toy on the floor, but nothing so drastic that it should make the robot think it’s on a brand new floor, especially when it’s been plugged into it’s charging base the entire time!They need to add something to the app that allows you to tell it and maybe force it to believe that it’s on a particular map versus trying to detect a new environment. That would solve the problem where I could tell it it’s on this floor or that floor and for it to deal with it.Just FYI I have read through the help files on how to get it to map another floor and none of that was particularly helpful, it still wants to remap for no good reasons.Also, occasionally it will get something stuck in the brush so it will stop and ask me to clean the brush mid-cycle, which I will do, then when I flip it back and get it to restart some of the time it also says it’s detected a new environment mid cycle! And want to remap then again!As it is I rarely use it on the second floor because it goes into a new environment remapping mode almost every time which is too much of a hassle. So the multi floor mapping capability which I purchased it for is rarely used.

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  19. Sheila

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Only lasted 3 years

    3 years seem to be as long as anything wants to last anymore. After just under 3 years, it’s not working anymore. It just spins and moves about 3 inches in the same direction over and over. I did all the troubleshooting tips and none of that fixed it. Nothing is stuck, nothing blocking or clogged. It’s like it just went lame all of a sudden. For this much money, it certainly should last longer!

  20. Jesse

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Software doesn’t work well

    Mechanically the vacuum works fine, but the software is really buggy. My app often resets the map for no reason and the robot needs to clean the ENTIRE level again to create a new map—which is quite an ordeal with kids living here. It’s such an effort to clean my entire level to create a new map so it can clean specific rooms for a few weeks before the map resets again, I can’t use it a lot. Lately even after it cleans the entire level, it doesn’t save the map and has to do it all over again. If you are buying a product with the hope of cleaning certain areas as needed, I would not recommend. I regret the purchase.

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  21. Opinion SharedOpinion Shared

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    T5 Review Incredible Robot!

    5 stars are not nearly enough. I researched the living daylights out of robotic vacuum & mop combo units and just vacuum alone.First off I am going to say this is a review of the T5 not the 950.As for none existent tech support I disagree. I CALLED AND ASKED WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE T5 & the 950.Guess what folks they were extremely honest and did not know and promised to email me the answer.They did within 4 hours, more like 3 hours.Again pure honesty, they told me it is the same as the 950 but was released in April of 2020 at a lower price point with a new name and a little different look.The price difference is $100.00 less I bought the T5 for $599.00This blew the Roborock 6 with weaker suction, less battery capacity and smaller mop tank at a higher price right out of the water!Robot arrived well packaged and easy to set up.Could not wait and it was over half way charged so I let it build its map.I have a small home 1,150 square feet under air, that also means a less open more challenging floor plan to navigate. It also equates to less to clean but much more work as well. When researching I knew the sensors had to be top notch. See today’s picture from the app.The T5 navigated everything perfectly and got under things vacuuming and mopping even I can not, like our king size bed! Move that around? No thanks!The T5 cleaned under the couch and other furniture like a champ and never once got hung up and has always returned to the charging base without issues.The charging base is between a rocking chair and an entertainment center it has 6 inches to spare on either side and always makes it back.Suction is incredible and it picks up long human and cat hair perfectly as well as litter and litter dust really well.No tangles, beater brush is easy to clean.Since the unit comes with a suction plate and my house is mostly tile I removed the beater brush and it picks up all the same stuff the same.My house is all tile with one large throw rug in the living room, the do not mop function works perfectly it auto detects the carpet and avoids it.The do not mop zone which I manually set in the software helps The T5 work faster and avoid carpets easier.Avoidance zones work perfectly like the mat in front of the litter box. Pick up an errant cat log and I can only imagine the hellscape to follow.We have two cats and they love watching the robot work until it comes right at them then the backs go up and a cat moving in reverse follows Lol. Then the T5 turns and the cats relax and follow him.I named ours Chopper after the Star Wars droid.It mops the Kitchen pads we use to stand on but will not mop a small rug in the kitchen.It will climb a thick door mat with deep raised dirt catching pockets and It will suck it clean.The unit is powerful but it’s drop sensors gave up while it was trying to eat a flip flop it perched on top of it cockeyed and declared it needed its drop sensor cleaned Lol.Keep iPhone type cords away from it or anything smaller than a network cable it tries to swallow them like a shark.The mop works great in it’s intended role which is a wet dust type mop sorry gonna take old fashioned elbow grease to get up dried staines but who in their right mind would expect more from the design anyway????All in all very satisfied, left the house today to pick up supplies for the first time in 3 weeks, set the robot to clean the house and then watched it work from across town on the app and set the do not clean avoidance rectangle around the litter box just to be safe as I was unsure what may or may not be present like a cat log on the floor. I did this via the app and a cellular connection.See today’s partial cleaning had to close both bathrooms and my home office to keep the cats out of mischief.Pretty darn cool!Wish we could change the voice and phrases.When it starts it says “STARTING THE CLEAN”I like the way this T5 informs you of what it is doing and the intended action it is preparing to take.This can be turned off and volume can be controlled via the app.Hope this helps someone in their decision making. Today is Sunday May 31st 2020 I will update this review as time goes on but 3 days into this unit testing all the features and I am beyond satisfied. It’s vacuuming and touch up mopping has freed me up allot already, I used my spare time today to cut and weed eater both mine and my neighbors lawn!Hey ECOVACSHOME how about putting this tech into a lawn mower? From what I see out there now you can crush the current players with this tech of yours!

    54 people found this helpful

  22. Eric

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Buy this robot vacuum. This is advice from a Dad and Husband. You will not regret it.

