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Deerma HS300 Garment Ironing Machine

Deerma HS300
2 in1 HandheldGarment Ironing Machine
1500W Power
Vertical and Horizontal
Garment Steamer For Home Travel

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Deerma HS300 2 in1 Handheld Garment Ironing Machine
1500W Power Vertical and Horizontal
Garment Steamer For Home Travel

Combination of ironing and steaminga

Dry ironing for smoothing wrinkles/shaping

There is a special ring-shaped heating element inside the ironing plate, forming an independent heating chamber, which can easily shape suit pants, shirts, pleated skirts, etc. and smooth their wrinkles, allowing you to wear clothes immediately after use.


Convenient triangle tip for ironing deadcorners


There is a thoughtful design of triangle tip on the ironing plate, which is for ease of smoothing shirt buttons, collars, corners and other small wrinkles.


Detachable large water tank of 160mL9 minutes* endurance when the tank isfull of water

Large water tank helps you to care multiple clothes at one time.

Its detachable design saves the trouble of carrying the whole steamer for adding water.

Intelligent anti-drip system Intensive and uniform dry steam won’t wet clothes

Intelligent core controls the water flow into the boiler.


Honeycomb swirl lengthened dual steam channel works together with a secondary heating chamber to fully heat and vaporize the water and reduce the condensation of water vapor, leaving no water stains, so you can wear clothes immediately after steaming.

Overheating power-off protection saves you from all worries


Thermostat accurately controls the temperature to reduce the potential safety hazards, making every use without worries.

Steps to use steamer


1. Rotate the head to the desired mode

2. Take out the water tank

3. Add water and put back the water tank

4. Power on the steamer, and then the indicator light starts to flash, which means preheating

5. When the indicator light stays on, it indicates that dry ironing is ready at this time

6. Press and hold the steam switch to start spraying steam

7. Or push the switch upward for continuous steaming

8. Start steaming clothes

9. Push the switch downward to stop steamin




Tips: Do not adjust the angle of the head during use or immediately after use, or touch the plate to avoid high temperature burns.


In the steamer mode, there is one steam channel; in the electric iron mode, there are two steam channels. The tip area on the ironing plate is used for removing wrinkles and shaping, where the temperature is high and the sprayed steam is dry, so please note that the steam volume of the upper steam channel seems to be slightly smaller in the electric iron mode, which is a normal phenomenon.



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