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Baseus Wisdom Car Smart Atomized Car Freshner

Baseus Car Air Freshener Perfume
Smart APP Control Car Fragrance
For Auto Interior Accessories
Stepless Adjust Car Diffuser

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SKU:Baseus Car Air Freshener Perfume

Baseus Wisdom Car Smart Atomized Air Freshener
Car Air Freshener Perfume Smart APP Control



Product Structure

  • Power switch (press/rotate/press and rotate)
  • Indicator light
  • Type-C charging port
  • Spray nozzle


Fragrant Essential Oil

This product adopts ultrasonic sheet atomizers to atomize the essential oil and then spray out, quickly diffusing the scent for a pleasant environment.


1.Manual operation

1.Turn on/off: Press the power switch for 2 seconds, then the light turns on, and it sprays once.

2.Fog volume: Rotate the power switch clockwise to increase the volume, and rotate counterclockwise to reduce the volume (continuously rotating the switch when it reaches the maximum or minimum will stop spraying.)

3.Spray duration: Press and rotate the switch clockwise to increase the duration, and press and rotate counterclockwise to reduce the duration (the shortest duration is 0, and the longest duration is 3 seconds).


2.APP Operation

Baseus version (download the Baseus App, and open the wireless function of your cell phone).

1. Press the power switch for 2 seconds to turn on.

2. Open the Baseus App.

3. Tap “add a device” in the app to add Baseus Smart Atomizing Air Freshener.


Installation Instructions

1. Prepare the main body of the product and the essential oil container.

2. Rotate the bottom case clockwise to open.

3. Rotate the lid of the essential oil container to open, and keep the cotton stick still.

4. Align the container to the main body and press it in.

5. Rotate the bottom case to close.

6. Remove the protective film of the bottom removable adhesive, and choose an appropriate place to install the product.


1. Please be careful when opening the lid of the essential oil to avoid spilling and dropping the cotton stick.

2. Install the essential oil container in place (flush with the bottom).



1. Avoid placing the product in high temperatures or under direct sunlight as much as possible.

2. Avoid placing the product within the range of a car airbag fully ejected.

3. Avoid placing the product on a surface that cannot keep the product level.

4. Avoid using the product in a dusty or complicated environment.

5. The product should be regularly recharged to maintain sufficient power.

6. The product may accumulate water drops on the surface when it is used in low temperature environments. Please wipe off immediately. It will not affect the normal use.

7. Essential oil has slight corrosive effects. Please avoid prolonged exposure to the skin and dashboard.

8. The product adopts a high gloss curved surface treatment. Please use a soft cloth to wipe off residual fingerprints and other foreign objects to avoid scratching the surface.


Color Name

Black, Brown, Gray, Green, Silver

Ships From


Brand Name



Mainland China


Car Air Freshener

Item Volume




Material Type


Item Length


Item Width


Model Name

Baseus Car Air Perfume

Item Height




Item Type

Air Freshener

Item Weight





Freesia, Bluebell, Basil & Citrus


2 essential oil pots

Battery Capicity


Charging Interface


Input Voltage


Charging Time



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