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Baseus H5 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

Baseus H5 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner
16KPa Powerful Suction Home Use
Handy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Portable Carpet Cleaner

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SKU:Baseus H5 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

Baseus H5 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner
16KPa Powerful Suction Home Use
Handy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Portable Carpet Cleaner

H5 Home Use Vacuum Cleaner

  • Storage while Charging, Efficient Cleaning
  • Suction:Level 1>11000Pa Level 2>16000Pa
  • Charging mode: Charging on the storage base or direct charge with Type-c cable
  • Battery duration: Level 1>25min, Level 2>15min
  • Charging time :2.5-3H
  • Charging port: Type-c interface
  • Charging protocol: Support QC3.0 fasting charging

Application scenarios:

bed sheets and bedding, sofas and car seats, furniture countertops, sofa gaps, keyboards, curtains, air conditioning inlets, overhead lights, etc.

Orderly storage

The storage base integrated with the whole set of the device has compact structure and occupies little space. Accessories are stored by category to avoid missing

Note: There are reserved holes for hanging at the back of the storage base to enable the whole device to be hung on the wall

Powerful Suction Force

A high-speed motor embedded in the slim body offers 120000 rpm and suction power of 16000Pa , eliminating carbon brush loss and creating higher cleaning efficiency

Long Hair Nozzle for Corners

The 58° tilt angle increases the diameter of the nozzle . The long hair flat nozzle can easily squash into corners and gaps to remove hidden dirt and grime . Hold it randomly , not just vertically

Note : Do not vacuum liquid such as water , as it may cause damage to the motor and the failure of the cleaner

Mite Nozzle for Efficient Removal

The widened mite nozzle can fit closely on the surface of a mattress to quickly remove hidden mites with strong wind pressure . Live in a clean and fresh home environment to prevent allergies and itching.

Floor Vacuum Nozzle for Thorough Cleaning

The slim rotating suction nozzle is flexible to reach the bottom of a bed and sofa . Open mouth design avoids tangling hairs , dust , debris , etc . Double rollers with bottom scrapers can clean the gaps of floor tiles while vacuuming

Double Extension Tube for High Places

Use the extension tube to extend the vacuum cleaner by 1 meter for cleaning high places

Storage While Charging

The storage base has a charging port to charge the vacuum cleaner on the base . The vacuum cleaner also has a Type-c port for direct charging

Note : Power up the base and place the vacuum cleaner upside down with the contacts of the base and cleaner connected . Flashing blue light indicates charging

Precision Filtration System

The combination of fine steel filter and HEPA filter is highly efficient in stopping dust , with a removal efficiency of over 99.7% for particles below 0.3 microns in diameter

Vaccum Your House Wisely to Lead a Quality Life

Metal material and simple lines integrate storage function and the art of structure , which reflects the home design idea of quality cleaning.Handy and nice!

30min of Battery Life

A built-in 4 * 2500mAh high-performance power battery has 25 minutes of Long battery life . QC3.0fast charging technology allows it to be fully charged instantly

Usage Instructions

1:The filter must be installed before use and keep the battery of the cleaner sufficient

2:Press the power button for suction force level one and press again for level two . Triple pressit to shut down

3:Rotate to remove the dust cup and separate the filter, then take trash from the dust cup

4:Rotate to separate the filter for cleaning . It is recommended to cleane filter after using it for two to three times

5:It is recommended to clean the filter after using it for five to six times . Please dry the filter accessories and assemble it after washing




Model Number

Home Use Vacuum Cleaner Black

Charging port

Type-C interface



Battery duration

level 1>25min ;level 2 >15min

Charging time


Battery energy


Battery capacity





level 1 :11000Pa level 2:16000Pa

Turbo Brush




Bag Or Bagless




Cleaning Route

Planned Type

Cord Length (m)


Filter Type


Ships From

SPAIN, Poland, China, Russian Federation

Special Suction Nozzle

Multifunctional Combined Brush

Remote Control




Timing Reservation



Hand Held

Battery Life


Dust Storage Type

Dust Cup

Dust Box Capacity (L)

0.5 L


Sweep Suction

Voltage (V)


Power (W)




Brand Name


Charging protocol

support QC3.0 fast charging


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