    I’ve rarely been a first adaptor of technology. I usually want manufacturers to work out the kinks before I invest my money. This is the first robot vacuum that I’ve ever purchased, as of 2021.I got this for myself, my wife, and our baby. With a dog and 2 cats, since having a child, our home has needed much more vacuuming and I was over it. So after much research, I landed on purchasing this robot vacuum from ECOVACS.All-in-all, this thing is awesome! We absolutely have mostly stopped manually vacuuming since this companion entered our home. We only use a manual vacuum to occasionally touch up our floors, such as around the edges of the floor, in hard to reach areas that the robot vacuum can’t reach/fit into or if we break something, like a glass, that needs immediate attention. Still, we rarely manually vacuum despite this.However, it’s important that you appropriately set your expectations for what you receive when purchasing this vacuum.First off, this vacuum is NOT a ticket to get out of jail from all vacuuming responsibilities. You do not set it and forget it, regardless of which robot vacuum you buy.Like all vacuums, this vacuum requires maintenance and the sooner that you get in check with this, the sooner you won’t get disappointed. You will need to empty its dust tray/bin (where all the stuff it vacuums up goes) after each and every use. Transalation: it’s not a bottomless pit where everything it vacuums up goes to be stored.Yes. The success of this vacuum is entirely dependent on your ability to empty what it vacuums up.Secondly, you need to regularly clean its brustles and brush. Hair (of all kinds) wraps up around the vacuum’s brush and can prevent it from spinning. You need to remove that hair regularly to maintain the vacuum’s ability to clean your floors. Fortunately, ECOVACS provides a tool to help you in this pursuit that you shouldn’t ever lose because it attaches to the vacuum itself, underneath the flip-up lid on top of it.Thirdly, while this vacuum also mops, it doesn’t sanitize your floors. Instead, it uses water and an absorbent pad to pickup any fine dust that the vacuuming left behind. It doesn’t heat up the water. It’s not steam. It’s water. You can’t add any cleaning detergent to it to enable it to kill bacteria, such as alcohol, vinegar, soap, bleach or any mopping detergent, like Pinesol. You should not expect it to mop your floors in the traditional sense. This is not the purpose of the mopping capabilities of this vacuum.HOWEVER, while this is different, it shouldn’t deter you from purchasing this robot vacuum. Instead, interpret the vacuum’s mopping capabilities as an enhancement to its vacuuming function. It definitely complements its vacuuming ability to pickup fine dust/dirt and “present” clean floors. Bottom line: it does a tremendous job of vacuuming floors.If maintained well and used appropriately, it will do an excellent job of vacuuming your floors. This vacuum is AWESOME on both tile and carpet. It’s dynamic power control is excellent. I plan to purchase from ECOVACS again to get a robot vacuum for our upstairs. I’m very pleased with this vacuum and would definitely purchase it again.Lastly, please note that I did not receive any compensation whatsoever for this review. I purchased this vacuum with my own money.In fact, I mostly only post negative reviews on Amazon (check my profile), but I was so impressed by ECOVACS that I needed to post this review to let others know that it’s legit. I absolutely recommend this robot vacuum.(2021.09.14) UPDATE: One thing you need to do differently with this vacuum is, before you run the robot vacuum, you’ll need to clear your floors of anything it might get stuck on, such as usb chargers, loose clothes, blankets, etc. Also, you might find that the vacuum can get stuck on things you wouldn’t initially expect. For example, our coffee table has thin (3/4 inch square) chrome, metal legs that are connected horizontally along the floor by the same type of chrome metal bar. This is the one spot in our home that the vacuum gets stuck on. We solved this issue by placing thick, heavy books at each end of our coffee table by these metal bars. This way, when the vacuum approaches them, it senses the books and doesn’t attempt to go over the metal bars anymore.Tip: We set up our vacuum to clean our floors at 3am each night (you’ll be surprised how much dirt it sucks up everyday, but we do have a dog, 2 cats, and a baby). So, before we go to bed, we make it a point to pickup or move any loose items on the floor that might get in the way of the vacuum, as well as position the two heavy books to prevent the vacuum from getting stuck. Other than these things, the vacuum is able to go over or maneuver around most things. You’ll figure this out on your own as you use it.Lastly, I’m being picky on this one. My only annoyance with the vacuum – and admittedly, this is petty – is when the vacuum talks to you, it sometimes says things somewhat loud and other times softly. Again, not a big deal. I just wish the vacuum’s voice had a consistent volume level. This doesn’t interfere with the robot vacuum’s primary purpose – vacuuming.

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  23. Mutive

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    My Windows are Finally Clean!

    I got this as there are a couple of near impossible to clean windows in my house. (The house dangles over a ravine, so getting the outside of the ravine facing windows is…not very doable for those who value their lives.) Over time, they’ve gotten pretty grimy, so I got this, hoping it would work.And it did!The machine is pretty easy to use. Charge it a bit (it has an extra battery just in case the main power dies, so it doesn’t go flying off a window), plug it in, tie it’s teather to something, then stick it on a window and hit the on button. Then off it goes, rolling across the window and cleaning everything in its path.So easy to use and a great gizmo if you have hard (or impossible) to clean windows.I did knock off a star as the machine seems to get “confused” a lot and sort of not clean the entire window. This isn’t a huge problem as I was able to just run it again, but kind of annoying. It also sometimes “lost suction power” and refused to move (at which point I had to haul it across the window by tugging on its tether and power cord), and it also sometimes refused to return to its starting point for some reason (which again necessitated me dragging it over).It also annoyingly kept bugging me to install its app…even after I’d done so. (Why, machine, why?) But it ran without it being installed so….IDK.But it works. Crazy as it seems, it really works. My windows now are clean, which is something I never thought I’d be able to do. So very much recommended if you have hard/impossible to clean windows. This little gadget does what it says it’ll do.

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  24. Maui ScottMaui Scott

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works Fantastic – Square shape is the key.. it gets all sides and corners. Very happy

    I tried out one of the cheaper two spinning head units.. it didn’t work well at all. Left corners and edges unclean. Also left circular marks on Glass… so effectively I had to go clean the glass afterwards. I tried this square unit by Ecovacs thinking it probably would be substandard. Well I am super happy. They wanted $350 to clean my windows. I was afraid they would break tiles on my roof so I really wanted to do it myself. This Ecovac unit when set on 2x clean (2 cycles) it does fantantic on my large sliding glass doors. When it comes to my windows it does quite well. I did have a couple windows that it slipped off of. The reason it slips is if you have edges on side of the glass that are less then 40 degrees it may slightly go over the edge and then loose suction and fall. They have a strap to catch it if it falls, problem is you may not have anything above to strap it too. SO what I did was grab a few large cushions from my back porch furniture and put them under the particular window I am cleaning just as a fail safe backup. They are a couple high windows on 2nd floor I just open the window, hold the cord up high and let the robot clean.. while I play spotter. Once again this is only because my windows have a shallower edge. My Glass sliding doors have a straight 90 degree edge so they never have had any issues riding up and falling off. After each window, I simply pull the terry cloth pad off the bottom, do about 4 quick rinses and squeeze it out and put it back on for another window. The unit also has a small water tank that I refill with filtered water (Zero water) after each 2 large windows or glass doors. I also love the cary case they provide, it looks nice but more importantly has plenty extra room so all the cables easily fit in with any struggle. By the way, I had not cleaned my windows in 7 years.. Yet they came out very clean. VERY happy with this product. Oh also if the power goes out it has its own safety batter that keeps the suction going so it doesn’t fall off of a windows because of loss of AC power. NOW I just wish I could find a good floor robot mopper…. BUT i’m afraid to try any out yet. I will wait a bit longer for more improvements there.

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  25. Manny

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not ready for prime time – died after 1 year

    Update April 2022 :- LDS malfunction after a year – this means the vacuum won’t start – if you are having LDS issues contact the manufacturer ASAP before the one year warranty runs out – I tapped the sensor and it ran for 2-3 months after manually tapping it every time but now after 15 months of purchase it won’t work at all and keeps saying ‘LDS malfunction’—————————I am a long time Deebot customer and I like the previous Deebot vacuum that I have purchased from Amazon.This model looks extremely well made and much more slicker looking than the older Deebot versions.It does a good job of vacuuming and it follows a liner path unlike the previous models that moved in random directions.Cons:-It does not save a map – I tried to create a map 5 times.If no map is successfully saved then it has less functions than a model that is 3 years older that cost less than half the money!The functions of the robot are highly depended on the map.Even if it is right in front of the charging station it is not able to find the charger!The moping is very minimal – after mopping for 2 plus hours the cloth was hardly dirty and I know my floors were dirty when the mopping started.It is as loud as machines from 2-3 years ago. No improvement in sound.I can not control the movement with the app and there is no remote. Without a saved map I have no control over where I want it to work.It gets stuck in all the same places where my older model Deebot gets stuck.I really wanted to like this model. I purchased this as I want a model that does not bang with the baseboards and I would have liked it if it mopped better.While the map looks extremely cool it does not save the map, even though I followed all directions while I was having it map the floor plan.It’s mot ready for prime time – save money and buy an older model that’s less than half the price it works just as well.

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  26. Alfredo

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing window cleaner

    Have you ever dreamed of a hero swooping in to save the day, but instead of a cape, it wears a sleek grey exterior and comes armed with water spray and suction power? Well, enter the ECOVACS Winbot W1 Pro Window Cleaning Robot! This futuristic marvel didn’t just clean my windows; it saved my life!Picture this: I’m stranded on the 50th floor of a high-rise building, surrounded by grimy windows, with no hope of escape. Suddenly, like a beacon of hope, the Winbot W1 Pro descends from above, its dual cross water spray technology blasting away dirt and grime with the force of a thousand power washers. As it navigates with Win SLAM 3.0 Path Planning, it maps out the most efficient route to rescue me from my soapy prison.But that’s not all! With its 2800Pa suction power, it effortlessly clings to the glass, defying gravity like a fearless acrobat. And thanks to its edge detection technology, it dances along the edges of the windows with the grace of a prima ballerina, ensuring no spot is left untouched.As I watch in awe from my precarious perch, I realize that this isn’t just a cleaning robot—it’s a guardian angel in disguise. With the touch of an app, I direct its every move, guiding it to safety and freedom. And when at last I’m safely back on solid ground, I know that I owe my life to the brave little Winbot W1 Pro.In conclusion, if you’re looking for a window cleaning robot that not only leaves your windows sparkling but also doubles as a lifesaving superhero, look no further than the ECOVACS Winbot W1 Pro. It’s not just a cleaning revolution; it’s a life-saving revelation!

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  27. PamPam

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Wonderful Upgrade!

    I am disabled. When I moved 3+ years back to a place with vinyl and tile flooring I treated myself and my assistants to a basic Debot N79. It was an Amazon favorite at the time. It was priced right, honestly, for my first venture into automation. The suction power was impressive , beat having someone sweep (except for when a broom is a must). Being random, however, it got stuck often and would bang into things that scratched its sensor windows, a problem discovered by Ecovacs. We used the suggested fixes to keep it working until recently, when it finally refused to do anything but ‘squawk’. Ecovacs suppport has been great, so getting another model was not a concern. Many changes had taken place in three years. The OZMO T5 is not the newest model, as I am on a budget. But it seemed to fall among popular models . My duplex is not that big anyway. I can say, design wise, it is a huge improvement . The ‘under-the-top’ placement of the power switch and dustbin are so much easier to get to, as are the mainbrush and side brushes underneath. The redesigned dustbin and filter system is convenient and easier to maintain. I cannot physically handle these features myself. I would, if I had hand use and, it is much easier to tell my assistants what needs attention. My realm is at the command center, running the T5 from my iPad mini. I gotta say, the Precise Laser Navigation is awesome. I messed up the initial mapping by interrupting the process and being in the way. Once a map was generated and saved though, all options became available. No more random bumping and surprise vacuums appearing from unexpected directions . The T5 has a method and learning it has helped me stay out of the way. It is easy to learn, because you can watch the Debot’s journey on the map. And options! Here is where I am in control! AUTO will do the entire home, but I like to the use AREA and CUSTOM options. During the initial mapping the program identifies different areas, typically rooms. The AREA option lets me designate which areas to clean and in what order; meaning i can be one room while the T5 is cleaning another. CUSTOM brings even finer control, allowing me to tell the T5 to go clean the crumbs around the breakfast table. Once an initial map is made and saved by the Debot, alteration in the environment do not phase the Debot since the laser navigation system notes changes and accordingly generates a temporary map for each session. SO you do want to remember to add key virtual boundaries to the saved map. Otherwise, the T5 will “see” that now open door as an invitation to go outside! Vacuuming is great and includes multi-level suction. Mopping requires some easy setup, which I cannot do myself. It’s not often needed if I keep up with my vacuuming duties. From the little testing I have done, I would say mopping is at least as good as the micro-fiber flat mop we were using and that neither would beat ellbow grease for heavy, sticky clean-ups. Though I used a disposable mopping pad for the first trial run (pictured here), I am glad the T5 comes with a washable mopping pad option. All in all, I am very pleased. Oh, as an added bonus, the T5 gives clear and pleasant voiced status updates.

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  28. Benny

    2.0 out of 5 stars

    Does not work if your windows have a lip

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    I really wanted to love this window vacuum. Made by a reliable brand, attractive, packaged very well, and appears to be a step above the countless other window vacuums you seem on Amazon. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me (or at least not for my windows). It suctions very well to the glass, and the software seems to be pretty solid. Great app and the window robot is pretty methodical about it cleaning path. Everything was going great until the Winbot reached the bottom of my window and tried to turn to realignt itself. The lip of my window lifted the edge of the robot (much like prying up the edge of a suction cup), and bam! … Winbot goes down! I tried on multiple windows and it falls off the window at the exact same point in the routine. It is fine with the top and side edges of my windows (with the lips), but the bottom one always makes it loose its suction. Obviously defeats the purpose of having the robot if I have to babysit it to catch it when it falls.This is probably the best window cleaning robot on the market so far (I’ve tried 4) but it’s only going to work for you if the edges of your window do not have a lip. Hopefully Ecovacs addresses in the next iteration of winbot. I suspect a software change (i.e. altering the cleaning path) might fix it too.

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  29. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Shockingly good window cleaner

    The Winbot W2 Omni is shockingly good at cleaning windows. We moved into a house a year ago with ginormous windows everywhere. Cleaning windows is the worst so I didn’t do it and only half-heartedly made the kids do it, so it didn’t get done. Everything else in the house is clean though, I assure you. Two of the kids are still in the phase where they touch the windows constantly, so when we bought it, they were pretty bad. On really bad windows, it requires two passes, but decently clean windows take only one pass. When it was done, it looked like the windows weren’t there, which is usually the point of windows.It comes with two cleaning pads. I clean them by sticking them in a tupperware container and shaking it like crazy. I sometimes use a drop of detergent, then rinse it thoroughly. I haven’t stuck it in the wash cause I don’t want them to get bent out of shape. For huge sliding door windows, I rinse the pad off every 3-4 times, depending on how dirty they are.It’s been really easy for my kids to use and my 12 year old is now the official cleaner of all the windows, inside and out. He slides the windows down halfway and sticks the Winbot on the exterior windows. We don’t have any screens on the windows, so it’s easier for us to clean them.As an avid buyer of cleaning robot gadgets, this was the biggest win ever. Robot vacuums always have software issues and errors. Robot mops usually pretty poorly designed (vibrating pad, really?!? maybe with no kids).Another tip, when taking it off the window, slide it down slightly as you pop it off. That’s the secret to no marks on the window. There’s still sometimes a little mark from where the pad came off, but it’s only visible in direct sunlight and it’s still far better than actually cleaning windows.I’m submitting it with pictures. It’s hard to take a good picture of kid slobber on windows, but it’s there.

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  30. James Robbins

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good but needs improvement

    -Can’t run the cleaner while charging and the battery life is only ok.-Does a decent job cleaning but left behind caked on stuff like bird poop. There seems to be a cleaning product available in Germany but not the US. Machine needs something.-Its only a Bluetooth connection to your phone and the range isn’t great. Wifi would be much better for notifications when you’ve stepped away.-Can’t clean a window when it’s not vertical. I have an awning window which it should easily be able to clean but he software will not allow it.-would be much much more useful if you could use a pole to place it onto windows. That’s not possible because you need to press the button to start the machine. Only works for Windows which you can reach.Conclusion : probably worth the money for some people, but many should wait for a deep discount

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  31. HSM

    2.0 out of 5 stars

    The spray does not work

    This is great robot to have if you have many large glass windows but it has issue with water spray.The robot has spray at both ends and I got First robot that did not spray from front and rear end. I asked for replacement and second one also had issue and did not spray from rear end. I will have to return this as without water spray the robot won’t be cleaning.I hoped to keep this robot as it does clean well but unfortunately it’s not possible with spray issues.

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  32. Bradford

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Deebot Betty gets it done!

    We love our Deebot! We named her Betty. We had tried a previous vacuum mop that we replaced with this. The lidar technology on the top of her puts these in a class of their own as far as mapping and locating. I would have given 5 stars but the mapping system is glitchy and we have had to erase and remap several times. Sometimes Betty won’t pay attention to the boundaries we set, and occasionally she gets stuck, so leaving her to vacuum when out of the house is a 50/50 chance she finishes. Her vacuum power is good, and she is fairly quiet if not on high suction. Otherwise forget watching TV if she’s running on high. Mopping is middle of the road, and she only uses water but seems to do a decent job for just that. I like how the map she creates is interactive and can be edited during cleaning, as well as creating no mop zones or no pass boundaries. Overall we are thrilled with this new technology we felt we have been missing out on all these years. Thanks deebot betty!

  33. Eduardo

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excelente limpia vidrios

    Excelente producto

  34. Kristen Malloy

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Looks no further for your robot vacuum!

    I did a TON of research on robot vacuums before settling on the Ecovacs Deborah OZMO T5. We definitely wanted a “smarter” vacuum that did not use the randomized “ping pong” method to clean a space. Of course, this means that this vacuums must map your space before it is able to clean. We live in a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment with very dark wood floors. The mapping did take a few times to get right. Some things to note- we have floor to ceiling windows. These windows and mirrors confuse the robot a little bit because it thinks there’s additional space to map (either the reflection in the mirror or the outside in the case of the windows). It’s a good idea to close the shades on all floor to ceiling windows and possibly cover your mirrors if they come all the way down to the floor. Other than that, we have been so impressed with this vacuum! The ability to have it clean certain areas either on demand or on a schedule is so nice. There are multiple suction levels including a “quiet” mode for lighter cleaning. UT is able to detect when there is carpet or hard wood/tile to change the suction automatically. The mopping feature is a nice bonus as well! Of course as others have mentioned, it doesn’t “scrub” your floor, but it does help maintain them. Overall I’m really happy with this robot vacuum and I think it is great value for the price

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  35. k p

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent robot

    The media could not be loaded.

    I just used it on my windows, pretty impressive how good and thorough it is, as you can see in the video.Highly recommend it.

  36. Julie in FL

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    Stopped working because of a sensor malfunction

    I loved the map feature, except that it could not map the entire 3000 sq ft house, even when I put the base in the middle. And if anything is blocking a wall, it can’t figure out where the wall is and will never ‘finish’ the map so that you can’t use all areas. I end up drawing a custom rectangle where I want it to go. Then all of a sudden it squawks at me that the anti drop sensors are covered in dust. It will not budge until that is remedied. Of course there is no way to remedy that. Cleaning them, wiping them, blowing with compressed air, cleaning the entire unit inside and out. Covering sensors with white tape, tin foil (some of the suggestions from other frustrated owners) did not help. It’s most likely a hardware defect. So the sensors that keep it from falling down stairs has rendered this useless in my one story same flooring throughout house. I’ve had it about 2.5 years, so that’s about $10 per month. The customer service from Ecovacs is excruciatingly annoying. The overseas non-sentient beings are less than helpful (“go have it serviced”). One customer was having trouble with a black rug and customer service told them to buy a different colored rug. Are they kidding? Horrible horrible Chinese company. But then which robot vacuum isn’t made in China these days. Bissell and maybe one other. If you buy Ecovacs, just get enough of a discount so that you don’t mind buying a disposable vacuum.

  37. Neringa

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Window and Mirror Cleaning Robot

    The robot perfectly removes all dirt from windows and mirrors. It’s quite simple to use; just attach it to the window or mirror, and it starts cleaning on its own. I’ve been using it for about six months, and it has never fallen off once. The only downside is that the app doesn’t work perfectly; it can be difficult to connect (though it’s only needed for deep cleaning).

  38. XBoomslang

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    Just after a year and it gives up! No more suction and customer support is NO help!

    Update April 2022: I’ve had this robot for just over a year and have learned all of the functions, etc. I clean it regularly and use it about 2x per week. Two weeks ago the suction gave up. One year and one month after our hase. I cleaned it, replaced parts and did all of the usual troubleshooting. Nope. Still doesn’t work. I contacted Ecovacs thru the live chat option on the app. They had me do the same things I already did. When that didn’t work, they told me I would have to get it checked out by another company at my expense or upgrade my vacuum. Why would I want an even more expensive model if they fail just after the warranty period?Original Post:Very happy with my little helper! I was excited to try a new model of Deebot when my old original died. I saw this one and was excited for the mapping (I loved my last one, but had to put physical barriers up since I have an open concept one floor house he couldn’t clean in one rotation so I had him do it in sections). The first house mapping takes time, but worth it overall. I have used it for 6 months and everything has been good until a recent glitch in the app. My app shifted the set areas slightly off from the house outlines so when I tell Deebot to clean an area, it cleans half that area and half of the area next to it. Now I just have to use the custom mapping and select an area to clean by placing a rectangle over the area until I have time to remap my house (original mapping took 3 hours to complete in an empty house – can’t do that during the summer). A minor set back, but I realize no electronic gadget is perfect and at least I don’t have to set up physical barriers anymore. Overall, he cleans and cleans well so these minor frustrations are worth it. And this model is significantly better than my last model. I can have it clean just areas I want it to when I want it to (like around my sugarglider cage or just the kitchen after baking/cooking). Would I purchase a mapping model again? Absolutely 100000%. Makes my life so much easier. I have yet to try the mopping mode, but a little robot will never be able to mop extremely well no matter the brand, so I just haven’t.

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  39. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing robot cleaner!!!

    We were shocked how great this ecovacs winbot W1 pro works!!! We have two 50 lb dogs that nose mark up the windows and sliding patio doors. Cleaned them with a breeze!!! We did a deep clean cycle first time, then normal cleaning will ne used after that. We love it and worth every penny

  40. e chaud

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Thrilled to have this window-washing robot 🤖 !

    I ordered it bc while visiting my cousin in France, she demonstrated this useful appliance; I knew that I had to own one. Easy to set up; it works with suction & NO it doesn’t fall off !Simply watch it work for you; it’s so cute & effective .

  41. Amazon Customer

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great In Most Every Way But…

    I live in a 1200 square foot 2 br condo. One person, no pets, no kids, infrequent company. But, I get a lot of dust since I like to keep my windows open when weather permits. Robot vacuums are a godsend to be because I am a guy and do not clean enough.I have been using a 7 year old Roomba bought new and working reliably ever since, now with replacement wheels/motor and other parts. Generic parts are cheap and I’ve replaced the battery twice, with newer batteries allowing the Roomba to run for a nice long time.I thought it was time to upgrade because: (1) My Roomba was getting loud (if it runs when I am home, I turn it off…loud enough to be distracting…used to be quieter but it has served faithfully for 7 years); (2) it has the random cleaning pattern which means the house is not uniformly dusted and or vacuumed when it runs; (3) and I felt that it got stuck on too many obstacles; and (4) I have to remember to pick it up and carry it to the back of the condo for it to clean there. Time to try something new.I bought the Ecovacs, motivated by great reviews and a steal of a price ($350).Here is the good. (1) Very quiet (do not mind if it runs when I am home); (2) good suction; (3) uses a laser to clean in orderly lines, meaning it cleans everything quickly and efficiently and in less time, and cleans everywhere on the map; (4) way better at not gettting stuck on stuff (bathrooms rugs, occasional power cord); (5) way better navigation insofar as it will clean around chair legs and my ottoman instead of bouncing around randomly.The bad: (1) the filter and dust bin is a less user friendly and easily to clean design than Roomba; (2) generic replacement parts are not of the same quality as OEM, unlike on Roomba, where non-OEM stuff is great and dirt cheap; (3) Has hard time finding recharge station, especially in Advanced mode, which draws a map of your house, but it is better in basic mode; (4) Draws a bad map which has to be deleted and redrawn, and then, it cannot find the recharge station. I do not understand this since my condo is not huge and is single level. When the battery is done, it just stops where it is, presumably after bouncing all around the place looking for the charging station DESPITE it being in an accurate position on the map and the charging station being in an accurate position on the map. Weird.The great price on this model meant I almost just kept it. But my 7 year old Roomba picks up more debris per run (subjective) with cheap replacement parts. If I run it 4x a week, it is likely to come close to getting everything, even though the Ecovacs is objectively better at vacuuming in orderly rows and navigating, even though it dies in the middle of the house, so I never know whether it actually vacuumed everything. I also noticed that after using it for one week, it got noticably louder, and yes, I cleaned everything and there was nothing caught in the rollers.The positive were not enough for me to keep it, since, without reliable navigation and advanced features, it is too similar to what I already have. A pity. I was ready for an upgrade.Maybe in a couple years, there will work out the wrinkles?

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  42. Jason Scott

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    modern bots better than previous generation? sadly .. NOPE

    Update 2.9.21:I continue to be unimpressed w/ this robot. Its suction power is super weak. I bought a 360 S7 Pro to compare and the S7 Pro suction is at least 2-3x the T5. Furthermore, the T5 … I cant tell any audible / air difference between Max or Max+ settings… like it completely ignores Max+.I tried the T5’s mopping, its alright, dont expect much from just a “damp towel” being dragged lightly across the floor.I tried this unit on my “low/med pile” carpet floor and thought it did ok at first , it definitely did great on the edges. So, I ran it 3x on the same carpet floor back to back just to see how much it picked up after itself … each ran still got more stuff, in my head indicating its not that effective on carpet. Then I tried an pass on the very same carpet w/ my old Neato XV21 … and holy cow!!! I cant believe how superior it really is. Not only did the carpet look far more “beated” after Neato .. the Neato got a good 1/3rd a bin of debris!!!!! … AFTER the 3 passes done by the T5!!All that being said, Ill probably return the T5 and S7 Pro … and wait till new Neato series launches. It seems like that gigantic front / powerful beater on the Neato is just far superior then most things out there… not only that the Neato has a good amount of airflow!! (Id say the S7 Pro has a bit more suction/airflow then my ancient VX21, but it has a FAR WEAKER beater) … So … big strong beater + airflow?… I think the only thing you MIGHT find that on in todays robovacs is sadly the Roomba S9…-Original Review-So, Ive had a Neato VX21 for the past 6 years(its been nothing but a reliable tank(awesome) of a vacuum) .. I’ve been looking at bots to upgrade to. Theres no direct comparison w/ modern day bots and old stuff like vx21 really. So, I ordered the Deebot T5(950) based on its ‘suction prowess’ and ‘cleaning prowess’ … and Im on the fence as to whether it was worth it. Its hard to believe but my vx21 has far more airflow(im quite literally shocked how todays higher airflow vacuums pales in comparison to something almost a decade old) (and yes this was comparing to Max+ setting on Deebot)… the beater brush on vx21 is of course wider … and much stronger bristles, 950 bristles are flimsy, weak and thin … no idea how its supposed to “beat” the carpet at all with such weak beater. Also, the 950’s antifall sensors are a joke, they hate dark/black colored surfaces, so it gets highly confused on my area rug … the freaking VX21 – no problem whatsoever and its sensors work as intended when going to edge of stairs. The solution to 950 refusing to go on rug: tape up all the dang sensors w/ reflective tape… of course now it wants to fall off my stairs, so I set up a virtual boundary hoping it never ‘forgets’ it. The dustbin is arguably the same size between the units, hard to say .. but I was expecting newer to have larger dustbin size since most manufactures tout them as ‘massive’ nowadays. All this to say , Im highly unimpressed/disappointed and may just keep my vx21 and return the 950, idk yet. I cant believe its been nearly a decade later and bot tech is literally no stronger than their predecessors.

    4 people found this helpful

  43. Loni

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Happy with purchase

    We have a ton of windows and this has been a life saver. I do switch out the pads after cleaning a few windows. Only giving 4 out of 5 stars as it did fall off the window 3 times out of 40 windows. Knowing that it may fall off, I do have a concern about it damaging a window beneath the window it falls from or my siding on the exterior of house but it did not in those 3 instances.

    One person found this helpful

  44. Phil SiglerPhil Sigler

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    The media could not be loaded.

    We have a ton of windows and this WinBot is incredible!It’s cool how it stays suctioned to the glass.Each of our windows are 9ft tall x 4ft wide and the robot takes about 10 minutes per window panel.There’s a safety rope that comes with it which doesn’t make a lot of sense unless you have something to attach it to that is taller than the window. I ended up cutting it off as it’s just in the way for our usage.The other issues include1. it saying to download the app every time you plug it in even though I have the app installed.2. Doesn’t alert you when finished3. Doesn’t alert when to add more water to reservoirHowever…Overall it’s still a 5-Star because it works so great.

    7 people found this helpful

  45. Paula

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Surprisingly good!

    We have a lot of windows in our house – many many windows! So I’ve been looking for an alternative to cleaning them myself. I was very skeptical about robot window cleaners until ECOVACS brought out their own. In my opinion, they have the best robot mops on. The market, so I took a chance hooting that their window cleaner would be equally good. We have only had it for 3 days, and I’m totally amazed at how good it is! It won’t get stubborn sticky marks off the window, but it does a really good job cleaning! I wish their app was a little more functional and I wish we could use cleaning fluid, but other than that, it’s a great alternative to spending thousands on a window cleaning service. One hitch: it sometimes gets stuck in the bottom right hand corner, but I think you have to make sure the cables are as free and loose as possible. If this keeps recurring, I’ll call the company to see if there is a fault with my device. Highly recommended overall!

    11 people found this helpful

  46. Joe Neubauer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome Robot!

    We have only use this as a vacuum, not a mop, but we love it as a vacuum. Its very good at cleaning. We have 2 dogs that shed constantly so we were concerned about the roller getting full of hair, but so far the only thing that’s gotten trapped on the roller is an iPhone charging cable. The dust bin and filter is VERY easy to empty. The top lifts up and the dust bin lifts out. This is much easier than another robo-vacuum we have where the bin snaps into the bottom back of the robot.Another very nice feature of this robot is that it can do multi-floor mapping so you can move it (and the charging base) between 2 floors and have it clean selected rooms (or the whole floor). We have 3 levels so I wish it would save 3 floors worth of maps. It can save 2 maps – BUT – you can still have it clean the 3rd floor. Just move it to the 3rd floor and tell it to clean. It will clean, and mapping out the floor like it the first time in the area. When done, don’t replace the other 2 maps. The robot will actually have 3 maps in memory; 2 saved and 1 unsaved. As you move from floor to floor it will “relocate” and pick one of the 3 maps based on where it’s LIDAR detects it is located. You just won’t be able to do any selective cleaning on the 3rd unsaved map/floor. It periodically forgets the 3rd floor – probably when it updates its software, but it will just re-map again and continue cleaning.The robot does a good job of climbing over door/room thresholds or high-rug boundaries. It does occasionally get stuck on some furniture (e.g. Ikea Poang chair legs) if it gets straddled, but if at least one wheel has good traction it manages to free itself and tries different angles and approaches to climb over the obstacle. It does a good job avoiding bumping into objects except for furniture with black legs. Its proximity sensors don’t seem to do well with black obstacles but otherwise its programming seems very smart for avoiding objects and navigating. Will definitely buy this again.

    One person found this helpful

  47. Keith seidon

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I had my doubts about this product but thought I give it a try.. I can’t believe how well it works. It’s worth every penny if you hate Washing windows and especially hate washing tall or wide widows where you need a ladder.

  48. Sam

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great device with some caveats specially the app.

    I was tempted to buy an iRobot but lack of the laser navigation was no no, I don’t want cameras inside my home. My house is 150 square meters single story house, the device can clean it with half the battery left with standard suction power. Navigation is really good but there are some issues. The laser turret height makes the robot think it can go to places it cannot like beyond glass doors with narrow frame, this not a problem because the bumper will detect an obstacle and map it, but sometimes with certain furniture the robot will try to go underneath it and miss for a few millimeters because the robot is taller than the laser height. In such scenario the robot will get stuck and ask for help. Of course this can be solved by raising the furniture a bit with wood or pads. My biggest gripe is the App. The robot will map most rooms correctly but sometimes you might want to split a room into two or merge two zones or have non rectangular zones and the app will fail to split or merge the zones. I ended up re-mapping the house 5 times and I had an ugly bug where I tried to merge my whole house into one zone to split the rooms again and then I couldn’t the map was there but with zero zones.The suction power is great, this is my scenario I have 7 cats the house has a back yard almost at the same level as the house floor and the cats bring a lot mud plus the hair glass and leafs. I have a maid and I used it the first time after she had finished cleaning and yet the robot came up filled with dust and hair and she did a good job cleaning the house. My allergy improved a lot after using this machine.Regarding the noise levels well, it is a vacuum cleaner, it will make noise but it has 4 levels. I haven’t figure out how to set the vacuum power by room or depending on the schedule.

    16 people found this helpful

  49. Steven Hatfield

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    Zero Customer Support. Zero Warranty. Software instructions are awful.

    The assembly and charging went Ok.Downloading the app went Ok. Connecting to the internet went OK.But mapping is a total mess and there are no instructions. Turn on robot. Skippity do da through rooms. Vacuums part of one room. Goes back to base and says cleaning complete.Restart and it heads back to same room. Pick it up and place in another room. Goes back to same room.Block off room and place in another room. Plays a bit and drives same area over and over. Refuses to complete a room. Keeps trying to go back. Several rooms it never makes it to.Can find no help in getting this worked out. App has very limited function or help.Vacuum really wads up throw rugs like in front of shower, toilet, or near the kitchen sink. Have had to rescue vacuum from these.I will have to change two doorway transitions as the vacuum cannot navigate over them.So far it would be way easier just to vacuum myself. But main complaint is lack of instructions from something as simple as mapping the area to be vacuumed. Don’t know how you’re expected to deal with that.UPDATE: How to start this thing so it works.THE GOAL is to get a usable map to work from. You need it so the Deebot will vacuum your whole house . Took me two days and 9 trys to get a usable map. Literally you will spend hours and hours to get a usable map. Do not just use Auto Mapping without the proper options turned on or you are wasting your time.1) Turn on Advance Options in the App.2) Turn on Multiple Floors even if you have a single floor house.3) Do not install the mop pad. It screws up mapping.4) Turn on Continuous clean option.5) Keep pets out of any area in the map.Unfortunately if the robot stops for any reason the map is invalid and you have to start all over. Pull a thread in a carpet. Well it stops and the map is invalid. Turn up a corner on a throw rug? Robot stops and map invalid. Hit a power cord? Map invalid. Sometimes everything’s perfect and the Deebot just returns to base and says cleaning complete in the middle of cleaning a room. Map is invalid. Issue is the app and program have very limited functionality and no instructions on how to use it. Advance options are hid away one place. Multiple Floors hid away another. And these options won’t even be available until some magic combination of events happen. So you won’t find all of them without continuously cycling through icons as they become available. But if you reset and rerun the mapping over and over you do eventually get the options needed to make it work. But none of it makes sense and Customer Service just reads to you from scripts without meaning.Update Two:I finally mapped the down stairs of my house. While the map is complete and properly save the robot will not sweep the entire area. I run it on auto. Then when its done and back to the base I have to select custom and send it back to the rooms it skipped. It will go back and sweep those rooms but this software failure makes setting up a regular cleaning schedule in the apppretty much useless.July 8th 2020: with use about 3 times a week vacuuming about 900 SQ feet the vacuum motor has quit. I contacted the seller as this is less than a year of use. We will see if the warranty is worth a dang.Update July 9th 2021: vacuum motor failed under warranty. Seller gives zero support and says contact manufacturer. Manufacturer has no way to contact on their website. So any issues and you are on your own. You can’t even buy most parts. So total rip off and total loss.

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  50. Amazon Customer

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Didn’t work on my outside windows.

    I really wanted this to work. It is well-made except for the software that cannot detect low round plastic window frames that are generally on the portion of a slider that sits in the middle of the window. Buggers! After all of the variants of these battery powered bots you would think some bright engineer would have figured this out by now. What happens is the bot rides over the low frame and stops. This is a problem if you can’t reach it. It cleaned the window pretty well. I had to clean it twice but I expected to do that. This will be a great tool for my kind of windows when someone gets a new version of this software figured out to “read” the shorter frames. I had to return it.

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  51. Patsy K.Patsy K.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    This is soooo quiet ! And it really sucks!

    Received it fast in two days. Had it running inside of 20 minutes out of the box. Extremely quiet. You can see where it is on your WiFi on your phone! It shows a map of where it can go according to your Wifi. I.E. BOT can see that there is no WiFi in the driveway! You can see it moving on that map.BOT ran circles around the dining room chair legs and found its way out and away she went. She does an outline of the long hallways and then fills in the inside of the outline with back and forth motions. We need to play with Bot a bit longer. Bot was tired and had to go home and recharge under the dining room hutch where she sleeps. Bot is twice as Quiet as the Roomba 600 series and IRobots that I have used. I baited Bot with clumps of black dirt. SHE ATE ‘EM! We are extremely pleased so far.AFTER FIRST DAY : I took the photo —the map that she created on my phone of the first floor of the house. We cancelled the carpeted living room area ( in red) – it is sunken. We are super pleased. Bot is quieter than your dishwasher. Bot trains itself : “I am reading my map, do not stand near me! ” “I am now charging”. Then you set your schedule on the app on your phone. It is SUPER EASY ! Fun and excellent quality.

    49 people found this helpful

  52. MK

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent Hardware, Software be bugging

    The Deebot T5 is a huge upgrade from our old original Roomba (think drunk and dumb, aimlessly wandering around, bumping into walls and furniture). Roomba stuck with the “Red Door of Death” so we decided to try a different manufacturer.Our experience so far:PROS:*WAY BETTER suction!* Those perfect lines in the carpet make my OCD very happy.*The hardware seems decent so far. We run it nightly. Hope it’s a workhorse like our old Roomba bot.* Picks up dog hair and long hair much better than our old bot. And it has a nifty tool for hair that does get wrapped.*Battery life is much better than old bot.CONS:* Software, software…oh yeah, software. The ECOVACS HOME app is BUGGY! Go check the app reviews before purchasing.*If you re-arrange furniture, expect to have to re-map.* You can’t re-map just one area, you have to re-map the entire floor.* Due to software bugs, expect to re-map and re-schedule periodically.* You can’t spot clean like some other brands.* It WILL fall down the stairs unlike our old drunk bot. But you can set up a barrier in the app after mapping. Just remember to re-setup that barrier when you re-map. Remember the software? ;)Regarding the MOP feature, which we paid extra $$ to have. Honestly, it’s not great and will either get better or just be dropped in future models.It’s kinda like dragging a wet rag behind the vaccum….We considered returning and paying less for a model that just vacuums.Star Rating:*Removed 1 star for expensive useless mop.*Removed 2 stars for software issues. I almost removed 3 stars, but in all fairness, there are some decent features on the app.*Added star for those luscious lines in the carpet and extra sucking power.

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  53. M.S.

    4.0 out of 5 stars


    I have been wanting to upgrade my robo vacuum for a while now and finally had the extra cash to do so. After a lot of research, I decided I wanted another ECOVACS product. Although I had many complaints with the navigation of my N79, I was impressed with its durability (my dog attacked it multiple times and it kept trucking along).I’ve had this one about a week and am really happy with it.The Good:- Great suction. This does cleans my carpet as well as my shark upright vaccuum.- it’s super quiet. I work from home and it can be running in the background during video calls without issue.- the dust bin is lifted out from the top, making for much easier cleanup.- the navigation is AMAZING. It really gets every corner of my house and I love that it cleans in rows.- this thing hasn’t gotten stuck once. My older robot would get stuck 3-5 times a cleaning cycle.- it’s fast. It completed an entire clean of my main floor in about 35 minutes.- it always finds it way back to the charging dock without help.The challenges:- the mood feature is cool, but doesn’t really do anything in my opinion.- the app leaves something to be desired. Saving maps is confusing and certain features (like dividing rooms) doesn’t work as you’d think.Still, it’s an amazing vacuum and I’m really happy I got it!!

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  54. Works really well. Liked the product.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good product

    The media could not be loaded.

    Liked the way it cleaned the windows. But not covering all the space in large windows.It should be connected to power so for outer side of the windows might not work

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  55. Ande Siler

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Wow! I’m so happy

    The media could not be loaded.

    So many cool features and it works extremely well. I’m so happy ! It is a tad noisy but not that bad. Can’t wait to use it on my exterior second floor windows!!!

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  56. Amazon Customer

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Recommended for people on a budget

    When I receive this bot was a little concerned about his performance maybe poorly but when I tested it For a couple of days I like it it perform nicely it was good it clean my floor my Room Living Room kitchen nicely Buts You know it’s not perfect it was stalling in the middle of cleaning Sometimes it says cleaning complete when you look at the map you find out it only clean like half of your area then u have to start over the clean again and It does have a tendency to bump around a lot of your stuff but it’s not like a serious Bump it like a baby touch boop And it’s sometimes get stuck When it tries to go over a certain bump to Room Like when tested the bot when it was mopping the kitchen it got stuck on a very small bump Trying to go above it like 3-4 times till I have to assist it back on the path But besides all that Me personally I would still definitely recommend this bot for people as on a budget But if you have a little more to spend get the newer generation bot but if on a budget I will 100% recommend this bot Minus the smaller flaws it has its performance is good enough to keep ur place clean.

    9 people found this helpful

  57. METE

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Does the job

    Tried on a large window and patio doors. Takes time but does a good job

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  58. Marina Bakhtina

    2.0 out of 5 stars

    Winbot falls,

    Like: It does clean windows nicely.Dislike: Requires constant attention because it often gets stuck at the lower window edge.Reason to return: It fells twice during the first day of usage. I did not see what was the cause of that: no cracks, no obstacles, no grease. The fall did not do any damage, but somehow, I do not feel comfortable using it again.

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  59. Laughing Buddha

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good Robovac

    This is a great little robovac. I got it for my new home several months ago. The house has tile floors throughout, and the idea that this vac could also mop was what decided it for me. That said, I have yet to try its mopping abilities.As a vac it works extremely well. I wasn’t sure about the side sweeps, but they seem to do the job. It maps the layout very well and does an excellent job of navigating the entire house without issue. It does on occasion get tangled up in extension cables around the computer but also disentangles itself without intervention most of the time. It has a tendency to tap into things regularly to make sure they are really there. I believe it sees them but want to make sure they’re solid and it can’t vacuum under them. I count that more as a plus than negative. Though it can be a little annoying when it slightly adjusts the position of rolling cabinets and the like, it also cleans behind the floor length drapes and such well without having to move them out of the way.Bottom line. This robovac appears to be well designed and well made, and I recommend it. I would buy it again if I were in the market for one, but hopefully I won’t be for a long time as I think this vac will continue to function well. Thanks for reading my review.

  60. Amber W

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    So worth the money!

    Wow! As another review that I read before I bought this said “I wish I’d have bought this sexy thing a long time ago!” I’ve had my vacuum for one month now and I’m so in love! I have 4 pets which equals lots of pet hair and random messes. I did choose this one because it’s supposed to be better for hard floors and it certainly is! It has 2 different attachments, one for hard floors and a brush attachment for carpets. The brush does do a great job on the carpets but I don’t use it as often. When I wake up in the morning my floors are already clean, such a great feeling!! Also the side brushes are great at getting near the baseboards. My house as a whole is much cleaner, less dust and hair flying everywhere. And last but not least, the MOP, that was the other reason I chose this vacuum. I was skeptical of how efficient it would be but was very pleasantly surprised! Of course you still need to run a regular vacuum on the carpets every now and again, but I’ve mopped once with a regular mop in the last month and my hard floors are always clean! I am very picky about everything I buy and always read a million reviews, if you’re having any hesitations, don’t! You will love this thing!

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